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  1. Discussion about City Tile Size

    What Maxis continues to ignore is that almost all cities bigger than 50,000 people on their own side of the Atlantic are too big to fit in their little 2x2 km box. Springfield, the state capital of Illinois, measures around six miles square and has around 140,000 people. Let alone Chicago, measuring 27½ miles north to south and 17½ east to west. Obviously no widely available computer could simulate a Chicago-sized city all at once with even the SC4 simulator, and few could even do a Springfield-sized city without considerable lag. This is where the regional play of SimCity 4 comes in. A user could play Chicago, it would just have to be in sections - one for the Loop, two for Austin, one for Little Italy, etc. This also adds realism, since a megacity is usually just a collection of neighborhoods with a downtown in the middle and expressways leading to it with suburbs bordering it and stretching out for 30 miles or so in each direction. Lastly, why does the method of simulation have to change so drastically? The player's role is mayor, not dictator. I seriously doubt that Rahm Emanuel cares where the people of Chicago work or live as long as they have places to live and places to work. I doubt he cares what route they take to work as long as they can get there. And I'd rather have a simulator that can give me a proper city than one where I can see Tina Smith driving to do her Christmas shopping. The more ambiguous simulation of SimCity 4 that can run for megacities is a much more realistic one to me when the role of a mayor is concerned.
  2. Who says Maxis cares about priorities? One fixed tile size, no subways, no bordering cities, no expressways even, but damnit, we still have disasters!
  3. What I don't understand is what DRM has to do with Origin. I know next to nothing about Origin. All I know is that Origin is some type of interface where you connect to play games with other people through the Internet, and that EA makes extensive use of it.
  4. Interesting point. But does EA use the 1% figure for all games or just the EA Sports games? I doubt that with how heavily they have integrated the online capability into this game, EA will take the time to make the game single player after it has essentially played out its profitability (when its server goes offline in other words). I think that would take a fairly extensive patch that would cost EA too many man-hours to be profitable. Also, will someone please explain to me what DRM has to do with this discussion about Origin?
  5. Indeed. I'll try to stay more on topic. Please Indeed. We'll stay more on topic from now on. But please don't close it.
  6. What if SimCity fails?

    I wonder if expansions will even be that successful though. I feel like if the game isn't deep enough to start out with, people could just lose interest and have moved on to some other game before the expansion comes out. Unless the expansion does so well with critics that it draws people's attention back, that is. But what are the chances of Maxis actually focusing their expansion on transportation like they did last time? It will also be interesting to see what happens if the community effort on this site to make a deeper city simulation game succeeds.
  7. But at least SimCity 4 had large cities as well as highways and subways right out of the box. I just seriously doubt that everything we want will be included in the expansion pack of which you speak. You still have to zone but the lots are determined for you. In SC4 you have some say in that. And a 2x2 km city doesn't seem that big when you've got no room for sprawl. My state's capital of Springfield with 140,000 people couldn't even fit in that box.
  8. What if SimCity fails?

    Didn't realize that Tilted Mill actually developed Societies. But it's still a "casual-friendly" game that is generally regarded as a failure. By "CD games", I meant PC CD games. People like you and me still play them. But the American mainstream, at least, does not. The average casual gamer has an Xbox or PS3, buys games for it, plays them for a few months, and sells them back to GameStop and buys new games. I suppose that having Steam helps, but I still feel that the PC CD format is a limiting factor for games aimed at casual gamers. Although, casuals probably make up the majority of Sims players, and 10 million is a lot... Yes, Maxis has many successful franchises. So it's not going anywhere anytime soon. But it would likely be tempting for them to nix the SimCity franchise to focus on more lucrative endeavors like The Sims and Spore given that this game ends up being a commercial failure.
  9. Mods, please forgive me if a topic along these lines already exists. I am of the opinion that there is a good chance that this game will fail. I do not feel that it will reach casual gamers enough to make Maxis enough money, and it certainly isn't making a majority of us happy here or at SC4D or at any serious players' site that I know of. The reason? Casual gamers do not buy CD games anymore. They like console games and online games like the ones on Facebook. Even in college, perhaps 1% of the students there own any CD games at all. And most of those would be more into SC4 than the new game. So, in the event that it does fail, what will become of the SimCity franchise in general? What will become of Maxis? Will they just keep plowing this idea of removing all the substance in the game to attract casual players ahead like they have been, with (unsuccessfully) ressurecting SC3K for the DS, making SimCity Societies (unsuccessful), and so on? Even the games that they try to aim toward the mainstream aren't catching on to the mainstream. Or will they declare the SimCity franchise dead? Will they say that no matter their attempts to reach casual gamers, they have failed, while totally ignoring the fact that SC4 was a success by reaching the core gamers? Will they declare all of Maxis dead too? Will they decide that PC CD games are dead too, and try to move to a fully online format? Only hardcore gamers such as WOW players and such still buy CD games that I know of. Or will they realize that it's not the franchise itself, but the way they've been trying to change it lately, that's the problem? I feel they will be blind to the reason that their games keep failing, and that if this game is not a commercial success, it may be the last SimCity, ever. Forgive me for being such a pessimist. Am I wrong about this? Thoughts?
  10. Discussion about City Tile Size

    Mountain village tile? The region view with itsy bitsy squares looks just so unappealing. Even if the square blocks were towns, they still look weird. I have never seen a town that is an exact square, or has one corner that is right angle. I have never seen cities made up of same size square blocks of suburbs! The ridiculous looks of the region view makes me wonder if those developing the game still play or care about SimCity the game. Just wanted to point out that Chicago's suburbs, particularly the closer-in ones, are mostly squares and rectangles. Not that I like the idea of what you're mentioning. Who ever heard of a town with nothing else around it building all the way to its township borders with possibly high-density zoning? Nobody, since SC3K, that is.
  11. Indeed, that is the point. That was the point I was making with my last post. I'm not even saying I necessarily want a 3D version though. It would just be nice to have a few things: The transit options, regional play, and offline ability of SimCity 4 Zoning (or do we still get that?) Ability to play with larger city tiles than 1x1km - most American small towns are about this size and even the smallest of our cities would easily fill the 4x4 box. An 4x8 or 8x8 tile would be great for those of us who are working with cities the size of Chicago. Even Peoria, Illinois fills the 4x4. An option to play with a simulator that is less Sims-like and works more like the old simulator, so we can still build cities with large population. In my opinion, any game that doesn't include these four things is a step backward rather than forward. A 3D version would be great, don't get me wrong. Imagine the pictures that some of the community members here could get of their city skylines. But it's not really necessary. However, not even being able to build an expressway, now that bothers me. Cities, even those as small as 150k, have expressways most of the time. And they have zones. I'd rather have Sim Jim be able to live in a suburb and commute to work downtown every day on the highway than be able to know every way he feels about my city. Personal preference, I guess. But I feel like we already have The Sims for that. I believe that those of us who want these things will have to stick with SimCity 4. I just wish Maxis would realize that and maybe give us some support.
  12. Help with grayscale image

    Indeed, I do. But while we're on the subject, do you know of any way to get SC4T to run with Windows Vista?
  13. Help with grayscale image

    Apparantly I forgot to attach the actual image. I'll attempt to edit the original post to get it in there. My region is 16x16 city tiles, so the config.bmp file is 16x16 and the grayscale is 8 bit and 1025x1025. Oh, and great suggestion with the LD.
  14. Help with grayscale image

    Hello all, Quick question about terraforming. After fighting with SC4T a bunch of times and never successfully getting it to load, I decided to make my region's map with a grayscale image with Photoshop. I saved it as an 8-bit grayscale and attempted to import it into my region. After the image was allegedly done being imported, I opened up one of my cities to find that it was all water, and all the same depth at that. I attached my grayscale to this post. What have I done wrong?
  15. Indeed, and that's why this game is geared so heavily toward them. Casual gamers like social games. The reason so many people here are complaining is that this game isn't made with us in mind. It's a watered-down social version of SimCity, made for people who wouldn't appreciate many of the intracacies in SimCity 4 that we here like and have built upon. What do they care if they can't have expressways or subways in their cities, or if their cities can't even be a mile square? They'll still buy the game. Even if nobody here buys the game at all, what does EA have to lose?