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Chapter 19 : Tigerian-Based Airlines (a Selbring International Airport extra)

Personal Message :

I love to do designing, thus i decided to add a little extra into the airport series. I've designed 3 of the airlines i've stated in the airport entry. Hope you guys like it!


Replies to Comments:

Towerdude : haha hoped u managed to see the entire entry :D

ImVhOzzi : LOL Thank you! I'm glad you liked it :D

Guibanez_ : Thanks alot Guibanez_ ! :D

976 : Thanks alot man! 

Jamesrules90 : Hmmm perhaps they didn't have enough space to build a golf course. Over in my country, we have a few big and beautiful golf courses. But i'm not so much of a golfer. hahaha!

Legionhell : Thanks alot! Yep custom content rocks!


Tigerian Based Airlines

In Tigeria, there are 3 main airline companies that have flights that fly internationally. They are :

1. Air Tigeria

Motto : Flying is our forte

Established : 1930

Website : www.airtigeria.com

Hubs : Tigerson Hagenbor Airport, Seuran Dasau International Airport

Fleet : 230 planes

Key people : Mr Douglas Yhonsae (Chairman), Mr. Hans Honshau (CEO)

Subsidiaries : Air Tigeria Cargo, Air Tigeria Engineering


Pic 1 : Air Tigeria with the flag's 6 stars as its logo.


2. Tigara National Airlines

Motto : The national pride and honour in the skies

Established : 1932

Website : www.tigaranational.com

Hubs : Tigerson Hagenbor Airport, Tigaran Indakas Arthur Knight International Airport

Fleet : 150 planes

Key people : Mr Lucas Donhan (Chairman), Mr Yip Bee Seng (vice-Chairman) Mr. Bryan Chan (CEO)

Subsidiaries : National Engineering, National Freights


Pic 2 : The national crest's crown is the logo for the airline


3. Tigerian Airlines

Motto : Fly with us

Established : 1940

Website : www.tigerianair.com

Hubs : Selbring International Airport, Tigerson Hagenbor Airport

Fleet : 183 planes

Key people : Mr Jackson Fernandez (CEO)

Subsidiaries : Tigerian Cargo, Tigerian Aerospace Engineering


Pic 3 : The leaf logo is the Tigerian Queen's emblem. Thus it was used as the logo for the airlines.




Chapter 18 : Desdau Plains Country Club

Personal Message :

Here as promised in the previous teaser, the Desdau Plains Country Club. I'm not a golfer actually, thus if there's any mistakes or things that i built that doesn't make sense, do forgive me :D

And i will be updating less from November onwards due to some RL commitments. But do not forget this CJ for updates will still come.


Replies to Comments (on the Teaser entry, airport part 3 entry comments were replied in that respective entry):

Daan300 : Thanks alot! :D

Skimbo : Hahaha! you're a golfer? that's great! I'm glad you liked it! :D

TekindusT : Haha does it? I've never played that game before, i just merely built this on imagination and help of Google Map Satellite View

k50dude : Thanks alot! :D i've included the links in the teaser entry btw

lojicks : Basketball courts? hmm i didn't knew they had those but basketball courts appear most in my residential areas and schools :D

DCMetro34 : Hey i've left the links in the teaser entry

Guibanez_ : Thanks alot ! :D

Velbob : Thank you very much :D

jj88 : Thanks alot! I'm glad you liked them!



Desdau Plains Country Club was built on 19 February 1950. It was an effort by the Government to allow the well-off citizens to have a place to enjoy a game of golf. Desdau was chosen due to fact that it had the land for this development. However the country club sits by the east of the Selbring Airport.


Pic 1 : This was the teaser picture and the overview of the country club

Desdau Plains Country Club's golf course has 25 competition holes, some practice turfs and a driving range. Other facilities include a swimming pool, tennis court and gym.

Sitting on the Desdau Hill, the country club offers a great view of most of Desdau Central district and the eastern runway of the Selbring Airport.


Pic 2 : Going up the hill, you will approach the main carpark of the country club. Parking is free here. There is a bus stop too for those who take the country club bus shuttle service.


Pic 3 : The main clubhouse sits on the tip of Desdau Hill. It has 4 restaurants, some boutiques, a bar, a karaoke lounge, a snooker and billiard lounge, a gym and clubrooms for rental for special events


Pic 4 : Not a golfer? Don't worry as you can enjoy swimming or playing tennis at the other recreational facilities the club has to offer.


Pic 5 : The lookout tower behind the clubhouse offers a full scenery of the golf course and its vicinity


Pic 6 : This mini range allows golfers to practice and test their clubs. Coaches also hold trainings for rookies here


Pic 7 : The driving range is an alternative for those who aren't confident on the competition holes. Who knows you might meet some rich businessman here.



Pic 8 : The overview of the competition holes. There are a total of 25 competition holes.


Pic 9 : Holes 1-6 are on the highest point of the course. Many golfers love this place as the challenges faced are the changing wind conditions


Pic 10 : Holes 7 - 12 are on the lower west of the golf course


Pic 11 : Holes 13 - 17


Pic 12 : Holes 18 - 25



Pic 13 : The nearest expressway is the E12 Selbring East Expressway. Take Exit 11 and turn left to the Desdau Central Rd.


Pic 14 : Going down the Desdau Central Rd, a landmark to see if you are on the right track is the Desdau Police Division (upper right of the pic). Proceed on the stretch of road.


Pic 15 : The next notable landmark is the row of petrol stations on the right. Keep left as the right lane has high volume of right turning vehicles.


Pic 16 : Now at the junction, make a right turn into Desingda Avenue. Notable landmark is the big field.


Pic 17 : The Desingda Flyover is your landmark to see if you're on the correct route.


Pic 18 : Keep left until you see a T-junction. Turn left and you will enter the Desdau Plains Country Club entrance.


Pic 19 : For those who came by rail, subway or bus, you will alight at the Panteling Interchange Station. The country club's free shuttle service can be found here.

THUS FOLKS! Do not wait! Join the Desdau Plains Country Club Membership for as low as TG105 a month (USD 70)!

Visit us at www.desdauplainsclub.com.tg (fictional) for more details.



Teaser : Desdau Plains Country Club

In the next update, we'll visit the Desdau Plains Country Club. Located beside the Selbring International Airport, this country club is a hit with Selbringers!

Here is the teaser picture!


Do stay tuned for the next update as we take a visit in the country club!



Chapter 17 : Selbring International Airport (Part 3 - Cargo, Hangars and Prestige)

Personal Message : 

This is the third part of my airport update series. Just the remaining facilities of the airport. I forgot to add a night view of the domestic terminal. Well here it is. I hope you like it!


SPECIAL : Night view of the Domestic Terminal which i did not include in the last entry.


Replies to Comments :

All replies were made to the comments section of the last entry.



Apart from the International and Domestic terminals, Selbring International Airport also has various facilities to make the airport a complete and fully utilised airport.


Selbring International Airport's Cargo Facility is one of the largest in Cannasera state. With over 2 million cargo entering the airport in 2009, the airport has established itself as the hub for air cargo in Cannasera.

It has 10 parking bays and 8 warehouses along with the ease of access via the Airport South Road.


Pic 1 : The Selbring International Airport Cargo Centre


Pic 2 : Wide parking spaces for cargo jets to unload their cargo.


Pic 3 : Cargo storage is available for up to 10 days at these outdoor storage lots.


Pic 4 : Longer storage is enabled in these gigantic warehouses.


Pic 5 : A smaller warehouse as an alternative.


Planes are repaired and parked in these hangars. Selbring International Airport has its own contracted Aerospace Technology company to repair and service planes.

There are a total of 7 hangars in the airport vicinity.


Pic 6 : Hangars and parking spaces for the planes


Pic 7 : More hangars and parking spaces

Prestige and Luxury

Prestige and Luxury comes in the form of the airport's Private Terminal. The VIPs, tycoons and whoever who wants to keep their arrival or departure under wraps will definitely love this terminal. Top security, 6 star building standards and customer service makes this place a top hit for the rich and famous.

However due to the fact that the airport's traffic is getting heavier, plans for a new private runway west of the airport is underway. The new private terminal will only be completed in 2012.


Pic 8 : Its exterior is totally different from its interior as velvet carpets, leather chairs and high-end cafes are what fills this small private terminal.


Pic 9 : Do you own a private jet? Well these people do and are not shy in spending those mega bucks than to land in a rural airport somewhere else.


Pic 10 : The airline companies have also came up with these more than 1st class service to the rich and famous. What!? Did i hear the cheapest ticket to the capital Tigerson (3 hours) cost USD3000?




Chapter 16 : Selbring International Airport (Part 2 - The Domestic Terminal)

Personal Message:

Sorry for the long wait. I was on a vacation for a week and had much to do in RL. But now i present to you the Domestic Terminal :D


Replies to Comments:

@Towerdude : Thanks alot! :D

@Skimbo : Thanks alot! i do hope to see yours soon too! :D

@Paulobergonci : Haha thanks alot! It took me some time to figure it out too! Youtube has tutorials on building them! :D

@Reikhardt : Thanks alot man! :D i was just trying it out too

@Guibanez_: Thanks alot man! :D

@DCMetro34 : Thanks alot man! Glad you liked it :D

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@hunkske : Thanks alot! :D

@davemap : Thanks alot! i'm honoured :D

@Velbob : Thank you very much! I'm glad you liked it :D Makes it all worthwhile

@jj88 : Thanks alot! I'm glad you liked it! :D



The Domestic Terminal


Pic 1 : The Domestic Terminal with nearby developments in the lower part of the picture.

Selbring International Airport's fourth terminal is the Domestic Terminal. It serves passengers flying within Tigeria to the different cities. It was built in 1980 when the flights entering Selbring had increased and a domestic terminal would be most appropriate to allow more international planes to park at the International Terminals.

The Domestic Terminal has 10 gates.


  • TigaSouth Air (serves Southern part of Tigeria)
  • TigaNorth Air (serves Northern part of Tigeria)
  • Cannaseran Domestic Airways
  • Air Seuran
  • JettyFlo

Pic 2 : The Domestic Terminal and it's vicinity. The terminal has 2 sections. Section A is where the gates are located and departure halls and Section B is for offices and arrivals. Both are connected by an underground walkway.


Pic 3 : Section B of the Terminal


Pic 4 : The boarding gates.


Pic 5 : Hangars for the planes


Pic 6 : A mosaic of the entire Domestic Terminal


Pic 7 : Construction works for the Customs Office, Desdau Headquarters.

Getting Here:

The Domestic Terminal is easily accessible via the Selbring Railway Line, buses, taxi, car, and the Mass Rapid System (MRS)


Pic 8 : This is the Desdau Main Bus Interchange. Many buses from all over Selbring terminates here.


Pic 9 : The Desdau Main Railway Station with the Desdau Main MRS Station nearby.

Connection with the International Terminals:

The Airport Underground Network which runs beside the MRS line also allow passengers to reach the International Terminals in less than 10 minutes. The train cabins are wider with luggage friendly features.

Well folks if you feel like flying over to other parts of Tigeria? Then the Domestic Terminal will be the place to be!



Chapter 15 : Selbring International Airport (Part 1 - The International Terminals)

Personal Message:

This is the first part of my airport update. Because I just added so many pictures that I had to split the entries. Hope you like it.

Caution: I kinda spammed pictures, 30 plus of them :P

Replies to comments :

@TekindusT : Thanks alot! Yea I was thinking of classifying the different types of vehicles.

@Paulobergonci : Thanks man! Does it? haha i just find that yellow looks good.

@Guibanez_ : Thanks alot! :D

@Skimbo : Thank you very much! :D

@Schulmanator : Thanks man! :D

@jj88 : Haha you flatter me. i think someone did license plates before, but a brief one.

@Samerton : Hey thanks alot sam! :D

@Adrianor : Thank you very much! :D




Location :  Desdau, Cannasera


Located in Desdau, just west of Selbring City, the Selbring International Airport comprises of 3 International Terminals, a Domestic Terminal, a Private Terminal and a Freight Terminal. It is the main airport for the state of Cannasera.

Today I'll introduce to you the International Terminals of the airport


  • Runways : 2
  • Parking Bays : 75 aerobridges, 24 remote
  • Serves : Cannasera
  • Hub For :
    • Tigerian Airlines
    • Singapore Airlines
    • CDA (Cannaseran Domestic Airways)
    • Qantas Airways


Pic 1 : Bird's eye view of Selbring International Airport at night


Pic 2 : Bird's eye view of Selbring International Airport in the day


The Selbring International Airport used to be located at the north of Selbring City in a district called Madena. However due to the increase in passenger traffic and freight traffic, the Cannaseran Government decided to build a new and bigger airport in Desdau. In 1952, Selbring Desdau Airport was built. In 1984, the airport changed its name due to criticism that the name was too long. Thus it was changed to Selbring International Airport.


Pic 3 : This was how the control tower looked like in 1954. Back then the airport only had 2 small terminals.


Pic 4 : Upgrading works on the control tower in 1988 and the expansion of the two terminals. A third terminal was built in 1990.


Pic 5 : Selbring International Airport's control tower today. It oversees the air traffic in the airport.


Pic 6 : The airport control tower.

Now for the terminals.


Pic 7 : The Airport Map. An underground monorial connects the 3 terminals and the domestic terminal together




Pic 8 : Bird's eye view of Terminal 1

Terminal 1 has 24 gates and 13 remote lots. More for flights to Asia and Pacific.


  • Aer Lingus
  • Air China
  • Air India
  • Air Mauritius                         
  • AirAsia                      
  • All Nippon Airways               
  • Asiana Airlines
  • Athchenia Airlines                
  • Batavia Air
  • Buetonese Airlines
  • Cathay Pacific
  • China Airlines
  • China Eastern Airlines
  • China Southern Airlines
  • EVA Air
  • Garuda Indonesia
  • Japan Airlines
  • Jetstar Asia Airways
  • Kingfisher Airlines
  • Korean Air
  • Kretania Air
  • Malaysia Airlines
  • New Ford Airways
  • Philippine Airlines
  • Royal Brunei Airlines
  • SilkAir
  • Thai Airways International

Pic 9 : Terminal 1


Pic 10 : Terminal 1 carpark.



Pic 11 : Terminal 1 Central Wing Concourse (Mosaic)


Pic 12 : Terminal 1 East Wing Concourse


Pic 13 : Remote lots for airliners to park


Pic 14 : Terminal 1 West Wing Concourse


Pic 15 : Remote lots outside Terminal 1 West Wing Concourse


Pic 16 : Terminal 1 at night




Pic 17 : Terminal 2 from bird's eye view

Terminal 2 has 22 gates and 6 remote lots. More for flights to America and Europe.


  • Air Canada
  • Air France
  • Alitalia
  • AeroMexico
  • Austrian Airlines
  • British Airways
  • Continental Airlines
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Finnair
  • KLM
  • Lufthansa
  • Ryanair
  • United Airlines
  • Turkish Airlines

Pic 18 : Terminal 2


Pic 19 : The main terminal leading to the centre concourse


Pic 20 : Terminal 2 Centre Concourse with A380 gates.


Pic 21 : Terminal 2 East Concourse


Pic 22 : Terminal 2 East Concourse's remote lots


Pic 23 : Terminal 2 West Concourse


Pic 24 : Terminal 2 at night




Pic 25 : Bird's eye view of Terminal 3

Terminal 3 has 29 gates. For flights to Asia and Pacific.


  • Air Liberia
  • Air New Zealand
  • Air Tigeria
  • Tigara National Airlines
  • Egypt Air
  • Emirates
  • Etihad Airways
  • Royal Jordanian Airways
  • Qantas Airways
  • Qatar Airways
  • Saudi Arabian Airlines
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Tigerian Airlines
  • Virgin Atlantic

Pic 26

: Terminal 3


Pic 27 : Terminal 3 Concourse 1


Pic 28 : Terminal 3 Concourse 2


Pic 29 : Terminal 3 Concourse 3


Pic 30 : Terminal 3 Concourse 4 (with A380 gates)


Pic 31 : Night view of Terminal 3


Pic 32 : Overhead taxiway crossing


Pic 33 : E-88 Airport Central Expressway goes into the Airport boundaries and connects the 3 terminals (Automata didn't spawn here)


Pic 34 : Complex interchange of roads from the terminals

I hope you guys liked this entry! Stay tuned for the next update, which is the other parts of the Airport! :D



Chapter 14 : License Plates (an extra)

Personal Message:

This post is a little extra to my CJ. Thought of playing around designing stuff and I thought that it'll be nice designing Tigeria's license plates. The Selbring International Airport is left with my last minute addition of the domestic terminal and thus should be ready in the next entry. Do stay tuned!

Replies to posts :

@Towerdude : Yes yes i love asian cities too! :D

@Reikhardt : Thank you very much! As a matter of fact, i had quite a bit too much of them. :P In RL.

@k50dude : Thanks alot! I appreciate it!

@Guibanez_ : Hey thanks alot! :D

@DCMetro34 : Hey thanks alot! haha yea because the Mid-Autumn's here and that point of time i had a craving for mooncakes, which gave me an inspiration.

@Schulmanator : Thanks alot! Thanks for dropping by! :D

@sloid : Thanks alot man! :D


Tigeria has a huge vehicle population. In a recent survey, every family owns a vehicle on average in Tigeria. Apart from the private vehicles, commercial vehicles and public vehicles hold a relative huge proportion to the vehicle population. Identifying each and every vehicle is thus a huge task for authorities.

In order to create a systematic, efficient and organised approach towards identifying vehicles, the Tigerian Government has came up with state alphabetical system. This took effect in 1946 when vehicle ownership started to increase as the industry and business grew after the World War.

The License Plates:

Private vehicles and public vehicles each have their own type of identification and license plates. Here is the format for the license plates in Tigeria. The centre letter of the first 3 letters will never be a vowel as vowels are reserved for Government designation.


Pic 1 : The standard format of a Tigerian vehicle license plate.

States and Regions classification (For private vehicles)

There are a total of 18 states in Tigeria. Thus every state is to have a unique starting alphabet to be designated for identifying purposes.


The State Classification


Examples of private vehicle plates : 


Pic 2 : There are only 3 colour schemes for the license plates. White with black fonts, Black with white fonts or Yellow with black fonts. Using other coloured plates is deemed illegal.

Public and Special Vehicles 

For public and special vehicles, they have their own designated starting letters regardless of which state they belong to. This is to create a standardised system between the different types of vehicles.


Pic 3 :

First plate : Is for taxis. The yellow strip at the top of the plate is present on all taxis.

Second plate : It is for Police Dept Vehicles. It has a navy blue strip at the top of the plate. The state identifier logo at the bottom right of the plate signifies the state the vehicle belongs to.

Third plate : It is for Fire Dept Vehicles. It is a unique red coloured plate. The state identifier logo at the bottom right of the plate signifies the state the vehicle belongs to.

Fourth plate : It is for Civic vehicles, which includes Ambulances. It has a red strip on the top of the plate. The state identifier logo at the bottom right of the plate signifies the state the vehicle belongs to.


Pic 4 :

First plate : Is for Public Buses. Private buses have the PH starting letters.  

Second plate : It is for Trucks and trailers. The plates are standardised to yellow coloured.


Pic 5 :

First plate : It is for Military Vehicles. M starting letter is given to Military vehicles only. The license plates for the Military has no state name, crest or state identifier logo. It is also standardised as a black plate with white fonts.

Second plate : It is for government vehicles. TIG is used as it stands for TIGERIA. Only government vehicles are entitled to TIG starting alphabets. Once TIG is exhausted, it will start with TIA and so fourth with I as the middle alphabet.


That's all i have for now!

Do stay tuned for the next entry as I bring you into Selbring International Airport! :D



Personal Message : 

Due to the fact that i'm a little busy in RL, the airport update will come probably in the next update. I'm left with the taxiways, runways and grass before I can post the airport entry. In the meantime, i would like to show a place i've always wanted to. Hope you guys like it.


Chapter 13 : Chinatown, Selbring City

Back in the city, things were like usual. The cases we're dealing with were the daily routine stuff. Such as problems with home owners and their housing loans, upgrading works, rejuvenation plans, so on and so forth. After the trip to Jelenton, I was thinking of myself to go back to the less busy side of Cannasera and spend my weekends there again. But in the meantime, the city has much issues that I have to take care.


Pic 1 : The brown building in the centre of the picture is the Ministry of Housing Headquarters. Located in the Central Business District along Business Avenue, the 20 Storey building holds the Ministry's office, home owners centre and showrooms.

Work ended at 6pm and usually on my route home, I will pass by Chinatown from the CBD where the Ministry is located. Since the Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, I am thinking of buying some mooncakes for my family and friends. For the best variety of mooncakes, Chinatown would be the place to visit.


Pic 2 : This is Chinatown. Many tourists visiting Selbring City will visit Chinatown as it has a rich culture and heritage uniqueness. Many Tigerians are actually descendants from immigrants from China in the 1800s. About 60% of Tigerians have Chinese roots, the remaining are native Tigerians of different ethnic groups.


Pic 3 : The famous Dong Xiao Temple is the landmark and historical building of Chinatown. Located along Temple Road, the temple was built in 1901. It has undergone numerous upgrading works and refurbishment. Today this temple is popular with tourists and Tigerians.


Pic 4 : The Downtown Line station, Temple Station, is directly across the Dong Xiao Temple.


Pic 5 : This is the Chinatown Central Plaza. It is a shopping centre with 8 storeys of retail space, from Chinese paintings, clothes, ornaments and kitchenware. It is less than a min walk away from Dong Xiao Temple.


Pic 6 : Near the Chinatown Central Plaza, there is the Chinese Heritage Museum. It has exhibits of the early migrants from China and how they start off their lives in Tigeria. You can spot buses of school students coming here for their excursions/field trips


Pic 7 : The landmark Chinese gates in Chinatown.


Pic 8 : This is one of the popular night market spots, Zhong Lu Market. At night, it is bustling with activities. Over here, they sell food, ornaments, clothes and even stands with fortune tellers.


Pic 9Chinatown Circle boasts many retail outlets. The mall at the top of the picture is Chinatown 109 Mall. It is a upmarket and fashionable shopping mall attracting the younger people.


Pic 10 : The Chinatown Circle at night


Pic 11 : Here we can see the Victory Square. The name Victory Square came about after a historical battle won by the Chinese over the ethnic Tigerian, Huma Group, in the 1800s. This also led to this place designated as Chinatown, a territory for the Chinese migrants in those times. The Chinese Tigerian Southern Army then placed their flag on Victory Square to mark their victory over the Huma ethnic group.


Pic 12 : Below the Elevated Rail tracks are some of the oldest shophouses in Chinatown. Notoriously known as Kin Sing Street, it was once filled with brothels and prostitution centres. People who came here seeked opium and prostitutes. It was only till the 1920s when the Government uprooted the vice in the area and after upgrading, it became a busy shopping strip. It was only recently that eateries and cafes took over.


Pic 13 : Here is the Chinatown housing estate. It was developed in the 1970s and is still existing now. Plans to tear them down in 1993 were abolished as residents petitioned for the estate to stay.


Pic 14 : Selbring Central Temple is another landmark for Chinatown. This temple was built in 1940 by merchants who lived nearby. In 2007, it was being upgraded to the current state. The temple attracts devotees and tourists from around the city.


Pic 15 : Chinatown at night crowded with shoppers.


Pic 16: Bird's eye view of Chinatown and the surrounding districts. Top of the picture is the CBD, left is the Monument Road business sector, below is Canal Avenue district (starting from the transmission tower)


Pic 17 : Bird's eye view of Chinatown at night

Well i bought 6 boxes of mooncakes and will be enjoying a box at home. Every Chinese New Year or other festivals, Chinatown is the place to be if you want to feel the festive mood. Fireworks and firecrackers are also set off to mark the start of the festival. However do warn that parking is a problem in Chinatown as there is a limited number of parking locations. Traffic here is also congested. Thus it is recommended that you take the MRS (Mass Rapid System) if you want to get there. 2.gif

I hope you liked this entry. Hopefully in the next, i can show you Selbring International Airport.



Chapter 12 : Fort Kalleby, Jelenton (our last stop)

Moving down Veldis Road, I arrive at Kalleby. Kalleby is a small area at the eastern most tip of Jelenton. Kalleby is marked as a historic site in Cannasera due to the Fort Kalleby Park.


Pic 1 : Fort Kalleby Park

Fort Kalleby Park is a historical preserved site which used to be an active fort of the Southern Tigerian Army in the period of 1710 to 1780. It was destroyed in the Battle of South Cannasera in 1780. Back in those times, different states had their army and they fought with each other to gain a foothold. It was only in 1783 that a common constitution was formed.

Fort Kalleby had since been left abandoned till the 1880s where villagers from nearby farmtowns discovered this site. The Tigerian Government then did rebuilding works and preservation of the remains. In WW2, Fort Kalleby miraculously survived the Buetonese artillery barrage. In 1950s, it was opened to the public as a historical site and has remained here till today. It offers breathtaking views and the remaining structures are a hit with tourists as they climb those steep stairs up the walls.


Pic 2 : A bird's eye view of Fort Kalleby Park and its vicinity


Pic 3 : Another view of Fort Kalleby Park.



Pic 4 : A mosaic of the Fort Kalleby Park

How to Get Here!


Pic 5 : There are bus stops directly outside the park along Veldis Road and some bus services plying here goes all the way to the city.


Pic 6 : If you drive, you can park at the carpark here at the main gateway of the park. Parking is free but subjected to availability.


Pic 7 : Shops nearby offer food and drinks for sale if you intend to have a small picnic here.

Now for some of the notable sites in the park.


Pic 8 : Tunnel A entrance. It is a well-lit tunnel with ample ventilation and introductory boards to provide useful information and history for tourists. Wax figurines are also placed inside to allow tourists to better understand how things were in the past.


Pic 9 : Tunnel B entrance. Like Tunnel A, it is well lit and ventilated. However we have some people who have fears of entering the tunnel.


Pic 10 : Tunnel C entrance. A short walk into the edges of the park, this tunnel offers views of an underground bunker and leads back to Tunnel A entrance.


Pic 11 : Tower 1 is the most popular photo-taking site for most tourists. Be it at the foot of the tower or on the tower, photographers love this spot. We can spot occassional couples taking their wedding photos here.

That's all at my short trip to Jelenton. I'll have to head back to the city where life is back to normal. I hope to visit here again soon!


This is the last of the 3 part series of Jelenton. I hope you've enjoyed it so far :D



Chapter 11 : More of Jelenton and her beauty

Heading west along Farmway Road 1, I arrive at another scenic part of Jelenton. This place is Veldis. Veldis is a 15 minute drive away from Stable Point and is yet another small settlement in this farming landscape. Veldis is the main town for the western farms of Jelenton. These small towns were scattered around Jelenton due to the fact that people who worked on the farms, hoped to live near the farms. However, their produce are still sold at Stable Point or exported to other parts of Tigeria.


Pic 1 : A bird's eye view of Veldis. (Outside this map) Towards the eastern side is Stable Point and Selapin Town. Towards the southern is Kalleby.



Pic 2

: Mosaic of Veldis Town (some glitches though). Sitting by the coast, Veldis Town is a small town with just over 110 residents. Some small commercial developments provide jobs for those not working on the farms. Veldis Road runs through this area and connects Farmway Road 1. There is a famous shop selling delicious noodles called Veldis Noodles. Many travel all the way here to enjoy the famous Veldis Noodles.


Pic 3 : Another view of Veldis Town. 


Pic 4 : Sea view is what residents may enjoy in Veldis Town, but it is also prone to floods, one which almost destroyed the town in 1988. The land has been elevated during the rebuilding process and has since enjoyed relative peace for awhile. A flood warning system has been put in the waters nearby and in cases of a possible flood, the alarm will alert residents to evacuate inland.


Pic 5 : Farms around Veldis Town.


Pic 6 : Farms near Veldis Town, along the coast.


Pic 7 : Closeup of some farms.


Pic 8 : Just beside Veldis Town is a tiny neighbourhood, Madelis.


Pic 9 : Some of the residents in Madelis have small gardens at their back yards for them to grow fruits and vegetables, for their own consumption and as a hobby.

Jelenton is really a place I would come the next time round for a weekend trip. The air here is much fresher than that of the city. Life is slower and less stressful. Perhaps this could be where I will end up after my retirement! Buckle up as we're driving on to our next destination.


In the next entry, I will move on to Kalleby where it is marked as a historical site in South Cannasera. Do stay on and I hope you've enjoyed this entry!



Personal Message : 

Thank you guys for your support. From this entry on, i will adopt a new style of posting. I will not focus just on housing but every aspect of Tigeria. However the main character, Kayden Yhonsae, still remains the same.

This entry is my first attempt at agriculture zones. Hope you like it!


Chapter 10 : Away from the city scene

After everything that has happened over in Selbring City, I am now feeling the stress that comes along with this job. I miss the times when I was back home, where things were slower, the streets were not so busy. The only time I had to queue up was at the supermarket. Over in the city, I have to practically queue up for everything!

I decided to take the weekends off and unwind myself. But where to? Ben introduced me a place not too far away that would definitely take the stress off me. This place was Jelenton, situated on the southern tip of Lagosta (a district off Selbring).

Short Introduction about Lagosta:

It sits on the southern most point of Cannasera, and the nearest towards neighbouring country, New Ford. The area comprises of farms and small towns. It was a battle site of the World War 2.

It is about a 30 minutes drive on the E-10 from Selbring City.


Pic 1 : Entering Jelenton via the E80 Southern Expressway, i took an exit at Jelenton Route and the first sight was this town, Stable Point.

Stable Point is the largest town in Jelenton. Its name comes about in the past as this town used to be filled with horse rearing farms. However much were destroyed during the World War 2 and now, due to its location and water source, it became the main town of Jelenton. Currently there are about 100 residents living in Stables Point.


Pic 2 : Commercial establishments are signs that this town is a small bustling business centre in this area. Borders Bookstore is one of the largest occupants. Many of these shops attract tourists and visitors from many parts of the state. Here you can find bicycle rentals, vehicle rentals, food outlets and even small inns. Recently a new attraction has been added, Horse Drawn Carriages!


Pic 3 : The Stable Circle is a historic and landmark symbol of this town. This circle links the farm routes with the town. A symbolic meaning that the town is where farmers can sell their harvest and produce.


Pic 4 : A small section of residential development. Many of these residents either work on farms or in the town. However the residents here are of an average age of 45. The younger residents have ventured out towards the city. Only a few remain to help out in the family.


Pic 5 : Another picture of the residential development. The school seen here is 1 of the 2 elementary schools in Jelenton.


Pic 6 : The two mansions belong to the town's richest merchants, Mr Wilfred Choy and Mr Jan Yhonsae. They own a few farms in the area. However they are also philanthrophists to the town, contributing money to improve the town's looks and infrastructure.


Pic 7 : A man-made reservoir is the source of water to many farms. The small river runs through some farms to provide the necessary water for farming.


Pic 8 : Lower down the river, there are farm establishments of various sorts.


Pic 9 : Sitting by the river is this " Happy Farm Chalet ". These are holiday chalets for rent at an affordable costs. Visitors and tourists can rent these small chalets and visit the farms nearby for a short farming experience and enjoy the outdoors at a slower pace. It is a popular hit with many urban dwellers as they bring their families along for a short weekend holiday. Milk a cow or plow some seeds, it's your choice! Some shops nearby allow tourists to buy necessities and take part in recreational activities such as cycling.


Pic 10 : These farms are a common sight throughout Jelenton. Almost all of these are commercial farms supplying produce to the cities. Although small in size, but they adopt high-tech farming techniques to increase yields. Visitors are allowed to visit as long as they apply for the Farm Tour Package where they have an unlimited access to all these farms with a simple pass. However make sure the farm owner knows you are here.


Pic 11 : The 4 ponds you see here are part of the Fi Fi's Fish Farm. Here in these ponds, farmers rear big and delicious fishes for your neverending craving for seafood.


Pic 12 : These huge windmills are a power source to the farms. Due to the fact that Jelenton is near the sea, the winds here are aplenty. Thus planners have taken advantage of this natural gift to provide a cleaner and efficient power source to the farms. These windmills can be spotted throughout the area.


Pic 13 : To complement the windmills, power lines also run throughout the area from a geothermic power station outside the area.


Pic 14 : West of Stable Point is Selapin Town. This small town runs along the Jelenton West Road. It is the secondary town of Jelenton.


Pic 15 : East of Stable Point is Cycillia Road  . A church and some small shops are all that comprises of this plot of development.


Pic 16 : Towards the north-western direction of Stable Point is the Ping Shan Temple. Ping Shan in Mandarin is "Peaceful Hill".  Devotees from many parts of Cannasera flock to these well-known temple believed to answer prayers immediately. This temple was set up by Mr Wilfred Choy, one of the areas richest. (refer to Pic 6)


Pic 17 : Seen here is the Tempuri Pond. Right is the Tigerian Channel. Beyond the waters is neighbouring New Ford.


Pic 18 : Desmonds Farm is the only access to the beach line. Much of the coastal line is covered with thick forests. This is the only route to the beach. How was it formed? It was a result of artillery bombings in the World War 2.

That's all for my short trip to Jelenton. Next entry i will explore more of Lagosta and hopefully when I'm back at Selbring City, I will be recharged. Here are some pictures of Jelenton from bird's eye view.



Hope you enjoy this entry! 



Short Announcement to all readers !

As you can see that the name of this CJ is changed, partially because i do not want to limit myself to just posting about Housing, which I believe will bore you guys. Instead the main character will still be Kayden Yhonsae, but it won't be just focused on him, but the people he meets and the places that he visits. Sometimes, it can even go into focus of what the people he meets, are doing. More district introductions like East Banks will be posted to increase variety with occassional events like the Governor's Visit (Entry 10)!

All in all the change is just to diversify my CJ and hopefully give me the chance to share the works of my love for Simcity 4. I hope you guys will like the upcoming entries! :D

Thank you and regards




Personal Message:

Thank you all for your votes. After counting the votes, i hereby declare the "Old Police Headquarters" as the winner of the venue. Our citizens are pleased with the decision!

In this entry, there will be alot of images i've created to simulate the event. I hope you guys like it.


Chapter 9 : Welcome Mr Governor

After a meeting with the Mayor, the related authorities and the organising committee, The Old Police Headquarters, at Headquarters Road, was chosen as the venue for the Governor's meet. The Governor of Cannasera is due to visit Selbring City in September for a meeting and have a public speech with the citizens of Selbring.


Pic A : The news channel broadcasted the results live during the 1pm news. The next day, it was in the headlines of the local newspapers. Immediately preparations work had to be done as the authorities were told that the Governor was bringing forward his visit due to a change of schedule.


Pic B : Police were told to cordon the area while authorities and the organising committee visit the venue to decide on the preparation procedures. On the day itself, 10 police personnels will be stationed in the MRS Headquarters Station (centre of pic) and ushers to direct provide assistance to commuters. The citizens are also advised to avoid using this station as it would be closed.


Pic C : The map shows the road closures on the day of the event. Road blocks would be set up at areas marked with a cross. The road closures will start as early as 8am on the day of event to 8pm.


Pic D : Snipers will be positioned at the areas circled to increase security at the venue


Pic E : Snipers will be positioned at the areas circled to increase security at the venue

Finally on the 29th August, the Governor of Cannasera, Mark Donhan, has arrived in Selbring. He was scheduled to visit in September but the visit was brought forward due to certain reasons with his schedule.


Pic F : Roadblocks and barricades being set up along the designated areas. At least 1200 police personnels were deployed in several parts of the city to increase security and direct traffic while the Governor's convoy could reach the venue safely.


Pic G : The barricades were put to block off the areas from the public. However citizens may stand by the barricades to witness the Governor's visit.


Pic H : This site will be one of the routes the Governor's convoy will take. They will head southwards. In the meantime, the barricades are still positioned to block off any traffic.


Pic i : The Police Sniper Unit positions themselves on one of the designated locations. (See if you can spot the 2 snipers)

The crowd cheers as the Governor arrives with his convoy. Many citizens have turned up to witness this event. Under the hot afternoon sun, many were seen with caps and umbrellas. The crowd was rather controllable and there were not much problems from them. The Governor would address the press and the authorities and have a meeting in the Old Police Headquarters. Thereafter in the next few days, he will visit selected estates to meet the public. After all, the elections was arriving soon.


Pic J : Under the tents will be where the Governor will give his speech in front of the press and various authorities. The Mayor is also present along with his aides. Police personnel are stationed every few metres to ensure total security and order.

In this meeting, the Governor will discuss several issues with the authorities governing Selbring. The issues are the rejuvenation of housing estates, cost of public transportation, expansion of Selbring's industrial sectors and the problem of Selbring's increasing unemployment problem as more move to Selbring to seek for employment opportunities.

Till then we'll see you in the next entry. I hope you like this entry!



Personal Message:

This is a continuation of last week's entry. More pictures that's all. It might not be so spectacular but I hope you guys liked it. More night shots pictures as well.


Chapter 8 : East Banks, Selbring City (Part 2)

Previously, I focused more on the landmarks in the district, now it's more into the commercial sections of the district. East Banks boasts a great number of fashion boutiques with well known brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Coach and many more.

Here are the pictures:


Pic A : East Banks Bus Terminal and Duxton MRS Station on the right. This bus terminal has 16 Berths with 14 different bus services based there.


Pic B : East Bridge Avenue is home to many high-end and popular eateries.


Pic C : An overcast sky before a storm as we look at Benjamin Avenue Estate. Pockets of residential development exist in the commercial district with housing prices soaring continuously.


Pic D : The upper section of Bridge East Boulevard and the commercial development. Terena Park is seen at the lower part of the picture.


Pic E : Automobile Avenue and the vicinity at night.


Pic F : Towers 1 and 2 of Honshau Foundations Building along Jenkan Avenue.


Pic G : The landmark East Banks Library at night.


Pic H : 21@East Banks is the largest shopping mall in the district. It boasts 5 storeys of shopping outlets, 100 different dining outlets, a supermarket, a cinema with 6 halls and an entertainment centre.


Pic I : The MRS(Mass Rapid System) Nagan Station, is the terminal for the Blue Line that runs throughout the district.


Pic J : Battery Lane Roundabout at night. This is a popular place for shoppers as there are many boutiques in the district.


Pic K : Terena Park at night. Paddle Boats are available for rent at night at a higher rate of TG$20 per hour. It is a popular spot for couples and every year during Valentines Day, there are celebrations and numerous flower stands selling Valentines Day gifts and of course, flowers!

Well that is all I have, I think it is time to get back home for a rest.

By the way, during the last entry, I held a vote regarding a venue to be chosen, here's the recap...


The Governor of Cannasera will be visiting the city in September and the Ministry of Home Affairs have ordered a meeting as to where the Governor's public meeting and talk will be held. The 6 sites above are the chosen sites for the event. Your job is to help vote for the venue.

The Venues are below, with each venue labelled with a number. For more information on these venues, refer to the previous entry for a description of each of them.


Please vote:

1. Selbring Memorial Hall

2. Central Library

3. Gramocian Hall

4. The Selbring Arts Museum

5. St.Helens Court

6. Old Central Police Headquarters

Current Results(as of 27 Aug) :

Site 3 : Gramocian Hall - 4 votes

Site 4 : The Selbring Arts Museum - 1 vote

Site 5 : St.Helens Court - 1 vote

Site 6 : Old Central Police Headquarters - 5 votes

VOTING HAS CLOSED! Thank You! The coming entry will be about the event and your voted venue.  



Personal Message :

Let me move away from just housing alone as i think it'll be boring just to do the same old thing over and over again. I'll be showing more of the other areas of Selbring. Industries, commercials, farms etc. Hope you'll like it!


Chapter 7 : East Banks, Selbring City

Enough of my job, now I would like to introduce to you Selbring as a whole, going into the various districts of Selbring.

East Banks will be our first focus section. East Banks is the oldest district in Selbring City itself. East Banks sits on the eastern section of the Claire Canal which is actually a river that flows into Claire Basin from the Coast of South Cannasera. But because it was too short and small to be called a river, the city planners named it a canal and set up water works at the basin.

(Will do a map soon for better understanding)

In the 1800s, foreign merchants and businessmen came to Selbring and settled in. East Banks was then the central trading centre of Selbring. It had a port, a fort protecting the area and other major infrastructures. However East Banks was destroyed in the WW2 by the Buetonese and the business centre was moved westwards to the current Central Selton CBD after the WW2.  

Here are some notable areas in East Banks:


Pic A : Automobile Avenue. It is a popular district for car dealers. Therefore the name of the avenue was established. The first car company to set up it's business here was Tigerian brand, Lenos Motors, in 1950. Now it's home to more than 10 different brand of dealership.


Pic B : The Bridge East Boulevard. It is the most congested section of the district. Much of East Banks are low rise commercial buildings and the ones you see here are one of the tallest in the district.


Pic C: This is the East Banks Library. Built in 1992, it is located along Bridge East Boulevard and the library for the residential development nearby. It's unique design of opened books is the works of reknown architect Benard Books.

(btw my traffic lights are faced the wrong side 8.gif. I'm using the Left-Hand Mod, but after installing the new NAM, it became this way)


Pic D : Battery Lane Roundabout is located at the southern section of East Banks. The tower in the centre of the roundabout is the protected remains of the tower of the Eastern Fort, built in the 1800s, to protect East Banks when it was a trading centre. It was destroyed in the WW2 and the remains is made a monument.


Pic E : Terena Park is a recreational park that sits in between East Banks district and Kispany district. The pond was upgraded and more walkways were added. The pond is now available for activities such as paddle boats and fishing.


Pic F : Elis Hills Hospital is the main hospital in East Banks. It is one of the oldest hospital in the city. Elis Hills Hospital has 3 Blocks and sits on the Elis Hill.


Pic G : Closeup of Elis Hills Hospital


Pic H : Closeup of Elis Hills Hospital


Pic I : Penaring Central was the main administrative area of Selbring city in the 1800 to 1940s. It is now a cultural centre with many of its old landmarks preserved as tourist attractions and culutural centres. It sits along the Claire Canal (top)


Pic J : Penaring Central at night



Site 1 : Selbring Memorial Hall (above)

This was built to commemorate and honour the brave soldiers who defended Selbring in the WW2. It was documented that 1300 men were killed and wounded in the Battle of Cannasera.




Site 2 : Central Library in 1920 (top) and Central Library today

The Central Library is Selbring City's main library. Built in 1910, it is the oldest and most historical library of the city.




Site 3 : The Gramocian Hall in 1930 (top) and Gramocian Hall today

Built after Sir Thomas Gramocian, a British General of the British base here in the 1800s, is the home of the Selbring Post Centre in 1900s to 1955. Today it is a exhibition and heritage hall for cultural events to be held.




Site 4 : The East Bank Government Office in 1931(top) and Selbring Arts Museum today.

In 1902, the current Selbring Arts Museum was built and was called the East Bank Government Office. It housed many government departments. During the WW2, parts of the building was destroyed and was rebuilt after the war. It was left vacant till 1972 when the Government designated it as an arts museum.



Site 5 : The St.Helens Court (above)

Built in 1946, the St.Helens Court was a home to the St.Helens Shelter, a welfare organisation that provided a shelter and food to refugees from neighbouring New Ford (refer to Post 2) when it was occupied by the Buetonese in the WW2. Today it is a music school with a restaurant on its first level.




Site 6 : Central Police Headquarters (1939) and Old Central Police Headquarters today

The Central Police Headquarters was Selbring City's police headquarters from 1890s to 1953. It was one of the few buildings to survive the WW2 bombings. It was influential in the war time period as it was the city's only way to provide law and order amidst the turmoil. Today it is a Police Museum which houses exihibits of the Tigerian Police Force.


The Governor of Cannasera will be visiting the city in September and the Ministry of Home Affairs have ordered a meeting as to where the Governor's public meeting and talk will be held. The 6 sites above are the chosen sites for the event. Your job is to help vote for the venue.

Please vote:

1. Selbring Memorial Hall

2. Central Library

3. Gramocian Hall

4. The Selbring Arts Museum

5. St.Helens Court

6. Old Central Police Headquarters

Voting Closes on the 27th August. Do Vote! Thank You! The next entry will be about the event and your voted venue.



Replies to Comments :

@crushedcar : Thanks alot! I love to do urbanised landscaping actually, a pity the resources aren't flexible enough. Thus i'm starting to do a little bit of lotediting to suit what i need. But still learning :P

@Skimbo : Thanks alot! :D

@dabadon : Thanks alot! Actually some of the maxis buildings look good. But we cannot deny some seriously look hideous. haha!

@IssacOzzman : Thanks alot! Yea I'm back after rebuilding the city. However only 40% is developed so far. 60% are still grassy plains. :P


Chapter 6 : 18,000 Residents have more reasons to be happy

After going on visits to various neighbourhoods and estates in the city, 3 estates were selected to be part of the rejuvenation project. The upgrading and construction works took 8 months to complete. What we have to say is that we are satisfied with the results and the residents have showed pleasant responses to how their neighbourhoods have turned out to be.

Here are the completed estates:



Pic A : The Sika Avenue Estate, located in between Sika Avenue (left) and Hybad Avenue (right). The estate was established in the early 80s and were one of the many estates selected for rejuvenation works.



Pic B : Pathways were built through the estate for residents to walk and jog. Flowers and plants were planted on the greens.




Pic C : Worchester Park is just next to Sika Estate, and used to be a British Camp in the 1930s till the 1950s, and was left vacant. Likewise it was converted to residential development in the 80s.



Pic D: Park pathways were built to connect the different blocks together. Trees were planted to provide more greenery and shade.




Pic E : Claire Point Estate was built in the 1970s and has undergone new residential developments throughout the years. The rejuvenation project will require several old blocks to be torn down(highlighted orange). The residents will be relocated to the new estate nearby.



Pic F : Pathways and recreational facilities were added. Open spaces were also made to be venues for neighbourhood events. Mayor Gabriel Honshau was present during the park's opening ceremony, along with the residents of the estate.


Pic G : An Alternate view of the estate. The pathways connect the different sections of the estate and residents are now able to come together.

These 3 rejuvenation works will benefit approximately 18,000 residents directly and many others in the nearby neighbourhoods. These are just the few of the many projects to improve the residential conditions in Tigeria. Parks@Home 2015 will be a dream of the Tigerians and a step closer to be a green country.



Personal Message :

Thank you all for following and your support. Selbring is finally back after redevelopment. Although it isn't as developed as the old Selbring, the newer Selbring is improved and a little different and will be less populated than the old one. I changed the banner too, to make it a new start for this new city. Thank you!

Here is a picture of a residential development in the old City, the Sepeling Canal, which grew at the last moments before it crashed and in which i felt that it was the most beautiful throughout the old City.


Do you guys remember the Sepeling Canal in Entry 3? This was how it grew out. I will recreate Sepeling Canal in this new city too.


Chapter 5 : A Park For Everyone

Back at the previous entry, a case emerged as a development was left abandoned after the contractor in charge was unhappy with certain issues regarding the project. Here is a recap of what happened.


The Case:

Contractor claims that...

- We did not fund him enough for this project. The contract stated the project was at an estimated T$38 million and we were to fund him 80% of the total amount first, then pay him the remaining upon completion. We funded him exactly as promised in the contract.

- The limited supply of construction materials and resources caused an increase in material prices. Thus more funding needed.

- Lack of funds meant more time needed, unable to hire more workers and unable to follow safety regulations.

The Contractor's Profile:

Name : Paterson Development and Construction Agency

Popularity : Relatively popular

Record : Has handled 6 projects without problems in the past 8 years.

Kayden now needs your help. Please vote for the decision to be made (Deadline 29th July)

1. Sack this contractor and compensate him as he requested (T$20.2 million as his expenses so far)

2. Continue working with him and provide him with his needed fundings (unable to come up with an estimate, depends on him)

3. Sue him and take him to court ( 50-50 chance)


Majority of the votes went in favour for Choice 2. Thus the story continues...

After considering all the factors and risks, I decided that things would be better if we acceded to his requests. Who knows maybe it was really the case, furthermore, I put into consideration the previous 6 projects that was completed. Thus Ben arranged a meeting with the contractor and we agreed on the new terms. However the press got wind of this meeting and we appeared in the papers, for the wrong reasons.


Pic A

: The press reported critics and analysts critisizing the Ministry's decision in this case.

(I will show the picture of the completed estate later [to make it like it needs time to build])

Apart from this issue, there were more to be done at our Department. Selbring is a growing city and residential projects were aplenty. Recently the Cannasera State Government announced that it would invest in T$103 billion in rejuvenating old residential districts in the whole of Cannasera. This project was to be called Parks@Home 2015, in which the government targets to bring parks to almost all the residents in Selbring by 2015.

Selbring, being the largest city of South Cannasera, would be top priority in this major project.

As said before, the government has planned residential developments that for every 3 grids of residential development, there will be a grid for recreational purposes.


Pic B : The Princess Place Estate. Residents have wide spaces to exercise, relax and enjoy. Occasionally, special events would be held at these open spaces too such as National Day celebrations, Christmas Celebrations etc.


Pic C : Paddock Plains Estate has been one of the oldest estates in Selbring. However it undergone upgrading and beautification works to create more open spaces for residents.


Pic D : The newer Merdin Hills Estates had more trees planted around them throughout the years to help in reducing nose and pollution from the nearby E-12 (Selbring East Expressway) Residents can also jog around the perimeter of the estate.


Pic E : The Edwards Avenue Estate.


Pic F : Caulise Road Estate was built in the 1970s and was one of the first few estates to be rejuvenated in 2002.

However there are still more estates that have yet to be upgraded and rejuvenated. Therefore the Ministry Of Housing will make a visit to all the estates in Selbring to review areas which will be upgraded or rejuvenated.




Due to some technical issues (My computer gave me some problems), the updates will be postponed for a short while. I actually lost Selbring in this technical disaster. Thus i will rebuild a whole new, better Selbring, and will continue with the story as where the voting was.

I estimate by August i should be able to continue.

Do stay tuned! Thank you!




Chapter 4 : Trouble Arises

Back at Majesty Hotel, I read through the files and documents Ben gave me to study and know more about issues here. Looking at Selbring was really an eye opener as compared to my hometown. Apartments were getting taller in order to cope with increasing population and limited land space.


Pic A : This is the Majesty Hotel. One of Selbring's earliest and illustrous hotels.

Day 1 - 8.00 AM

Well a brand new day starts and it was my first day in the office. Ben came over to fetch me and we walked over to the office which was just a street away.


Pic B : The Ministry of Housing Building

After a short welcome reception with the Head of Department and the staff, I got down to business and spent the day studying the recent projects and pending developments requiring my attention.

In the evening, Ben came over to tell me my apartment was ready.


Pic C: My new apartment unit on the 24th storey of Blk 7 Sedaki Estate

Day 2 - 10:00AM

Day 2 at work and my secretary, Macy, came over with a file which was marked urgent.


Pic D : Opened up the document and in it was a picture, a note and a document

Apparently the contractor in charge of this residential development breached certain safety measures required at the construction site. After ignoring countless warnings, the contractor had decided to walk out on this project, leaving the construction site as it was. The background information given was brief and not enough for me to make a decision. Thus i decided to go down to the site myself.


Pic E : The abandoned construction site in Edisa Heights New Estate

True enough, the workers and the contractor were not at work. The site was like a dead town with cranes and trucks parked and hanging over the uncompleted apartments. Ben(my assistant) and I approached the construction office, hoping to find the contractor in there. Indeed he was, sitting in his armchair, legs resting on the table and reading the newspapers. 

After introducing ourselves, we sat down and had a talk with the contractor and understood his unhappiness and reasons why the works had stopped. He did not look like he was to compromise or cooperate with us....


Pic F : That night was going to be a long one as i pondered and tried to come up with a decision urgently needed.

The Case:

Contractor claims that...

- We did not fund him enough for this project. The contract stated the project was at an estimated T$38 million and we were to fund him 80% of the total amount first, then pay him the remaining upon completion. We funded him exactly as promised in the contract.

- The limited supply of construction materials and resources caused an increase in material prices. Thus more funding needed.

- Lack of funds meant more time needed, unable to hire more workers and unable to follow safety regulations.

The Contractor's Profile:

Name : Paterson Development and Construction Agency

Popularity : Relatively popular

Record : Has handled 6 projects without problems in the past 8 years.


Kayden now needs your help. Please vote for the decision to be made (Deadline 29th July)

1. Sack this contractor and compensate him as he requested (T$20.2 million as his expenses so far)

2. Continue working with him and provide him with his needed fundings (unable to come up with an estimate, depends on him)

3. Sue him and take him to court ( 50-50 chance)

Thank you for your vote, the story will continue according to the most votes voted. :D



Chapter 3 : Apartments, the landscape of Selbring

I arrived at the Majesty Hotel for the meet up with my new colleague who will also be my host for my time in Cannasera. A slim, tall man who was waiting at the Hotel Lobby came to welcome me.

"You must be Mr Yhonsae. I am Ben Honshau. I'll be your coordinator and assistant here"

After I settled in to my hotel room where I would be staying for now, until my apartment is ready, Ben briefed me some background information of how the Ministry works here and some of the details i would need before I start work at the office officially tomorrow. Thereafter he took me to the different estates of the city for a short visit.


Pic A : This is Blocks 201 to 205 of Lower Fignam Avenue. The government has planned residential developments that for every 3 grids of residential development, there will be a grid for recreational (such as parks, walkways, playgrounds etc). And because parking is a problem in Selbring, multi-storeyed carparks are built.


Pic B : One of the older estates in the city. This is the Empress Road estates. They have been here since the 1970s.


Pic C : Apart from apartments/ flats, low rise residentials also exist in Selbring. However they will only be found in the outskirts of the city centre. The relatively richer Tigerians are able to live in such houses. These houses are private developments. In other words, the government only builts the basic infrastructure (like roads etc) and have no control over these developments.


Pic D: The Sepeling Canal Estate. The Sepeling Canal is one of the many canals in the city that handles the water current that flows in and out of the city. The government invested hefty amounts of money to built these canals to prevent seasonal floods that are common in the city


Pic E :  A closeup of Sepeling Canal and the residential development around it.

* I hope you have enjoyed my CJ so far. Please leave comments. I am still learning and will improve on my entries in future. :D *



Chapter 2: More Information about Selbring

Firstly, let me introduce to you Tigeria.


Tigeria is located in the Pacific Ocean region. A land that was discovered when Earth expanded (fiction) and Pacific Ocean's area increased in size. Tigeria was one of the 6 new countries that emerge during the expansion of Earth. The other 5 countries are, New Ford, Sinbira, Athchenia, Kretania and Buetonia. It has been classified in the continent of Asia.


Short History of Tigeria:

1870 - Discovery of Tigeria by a British trader, Arthur Knight

1875 - Knight signed a treaty with the natives of Tigeria to make Tigeria a base for the British Army for the Pacific

1890 - Tigara was made capital of Tigeria as it was Tigeria's busiest fishing port and British naval ships were stationed there

1910 - Was attacked by Buetonia (then Bueton Tigeria) .  The Buetonese captured many cities in the Southern parts of Tigeria.

1912 - British intervention resolved the war.

1939 - Attacked and defended against Buetonia (who later became ally of Japan in the WW2)

1940 to 1945 - Involved in the World War 2

1950s - Rebuilding and expansion of Tigeria

1980s - Became a member of the POAN (Pacific Ocean Alliance Nations)

1990s - Became a member of UN


The Housing Story of Cannasera

After the second World War, many of the Tigerians were still living in suburbs and villages where infrastructure, power, water, sanitation were not properly built and planned. Thus diseases and illnesses were common for Tigeria. In the 1950s, the "Baby Boom" sent Tigeria into a turmoil. The birth rate increased from 4 per family to a staggering of 6 per family. Housing became an immediate problem to be resolved. Urban expansions also meant that the suburbs, villages and slums had to be removed, yet provide the residents proper housing.

The Ministry of Housing was then established with an aim to provide housing to the many Tigerians that was to be affected in the redevelopment of Tigeria. Cannasera was the state that needed most help as it was one of the larger states and most populated states of Tigeria. Selbring was Cannasera's main city for development.


Early housing projects in Selbring, Cannasera ( Prince Street Estate, 1956 )


Housing now in Selbring ( Prince Street Estate, present )

Roads, bus services, subways and elevated rail (Mass Rapid System), expressways were built in Selbring to provide basic infrastructure for the residential estates. Drainage, Power, Water infrastructures were also invested to allow every resident to have access to electricity, gas and water at any time of the day without disruption.

By the 1970s, almost every Tigerian in Tigeria had a roof over their heads, a place to call their home.


The Beginning


This is my first ever CJ. After much reading and observing of many cjs, i've decided to try a cj of my own. Please do leave comments so that I can improve. Thank You!

Character Profile:

Name : Kayden Yhonsae

Age : 34

Occupation : Chief Planner, Ministry Of Housing


Chapter 1: The Arrival

Dear Mr Yhonsae,

I am happy to announce and inform you that you have been promoted to the post of Chief Planner of the Planning Department. After much considerations and recommendation from your superiors, we have recognised your ability to be able to handle this new position in the Ministry. We hope you will put in your best in your duties and make a difference to the Ministry and the country...

And that was how it all started. Hi, I am Kayden Yhonsae, and I am a proud citizen of Tigeria. Tigeria is a growing nation with a population that never seem to stop increasing. Housing has always been a problem since the independence of Tigeria from our colonial masters. That was why I have always wanted to land myself in this job, to be able to provide housing for my fellow Tigerians. I live in Hakoy, Hakonyakon, an island state in the eastern part of Tigeria. Hakoy was not a big city to start with and planning the residential development there was rather manageable i would say. But getting this new post also meant that I was to be transferred to the much needed state of Cannasera. Who knows how life would be like there. Oh boy....


Packed my luggage and ready to go. I just wonder why did they have to book the morning flight. *Yawn*

" Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We are arriving Selbring International Airport. The weather is clear and relative winds and we hope for a safe landing. Thank you for joining Air Tigeria and hope you enjoyed the flight. Please do join us again with Tigeria's leading airline company. Thank you!"


Arrived at Selbring, Cannasera after more than 3 hours on the plane. It's going 12pm. I better grab a bite before I head for the city.

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