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  1. SimCity Revision

    I started a new city and I don't encounter this bug anymore. It's either because it's a city started after I installed the mod, or because the bug is only on building built before the mod installation.  
  2. UPDATED: SimCity Power Overhaul - Power Upgrade

    Looks pretty cool, but why more jobs, I always have to fight filling jobs in my cities, i don't want to have to fill more of them.
  3. SimCity Revision

    I must say that it is a great mod and it shows even greater promises. One of the bug I notice though is that trade port and trade depot show a double capacity but the cant get more than half-full. What's more, trucks from mines and production building see that there is room in the depot, they go there but can't unload, then run in circle between the mine and the depot.
  4. The Cobb Regency

    Beautiful place to live. Your buildings are all great and looking very diversified. Thanks for your hard work, cant wait to see your next one.
  5. DuskTroopers Dominion Plaza

    You're making the downtown area of cities all around
  6. Simtropolis Metro Mercy Center

    Wow, i'd love to be patient there!