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About this City Journal

United Coldiz Region is a Union of the tree Regions; Coldiz, Gross Coldiz and Coldiz Island. Located in the middle of North Atlantic.

Entries in this City Journal


Bahlsberg: AF6 Gross Coldiz air force head base. On the other side of Bahlsberg mountain is the “Army officers academy”


DeLorean: “Southmore Island”. This long thin island stretches trough fife city's and is well protected on the south since there are massive waves hitting the shore


Silvaplana: In this high altitude is still a well developed city with commercial, industrial and residential zones. One recreational spot is Plana lake, for pedal boating and walk trail


Chalo n: On t he west island is Chalon. In the city you will find “le Chalon sur Saon” historic commercial and residential quarter. It is not actually historic, it has been purpose built then years ago. Only the church is original


Seefeld: Our way of government controlled agriculture. The farmers are employed by the state. The “ministry of agriculture” is planing together with the farmers what when and how much can be grown in the season. Around UCR are massive greenhouse farms who can produce vegetable all the year


Löwenhorst: this is a big industrial city. It also holds the commercial port hub for the east island. On the other side of the motorway is the “Löwen Center” shopping park. The mall contains amusement park and a all year ski run


Erzberg: One more industrial city south west. In the picture is a LPG bottling plant with train filling station. Massive plant owned by “Northstar automotive” producing engines including assembly. There is also an side canal towards San Bartolomeo bay, it is for the Car - and passenger- ferry’s. OK: Seebrück has a canal for the west coast transit, but this passage is always jammed by commercial ships. Therefore “Coldiz Fähr Betriebe” has decided to built this canal only for ferry use to keep up whit the schedule


Aghulas: here we have the GC space program run by Coldiz space agency (CSA). The crafts can be booked by communications firms and university around the world for there satellites and science crafts. Biggest customer is of course the CI firm ColSat


Kissinger: Kissinger pier, on the hill lies “White house”, it belongs to the royal family


Thank you all for your interest: "We meet again don't know where, don't know when"



At Val Trass named after Trass river, the electric dam “VTD 1” is a great example for non nuclear power source.


Reached by a steep mountain road lies next to VTD 1 a assembly point for guidet tour through the dam.




Wonderful example for after tough is Waffenstein port. Here we have a pic around twenty years ago. Since then the volume has risen massively.


The Coldiz commercial harbour holding (CCHH for you) has decided to cope best with land recovery. ...


….And this is what you get. A cargo and import car's hub

for the region.



DeLorean Racetrack


Race day at DeLorean Racetrack: As you know, Gross Coldiz is densely populated. This shows also here at the Racetrack, not many International tracks are cut trough by highway twice.


Today is the “Grand Tourissmo challange”. Private owners of Super cars are competing each other.


Start up: ready on the track, stopwatch on zero, spectators filled up with hot dog and drinks. Lets rock!!!




The big one: Gross Coldiz international airport.

The mosaic cuts trough six different city's and I had to paste them together. I think the hassle was worth it.

Feel free to click to enlarge!!


Due to the unique position it had to be long. Therefore the main terminal is the longest building in all of United Coldiz Region:

- North is the arrival and Departure terminals. Enclosed are multi story car parking, train arrival, monorail station and tube entry.

- West is the cargo terminal with CCHH short shipment port.

- Further down are the private jet lot's.

- South are fore technical hangar: for full repair, the planes will be flown to Coldiz Island Hammerstein to be serviced at CATS (see the previous CI journal).

- Also further south is the kerosene storage tanks, filled up by tanker ships.

- South west are hotels convention centre and ferry arrival. Aviation operation is done at mid west, including catering and a small overflow terminal.


Just a close look at the Arrival and Departure terminal. It is a massive bottle neck, but I think that’s the best I can do. What do you think, any advise for better use of space?



Dawn in Kaiserwinter: We are looking at the fifth and last mega city in GC. Like mentioned in the intro, this is the historic sight of old Kaiserwinter castle.


Here you see down town avenue in KW as its called among locals. The canal well has its water drained of the Willson river.


Around “Wilson river” is Will's amusement park.


North hill of KW is old Bohemia. Sitting on top at the steep hills of Bohemia mountain, it looks like way out of the big town.


Here you can see that Bohemia mountain is cutting right trough the whole city. Splitting old Kaiserwinter on the left, down town KW on the bottom, new KW on the right and the industrial zone trough the middle.


The sound of the name sounds already old fashioned and historic, don't be fooled by that. You can have a lot of diverse funn here, like China town...


….Or a classy concert at the Semper opera. Next to it is the Royal orangery botanic garden. ….


…. Or having a exciting game of football at C-NOC stadium.


Next on the journal of Gross Coldiz: The mayor hub for air traffic. Gross Coldiz International Airport (GCIA)



Good afternoon: Welcome to San Bartolomeo, the “relaxed city” as its legacy goes.

That’s because there are less corporate zones and more low rise resident areas then many other mega city’s.


View towards the south at Crown bay island whit is public transport hub.


We’re in luck today: moored at the Diano marina pier is MS Rio. Owned by a philanthropist from San Bartolomeo, rebuilt for classic cruise around the canal and many islands at United Coldiz Region.


On the foot of Bartolomeo hill sits “Samba palace” the weekend retreat for the Royal family. Fitted with helicopter pad and enclosed pond in the court yard. Surrounded by the four Royal member houses and if you look closely, bee hives belonging to the Duke of Coldiz. He produces its own honey witch is used every morning for breakfast on the Royal table and as personal presents for guests.


East side of SB is CCHH commercial harbour with goods shipment and fluid cargo loading station.


Close by the commercial harbour is the media centre for X9 media. Not a Coldiz invest firm: it belongs to the national media mogul Robert Dermock.


Same part of San Bartolomeo is “Furioso sports club”. City owned sports ground and accessible by club members of Furioso association.


Some history for a change. This is an old picture from the Dovo Ferraldi fort. Nestled in a wast agriculture zone, it used to be the harvest chambers of the region.


Today its a tourist attraction and school excursion hot spot to shape up on cultivating knowledge. Conveniently accessible by funicul cart cart or a long winded B road.


Full view of fort Dovo Ferraldi.


Near Dovo Ferraldi is an outpost for the fort. In the olden days it was used for smoking sausages and cheese production.


The day and the entry comes to an end.


CU on the next topic from Kaiserwinter.


Thank you for all your kind comments and interest in my CJ. I hope you will enjoy the upcoming ones too.



Night stroll at the pier is certainly beautiful, and thanks to the UCR good Police services, save.


Welcome to Marras: this part of Gross Coldiz turned out to be tricky to develop with a descend infrastructure due the the steep mountains surrounding.

The CENIT centre surrounded by white park and “the bean” monument at night.


Cruise terminal at Isabella pier: fully develop with check in terminal and easy access pier gate. Most favourite cruise program is: Marras- Kaiserinter- Pacific Gate- Liveras- towards Ireland, on board the MC Lost Paradise



Let's begin the day easy. Have a cup of coffee and the local newspaper.




City council, justice hall and corporate council at Marras with the flag of United Coldiz Region in the middle.


White park by day. I guess you can see why its called like that.


On the left corner you see the spire of UPE (University for professional excellence). Up hill a small part of “Riverbank amusement park”. The other part on the other bank is accessible by cable cart.


St Bernard church positioned on a rock in the Grand canal, only accessible by foot.


Part of the Industrial zone at Marras. Not only is the east island split by Bloomberg creek, but also a deep canyon within.


Iron ore mine at Marras mountain.


On the opposite canal side you will find a idyllic island only accessible by a small bridge on the Waffenstein side, or by boat. Here you see Chateau de Chile, the home of the Duke of Marras.


On Ill de Chile you also find this historic shopping street filled with luxury shops. On the other side of the street is Asakusa shrine.


I conclude this entry with the east island view of Marras.




Good Morning: Welcome to Mejdan the corporation capital of Gross Coldiz. The title picture shows the real Meydan clubhouse in Dubai, witch I have fond memories of the World cup from.

The heart of Mejdan, Goldofin pond with its entertaining water- laser show every hour. To your left under construction: Burj Kalifa. I will update you when its finished.


It's hammer time. The offices filling up and the town comes alive.


Closer look of Goldifin district shows “Da Zhong Hua Plaza tower” office and hotel building.


You may noticed this odd island. It's Mejdan resort. Famous for horse racing and massif beach front. It also includes serviced apartments run by Crown Coldiz plaza hotel and resort (Coldiz invest group).


Start and finish line at Mejdan clup house.


Massif traffic infrastructure is essential for every mega city, due to the steep hills, the Monorail system has to take a extensive route to gain altitude.


Sport and relaxation is essential to keep my hard working Sims happy and fit.




Mejdan and San Bartolomeo are the joined home of the Mej-San european airport. Conveniently located for business traveller and tourist from Europe. The area also includes a limited capacity airfreight centre and Royal Coldiz air force base.


Terminal 1 with Monorail, train and street connection, also includes Millennium hotel and conference tower.


AF5 air force base at Mej-San airport is used for fast interception aircraft and coast guard surveillance.



Thank you for your interest in the Mejdan journal entry. I hope you enjoyed it.


CU soon for the journal of Marras city


Welcome to the journal of the last region remaining on United Coldiz Region.

Thank you for your interest of the other CJ as Coldiz and Coldiz Island. I hope you will enjoy this one too.

As ever: I want to say thanks to all the great LOT-ers and BAT-ers out there. I myself are trying to design my own BAT's on GMAX, but I'm not yet sophisticated enough to post on Simtropolis.

Ladies and gentleman: I proudly present the Simcity 4 rush hour journal of

Gross Coldiz


Some facts and figures: The total population of all 82 small, large and Mega-city's together is 2'096'886.

The geography is quiet remarkable. The Region is split in half by the Merrat canal, or as the nicknames goes: the grand canal.

The west island is mostly flat, and therefore Well used in agriculture. The north island is very mountainous, and well known as mining region.

Capital is Emirat right in the middle of GC. Part of the city is used for Gross Coldiz international airport, the gateway to the world.

The biggest corporate city is with no doubt Mejdan. It is also partly used for the European air travel hub, and the home of Mejdan horse race track witch is a purpose built island.

Our historic city of Kaiserwinter used to be the winter home for the old Royal household. Today the castle serves as National historic museum.


  1. Capital of GC: Emirat:


The glowing lights in dark night fill the city of Emirat with life.

At the Rialto spire tower the crown illuminated in different colour serves as a beacon in this forest of skyscrapers at Argo place.


Locking closer to a residential and hotel area at

Naing Road shows the early birds in the city.


Quick look to the International airport in Emirat where the

operation runs from 5am toll 12pm.


Spectacularly illuminated government quarter. Here the

Senate arena in the middle flanked by the public agency on the left and press office on the right. On the other side its the Army high command.


The massive Royal council. Nearby the cathedral

St German, next to it the Army high command and social insurance head quarter.


Most elegant property belongs to the Baron and his family. Positioned on a natural beach extension right on the beach front. “Royal Emirat palace” has all facility fit for a ruler. Private jetty, own helicopter landing gear and underground garage. The Baron is known for being a car enthusiast. Therefore it's not unusual to see him leaving for office with a Rolls Royce Ghost EWB, and an McLaren Mercedes SLR on weekends.


Not so luxurious, but still comfortable, the Senator's Villa at

Connery pond.


Silvaplana stream crosses from the eastern mountains throughout east island towards Merrat canal. It calls for many bridges to ensure the steady flow of transport.


The locks at the bottom runs in to Merrat canal, not relay used for shipping since there is no need of extra transportation routes.


Connery pond is a wonderful idyllic place for high grade real estate and a few historic buildings like the St Barbara monastery.....


...and the old train station with gondola pier.


South side of Emirat is the von Jäger hill

connected with a cabelcart and ongoing to Bloomberg

hill. Of course there is road and motorway available

as well.


Some elaborate engineering is used to keep a steady flow of traffic.


This concludes the report of Emirat with a cut

trough mosaic across our capital.




Fincantiere: “Senna seaside pier”, in place of the old commercial harbour


Teufelshorn: “Teufels Horn” Tower and Vietnamese water market


Senator: Residential towers


Night shot of Katana and St. James


This concludes the CJ of Coldiz Island.

Thanks very much for your comments and your interest.

I'm now getting ready on Gross Coldiz Region, to make it look nice and presentable.

Till we meet again


Merian: village on the north dip of CI


Segolen: rue de langchamp French quarter


Also Segolen: Royal Coldiz Marine coastguard sea and air emergency centre north


St. James: Cathedral


St. German: Orphan home


San Angelo: Retirement castle..... literally



Queens Hotel on Kalbe island by day.....


..and by night


Same hotel, different city: Queens hotel in Cape Horn


Cape Horn: beach and Pyramid park


Cape Horn Senator villa and private residences



City of Extra: As indicated on the CIAH report. Extra is located on the ground of the old west airport. It became a great real estate and commercial city to releave capacity on the neighbouring city's.


Grand Hotel “Victor Hugo” sur la plage, (City of Extra)


The Semper opera pond, and Gallery “Musé art décorative”


During summer, there is an open air opera play staged in the pond itself. Very cool



An other fun ground is Caledon “Sunset city”. Amusement park, Casino, day tour marina the lot.


Moonshine” coaster and planetary dome in the middle


Sunset” Casino and Hotel, “Starlight” open air theater


Theme hotel “Piazza Verona” and vintage buildings



Race day

The Fincantiere mot-o-drom is an extensive facility for all kinds of motor head action. There are regular competitions amongst them: Catherham challenge, Fincantiere classics, Ferrari challenge and 24h endurance races.

Later of witch is happening just now


The track has a main building with restaurants, VIP lounges, betting office, shops and Media centre for direct broadcast


Night shot of the race, the winner price is 1'5 Million BS and opportunity of new sponsorship contracts.



AA1: Army attachment / Royal Air force base in Gstaad


AA 2: Army attachment / Royal Coldiz Marine, master base Freemantel and Hampton. One of the biggest marine harbours in the region, continently hidden.


Docks in Hampton


Docks in Freemantel



Coldiz Island, a great place for your industrial facility’s

Like the CNOC (Coldiz national oil company) refinery in Duke of white


Pretty to look at even by night


The Col-Steal quarry in Erzberg



An other important facility is the Coldiz Rail System maintenance yard in Teufelshorn. It is for once not operated by a Coldiz Invest firm, but a contractor company.


Only one of the power source around CI. A new bill has been signed to ban new nuclear power plant in the United Coldiz Region, following the Fukushima nuclear disaster. All older plants will be replaced with Gas-, Wind- and Wast-plants. Since quite some time there is also, Coal and oil power plant's banned.




This is the heartbeat of logistics in CI. Most of the major import and export sea fright, will be taken care off here. Of course they are connected to the SSP (short shipment program) to have a fluent stream of cargo. The train fright is arriving from South and east.






This is a typical CCHH SSP harbour in Caledon.



Technical facility’s


The big maintenance will be performed by CATS Hammerstein. On the airport itself are only limited lots for imitate repair on hand.


Kerosene storage tanks, within a save distance:


Operates day and night







There used to be two medium sized Airports in CI. I decided to lose the east airport and renew the west airport instead. In place of the east airport is now Extra, which turned out to be a real estate blow out. (If you look at the rendering of the coast of Extra, you can see the artificial coastlines which were man-made extensions for the airfields.)

CIAH has 86 docks and 4 hangars run by CATS (Coldiz aviation technical service). Also an airfreight terminal and more then enough car parks. Immediately inside, is one of the hart traffic connection linking the region. Next door are two Hotels connected directly by overpass with the check in hall.

Full view of the city:


State of the art architecture:


Using every corner:


Fright terminal with adjacent CCHH SSP (Short shipment programme)


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