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  1. SimCity Vs Cities Xl 2012

    Agreed, CXL still seems better on objective count than SC 4/13. Although we have to give it that we still haven´t actually seen SC 13.... I´d really like to withold judgment for now....
  2. Sorry, but there's no way to have Beach and Ski buildings without CXL 2012. If you do have 2011, I recommend you upgrade to 2012 - it's not that expensive, with the 2011- owner's discount. After that, you'll have all sorts of new buildings, as well as access to tons of new stuff made by the modders over at XLNation.
  3. The Save and Load buttons look a little confusing, are you sure you're not pressing the Load button when meaning to press Save? (I'm sorry, I'm not trying to make you look like an idiot, I've done this mistake myself).
  4. Hm, if the patches don't work, than I'm afraid I have no answer for you..... But Ocram is right - for a little more you could upgrade to CXL 2011 which is better in every way, and I bet it won't require registration. By the way, you DO have a valid CDkey, right? Because then you should be entitled to 50% discount on CXL 2011. Hope this helps.
  5. XL12 Baseball Stadium

    Many buildings in CXL are modelled after real-life buildings, so it's plausible.
  6. Cities XL 2012 crash discussion

    Hm, I think this sort of discussion is more suitable for the Tech forum, so I'm moving it there.
  7. How can you make ferries work?

    What Screwball said, unless you have the NEXL Ferries mod. In which case you're doing something wrong....Please visit XLNation.net for more info on this.
  8. Oh wow.... you actually still have CXL 2009????? Well, it's a big world.... Ok, I can offer you two solutions: 1 (preferred, and not because I'm trying to sell the game) - upgrade to CXL 2011, at least. The game is not multiplayer-online anymore, it's single player, has metro and a gazilion mods you coul use at www.xlnation.net. 2. Go to http://forum.citiesxl.com/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=90 Here you'll find instructions and a download link for the patch that allows you to play CXL 2009 offline.
  9. OH NOEZ! XL Nation is OFFLINE!

    Guys , good news: XL Nation is BACK! Check it out now!
  10. Would that be Cities XL or Sim City 4? In the first case, be sure to copy all the files in the Paks directory of the game - they should work afterwards. In the second, this is the wrong forum for ya!
  11. OH NOEZ! XL Nation is OFFLINE!

    I read that the problem is with the code, unfortunately. Hyperwolf is trying to optimize it, so the provider would let the site up again. Patience!
  12. Let's keep sarcasm under control please! Mazseex, this is obviously a visual glitch involving the map, and I don't know a way to deal with these. I guess you tried unsuccessfully to reload the map.... The only other thing I could suggest is loading an earlier safe - if you don't have one, then I'm afraid I can't help you. If you want, you could head to xlnation.net - the community there is much more active and chances are you might find better help.
  13. Ground Error

    Like I said, that's the very first time I've seen this happening. So, it must be a really rare bug, and I recon it doesn't depend on the map.
  14. Ground Error

    I'm afraid it's a nasty bug, although I've never heard of anything like that happening. And indeed, the map data might have been affected - that's why you still see it after reloading the city. The only solution I can think of is you loading an earlier safe (before the appearance of the hole), if you have one, of course.
  15. What does the future hold for CXL?

    Hey Dasilva, I'm really happy we're hearing from a former Monte Cristo member! I personally remember some of your appearances in the first days, and I can't tell you how sorry many people are that the whole project couldn't go in the direction we all wanted (for business reasons), and that it didn't get to be developed properly (for the same business reason). By the way, you have noticed already that modding for the game is doing really well now, and maybe if you're interested, you could help with your deeper knowledge of the game? If so, please go to http://xlnation.net/, where all is happening currently - we would all be happy to see you there!