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  1. Funny Screenshots

    I ran into that problem a lot, actually. Had to quad-track the entrance to my city to solve it.
  2. Show your city!

    I was working on this one for several hours. I got bored of it, though, because trying to work with such narrow bits of land surrounded by water eventually got old.
  3. Oil runs out rapidely

    Yeah, the oil runs out quickly. Ore seems to do so, too. That dark green is likely forest. You could convert your district to that if you want to keep it specialized.
  4. Rail

    I wonder if there's a hook in the API to allow something like that. It'd seriously add to the realism of the game.
  5. Linux Version

    I was playing Cities in Motion 2 with a GT210 at the start, but was discouraged enough by the performance to get a GT740 GDDR5 instead. It's no GTX card, but it's still a huge improvement.
  6. Linux Version

    Yep, the same applies to their other games. I got Cities in Motion 2 back in 2013 on Windows, and installed Steam on Linux within the few months and got some of my 'fix' playing CiM2 in Linux. Now I just play C:S on Linux and don't bother with Windows.
  7. When SimCity 4 came out

    I think I got SimCity 4 as a holiday gift from my parents, but I'm not sure which one. I still use my SC4 and RH CDs to play it when I play it today.
  8. I've been mainly playing it like I was playing SC4 (grids and whatnot), but am starting to follow the terrain with my roads more now. It's so liberating somehow, not being constrained to a grid.
  9. Show us your hometown!

    I grew up in a town of 30,000 that spans something like 17 square miles. Here's the downtown area, about four miles from my parents' house. This building was originally Mill's Music, and I had my music lessons there back when I was a young teenager. And this is the church where I was confirmed as a Lutheran, though I identify as an agnostic today. There was originally a complicated interchange between two state highways and Main Street at the western edge of the latter, but they recently redid the street grid so there's a lot of open space now. A number of businesses were disconnected from the highway by this, but there's a new street that takes over that duty. A view from the Sammamish River. The old administration center of my school district was demolished too, and replaced with this. And the ancient former high school is being converted into a hotel This is all within the past five or six years. It's nothing like I remember.
  10. Transport Video

    I'd like it to bring back trams and rapid transit (subways and so on).
  11. Transport Video

    You ought to check out Cities in Motion 2 if you like building that sort of stuff. I've been playing it a lot lately (I bought it back in 2013).
  12. I wonder if modders will be able to do this, akin to how they added RHW after the limited number of stock highway options in SC4.. Hopefully Skylines will have a better method of adding as many kinds of networks as desired, though, unlike SC4.
  13. Is anyone pumped for this release?

    I'm pretty stoked, too. The videos only make it worse!
  14. I really want the rapid transit/light rail setup from Rush Hour + NAM, with its compact stations and the ability to run them on road medians.. Considering the trams and metro from Cities in Motion 2, I'm sure Colossal Order would be able to put that together down the road.
  15. The Stupidity of Motorists Never Ceases to Amaze

    Back when I was a teenager, my father didn't even let me drive the car until I had read the manual.