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The Cultan Republic

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About this City Journal

A colony that used to be jointly owned by the United States and Canada, the Cultan Colony is getting inflicted with lots of bad taxes, pacts, and military action, and has declared...

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Perhaps some of you around here still remember me and this journal. If you do I have something to say to you. If the name "New Chandler" doesn't ring any bells, this probably isn't going to excite you ;)


As you may have figured out if you followed this journal at any point in the last year (or four), I have left Simtropolis and the Sim City community to focus on my now-concluded senior year and the events that the great big world has in store for me in the future. You assumed right, this journal has indeed ended, as has my Sim City career. However, I was lurking on this site earlier this week, and remembered that during this time in early July four years ago was the time I began this journal, which I hastily called "New Chandler" for lack of a better name, since I didn't think it would be a long-lasting project.

Looking back at this endeavor from the end of its journey, New Chandler went on for 3 years, 63 updates, went through 3 unions and hoards of Simlympic events, amassed roughly a thousand comments on a plethora of Sim City fansites, and a remarkable amount of views beyond my wildest desires as a journalist (over 90,000 views were on Simtropolis alone, the 11th most in the history of the site at the time of me writing this) on its way to the Top 10 of Ben's Top 100. If you would have told me that those numbers would be for one of my creations four years ago, I would have been in in plentiful disbelief and would have asked you, "the hell are you smoking?"

I said my good-byes to my bombastic union life long ago, and to my friends at Simmania in November, but I realized as I randomly stopped by Simtropolis recently that I more-or-less vanished from this site without much of a warning to anyone who wasn't a member of Simmania, which wasn't really appropriate, for this was the site that truly made my journal as enjoyable and such a statistical "success" (if you can call it that) as it was for me for the past years. So yes, I'm here almost an entire year after I left to write my final goodbyes to this place, merely because I didn't do so back then. I'm going to miss this place, and reading every heartfelt comment you guys had on this creation of mine I shared with you on the more lonely and rainy Portland nights. Many of you viewed my humble work as something truly special, and it is a wonderful feeling that I am going to miss. Never would I have ever imagined in my wildest dreams that my work, as ambitious or laid-back as it may have been, would be something people would look forward to seeing. Words cannot explain how thankful I am for all you have done to make this journal what it became.

As baseball announcer Ernie Harwell said: "It's time to say goodbye, but I think goodbyes are sad and I'd much rather say hello. Hello to a new adventure." I'm going to college in two months and I can't wait to see where it takes me, because I do not doubt it will throw lots of exciting suprises at my life. Best wishes to all of you and all of your future aspirations as well.

-Ky Smith, the journalist better known as K50

6 July 2014



Tekindus: Thanks for the comment cyber-friend! I really hope you didn't see the Pearl beforehand, this was the grand opening@ 

CTMandR: Thanks for the compliment!

Chilean: I am a little proud of this last entry. Too bad I only got one comment over at SimSports (bah, who cares really, every comment means something!) Thanks for the compliment.

Mista G: Thanks for the comment!

Schulmanator: Thanks for stopping by. It was a great event, it was very fun to host it!

Panda: Thanks for the comment! I am actually not hosting the games if that is what you meant, but as far as points go in the Simlympics, the Cultan Republic is in 7TH place overall. Yeah!

'known Figure (I know ya now...!) I like that name of your region :-) This secret technology sounds awfully catchy too! Haha thanks for commenting too!

I hope you will all understand this message, because I am worried some won't. From the first entry, a lot of you were pretty pessimistic at where this city journal would go. It was a very hilly island setting, and it wasn't the biggest island in the world (16 large city tiles). There is no flat area left and the hills, as you have seen, are sheer. This all makes a beautiful setting, however, not a good one for building towering cities. So, I sadly pronounce this city journal finished. It was a great run and I could not have told you what fun it was. I have read each and every one of your nearly 150 comments seriously, and I am going to miss that. I wish I could read 15,000, but I won't be able to with this journal; I'll tell ya why.

Let me tell you a story about the real Cultan Republic. It was going to be HUGE, already finished cities, a region 6 large city tiles long, 6 large city tiles long the other way (I safely hack the game to make these huge regions,

). The cities of Freewater and Morgan would cover nearly four city tiles each. Donaldsfield would cover two more, and Flint and Baumgartner would each cover two. There would have been many other small cities too. I realized though that, where I was going with this, all of these cities would have already had been done by the time it got to Simtropolis, and that region would had been full. So, I made the island which you all had seen. Now, if the first Cultan Republic wouldn't had been deleted (it was corrupted too, forgot to mention that) it would be at the same spot the "Public Republic" would be now... all revved up with no place to go but the brick wall like message you are looking at.

So, to make a long story short, Cultan Republic is over. The next city journal I make will be extremely different from this one too. It will be in the tropics, and it will be narrated by short stories, not me talking about different things, 'cause that is boring. And it will be 6x6 like Corrupt Republic, and we should hopefully have endless fun with it.

Again, I hope you all understand the predicament. I will still be hovering around Simtropolis in the mean time. Also, the new journal will be available in the CJ forums, the CJ section (where this is), SimSports, and maybe, SC4Devotion, so I can read all of those comments :-) Thanks again for the great memories.

Until then, see ya!

~K50 Dude



This entry was uploaded to a different photo hosting site; you can click on the photos to view them in a 1024x768 instead of the 800x600 instead (except for the first one, I did not make it)


The Simlympic Torch Relay is a huge event taking place in cities all around the Sim World. The Torch Relay will be at a different city each day for fourteen days, climaxing with the beginning of the May Simlympics on May 1st. For more information on the Simlympics, or to sign up to compete in the coming Simlympic games, please click here

Just before sunrise... about 5:10am. The torch is being ran the hilly ten mile road to Morgan from John Richardson International Airport.

8:30am. The torch passes by the northern end of Morgan by looping around the front of the Presidential Manor. It won't stay in the capital city right now though, it is going to Donaldsfield instead.

9:10am. The torch has arrived in Donaldsfield, however to the shame of the Cultan Republic government, the crowds are small here.

9:15am. The torch has arrived near the Donaldsfield Arboretum District and the main campus of North Cultan University, where a few of the college students came out to watch it pass

10:35am. The torch is in the high-rise filled outskirts of the Beacon Hills, back in Morgan.

10:50am. The torch is passed down by the actually people dominating Rosemont Street the entire two and a half miles. Tens of thousands witness a historic event. Near the famous store and church, the crowds are massive, with people watching from the store roof!

11:40am. All good times must come to an end however, and now the torch goes back into the countryside of the Cultan Island toward Flint.

2:30pm. The Simlympic Flame arrives into the small riverside town of Flint, where it will head to a marina into a small drift boat, where it will witness the serine vistas of Freewater National Forest.


6:30pm. The torch arrives in Freewater's Atticus Avenue District. The torch was never in an automobile the entire leg, and still will not be, as it will be ran by the Simlympic runners relay style down Atticus Avenue.

6:50pm. Look! The torch has arrived in the CBIG (Cultan Banking and Investments Group) Stadium (nicknamed "The Pearl"). The crowd is on their feet!

7:00pm. The torch built within the stadium as a memory for this historic event is lit, and the floor of the stadium is dominated by fans watching concerts in celebration through the night. (if you are familliar with the simlympics and simsports, then you would know that I mispelled a few words here, such as Sarnia and Canuck. whoops.)



Comment replies from the last entry....

  • Wakkaolaf53: Thanks for the comment... There was an overview the last time we saw South Point, which I believe is entry 19. One vote for D!
  • TekindusT (first time): Thanks for commenting man! No, there isn't bulls harmed in my amphitheater :-) One vote for B. 
  • Mithrik: Thanks for the comment... Two votes for B!
  • Chilean1: Thanks for the comment... Three votes for B!
  • CTMandR: Thanks for the comment. I like your idea, I think I will apply it to another island since B won this poll. Plus, I am yet to show an amusement park (I was going to build one in Baumgartner but I like your idea personally to build in South Point!)
  • PlyPlay665: Thanks for the comment. Two votes for D (and still three for B)
  • Jimbojet123: Thanks for the comment... Four for B!
  • Unknown-Figure1: Thanks for the comment... Five for B!
  • TekindusT (second time): Linkydink. Glad you liked it (and my strange substitution).
Just wanted to let all of my followers know that you won't be seeing the Cultan Republic this week. I have Simlympic preliminary action in Baumgartner City and Donaldsfield that I must get done, I still have to build some stuff in Donaldsfield, Flint, and Freewater for the torch relay, and I am working on another city which is much more flat (don't be looking around for it for a while, I haven't even terraformed yet). I have a very hectic schedule and need to work on the torch relay, so instead of throwing a little entry I am taking my time for something bigger. The next entry will be Monday the 26TH. If you are lucky and I am feeling generous, I might share a teaser with you all.

I will see you Monday for the torch relay! Stay tuned....


South Point: To the seas!

The three comment replies:

Tekindus: Thanks for the comment. Read below for the status-quo on the farms.

Jimbojet: Thanks for the comment and compliment!

Mithrik: Thanks for the comment. Maybe at the time I posted it, it wasn't 3,000 population yet? I am not sure.

A few words now. One, my sincere apologies about those stupid farms. (the following was inspired by TekindusT) The crop was this magical super-powered banana thing that tastes like chocolate milk, and a bunch of rabid monkeys took them all and now have amazing super-powered chocolate milk banana powers so the monkeys took over the moon and the floating chocolate milk bananas with amazing floating banana powers are extinct on earth. Yay.

Second, this entry is ALMOST mistake-free. Since there hasn't been as much activity here as I like, probably because of my stupid floating chocolate milk banana farms, I want some comments on my creation. I also want some people to vote because there is some here!

Now, I have talked a little too much now. Again, I apologize for the farms. Hopefully South Point is better then West Cove and Flint. I think so.


South Point has some money to spend and too many hills. Here is a cement factory producing lots of money.


Down the road (on the far left) is this pier. At the end of the pier is a merry-go-round.


Even farther up the road is Roundhouse Island, which is supposed to resemble somewhere thirty degrees warmer.


Roundhouse Island is named for this amphitheater called the Roundhouse. The lounges in front of it are very popular.


If you take a left on the road instead of going straight (two pics ago), you go to Treasure Island, named after the hotel which takes up the whole thing. Yes, the grid is on, sorry.....


Even farther up the road (heading left) is this new island, which is currently unnamed.


On the other side of the island is this.


That open area is a good spot for voting. You heard me... THIS IS WHERE YOU SHOULD VOTE! Pretty simple, what building should be built there? The first option is this luxury hotel. (A)


B. Some apartments. Very classy and pretty, but maybe too tall for South Point right now?


C. No picture, but a big oceanfront park. Nothin' wrong with relaxation in an atmosphere perfect for a staycation!

D. This building. What should it be? Be creative. Shown here is a classy school-bus shelter (not the best idea, but...)


If you want to be even more creative then one of these options, name one! Thanks for voting and reading this entry!

Next entry: Donaldsfield!


 By request a few entries back, we are visiting West Cove now. I will start with the replies I got from the previous entry!

TekindusT: Thanks for the continued support. The beautiful logo of the torch is actually the official logo recolored green (normally red-orange), everything else I will take credit for... so thanks!

Mithrik: Thanks for the continued support... I know, I was worried about that from the get-go. I was actually considering demolishing it but I made the stupid decision to keep it... yuck! I am also very sorry about the details, I know better!

CTMandR: Thanks for the comment. The BrookStone Region actually was an inspiration for Flint, so thanks for making your cities awesome too. I am glad you stopped by to comment!

PlyPlay665: Thanks for the comments. About the parking lot, you should probably go buy a 4X4 or a boat!

Nothing really special I need to put here this time besides an apology for the picture pointed out by Mithrik. I like this entry though, so I will zip my lips and we will enter the....



West Cove is enjoying the small-town life, and not much has changed. Although population has nearly doubled, it still isn't much more than 3,000 citizens; but before we see that, how about a read of everyone's favorite news brochure? DISCLAIMER: I didn't want to write more than I needed to about the man-made islands and I didn't want to reveal them so soon, so the picture is the Baumgartner Aquadome which has nothing to do with South Point! The only reason it is there, again, is because if it wasn't I would have to write more or totally change the margins of the template I use.


Most of the town is shown here. A few houses and farms are not shown in this picture. (I hate those green farms!)


Some of the suburbs not shown....


....and some of the farms not shown.


A few of the houses in West Cove.


Some of the really nice offices and shops near the creek in West Cove.


Cultan Choice Hotels has opened up a beautiful new location with a view that should cost a lot more! (there is an advertisement for this hotel above in the Cultan Gazette). Again, I hate those FLOATING green farms senseless!


A bridge across the small bay, part of the scenic route connecting Baumgartner to West Cove.


Next entry: South Point's islands are changing the town. We will check in with South Point in a few days!


Flint: Laid-Back Beauty

Woah, a lot of comments for the second time in a row. Keep it up guys!

TekindusT: Thanks for the commenting man! I was thinking about that the other day, maybe I should move them away. I sure hope the high-rise areas do well too, it would be nice!

Chilean1: Thanks for the comment. I have been waiting for a little free time for a while, and fortunately I got some! I am glad you like my city too!

Wakkaolaf53: Thanks for the comment. Thanks for the comment, I can hardly stand the wait myself. The Simlympics are going to be amazing.

Blakeway: Thanks for the comment!

PlyPlay665: You got that right. Thanks for commenting!

Mithrik: Thanks for the comment. Lol, that is a fusion plant. I would have built more windmills on the hills, but I thought developing them would be a better idea!

and Jimbojet123: Thanks for the comment... It is about 160,000 strong! I am looking forward to the relay too.

Good news and bad news. Bad news, I have an even busier week than the last two coming up. Good news, I didn't have to worry about plans today, so I have took pictures of Flint (which you are seeing today), West Cove (you will see that on Tuesday), and South Point (date TBA). I also have a long weekend from school at the end of this week (for the end of the term, so I won't be having too much homework, hopefully), which means I will probably make another three entries (and start on the torch relay) soon. Again, the torch relay is the 26TH (that is a Monday, and it is coming in the morning so you will be able to witness awesomeness all day long. 


There isn't a newspaper today, but there is an advertisement on where we are going on the torch relay to get you excited.


Dixon Stadium, a new stadium in Flint.


Flint is one of the few places in the Cultan Republic where fertile soil is still being utilized.


Zooming in on the new elementary school.


Despite all of the agriculture, several nice homes rest in the valley.


...as well as some high-tech industry.


Flint Stadium at night.



Next entry: As I said, we are heading to West Cove!


I have been trying all week to get my game to work, as it has been crashing constantly. I got it resolved so I could get this entry in, and hopefully more. Sorry for the long wait. I got a lot of comments to go through, so bear with me here...

Jimbojet123: Thanks for the comment. One vote for C!

Wakkaolaf53: Thanks for the comment. One vote for A!

TekindusT: Thanks for the comment. Two votes for A! Thanks for the compliment.

iGod: Thanks for the comment. Have you checked out Flint? I have made it pretty easy to tell which city is in which entry on the Table of Contents. I like it myself. Two votes for C (and A)

Mithrik: Thanks for the comment; you have good reason to make three votes for A!

Mr. G 2.0: Thanks for the comment... Four votes for A. Check the spelling ;-)

Klappa: Thanks for the comment. Don't worry, we will see South Point soon enough. One vote for B, Four for A, and Two for C at this point!

PlyPlay665: Thanks for the comment. I am glad you didn't judge this journal by it's first pages. Hopefully I will see you around again. Another vote for A! Thanks for supporting the war effort, it should be needed very soon.

To make a long story short, we are going to Morgan! Afterwards, we are probably gonna hit Flint because I have realized we haven't seen it for a while, then hopefully I can fit in West Cove, and then at about that time, the Simlympic Torch Relay, which will be the biggest, baddest entry yet (My goal is 22+ pictures). I sure hope I can fulfill my own request, because if I couldn't that would be sad... In the meantime in between time, we are in Morgan.


The Gazette.


The huge mansion is the Presidential Palace. It will act as the residence of the President of the Cultan Republic when the war is complete. 


The Cultan Republic's largest office building is at the bottom of the picture. It used to be owned by Canada, but nearly all of the companies have changed to support the Cultan Republic, and others will be forced to do the same or move out by the end of the month.


Little Hollywood is growing massively and being very desirable. 


Dominating the skyline are these buildings on steep sections of the Beacon Hills. They are built on flat area supported by massive retaining walls. Three more of these retaining wall sections are awaiting construction.


These four buildings are now landmarks of the Cultan Republic. This one is multi-use apartments toward the bottom and office toward the top.


The massive building to the right is home of several offices and apartments as well. The Pinterly Pillars (middle) has a few offices in the smaller tubular tower and a hotel in the larger left one. One on the right is office.


Unfortunately that is all I could pull out before the game went schizzo, which is hopefully enough. Morgan is now nearly twice the size of Freewater as you can probably tell now.

Next Entry: Checking out what is going on in one of my favorite cities: Flint!


I just got the update to finally work to make the BAT nightlighting work, so I am testing it out a little bit with this entry. There was supposed to be a mosaic but it totally failed because the third picture went horizontal. Here are the replies:

jimbojet123: Thanks for the comments. That is one vote for B!

iGod: Thanks for the comments. I am trying to bring it back for every entry from here on out. Also, that is a vote for C!

Mithrik: Thanks for the comments. If you are having problems with your interior, than take care of that before taking care of us. And now that is one vote for A!

TekindusT: Thanks for the comments man! That is a cool idea about the college owning the convention center building thing, so that is one vote for D! I will be using that idea too.

Well, I have four comments, and you all voted on four different things! However, TekindusT mentioned that the convention center could be part of the university, and then a drunk college student ran into the meeting approving of it... so that is what is being built!


Baumgartner City truly comes alive on weekend nights. We will work our way from west to east. But first, lets read the headlines!


The opening night of the Baumgartner Aquadome. Notice the new condos and car dealer.


The new hotel, the convention center, and the cathedral.


The other side of Dixon Avenue.


Suburbs near the school, probably the only building with it's lights off tonight.


The east end of Baumgartner at the moment, you will see lots of expansion the next time we see Baumgartner.



I am not sure on which city to look at right now. So here is the list (Freewater is out because we saw that last time!)

This is entry 22, by the way

A. Cultan Republic's good old capitol city: Morgan. (last seen on entry 15)

B. Pay a visit to the city getting built out to the sea: South Point. (last seen on entry 19)

C. Visit a small town on a creek: West Cove. (last seen on entry 18)

D. Rolling plains and hills and the town of Donaldsfield. (last seen on entry 18)

E. The riverside valley town of Flint. (last seen on entry 14)



Klappa: Thanks for the comment and your willingness to help. Should I just call your country "Klappaland" maybe? 9.gif

TekindusT: Thanks for the comment! As you can see, there is a lack of room at the moment, but I am working on a cargo terminal. I promise one will be there when you see it next. About the airlines, I new some of them, but looked up a few others.

Mithrik: Thanks for the comment, and your willingness to help. I think the Cultan Republic can survive, we have a few tricks up the sleeves... stay tuned.

Jimbojet123: Thanks for the comment. I am glad you appreciate the accuracy!

Mr. G 2.0: Thanks for the comment. You can find the airport pieces here, but they come separately, so get all of them! (scroll down and click "TRANSPORT". You will see it.)

Wakkaolaf53: Thanks for the comment!

This entry is very late for me, so my apologies. I got a weekend though, so the next one is coming soon. My schedule was totally screwed up with track practice, lots of homework after break, and the term ending in about a week. This might screw up next week too, but (hopefully) not too much. 

If you read the last entry, you will have noticed that the Cultan Colony is dead and gone - it is the Cultan Republic. I have made a new awesome header (which will be my signature image as well). One quick digression: I also have a lot of points!


Lets begin our adventure as a republic! (in this header left-to-right: Little Hollywood, Morgan. Stadium District, Flint. Old Freewater. Creekside West Cove.)


Here is a issue of the Cultan Gazette; as you can see problems are already much existent!


On this entry, we are taking a tour of some neighborhoods in Freewater. We will start with the new high-tech industry zones and Hilltop Hospital. The zones are still on so you can see where development will extend.


The neighborhood that surrounds Atticus Avenue (the street where the streetcar runs). It is mostly low-wealth neighborhoods.


The newest low-density residential area with the huge walls supporting the business. They are all very sturdy, an average earthquake won't destroy them. Precautions were taken!


Some of the largest houses in the entire Cultan Republic lie in the walls' shadows.


A block away from Downtown Freewater, a retirement home (left, orangeish), high-wealth office building (center, bowtie shaped), and a strangely-placed bed and breakfast (right).


And now, Downtown Freewater. (the tall building promotes jobs better than any other building, even those which have more job capacity. I know it doesn't fit superbly, but it isn't going anywhere!)


I leave you with voting. For those who only like pictures, THIS IS WHERE YOU SHOULD VOTE!!! Freewater has lots of open space near that man-made pond. They want to build something. The options are:

A. A luxury hotel. This would promote tourism and boost the local economy.


B. Some apartment complexes. Some very nice apartment complexes! Obviously, this would boost the population.


C. There is a building for the Northern Cultan University nearby. Another one could boost the education nearby; it fits in as well!


D. The last option is a big open building. It could act as a museum, convention center, party room, whatever! It would boost commercial business as people would exhibit products there! However, the pond would have to be slightly reclaimed.


So comment, vote, and rate. I am tired at seeing only 17 votes for my rating, darn it! Again, the next entry should be soon!



Mithrik: Thanks for your comment and concern. I wouldn't be too concerned about that document after this entry. If you are wondering why, look at the title!

Daan30: Thanks for the comment. It took an embarrassing amount of time to finish that all up, but it looks like the results were good!

Wakkaolaf: Thanks for the comment. Again, I am glad you liked that!

Klappa: Thanks for the comment. Glad you liked it. Unfortunately, I can't answer that question in this entry, because the game oh so conveniently crashed. I, without a doubt, will get the numbers to you in the next entry. You can hold me to that.

Jimbojet123: Thanks for the comment. By your username, you look like someone with interest in airports. This is a pretty small airport so....

This is the last time you will be seeing the CULTAN COLONY header below me. At the end of this entry, you will see why, and, why the title was changed. Enjoy everything you see here while peace still somewhat exists in the Cultan Land.


So, the airport was finished recently. To show all the flights, I have shown what it would look like if ALL flights were at the airport in their gates The airport layout is pretty strange; flights are only allowed to land on Runway 27 because of the hills, but can take off on either side.


Lets zoom in on the planes. Here are the flights we have leaving the airport. Note that two of them are not American or Canadian!


The airport also has parking garages which which have shuttles leading them to the terminal. 


The entrance to the terminal.


I accidentally took a picture at nearly the exact position, but the contrast is different. The train station has commuter rail that goes to Morgan, South Point, and Freewater, with future expansion to Flint and Baumgartner.


Deep in the woods near the airport though, the biggest problem on the general welfare projects is underway.


They have crafted something loved by many, hated by more back in the mainland. Witness the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE for the CULTAN REPUBLIC.


They have also made the flag of the Cultan Republic.


They show the red for productivity. The Cultan Republic is home to several natural resources which are all utilized in one way or another.

They show the black for retaliation. The Cultan Republic is ready for war if provoked.

They show the yellow star for inner peace. It is on top of black because peace always comes first in the Cultan Republic.

They show the green for the island's nature. The Cultan Republic is always respecting nature, and witnessing nature's very wonders.

They show the blue at the bottom representing the ocean. The ocean is also a type of nature and where many resources come from.

That wraps this entry up. I hope you all enjoyed it, because that peace we are talking about is going down the s**tter!

Next entry: War begins in Freewater


Replies! (As you have noticed, I am giving people nicknames!)

TT: Thanks for the comment! That is one vote for the hotel in Baumgartner and one vote for protecting the pond in West Cove. I don't know what church you meant, but hopefully one of them is HERE or HERE.

Wakka: Thanks for the comment! That is two votes for the hotel and two for pond protection. I am glad you liked the twin towers; I do as well!

Daany: Thanks for the comment! That is three votes for the hotel and three for keeping the pond!

D-Kis: Thanks for the comment! That is four votes for the hotel and four for the pond!

M-Rik: Thanks for the comment! That is five votes for the hotel and five for the pond! That church does look like the AFA of Colorado Springs chapel, I must admit...

Jimbo: Thanks for the comment! I am glad the General Welfare Project works now (you will actually see one in the next entry). And that is six votes for the hotel and six for the pond.

So, with a final poll certainly showing interest in a hotel in Baumgartner and leaving the pond be in West Cove, construction will begin immediately in Baumgartner, and the pond is protected for at least the next 10 years! Yayz!

This entry is on the smaller side, so the next one will probably be on the larger side! Nonetheless, enjoy West Cove while it doesn't have problems for once, and admire the mosiac!


95% of South Point is shown in this picture. Admire the new development out to the ocean! Got the casino, ferris wheel  (EDIT: That is a Merry-Go-Round.... and a big epic fail....!), and the nice breeze.... Ahhhh...........






Next entry: The building of Cultan International Airport!


The last entry didn't work as planned; I am not sure if it now works or not, however, without a doubt, this entry is one I am very proud of. Since new settlements have popped up, the map on the first entry has also been changed.


The first new settlement, known as Baumgartner, is near the southern end of the River Carlile. It was named after a army leader who died in "the bombings." (end of entry 12).


After being surveyed, there is some flat area around this beautiful setting.


So, construction began. Baumgartner is growing faster than Freewater, with a population currently rivaling that of South Point. It is a nice little town as well.


Shown here is the Convention Center and the cathedral. Also, since growth is going rather quickly, and funds aren't too bad, THIS IS WHERE YOU SHOULD VOTE (FIRST OPPORTUNITY). In that patch of trees, the Cultan Colony would like to construct a large luxury hotel for tourism. Since Baumgartner is looking so prosperous, should Baumgartner let them build the hotel?


Some of the commercial areas in the hills. A plain is on top of the hills, where the windmills are located. You can see a windmill in this picture as well!


On a more dense note, some of the condominiums. The green building is the condo complex's community center, including a fitness center, restaurant, pool, and a kid's room.


We leave you with some beautiful homes. Baumgartner has a great future ahead of them (hopefully).


The two farms in West Cove. West Cove is another new settlement, a little bit to the west of Baumgartner. A road is being built to connect Baumgartner to West Cove as we speak.


Right through the center of the town, a creek runs through.


The West Cove Twin Office Towers. Also, THIS IS WHERE YOU MAY VOTE (2ND OPPORTUNITY). The Cultan Colony always tries to work with nature, while growing. However, they are at a little snafu. In that large pond (with the lillies), the creek is pretty large with the pond. It is proposed to "urbanize" the creek, fill the pond, and put dense commercial area where the pond was. Should West Cove do this, or leave the pond be?


Here is a zoomed in picture of that pond. The straight section would be "urbanized" and the pond would be filled.


Like Freewater, Donaldsfield, and Baumgartner, West Cove has a community center as well, however, much smaller. It is surrounded by the foliage. 


Now, for the final city in this big entry: Donaldsfield. Since dirty industry is very much in Donaldsfield, a big park was built to promote sustainability of the environment. It is pretty popular with dogs for playing fetch :-)


The same picture, but at a turned angle, so the nice homes were more visible.


The new church.


More of the lower to middle wealth residents live to the west of that road (the church side).


Growing steadily. How shocking.


Remember to vote. Again, my apologies on the last entry; I will try to get it to work. If it works for you without asking for a login or register, PLEASE leave a comment to tell me. Don't forget to vote as well, and I hope you liked this entry.

Next entry: We are going to South Point as they recover from a Cultan Military mission that destroyed some of the apartments... (more of that on entry 13!) 



Paulo - Thanks for commenting. I am glad you like how I changed things!

Wakka - Thanks for commenting. I think you are right!

TT - Thanks for commenting. It is a multi-use tower but mostly commercial. Should have said that... oops.

This entry has NO IMAGES from SimCity 4, so, to make up for this, the next entry has double pictures! This is just something I did to give you all a heads-up on what is coming up in the Cultan Colony!


I am not sure if this is within browser or a real download, but click it anyway.


Next Entry: DOUBLE ENTRY! Donaldsfield, Baumgartner City, and West Cove. (Baumgartner and West Cove are new settlements!)


Replies to the last entry:

M'rik: Thanks for visiting again... Thats okay. Don't stress out yet. We haven't been blown up for a while....

Jimbo: Thanks for visiting again... I would like to see Morgan go big as well.

D'pol: Thanks for visiting again to you too!

Wakka: Thanks for visiting again... I hope they won't. I'm sure they will figure it out....

This is a pretty laid-back entry, but it's nice. Read it!


Suburbs keep on spreading in the hills around Freewater. (sorry.... forgot to turn off the grid)


Beautiful homes are being built around the area.


Lots of commercial areas are being built as well.


One particular is Wall Street (I wonder how it got the name?) It is a popular area with the locals.


A street leading to Jackson Avenue (see entry 10)


Finally, the one lone tower in the proposed CBD, however, development is still looking low-dense for the time being.


Next entry: We return to Cultan Military Base, as several massive projects begin........!


I know I mentioned that the next entry would be about Freewater, however, opportunity knocked the other day, so the Cultan Colony is trying something else. Before I get into this, I should probably take the time to count votes and answer comments! 

Tekindus: Thanks for the support. I am pleased to hear you liked the stadium choice; I can see easily see what you mean by not finding a place; the stadium is so small. It just fit perfectly, so I figured it would all work out if I made Flint a little more sporty. Also, one vote for C!

Mithrik: Thanks for the support. Sorry about the inclement weather there, but, otherwise, there is one vote for B!

Wakka: Thanks for the support. Another vote for C!

Klappa: Thanks for stoppin' by the Cultan Colony... That is three votes for C (and still one for B!)

Jimbo: Thanks for the support. The war hasn't started yet, just tensions are arising (SPOILER!). That is another vote for C as well!

(EDIT) Yoshi: Thanks for visiting my city journal. That is another vote for B, however....

....the idea of the aquatics center was much appreciated, and, to be a training spot for the Simlympics coming up, construction will begin immediately!

This entry will also be at SimSports. This is a bid of the Cultan Colony for the ISC session. You can find more information here!

And yes, the next entry will be in Freewater...


Morgan is a small town that has always had huge potential since the beginning. It is one of the rare but awesome combinations of nature...


...and the modern way of life.


To release some of this potential, Morgan is proposing a bid to show the world one of the greatest secrets. May means Simlympics ( <), and several great candidate cities have already proposed for it. But they will never have a chance unless the ISC can decide where they will be held.

Thats where Morgan comes in! The Cultan Colony and Morgan is buried treasure; not only would this promote tourism and popularity to the naturally intimidating island, but it would also show the world that a small town with a little heart and faith is more powerful than most huge metropoli. (is that a word?!)

Where would "the dig for the treasure" start? The Cultan Airport, which would be finished with construction by the time the ISC session arrives. Using a reserved commuter rail train, the ISC would arrive in North Morgan Transit Center.


Luxury sedans would be waiting to take them on a tour a little less than ninety minutes around the surrounding area.


They would travel the scenic route around a picturesque Lake Pinterly...


...and up to the River Carlile/Flint View Point, another area full of stunning natural beauty.


After about forty-five minutes of the steady admiration, the ISC would have arrived in Flint, took a little tour, and be ready to come back to Morgan. (ACK! Undeveloped zones! How embarrasing! 14.gif)


On the way back, they would go through the heart of eastern Morgan.


Travelling wears everyone out, however, so members would get a bit of rest and relaxation at the luxurious Promenade Hotel.


And just for fun, this is a picture of one of the suites they would stay at.


When the time is right, a limousine would drive the ISC up the hills via Civic Street...


...to the Morgan Exposition Center, an nice quaint open area built for occasions like this. To promote this bid, a banner has already been rose on the side of the building, facing the much-traveled MorganMetro station on Civic Street. The Expo Center is where consensus would be made.


After the difficult decision, and if ther is no rain, a public announcement would be made by select members of the committee on this section of Rosemont Street, one of the city's most popular areas, near the marketplace and the church, the first public buildings built in the Cultan land.


We ask the ISC to consider our bid, because, if we are chosen, buried treasure would be unearthed and glisten and shine, and we would promise a good experience. Everybody would win.


Thank you for your time.


Thanks for everybody who commented on my last entry. Give me a moment to reply to some comments...

TekindusT: Tension is certainly rising. Maybe we should drop some of our enemies in your nice ghettos! Thanks for the comment!

DCMetro34: You got that right. Thanks for commenting!

Mithrik: Good job with your airport construction. Remember, however, that we only have a single dirt runway.... But help is always thanked... Thanks for the comment!

Jimbojet123: SSSSHHHHHHHHH! We jacked a Canadian plane! Thanks for the comment (and the help)!

Tell me this entry won't tick off the USA and Canada....


We haven't seen this much (sorry for the low-resolution)


A lot has happened as well. First of all, a new neighborhood off to the west of the town.


Wait a second, is that a tram?


And a nice view to boot? Hey, forgot to mention that the road down there goes to Morgan as a nice scenic route around Lake Pinterly.


That was a stadium too, wasn't it? The stadium hosts nice events with athletic clubs from Morgan and Freewater as well, strongly boosting the popularity of the town. On top of the stadium is the nicest hotel in the Cultan Colony, and an intersection that took an embarrassing amount of time to complete. Cultan Colony is urging to participate in the Simlympics in May, however, the USA and Canada will not allow it.


We leave you now with voting. For those who are too lazy to read the whole entry, THIS IS WHERE YOU MAY VOTE! See that farm? It is obviously out of place now with the town surrounding it. Flint wants to build a new sporting facility there. Here are the options!

A - Track and Field stadium

B - Baseball stadium

C - Swimming center

D - Nothing! Let the farm be


I leave you with a picture of farms in a valley, where the farm should be (if you can move a farm....)


Coming up in the next entry: We are going back to our favorite settlement.... Freewater!


I will start with replies!

Mithrik: Thanks for following my journal! The people of the Cultan Colony are doing what they want (this entry will certainly prove that!) but since the americans didn't like that too much, they blew up the road. I am pretty sure they know we are up to something nasty. Also, that is one vote for C!

Klappa: Thanks for commenting... That is one vote for B!

TekindusT: Thanks for following my journal... mondo is the name I give to anything that is huge..... I will probably not call it that. Thanks for the vote (I'm sure your familiar with the barcelona tram)..... Two votes for B!

Jimbojet123: Thanks for following.... Another vote for B!

Wakkaolaf53: Thanks for following.... That is two votes for C!

Dimipol006: Thanks for commenting... Thanks for the offer; I would wait until we get back to Freewater (probably in two or three entries) if you want a nice suburban manor.

With a final tally of 3 votes for B and 2 for C, the MorganMetro is ordering 11 trains, 7 in the style of B and 4 in the style of C!

This entry is small but is pretty important. In short, read it! Oh ya, the Cultan Colony has reached 50,000 residents in a pretty fast time! Also, by popular request, night vision is back! There isn't the doo-dad at the bottom though, like that in entry nine.


Yesterday's newspaper




A small snowfall was enough to halt a secret operation for nearly four and a half hours, since there is no road from Morgan or Freewater where snowplows was needed, and the railroad does not operate on Sundays. Eventually, a New Byzantian plane shot down the runway at about dusk.


Where is it going? South Point.


To the port, to be exact.


What is it doing there? (hey, the streetlights just turned on!)


Getting revenge.


The american ship just leaving the Port of South Point was blown to smithereens. However the blast was a little too powerful...


And destroyed half of the projects, killing at least twenty.(top-center of the picture)

Tensions are unquestionably growing in the colony..... 

NEXT ENTRY: We check in somewhere where we haven't looked at too much: Flint.


EDIT: This entry used to say Freewater and Donaldsfield. That is a FAIL and is now fixed. My bad!

This entry is certainly later than my liking; sorry. Replies:

Mithrik: Thanks for the comment. One vote for the light rail and one vote for B!

Wakkaola53: Thanks for the comment. Another vote for the light rail and B!

TekindusT: Thanks for the comment. And no, that mosaic is lame-o. I messed up epically with the lines. Another vote for B as well!

Jamonbread: Thanks for the comment. I am assuming that is one vote for A!

Jimbojet123: Thanks for the comment. That is one vote for the light rail and another vote for A!

With that said and done, the light rail is nearing finish of construction, and, with several votes for B, Canada agreed with the United States to get going on the new business center!


We start this entry in Donaldsfield. Donaldsfield is a brand new settlement located between Morgan and the Pacific Ocean, over the Beacon Hills (where Little Hollywood is located in Morgan). It isn't far. 


Along the highway that connects Donaldsfield to Morgan, some offices are built. They are also going to build a community center similar to Freewater's in that tree patch, however it would also substitute as a church on Sundays.


Here are some of the houses in Donaldsfield.


The Civic Center, where education, public safety, and health are all jammed together.


The Beacon Hills, which seperate Morgan from Donaldsfield


Here you can see the light rail (the MorganMetro, up top) and the mondo-business center (on bottom, pretty hard to miss). 


However, any rail needs one thing to make it something more than rails and ties: Trains!

Who is choosing the trains? You are. THIS IS WHERE YOU MAY VOTE. Morgan has settled on a basic design however is confused with the color scheme because they want it to look nice with the town. Here are the options.

A (unknown if they will have advertisements, that is TBA)




or C


Here is a station located near the Morgan Expositions Center (or Expo Center)


And here is the road that..... oh no, that isn't good.


To be continued.... 44.gif


Morgan: Discussions

Comments to the last entry:

Jimbojet123: Thanks for following this city journal! I will give New Byzantia an embassy by the next entry.

Dubaifan: Thanks for commenting! I am trying to make things a little less bright, but I must agree, I think I really have came a long way since page one, where everybody was thinking "there isn't on custom item" and "this is going to be awful" or whatever.

TekindusT: Thanks for following... The embassy is the least I can do. Part two of your comment is a good rationale why you earned it!

Mithrik: No comment 2.gif

iGod: Thanks for commenting... Woop Woop! 

Wakkaolaf53: Thanks for still following this fast city journal.... I am having lots of fun with this; sorry if it's coming too fast. 

This entry is pretty laid-back, except for voting and what I have called a "mondo-mosiac" which turned out god-awful. Embassies are still available for the grabbing; the Americans and Canadians must be angered!


While Freewater is sleeping, there is a secret meeting going about in the Morgan Statehouse. Why is it secret? Because of "the document." (entry 7)

Morgan has grown now past the railroad tracks up the hill. They will probably be growing over the hill soon because, apparently, there is another flat area way out there... anyways here is a picture of the expanded area! Sorry about the query tool being there!


Also, Morgan has proposed a light rail system to help with the environment on the island and reduce traffic.... THIS IS WHERE YOU MAY VOTE... With the oil they are still getting revenue from, do you think they should purchase this light rail system?


Morgan has constructed a new neighborhood extending into a small valley, where a newly-built railroad connecting Morgan to Flint is under construction.


Morgan is also nearing the finish of construction of a rather large skyscraper (large for the neighborhood). It should help out with job creation very nicely.


Behind it is a rather large area of trees. This could also help out with job creation, and WHERE YOU MAY VOTE... Canada is asking Morgan if they could construct a massive business center for a large Canadian cooperation (we don't know who yet, but it isn't the military, don't worry!) 

A- Sure! Don't want to make them angry or sad.

B- Given that they reduce the taxes from the seaports.

C- Heck no! Canada hates us, what are you thinking???


Thats the end of the entry, I leave you with my terrible mosaic, which has lines through it.... UGH it makes me MAD! 7.gif









Next entry: Going to a new settlement over that hill... Woo hoo!


First of all, I am pretty thrilled that this city journal got 1,000 views in less than ten entries. Thank you to everybody who has viewed my little creation, it may not seem like much, but it is to me 19.gif Heres to another 1,000!

Time for some replies!

  • Cisco2: Thank you for our war details. I won't put you on a fighter plane again, maybe on the sentinel towers. You'll be seeing some of those in this entry.
  • TekindusT: Thanks for the support, I am glad you liked the pictures. I am giving you a little present, look around this entry.
  • Paulobergonci: Thank you for commenting. I am glad you liked that picture; it took a while for me to get it, but apparently it paid off!
  • Wakkaolaf53: Thanks for coming back again... I know your position, its the thought that counts!
  • IGod: Thanks for visiting! I am glad you thought it was amazing!
  • Daan300: Thanks for visiting to you as well! Again, I am glad you liked the effects.
With all of this positive feedback from the night vision, you can expect it to come back in a few entries. You might even get another explosion....


Back in Freewater. A lot of people were talking about an explosion at about 1:30 in the morning the other evening that woke some people on the north side of town, however, with the sky dark with clouds, and no blatant evidence (the ship sunk rather quickly), they didn't really care.

However, a non-military project has also took place in Freewater; a streetcar system! Look down the middle of the road.


I should also mention that I was a little bored earlier, and this was the result of my boredom:


Here is a glimpse of the middle area of the line (notice above; Freewater Firearms now has a sentinel tower watching it. The Americans and Canadians still don't what they are... suspicious?)


Shown here is the northern end of the line at Lake Avenue. looking south south east.


Freewater Central Station is where all of the buses go to connect to other buses in a semi-hub-and-spoke fashion.


Also, to tick off the USA and Canada, Freewater is finishing construction on some embassies, conveniently located on the south end of the line. If you want an embassy in the Cultan Colony, let me know by leaving a comment! I have reserved one for the Atlantic Democratic Republic of Alarconia because TekindusT has been awesome at directing me to some legit custom content. Thanks! (his is the one with his flag painted on it, near the streetcar pedmall.)


Also, on the last picture, the Coit Tower grew! Thats never happened before to me, and I don't remember downloading anything for it to do that. Does it do that normally?

The Pioneer Building is almost done with construction. It is the first skyscraper in the Cultan Colony.


Heres a pic just for fun down the hill;


So anyway, here is a pic of streetcar ridership on a morning commute. Not bad for only being operative for one month! This was took at Jackson and Atticus Station.


People in Freewater are off to a good nights sleep.


And it was just about then when.....

Next Entry: ???


Thank you Kaliningrad, New Byzantia, and Leonia for helping out with the construction of a military! We will probably need it after this. 

If you are still interested in helping with the war, reply to the last entry!


Here are a few shots of the military base constructed in a valley between Morgan and Freewater, but much closer to Morgan. It is built near the railroad.


Housing for the soldiers is well-accommodated, to hopefully promote more countries to help the Cultan Colony. The whole base, as you can see, is dominated by concrete sentinel towers.


Now, the following takes place at March 3, 2010 from one AM to two AM. (that was supposed to sound like 24...)

Pilot of a Kaliningrad Fighter-Plane: "Requesting take-off on runway 09R."

Cultan Military Base: "Awaiting takeoff."

At a quarter after one, the plane screams down the illuminated dirt runway. (like the gas effect coming out of the back jet?)


Armed with state-of-the-art equipment from Freewater Firearms (entry 7), the plane is heading to the ocean just outside of Freewater.


Co-pilot: "Captain, we are approaching Freewater."

Pilot: "Okay, prepare a charged missile."

Co-pilot: "Roger."

He turns on the night-vision, and the missiles. They are over the community center at Freewater. It is just after 1:30.


Co-Pilot: "To base, I can see target."

The plane pushes on to the ocean.


Co-Pilot: "1,000 feet to target. Missiles calibrated to target."

Pilot: "Firing in five. Four. Three. Two. One."

About 30 seconds later, a huge explosion is detected off the coast of Freewater. (fishing boat epic win! see it?)


Base: "Good job. Mission complete. Return to base immediately for debriefment. Get out of there before more American ships see you."

Pilot: "Roger."

Sentinel towers have also popped up in Freewater around the oil refinery. With a destroyed ship and suspicious towers, both defying reason, the Americans are very much on edge.


Next entry: more growth in the Cultan Colony, and more inflicted by the Americans. Oooo, Ahhh....


Thanks to everyone who gave their opinion in the last entry. Pretty clear consensus that independence is wanted. Here are the replies:

Jimbojet123: Thanks for stopping by! The USA and Canada aren't doing much to help the Cultan Colony, so you have a good point.

Ion496: Thanks for stopping by to you too! Make sure to pay attention when I poll you too; it will be "part two" of your reply!

Wakkaolaf53: Thanks for stopping by again! You are right; they CAN'T be oppressed by the USA and Canada. Meanies....

and TekindusT: Thanks for stopping by once again! I as an american like the American Flag just as it with only fifty stars. Thanks for the compliment on that area in Freewater; I am pretty proud of it. 

There is another poll coming up toward the end of this entry; give me an opinion. I don't wan't to be the only person deciding the fate of this colony! Also, I think I might of accedentally deleted a picture from photobucket from a previous entry but I am not 100% sure... oops!


We will start in Flint. Flint has grown a little bit to a small farming town on the river. I'm not going to show too much of this, because it's irrelevant to something WAY bigger happening in Morgan (see last entry). Oh ya, Morgansville was renamed to Morgan too.


Flint is growing, slowly, but steadily. Education, clinics, and water will be needed soon. Being by the freshwater river, though, water shouldn't be a problem. This pic was took after a bit of growth from the last one ^^^^


Back to Morgan now, dubbed as the political "capitol" of the colony. Not anymore though, because of the new laws preventing meetings.

Little Hollywood has been extended up the hill, almost to the railroad tracks.


An industrial boom occurred in Morgan as well. Nearby that are some ritzy condos, a brand spankin' new arena, and a new neighborhood off to the right of the avenue!


The clock tower that belongs to the statehouse of Morgan (big but thin orange building) dominates the northern skyline. Time is of the essence, as a secret meeting is underway inside.


They are discussing an important matter. They are wondering how they can break free from the harsh laws inflicted on them (last entry) and possibly to break free completely. However, they look at the population:spacer.gif


settlement population percentage
FREEWATER 15,725 47%
MORGAN 9,334 28%
SOUTH POINT 6,651 20%
FLINT 1,694 05%

The numbers aren't big enough for a full-scale revolution on two huge countries. 

Next entry: The meeting ends, and the Cultan Colony protects its resources.

HERE IS THE POLL: Who can help out with soldiers and stuff if the Cultan Colony declares independence? Name your country and population to me! If you have it on Simtropolis, shoot me a link (PM though, advertising is looked down upon). If you don't, make one up or use one you are making!


I will start with the replies to the last entry:

Cisco2 (first comment): Thanks for stopping by again! I like your idea of the ring around the coast of South Point, but, if you remember from entry 2, money is still a minor problem. Hopefully they will get nice wide avenues soon! That would be cool!

Crushedcar: Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, I have to have the retaining walls because it makes the coast realistic. The hills look terrible, but.....

Wakkaolaf53: Thanks for visiting again as well. Glad you thought the links were helpful.

There is a lot happening in this entry, and I am also asking you to vote, so with your comment, leave your opinion when I ask for it. You'll know what I mean when you see what happens.


Were in Freewater today, a town which has nicely expanded to be about 40% of the entire population of the Cultan Colony.


The community center is near some newly constructed offices and condos, featuring beautiful views over the neighborhood to the north, and eventually, to the ocean. Isn't this area pretty, with the green grass, pretty sidewalks, and large estates toward the bottom of the pic?


Nearby the condos are more beautiful large homes in the hills.


In a pulchritudinous valley inland, an entire new neighborhood is constructed, below the industrial area!


A shot of the industrial area on the hill. Another industrial area, about half the size, excluding the refinery, is located on a plateau (below).


Shown here at the factories bordering the right road is a industrial complex that makes firearms for the Cultan Colony, and the rarely-seen owners of it, the USA and Canada. Look at the one with the wind turbine through it, and the one "on top" of it.

Wait, did I just say "rarely-seen" right there? Oops. 

The Cultan Colony got a big kick in the nose after receiving this document in the mail from the mainland.



Oh snap! 45.gif

And this is where I am polling you. I'll make it simple: What do they do now?

(other comments are still welcome as always!)

Next entry: We look at Flint, a settlement we haven't seen much.

Entry after that: Back to Morgansville to discuss this document at the statehouse.


 I will start with some replies. I think I am going to do the replies to people rather than to topics from now on:

Cisco2: Thank you for your comment. If you look really closely (stadium and community center pics are good ones for doing this) you will notice that all of those are not roads, but an aspault street mod that I used for that area. This next entry doesn't have the grid 10.gif and has more normal streets.

Wakkaolaf53: Thank you for your comment; I'm glad you will be following my CJ! The seaport (expect for the cruise ship and sculpture) can be found at simpeg.com HERE. Also, make sure you get this (HERE) and be sure to look around the website: There is a lot of great stuff there.

TekindusT: Thanks for your comment as well. Thanks for the logistics centers too! That whole industrial area was inspired by your exceptional city journal!


If you remember from the last time we were in South Point, stuff was pretty bad. With a small meeting with the elders at an open house, they decided water and power was needed. However, with a few doctors moving in from the mainland, and some educators, the wheels slowly turn South Point into something else. 


This area is relatively new; it has paved streets, a school, and some nice homes. If you live in the projects, you also might have a rather nice view of the Pacific! 44.gif


South Point is neatly divided into three areas. This area is the farthest north, with beautiful new homes.


Only a railroad track separates the ritzy north from the dirt roads and the farms making up the city center.


Another picture of that


The middle area hasn't changed much; small shacks dwarfed by behemoth farms


This stops at a thin industrial area, which then transitions down the hill to the.....


...south area! On the coast of the ocean, this new area is also developed, like the north.


See the statehouse at the top of this picture? Thats right.... South Point has a local government.

Unfortunatley, my game crashed at about this point, and I was pretty sleepy last night when these pics were took, so that closes this entry. Comments as always are welcome.

Next update: A major problem in Freewater and in Morgan, and a resolution found.

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