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  1. Can't find building on the picture!

    Thanks and thank you again for helping me!!! :D
  2. I can't find this mod (in picture) Please provide a link to download in this picture (above) thank you.
  3. La Tour CIBC

    great work...
  4. One Liberty Plaza

    great job!!!!!
  5. HK - Wu Tong Estate

    Good job 5/5
  6. HK Broadwood 12

    Great. I like other building (between)
  7. Lu Gong tower

    The first HK B.A.T Team, great works.
  8. HK Island Lodge

    nice bat . just create following.. Braemer Hill Mansions Victoria Towers Tin Hak Estate Towers Sceneway Phase 4 Chase Building Washington Atlantic (NDEX) Union Bank Quadro Building Tiberian Thanefirst Wang Chau Public Housing (R) Jiansu Tower Cheung Kong Center SkyChase Plaza Shanghai World New World Apartments Tokyo Industries Shunhing Square Park Central
  9. NYBT Barclay Tower DarkNite version

    very good!! and please create building model from Thailand...
  10. HK Harcourt Mass Mutual Tower

    score is 5/5. very good!!
  11. HK Tin Heng Estate

    lot too large
  12. HK Victoria Towers

    Lot too large. plese fix!
  13. HK 60's-90's Office Pack

    2 pencil tower growing in industial zone
  14. HK 60's-90's Office Pack

    great works. Change lot HT to CO$$