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  1. help me plant some trees

    Turjan here are the links :
  2. help me plant some trees

    mayor mode
  3. help me plant some trees

    all those positive feed back about the city im starting to actually believe im good highway lights : before : after : after few try's i came up with this what do you guys think of it ? any thing near realistic ?
  4. help me plant some trees

    lhrob -all are grown buildings - i dont use that industrial mod -its a highway lights ill find there name and try to find the link for them - i have rail trains , buses , subways , extra maintnance cost for roads and mass ... no traffic at all - i see some one have gave you a link to the building thanks for the pic advice ill try the jpr next time
  5. New Player Looking for Extra Advice

    thats a great city for a beginner mate and i like the airport island my advice is download as much plugins as you can it will realy make your city looks 10000000x better
  6. help me plant some trees

    resident and commercial : btw all the trees you see i didnt plop any of them they were ploped by them selfs with the lots , ill will try to plant trees in that empty spot and show guys and plz tell me what u think
  7. help me plant some trees

    i guess ill experiment in the endless tree menu i guess lhrob here are some pics from this city its a small city 25.000 population just started it industrial area :
  8. hi guys as the topic says i need help planting trees i have no creativity on mixing trees together i have almost every tree mod in the game i think i have too much trees that i got lost in them here is a pic of the area i need trees in i need a good mix with my terrain and if you can post a pic of good combination of trees that would be cool sorry for my bad spelling
  9. Network Addon Mod for Windows INSTALLER

    thanks i will try that now , but were can i find the simcity 4.exe flie ?
  10. Network Addon Mod for Windows INSTALLER

    game still freezing and crashing for me when i save game :(
  11. Show Us Your Small Towns

    y first time i post a pic this is my