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  1. Roundabout Underground Parking

    wonderful concept great design too. i love it!<br>
  2. Airport

    i think the airport is amazing :D i think your main terminal is kick-ass. Smart way to use the pedestrian overpass too.
  3. Update 18 | Karpathos Teaser (2)

    wow wow wow, amazing and great job with the rain effects :D can't wait to see the full update!
  4. Winter greetings

    my citizens are heading to your city for a holiday! ur attractions are stunning :D great job!

    ur region pic is so amazing :D i love how u did the landscaping. what do u use to do the terrains for ur region? This place gives me the feeling of Monte Carlo. :D
  6. Cofton Hackett - The Old Town

    beautiful! I love the countryside look here. Everything looks so peaceful, and wait, i think i can smell the sweetness in the air from here. haha
  7. Radioactive decay

    that is some bad-ass nuclear plant. Your pics are amazing. are u running on high graphics?
  8. Cofton Hackett - Rural Industry

    ah beautiful work :D i have to agree that paeng does make great stuff for us to enhance our cities (: ur industrial area looks clean actually. haha
  9. unfortunately i won't be uploading it, cause it's not very presentable in my opinion. Maybe when i have the time i'll improve on it. but not anytime soon. :(
  10. misaneaZ92 : i actually custom lotted them in SC4Lot. it isn't as nice as i wanted it though. i'm intending to improve on them.
  11. Bergerland: Askersund International Airport 2.0

    ur airport is so wonderful :D i love the looks of it. and you've spent so much effort creating charts and statistics. Applause from me. :D
  12. Flora Work in Al Aauim

    wow thanks for this tutorial man. :D it's really useful!
  13. The Canal city II

    wow. awesomeness. did u use PED malls?
  14. The Flowerfield (Dragon Islands International)

    wow u even spent the effort to plop grass all over the airfields. great work! the rocks along the coast is really beautiful as well. My airport can't seem to attract vehicles to come. hahaha. Anyway great job! btw here's the link to my city's country club: http://www.simtropolis.com/cityjournals/?p=view&id=1709&page=22&jumpto=last#comments
  15. Chapter 18 : Desdau Plains Country Club

    nimafarid2007 : hahaha it isn't :D because we drive on the left in my country. haha. a pity the Rural Highway doesn't really support left hand driving, or maybe i don't know how to use it.