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  1. Bayswater, Dubai

    No, it's not corrupted! I was wrong.. sorry! :S
  2. Bayswater, Dubai

    It's corrupted! The file is corrupted
  3. Delta Residence

    It's a very good building model. I use 1 in every city I build. But, there's only one problem.. sometimes, part of the model, is over the street. the vehicles passy by it, but it's very strange, But, I think that, otherwise, it's a good job! Thanks, and congratulations!!
  4. NDEX ITS Fox Plaza

    The external link doesn't work, fix it please, so we can download your model! Thanks!!!
  5. Dmscopio Stadium

    DMS_Stadium_Final.z01can be downloaded from this link here. (http://h1.ripway.com/dmscopio/DMS_Stadium_Final.z01) It's not working anymore! Try to fix it, so that I can download your model! Thanks'