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About this City Journal

The beautiful Nordic country of Bergerland. Come and marvel at the scenery.

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PLEASE NOTE: None of the following contain all or many of my political views, especially that of the FICTIONAL party Bergerland First. These are not what I think. I must make this clear! Oh and I apologise for the spelling mistakes, photoshop doesn't spell check text xD

All of the six major Bergerland political parties have now released their manifestos. They are as follows:

Please give all the parties consideration and vote for who you think should lead Bergerland. The vote will be cast on the 9th of November 2011 on Simtropolis.com Please note that the last poll was only an opinion poll and not the actual vote.







Development Notes: I am really happy with the way that the manifestos manifested themselves into something quite beautiful. I hope you all enjoyed reading them and I hope you all stay tuned in the election series.

In order to make this as realistic as possible, I created some that look great and some that look awful. This is an immitation of real life, as in the last election here in Scotland, there was one party who's manifesto looked terrible when it came through the door. I hope you will be able to look past the quality of the manifesto and chose the best party. Don't just chose the one with the nicest manifesto! The crap BPN manifesto is not down to my lack of skill, but there for realistic purpouses. I also put a lot of effort into trying to put contrasts between them and I think that will make the TV debate dialogue a lot more interesting. I hope you come back to have a look at it.

Please give me some feedback! It is reallt apreciated.

This City Journal is being discontinued. Sorry 'bout that!


Samerton, ee99, merv.lis, ludde09, Towerdude, Schulmanator, JBDT, Evandad, BEK1: Thank you all for your encouraging support! 9.gif

yarahi: I'm pleased that you like it! I'm looking to make it even more Norridc! 2.gif

Bunzie_16: It's all in your head 2.gif ko xD

heitomat: Haha, I have more of a soft spot for SV in Norway xD

Simolemon: I hope you enjoy the manifestos, make sure to check back in the next update for the Live TV debate dialogue! 9.gif

TekindusT: Hey thanks, I'd really like to see your logos 9.gif



A general election has been announced for next week (Wednesday 9th November. The outcome is predicted to be a hung parliament with the National Party making huge gains over the Labour party. The vote will be held on Simtropolis and I want you all to vote! When the time comes I will provide mini manifestos of all the parties and provide quotes etc from the live TV debates. Check back soon! Please vote in the opinion poll that I have provided (please note, this will not be the actual outcome, it is just there to get a general opinion.)

Bergerland's Parliamentary system works as follows: There are 127 seats. Each seat represents roughly 15,000 citizens. Several candidates (normally 1 from each major party) runs for one of the 127 seats and the one who wins most votes claims the seat for their party. To form a government a party has to have a majority of the seats (64 or more) and recieve blessing from the queen. If a party does not gain at least 64 seats they must form a coalition with one or more parties in order to gain a majority. The government would stay in power for 6 years before the next election however there are plans to reduce this to 4 years.

Here's a quick description of all the major parties.


The next major update will still be the motorway system within Askersund so check back then!


I'd just like to start by saying hello. This is the first large update on Bergerland in a looonnngggg time so I wanted to make it a good one. For this update I have revisited Parliamentet Øy to show more detail (I've also made a few changes). Parliamentet Øy is an island to the north of the city centre of Bergerland's capital Askersund. It is the cultural heart of the city and contains the parliament building, the Royal Palace, the national football stadium, the city cathedral and several organisation HQs and hotels. So without further ado, lets get started:


This is an overview of most of the island, now let's get a little more intimate...


This is Parliament Square with the national Parliament building in the centre.


The Parliament building from another angle.


The home of the Royal Family is called Asker Palace.


This is St Olav's Cathedral.


The global headquarters of the Telefonika group.


The Raddisson Blu Hotel is the tallest building on Parliamentet Øy and was finished earlier this year.


This is the national football stadium. It is named after the late Bergerland and Chelsea FC Defender Edvard Hannsen.


The large blue building on the right is the city council's headquarters. The fish market is next to it.


The national broadcaster BRK's headquarters. The studios are located in the city centre and Lillefjell.


This is the main route onto the island. It is the A77 which passes the seaport and goes through the most dense part of the city.

Thanks for having a look! The next update will showcase the city motorway system.


It's Back

It's Back!!

After a very long break from SC4 I have decided to restart Bergerland. At the moment I'm only showing a teaser. The teaser includes an intersection (J1) on the M1 between Askersund and Lillefjell. Enjoy...


Check back soon! I'll be working on this a lot!



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