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  1. Demo version released ~ For all those that can't wait

    I've installed the demo and tried for several days now to launch the game, but every time it tells me the servers are down for maintenance. Just checking to see if anyone else is experiencing this...
  2. Old University

    i'm gonna crap my pants this is sooo good
  3. GDV Pedestrian Overpass with toll function

    i think it would be better if there was a toll and a non-toll version. cuz i'd like to just put a bunch in my city, but not have a bunch of tolls everywhere.
  4. Utilities Buildings

    Ok, it's definately completely ridiculous to think that you could fuse to make whatever elements you want. As mentioned, each fusion reaction produces one molecule, and is extremely hard/expensive/long to set up and produces a lot of energy (hence using fusion to supply energy) And you can't exactly grab a comet out of space and bring it to mars. (they're hurtling along at many many tens if not hundreds of thousands of miles per hour) And I'm not exactly sure about what kind of wind there is on Mars, but with such low air pressure, there might not be much wind, or at least not strong wind, which means the wind mill turbines would not get moved very well. Nuclear or fusion reactor power plants are by far the best solution for providing energy. Sorry I cannot think of a way to provide nitrogen other than shipping it from earth, which would itself be very innefficient and costly, but most feasible so far.
  5. Skylimit Satelite Research

    i really hope you make more buildings just like this. where are just small ones that expand the game and fit in well.
  6. Skylimit Satelite Research

    awesome.....it looks to blend in with the game perfectly. and i love how you just made 4 growable lots like all the other ingame buildings. it's truly like expanding the current game building sets. awesome work.
  7. Bank of Simcity Plaza

    oh i know i'm probably alone but i hope you don't make it any larger....it doesn't have to be ridiculously tall to be great...
  8. Medieval City Hall

    that looks so good i could crap myself....lol. excellent work.
  9. Ratskellermedieval tavern

    hmmmm, i always wondered where the inspiration for architecture in most final fantasy games came from....that looks exactly like it
  10. Transamerica Pyramid

    you are GOD for making this :)
  11. wow that is so long and so big, but that should mean that we will end up with a better final product at least(because all the detail you included). Your work is truly amazing and inspiring rubik. way to go man.http://www.simtropolis.com/idealbb/images/smilies/9.gif>
  12. Howard and Cole Law

    I just don't think that it fits into the game all that well. but cool none the less, and closer than many custom buildings so far.
  13. Space Needle

    i love seattle and i love the space needle. nice job joerg.
  14. Walmart

    great, except the lot is extremely ugly. you should make some nicer concrete parts......not just all asphault. maybe some grass thrown in their two.
  15. Simtropolis Metro Mercy Center

    i feel it would make a better hotel or casino or both. hospitals are generally lower and wider because elevators only make it harder, longer, and more dangerous to move patients and what not. but still, it is a great looking building.