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About this City Journal

A collection of my previous work and projects i'm currently working on

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Toshima at sunset

Just a little picture for this week to show i am still working on the city

Toshima at sunset



  • Siriyakon: Thankyou, i'm glad you love it
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  • Konstantinll: Yep, just like in Japan
  • MilitantRadical: I'm happy you are satisfied, thankyou


Chiyoda CBD - Toshima

Chiyoda has three principal Central business districts, the largest and most important is Toshima. The area is home to dozens of skyscrapers and large office buildings. Toshima was the first areas to have height restrictions to be lifted allowing for skyscrapers up to 300m tall to be built, this has resulted in a claustrophobic area with narrow roads and tall buildings.




The plaza in front of the black skyscraper is one of the largest open spaces in Toshima and is frequented by people from of the offices during lunch.


  • Militant Radical - Thanks, i hope this will satisfy, until i finish that area
  • Shriefer - Thankyou
  • Huston - Thanks, here is more Japanese density
  • Luiz P. Romanini - Thanks
  • pingpong - thanks, i do think it is a little too tall for that area, i will try to replace it with a house or much smaller apartment building
  • DonVitoCorleone - Thankyou
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  • Kisa Atsuko - Thanks, they are something that i would love to see improved and expanded upon


Parkstone Teaser

Just a quicker teaser of an area i am currently working on called Parkstone, it is part of the city of Victoria, mentioned on the previous entry. It is a large suburb with a large CBD to match. This is a teaser of the northern edge of the CBD with the majority being located on the other side of the motorway.










Newport Region update


  • Themaroonday: Thanks, hopefully there will be some update showing more soon, i am just trying to do some more lot editing and work out some small problems
  • TowerDude: Thanks, i am going to mix in some Euro/UK/AUS/NZ soon but i think it should all mix well.
  • k50: Thanks, the park is much larger than what is shown
  • Gagwee: Thanks, that is the look i was going for a predominantly Asian/Japanese suburban area with some LA mixed in and the CBD is very international, but more North America in terms of buildings.

This is just a small update on the region, showing you what has so far been done, i want to try to connect the two cities in a continuous urban belt around the bay area, the terrain has posed a challenge but i think it looks great from this view.

The northern city is Newport while the southern one is Victoria




  • Benedict: Thanks, it has been a while, nearly two years but i've been playing SC4 now and again just done nothing of note

  • TowerDude: Thanks

  • Gugu3: Thankyou

  • raynev1: Thanks, i love doing Asian cities and have been for years now

  • MilitantRadical: Thanks, i thought it had been a while since i did a HK style city

  • Fox: Thanks, i hope you enjoy all the little details in my future updates

Newport: Part 1 - Introduction and Teaser

I know i've changed my mind a lot in terms of cities but i am going to try stick to this little project i am working on. There is no real style or location that has inspired this it is a mix of lots of different ones.

I haven't thought of a name for this region yet but when i do i will show a region shot of what i've done so far. On with the update.

This is Newport City a large, thriving city built on the northern edge of a large harbour. This is a just a few teaser shots to give you an idea of what i have been doing and on what is to come when i find more Bats and get into LE again.


Some of the endless suburbs that surround the CBD, these suburbs are roughly 1km north of the CBD and are very dense with amix of residential and commercial


More suburbs, this time with a number of larger retail outlets this area is known as the Heath Retail Park


Here is the same area as before but with the base of one of the large residential complexes found near the CBD, this one Vision City has a shopping centre at it's base and is home to approximately 1,150 people


The eastern end of the CBD, the many skyscrapers adorned with corporate logos


And to finish a mosaic of the central park with the offices that surround it. The park during lunchtime is a haven for workers who congregate on the grass areas to have lunch, it is a large part of greenery in an otherwise urban area

I hope you enjoyed this, i will try to have an update at least once a fortnight.


Tung Choi

I have chosen to attempt a city based upon Hong Kong. This is not going to be a recreation because i don't feel like i could do the city justice. This first update is based on the Mong Kok area of Kowloon.

Tung Choi is a dense district, full of character. The district is a centre of retail with a number of markets and streets dedicated to certain goods and services. Some notable streets and markets are: Mens Street, Toy Street and Circuit Street.



The skyscraper seen on the right of the image is Albert Tower, it was built as part of a regeneration programme for Tung Choi. It was completed in 2005


The two complexes in the foreground were built as part of the Tung Choi regeneration and harbour reclamation programmes, while the housing estate in the centre was built during the 1980's, it is comprised of six towers and a school.

Thanks for visiting, replies are in the comments section


Ueno City

After a while i have gotten back into Simcity. This is just something i have been toying with, an Asian city, i am aiming to get to 1 million people in the region, i'm a little way off right now.

This is Ueno City, a suburb if Greater Nanzhao a fictional Asian city. Ueno was a major centre of technology and software during the 1980's and 90's with the majority of growth occurring during those decades. But more recently the city has seen some new constructions, including the new Dubai Tower on Ueno Avenue.



The elevated metro can be seen here, it is used by over tens of millions every year.


Dubai Tower is the tallest building in Ueno City.


I've updated the first entry as i changed my mind a bit about the city and it's size.


escilnavia: Thanks, they can be found here http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1936

panthersimcity4: Thankyou and i hope to include much more detail

Reikhardt: Thanks

NMUSpidey: Thankyou and you rarely ever see the el-rail over road so i decided to use it and it worked well

ImVhOzzi: Thanks

The is one of no doubt many updates on the centre of New Amsterdam. The CBD is a good mix of the old and new, tall and small with many skyscrapers found in both Amsterdam and the Financial District.


A jumble of buildings of many different styles and heights


On the left you have the New Amsterdam City hall and the right the Amsterdam county courthouse.



This is one of the largest buildings in New Amsterdam by floor space, it is a combination of the central post office and governement offices for most of the New Amsterdam city council.

I hope you enjoyed the update and i will have some more zoomed out pictures when i fill in some more gaps and do a bit more lot editing


The New Amsterdam Metropolitan area comprises three boroughs; Kings, Amsterdam and Dorchester and the neighbouring Alderney City.

The region has over 3.4 million people with Dorchester being the most populated of the administrative divisions with nearly 580,000 people.

New Amsterdam is a major financial hub in the North East of America and is only 23Km from New York city

Well I will just start off showing a few real life pictures of NY and some SC4 pictures to just tease you.

These Images are from Kings Borough and inparticular Trinidad District.






I hope you liked this little update and i hope to have a proper update this weekend for you all to enjoy

(I don't own the real pictures)


Putuo District at night

This update is going to show Putuo District at night.

Putuo is the main financial district of Guangzhen with many huge skyscrapers.
The district is home to some of  the worlds largest financial and banking corporations including; Nanzhao Commercial Bank, HSBC, Bank of China, Guangzhen Development Bank, Bank of Venray and Atlantis First National.


This is the Nanzhese HQ of the Bank of China, it is 252m tall and was completed in 2006.


From Left to Right; Bank of China tower, Guangzhen, Exchange Square and Aral Tower.

Aral Tower is the tallest building in Nanzhao and the entire SCJU at 492m tall.


Putuo Crescent, part of the luxury Putuo Hills development.


More of the Putuo Hills development.


One of the housing estates that can be seen all over the world


Exchange Square






The theme of the Expo is : Sustainable City - Sustainable Future

The theme explores the ideas behing urbanisation and how it impacts the earth and how we can lessen that impact.

All pavilions use at least 60% recycled or reclaimed material to adhere to the requirements. Also all non permanent pavilions are to be recycled and in some cases sold and rebuilt elsewhere.

To help make the city more green over 2 million street lights and traffic lights have energy saving bulbs that use renewable energy  from the sun or wind.

Also all wastewater will be used to clean and water plants at the site.

And the Expo park will have green busses and taxi's that run on electricity or hydrogen.

Now for a video showcasing some of the opening ceremony and fireworks display. (Please ignore all the refernces to the Shanghai expo)




Thankyou for watching, the pavilions will be showcased at a later date


Firstly some bad news due to not backing up my data and a big technical fault Nanzhao was lost BUT i have re-built lot's of it so all is not lost.

On the 3rd of October 1950 The Peoples Republic of Nanzhao was founded out of the ashes of a divided world, including China that had just come out of a brutal civil war and war against Japan.


To celebrate a huge parade has been planned for central Guangzhen, the parade will involve lot's of military personnel and military equipment. Many major roads where closed off to traffic and most people had the day off work as National Day is a national holiday.  


Many tanks, guns and other military vehicles and weaponry where paraded around with soilders looking smart.


Here is some of the female soilders that where in the parade, they are all dressed smartly and in the national colour, Red.


But were there is celebration there is demonstration. Here a woman is being arrested for breaking the law, she is many who where arrested.

Many critise the governement of Nanzhao for human right's abuses, including forced detention, illegal capital punishment, and general harassement.

I hope you enjoyed the update and i know it wasn't that great but there will be more to come soon.



Well this is the first update on Al Gobar.

The city has a mild climate compared to Riyadh due to the location on the coast. But it still can get in excess of 40°C in the summer.

Well let's get started with the images


A lone Pencil tower surrounded by lot's of midrise buildings.


Some of the souvenir shops and resturants that can be found dotted all over Al Gobar







This is Al Gobar Hill, a huge Apartment complex housing some of the wealthy and middle class who can afford it with spectacular sea views.


The beach and promenade


Some office towers and COCO Park Shopping centre the newst addition to central Al Gobar


The beach front property here is very differnt as it comprises of old midrise buildings and public housing.




A mosaic showing typical Al Gobar.


OK due to some data loss Riyadh has been lost but i'm still continuing this CJ and i may remake Riyadh in the future.


Sky Guy: lol, It might be a while till you see King Ajdram International Airport but instead here is Al Gobar


hunkske: thankyou

shyguy from SC4D: It was huge, it was to take over about 1/2 a large tile 



Al Gobar is the second largest city in Dumat Al-Badr with over 3.6 million people. The city is built along a huge sand bar that goes along a former bay. The city is a major gateway for pilgrims and it is also a tourist mecca with it's many kilometers of beaches and hundreds of small shops. But recently the financial sector has grown significantly with many new office buildings being built. 

This mosaic shows the new and old that mixes all throughout the city.


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

This is just a small teaser for next time as i just finish a few things




pantersimcity4: Thanks, and you don't have to wait to long.

Evillions: Yep there isn't many middle eastern CJ's but there isn't a huge amount of stuff to use but i will make the best and i havn't switched this is just a side project i'm still using Nanzhao it's just on the back burner

DCMetro34: Thanks, i tried to make it look realistic as possible by using google earth and many reference pictures

shyguy from SC4D: Thanks, i think realism is important so i try to make it look as realistic as possible.

ecoba: Thanks Ethan. Nanzhao is just on the back burner for a while but i will hopefully get an update within a few weeks.

Ok lets get on with the first update, Around Riyadh.

Riyadh is the capital of Dumat Al-Badr and is also the largest with a population of about 5.6 million. The city is practically built out of the desert. Due to subsidised petrol, car ownership is at 81% in the city and this has created huge traffic congestion.


This tower is Prince Fahd Tower and even contains a multistorey shopping centre. When is was finished in 2003 it was the tallest building in the country, now it has been surpassed by a few.



The temperature can soar to 50?C during the day and so shopping centres have become very popular and now Riyadh is home to multiple very large shopping centres and supermarkets.


This is part of the older parts of Riyadh.


Some of the many skyscrapers found in Riyadh's CBD. Riyadh is Dumat Al-Badr's main finacial centre.

I hope you enjoyed this update, In the next update we will still be in Riyadh but taking a look at another side of the city.




Name: The Kingdom of Dumat Al-Badr
Population: 32,380,000
And Largest City
: Riyadh
Official Language: Badric
Head of State: King Abdul Ajram

Here is some pictures of the Capital Riyadh


Some of the many Skyscrapers and dense housing that are found throughout the city centre


This is Riyadh Tower, finished two months ago after three years of work and it is one of the tallest buildings in Dumat Al-Badr



CraigKingOfIreland: Thanks Craig, the industrial building can be found on the stex, search for 'paper mill' or use the link i gave you on th last page

Sky Guy: Thanks, i think it is an older texture but i'm not sure.

TheSixCents: Thanks Chris 9.gif, i'm glad you like it that much.

pipishere: Thanks Pip 2.gif

feliwi: Thanks, think link for the indutrial building at the top is on the last page as for the Blue roofed factory i can't find the exact link so here is the link to the webste where i got it from and if you need any help feel free to Pm me http://cafe.naver.com/sc4labs 

On the 7th of March 2010, His Imperial Majesty of the Shalman Commonwealth visited Nanzhao. The visit was to increase bilateral ties and to negotiate a trade deal. between the two SCJU powers.

The Presidential Plane at Guangzhen International Airport


His Imperial Majesty is whisked away to the Presidential Palace in the Core of the city, the Journey only takes 20 Minutes.

The plane was kindly Photoshopped by Mike.


The Palace Plaza, despite the look of the palace and surronding walls it was only built in 1956 for the Then Chairman Zhang.

Members of the public aren't allowed to enter the palace grounds and all journalists are escorted to the conference room with armed guards.


The Palace buildings, the palace is seperated into three different complexes, the largest is the home of the President and his family, the other two are where heads of state from other countries stay and they are also where conferences are held.


His Imperial Majesty officialy opens the Shalman Commonwealth embassy, the building was a former villa built in the 19th Century by merchants from Europe. Flags kindly Photoshopped by Mike

And this concludes the State Visit

Hope you enjoyed it


First of all i would like to say Happy Chinese New Year to everyone.


Paulobergonci: Thankyou
Felwi: Thanks :)
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Gilikov1994: Thanks
CraigkingofIreland: Thankyou Craig :)
Carminehilton: Thankyou Carmine, and i did put a lot of effort into it
Pipishere: Thanks Pip
Dimipol006: Thankyou
Nickie: Thankyou, and a full update on the rice paddies will come later
_marsh_: Thanks

This is only a small update but i wanted to have one for Chinese New Year, So here you go


Unfortunately the Mosaic didn't all quite line up but it still works.

Hope You enjoyed this small update


I have just realised that i have yet to Show Little Pyongyang and i will at a later date. Also replies will come in the next full Update, hopefully this weekend 3.gif.

Changsha will not be a recreation but in interpritation but it is still located in the same place but just has a larger population, size and economy.

Today we move away from the capital Guangzhen to Hunan Province, about 630Km north to the edges of Changsha where rural rice paddies meet modern housing and industrial estates.


Rice is Hunan's primary crop and the province provides rice for over 80 Million people across Toright and China.

Hope you like the rice paddies


Firstly I'm sorry about the last update as i had to delete it as many of the images just wheren't showing up but i will make it up to you with a load of lovely Images in this update.

CarmineHilton: Thankyou

Schulmanator:  It does doesn't it Thanks  

Sky Guy: I do love the density to but this next update is pretty dense too and Thankyou

Little Africa has an estimated African Population of 100,000. The district is generally a no go zone for many local Guangzheners who distrust many of the African migrants.


To the left you can see the

market. And to the right is

the Holy Heart Catherdral.


 You can see just how dense

Little Africa is.


The Busy motorway that intersects

Little Africa.





Little Pyongyang Teaser

I'm very sorry for not updating in a very long time :( but i've recently started my A-Levels and it's been very busy but i'm going to try to update at least once a month if not more.

Well here are the Teasers


This is one of the Housing Estates in Little Pyongyang

Hope you enjoy the teasers and hopefully i will have a full update soon



The Torch Arrives at Guangzhen International Airport after a fantastic journey in Hypertrophy.Luckily the rain hasn't started yet and the weather is great.


After landing at the airport the torch makes it's way towards the city centre along the Inner ring road going past many housing estates


Still on the inner ring road but the torch is about to cross the Green river


The Torch goes over the Green river


The Torch now is nearing the city centre and isn't on the Inner ring road


The Torch now is making it's journey on foot for this bit with crowds of peoples cheering


A Runner


The Torch makes it to the Parlimentary building where it is now taken by Moped/Electric scooter


The Torch passes a hotel and many residential blocks on the eastern side of Luhebei


The Torch now is making it's way into the centre of Luhebei


The Torch passes the Ministry of Railways and Transport


The Torch is nearly at it's destination as it passes the Toright Rail Highspeed station


The Torch is on the 'Home strech' now


The Torch passes Coco park an upscale shopping centre


The Main stadium where the Torch is heading


The Main stadium of Guangzhen Stadium

(Please ignore the fact it isn't Thursday evening yet)


Fireworks seen from inside the Stadium


The Celebrations

Hope you Enjoyed it and Thankyou


In this update of Luhebei we will be focusing on the Finacial part of the district where many large skyscrapers are located.


This is the SOGO Shopping Centre.


Some of the Office towers and hotels located and with smaller densly built shops nestled inbetween


Some office towers along the river front


The main train station and some large offices and hotel


The United Nations building


Guangzhen might be a centre of finance and Commerce but it's just like any large asian metropolis, congested and poluted as you can see it this picture


The large skyscrapers in Luhebei covered in a thick grey shroud


The Guangzhen stock exchange (Gold building) and Guangzhen outsourcing centre (With helipad)


Some Skyscrapers


The SOGO shopping centre again


Some of the very thin pencil towers along the railway line


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