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A nation of many states and many environments, with a thriving culture and a young democracy...Come to Gurivia

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Dalhen | Al-Mohiba

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Yeah, it's an almost 2 year old CJ that I've owned, but hadn't updated very often :P Thanks though, here's some more of Gurivia!


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I know that Arabic script is written from right to left :P Though I couldn't find a decent enough Arabic type writer/ converter and the one you provided certainly helped! Thanks a lot :)


Welcome again to the Gurivian Emirates, a conglomerate of [Neridean] Emirates with climates varying from the very cold and temperate to the radically hot and dry. In one of Gurivia's southern-most Emirates is the region known as 'Al-Mohiba' or 'The Majestic [south]' (المهيبة ). It's one of the country's poorest regions with a regional poverty rate standing at over 21%. Unfortunately, the regional government authorities managing the emirate has suffered heavily following the power struggle and democratic movement crisis that the country endured through 3 years of continuous struggle and civil war. Now with a seemingly stable 'democracy' instated, the poor emirate of Al-Mohiba is prepping for changes to create a more upscale image in the international community and bring about tourism and commercialism to the impoverished kingdom.

As the money brought about by the spoils of oil flood the nation, Al-Mohiba's shares of oil reserves in its own swath of territory has regional governments scrambling for the planning tables to get the region moving again. In one of Al-Mohiba's major cities, Dalhen (دلحين), change is still moving at a snail's pace, with an airport still needing upgrades and grass pasturing and an entire city and its residents to employ, refurbish and construct ever upwards.


Near Dahlen's still inadequate international airport, a railway line lined with slum housing and various mosques paint the picture of a city in need of attention. With the construction process beginning to take shape, these areas will soon be the picture of gleaming city hotels and commercial hotspots, pushing the poor away into other parts of the city. Though with plans to build and generate more jobs within Dalhen, the poor and unemployed may be able to soon find themselves in a better situation. Hopefully and as long as all goes according to plan. Without another government collapse to dictatorial rule and martial law to stand in the way of development.

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(Sorry for the lack of pics, just a mosaic today

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Touraan | Al Yamsal



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This update has been sitting on my laptop for over a year now. Should probably update it.


Touraan City or Turaan is the political and financial heart of the Arab state of Gurivia. It's population in the low millions constitute of poor residents to the mega-wealthy who often live in large upscale highrises, amongst a city where poverty is still relatively evident.

The country's wealth gained from offshore and inland oil reserves have cause the economy to explode with unprecedented development. While, oil is not a sustainable source of income, international investment and other industries that the nation is now developing has made Gurivia into the new gleeming and prosperous state it is now.

Unfortunately, under the shadows of development, corruption within state government is still causing relative upheaval in it's new found 'democracy' and signs of criticism from the nation's citizens are becoming more and more evident across the country and in the capital itself.

Public gatherings and loud protests are beginning to arise once more in a nation that has already been fraught with a treacherous conflict.





111222333444, Skyscraoer241, Schulmanator, Simbouregeois, Kruness.


Muxcomee - I use salvaged fireworks images from 'Google images' and then use screen to get rid of the black background and duplicate the image and blur it make it brighter and create the illusion of smoke :P All done on Adobe Photoshop.


The Iyirbi Highlands, one of Gurivia's highest points. It rises as a top tourist destination in the country, providing the greatest views of the region's largest city, Siyhaud and many areas afar. It also houses some of the country's more native tribes in which still follow there thousand year old traditions, these tribal peoples being known as the Guviari. Although it overlooks Siyhaud at a distance which makes the city visible, it is still relatively far from civilization and can be a long way by car to get here, long, hot and dry.


Thanks for viewing! :ducky:


A CJ which I hope you'll all see a lot more of this year! And with the entire year a foot and ahead of us, it's time I show you a lot more of what this great land has to offer.

And during January 1, 2012, the country's new year's celebration came up recognized and was a real spectacle to the tourists visiting the capital, with fireworks springing from building to building. Fireworks going on, starting from Midnight.


And strangely enough, some even decided to make some last minute launches during the early mornings in the capital's northern peninsula district of Paromino.


Thanks for viewing!!! :D


Welcome to the great Gurivia, a country of endless deserts to the South, and an coast and river filled eden to the Mediterranean-African North. This country is not he wealthiest of Arabic nations, but people here still manage to build beautiful cities, and due to the discovery of oil reserves found in the Central part of Gurivia, things could just be turning around for a country new to Democracy after a successful revolution. In this first real update I will be focusing on some areas around the capital, Touraan City in the state of Presosud. But before you have a look at the update, take some time to browse through some of the Nations basic information...so you know a little more about Gurivia.


Welcome to Gurivia


* Yeah, The Country has an association to Llithustania :whatevs: *

Current National flag * maybe tweaked in time :P *


The City of Touraan is located on the North end of the Country, where the land is a lot more lush and forested as the area has access to an expansive amount of water. Living in Touraan is more the lifestyle of middle-class and high-wealth citizens, and with the plans of turning the City into a bustling Modern society like Dubai and Abu-Dhabi, it may only look better in the later future, but will push over those who have little to spare.


Alhubai is one of the few growing financial centers in a series which will meet sooner or later, in the developments of the city. The crazy mixtures of high, medium and low wealth residents are scattered around these areas. Future plans secure the lower wealth areas doom as they will be removed from this expanse of city.


New high-rises begin to dominate the skyline and in a few years, will be a lot more than it is now.


Like in most areas around Touraan, almost every part of the city touches water and with that water filled coast, there's usually a sandy beach. But since this part of the city is touching the bay that it encircles, most of seems to be composed of grey sand and some rocks. So these areas are usually for sunbathing at when tourists are about.


By nightfall, the city remains to be quite as beautiful as it is in the day, buildings being illuminated and lighting the dark. And evermore plans ensure that this still quite dark downtown will be as bright as Hong Kong during the evening.


Meanwhile, west of the main downtown area, the lower rises of the city cover the west arm of the city. This area is seperated from the main part of Alhubai by a moderately large expanse of water which connects the bay to the Mediterranean Sea.


By morning, West Alhubai can be seen better, clearly seen in this picture are the vast shopping complexes and markets, and in the background, a tall office standing free, dwarfing other structures, a tower thats part of a chain of towers which will be built here West Alhubai. It's time they embrace the future.

Thanks for Viewing! :bunny:


Welcome to Gurivia, and to the city of Touraan...

This beautiful city is growing and constructing higher and higher, as this is the beginning, this'll be a preview of what you can expect from a marsh inspired city journal in the Arabic states. Expect more from Gurivia...Welcome.



How's it so far? Any constructive criticism? If so, please do tell!

Thanks for viewing!:bunny:

Keep an eye for more updates!


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