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The Optimia Magna

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About this City Journal

The alternate history of The Magnificent Roman empire and greatest city in the Empire. The Optimia Magna.

Entries in this City Journal


So, I decided to bring The Optimia Magna back for a while, and take a break from my new popular CJ Slovakia. For, now, I made some new pictures and edited them again, to provide you short summary of this CJ. So, look.

The Optimia Magna is City Journal about alternate history of Roman Empire. The city mainly portraited there is city of Optimia, fictional city from roman times located in the southern Anatolia, being one of the largest and most important cities in whole Empire. One of the largest and most interesting city quarters is the Canal City.


Another parts of city are also worth visiting, like Gardens of Leonidas located near Grand University...


...Or beautiful small hilly island Isla Imperialea located on the south of city.


But, this CJ was portraiting much more cultures, contacted by Romans through the alternate history timeline, like well known Germans...


...and also Chinese Empire on East.


There was also long and devastating war between Rome and China, but, nobody won and peace was soon estabilished.


Another major city portraited there was also well known Alexandria.


The Roman Empire also sailed far away to the western waters, discovering remnants of mythical Atlantis and new cities were founded there...


...and they also reached Terra Nova, the America, with civilisation of Maya.


But, after centuries, there happened also many interesting events, like Imperial Revolution and estabilishment of second Roman republic.


This all was The Optimia Magna...



CO2: Thanks! Hope you will love also the next updates!

zanzibar42: Also thanks, hope that the next will be also wonderful!

Escilnavia: Thanks. Also, if the global warming will continue and sea level will rise, who knows... Maybe you will have ocean straightly near your house.

friendly31: Thanks very much! These buildings can be found on theSc4 Devotion(Another fansite) LEX exchange and were made by The Mickebear.

Read First:

You can now influence the length of the updates of The Optimia Magna! Every comment on this update will increase the number of pictures in the next update by 1, with base number being 5. If there will be more than 4 comments, I will show you even the mosaic!


Year 319. The things changed, and first ships returned from the Terra Nova back to Alexandria.


The Romans made this time another advancements at Terra Nova. They left the Teotihuacan and begun missions to the east.

After few days of march, the climate started to be dry and warm, and rainforest transformed to the rocky and sandy semi - desertated

area. But, the maya still built many stone magnificent cities there.


Further to the east, areas were becoming less and less populated, only small amount of native villages were found there, with alone temples

and shrines deep in the semidesert.


But, the areas were beginning to be much more warmer further to the east, so they had to march only at night to avoid overheating

and following death.


But, the semi-deserts fortunately ended after few weeks, and they came to the another, unknown area. Huge mountains

were separating them from the ocean, and typical rainforest climate was beginning again.


But, the Optimia was in serious danger. One nice day, the thin crust separating massive amount of magma, ash, and sulphuric gasses from

the outer world, cracked. The massive cloud of ash and dust was rising from the crater of Sykios Optimos. The sign, that the cataclysm

is beginning...


The Sykios Optimos, what once fertiled fields of The Optimia Magna, and helped the founding and advancement of the city, was now ready

for revenge, what will be memored for centuries.


To be Continued...




Escilnavia: If you think that was dramatic, wait for the next updates, what will be undoubtely the most dramatic

in the whole history of this CJ.

Panthersimcity: Yes, it looks Roman, thanks to the gigabytes of custom content.(My landmarks folder takes one minute to scroll down,

parks and rec folder four times more, and mayor mode trees about half of an minute)

Schulmanator: Many things will be explained in this update. And as said before, the next years will be much more dramatic for

The Optimia than everytime before.

Year 314. The Republic is becoming more and more stable.


The Atlantica city was also influenced by these changes. At first, it was now governed by the old emperor, and

many manifestations congested most of the city streets. The city greatly advanced, and it had now over 200.000 inhabitants.

But, the parks near the city stayed as serene as usual.


Because many people died during the rapid colonisation and years after that, big cemetery was built in the city.


Numerous monuments and colonades were also built in the city, one of the largest being colonade of the Freedom, what was

(paradoxically), built by the ex-caesar.


The beaches near the city became very popular among the city's inhabitants, and sand from them was even transported to

southern beaches of The Optimia.


Many tens of thousands of city's inhabitants walked to the streets, to honor and manifest the new Republic.


And everyone was happy. The buildings in the city were even more beautiful as usual.


As a magnificent bonus, I present Mosaic of the Atlantica City.




And the new Governor of Terra Palmis was now living in his huge castle on the rock near the Atlantica.


The Optimia Magna was living another sunny day. But something there was not in the order. Minor earthquakes struck the areas.

The Sykios Optimos was awakening. The Greatest threat in the history of the Optimia Magna. It was there...



Fall of The Caesar

Year 311. The Monarchistic system finally fell.


But this was issued more than two weeks after the defeat of the Rome. Just near the city, people were living serene, peaceful life,

as farmers or craftsmens. Just near rome, many villages were founded by the soldiers. But city walls were almost impenetrable, and

rebels don't wanted to destroy this magnificent work of architecture. Due to lack of food, Rome will fall soon.


The famous roman roads were full of wandering farmers or soldiers, walking just near fisherman's houses or nearby brewery.


But still, new and new Caesar's soldiers were marching to the rome, to fight the rebels. All of them either joined the forces, rout

after the fight, or were killed.


And finally, one nice day, Rome surrendered. Thousands of soldiers and brave revolutionarists marched to the city, and exiled the Caesar

to the northern lands. The Republic was announced. The new age begun.


Manifestations lasted for weeks. The Imperial Monarchy ended. The second Roman Republic was there.


And, the new High Consul was voted instead of the Emperor. Because the Imperial system has many positives, the Consul's power was only a

bit less than power of past emperors. But there was democracy again. The High Consul's palace was build in the Optimia, and for that it

finally had become more important that Rome.


This time, more and more ships sailed and landed at the coast of Terra Nova. Many large settlements and colonies were founded there, and

Romans begun trading with the Maya.



The Barbarian lands are changing...


Also, why don't take this trip? At first, we will go to the harbor, we will get on the board of the ship what will sail to the Britannia,

and finally, we will start our long sail to the Germania. After two weeks, we will finally reach the land, the coast of the Britannia.


The forests there are truly beautiful, with many wild animals and flowers, and massive trees. The true wilderness.


The major part of the Britannia is covered by dense forests. But, the Britannia is also known for its terrible climate,

mostly windy, foggy and rainy. But, this is also making it so unique.


People there are mostly friendly, and they built many small villages in the dense forests. There are not many large cities in Britannia,

largest being Londinium. All of them are on the south and are built in roman style.


But, the Pagan gods and entities are still worshipped there, along with trees and nature. The forests are so untouched because

the native barbarians consider them truly sacred places.


The old civilisations there built many huge shrines for the gods of nature, also serving as burial areas. Most of them canbe found

in the northern part of th Britannia.


Finally, we will visit the Ireland, island on the west of the Britannia, known for his stone walls from ancient times.


Our trip to the Britannia finished. Hope you had great time.



The Teotihuacan

Year 309. Romans founded many settlements along the coast of Terra Nova, and they started massive quest to the west inlands.

My Map of coastal areas of Terra Nova can be seen there, with main villages, rivers and settlements there.


Just near the first large mayan city, they found rock altar on the big hill. Rock altar with human bones and skulls inside...


But, that were last signs of culture in that area, area close to the coast. So, they sterted to explore and march to the far

away west areas. After days of march in wet and hot jungle, after hundreds of miles, they finally found houses and people.

But this was something another. There was truly massive amount of houses. They reached massive city.


They entered the mighty mayan capital city. The Teotihuacan.


They soon entered inner parts of the city, full of stone temples and priests.


But, they still don't reached the true center of the city. The square just near the pyramide larger than these in egypt, was full

of sacrificed dead bodies. These people were brutal.


But the Pyramide of Sol was amazing. Outstanding work of architecture, what was probably built by very advanced civilisation.

Although it was build for pagan, barbaric purpose.


This time, many battles were fought around rome, thousands of men died, but nobody still won... For Now.


Isla Imperialea

Late Year 308. Things are changing...


The city of The Optimia Magna is much bigger than one may think. Many areas haven't been introduced yet.

One of them is one of the most beautiful areas in the Optimia, the Isla Imperialea. It is located about

three miles off the coast of the Optimia.

It is quite small island, only about one mile in diameter, but it is full of beautiful houses, trees, parks, and

gardens. At first, we will look on the Grand Lighthouse of Optimia, what is also located there.


The coast of island is very rocky, with small harbor, and many patrician ships what are sailing around.


The Major city on the island is built on rapid slope, what is also making it so wonderful for romans. Trees

and gardens surround all buildings.


The island was long time autonomous, but, because Optimia was growing rapidly, it became part of the city

in year 239.


Another part of the city is located just near the shore. Every month, famous market is held there,

although much less famous than The Grand Market of Optimia.


At the higher areas of the island inlands are present mansions of the richest patricians in the whole city,

surrounded by natural areas and trees. Many of these mansions belong to the military generals and legates.


The Isla Imperialea, maybe not big, is really worth visiting.



The same time when rebel forces besieged rome, most of other ships reached the coast of

Terra Nova, with many Roman camps and settlements. Over three thousands of explorers and soldiers

were now ready for beginning of the grand journey to the unknown, massive Terra Nova, the New World.


After that, more than three hundred of explorers, including "Emperor" Primus were now marching further

to the inlands, to the wild and unknown rainforests.


They saw rock plateaus rising from the trees, huge rivers, unknown, rare, beautiful or dangerous fauna

and flora, and many other things.


After few hours, they reached small village deep in rainforest. It was inhabited, but the natives spoke

totally unknown language, so they let them alone.


But, next day, they found something much more interesting. Temples and towers built before centuries,

still standing, surrounded by huge trees. Once there was very advanced culture, and maybe it is still there somewhere.


But, the culture was much closer than they expected. Short time after that, they found much more wooden houses

with farms, with hundreds of natives, and when they came out of the rainforest, they were truly amazed. Massive

temples from stone, still standing. The Terra Nova, The New World, was inhabited by advanced culture...


As a bonus, I present you the first map of the Optimia. Hand-drawn, of course!



Year 308. And rebels are getting closer to the Rome.


Every day, the army was closer and closer...


Finally, they entered northern part of apeninian peninsula, known for its huge farms. Their army was now

counting more than 18.000 soldiers.


But, the farms were also full of needed food and weapons. Farmers joined the rebels with gratitude, and

burned the old farms. They now had enough food to easily reach Rome, but only in the perfect conditions.


This time, the roman army was marching through the forests on the south of alps, and they were now only few

miles near the rebel army. They passed small bridge through the river, and prepared for upcoming battle.


When they finally met, great battle begun. But, roman army was outnumbered, with two times less soldiers. But,

they fought for the Empire, for the future. The Gladiators and rebels were well armed, but not skilled.


But, infortunately for the roman army, the rebels started large forest firest behind roman army using flaming arrows.

Romans in back lines were forced to escape or attack from sides, and there they were killed. Rebels won, and new army was expected to reach this area after more than one week. Septimus Flavius was happy. The Rome will fall...



The New World

Year 307. And it looks much better in Optimia.


There was another pleasant day in the city, and there was also small market held near the south seaside.


And thousands of miles far away, in the seas of far west, one of the sailors on the ship saw land.

The first land after many weeks. But, when they sailed close, they noticed that it is not normal land.

It was huge group of massive rock formations towering from the sea, as teeth of some gargantuan monster. It

was sign that land was close.


But, when they sailed further enough, the rock formations were not present there, and it was still unable to

see the land. But, after about three hours, one of the sailors finally saw the land. The New World... They

did it. They reached the virgin lands of the Southern new world...


After that, first explorers from first ships landed there, built small settlement, and went to explore land further.

Emperor Primus stayed in his personal tent in the village, studying strange insects and plants there.


They soon discovered that just near coast was beginning massive jungle, with unknown flora and fauna, what

was totally untouched.


But, when they were about one mile from the coast, they experienced the everyday weather in the rainforests.

Minor tropical storm there, what forced them to immediately return back to the settlement. And they were preparing

for further exploration, when the rest of ships will reach the land.


And, the year 307 was very important to the whole Roman Empire. Year, when they discovered the new World, Terra Nova.

The rebel army was marching further to the west that time, and first roman soldiers started to march back to The Rome...


The Civil Revolts


The center of these riots was in The Optimia. At first, plebeian rebels marched to the Imperial Optimian Senate,

and occupied whole forum. Most of senators escaped and left the city, and rest of them joined the rebels. Their

goal was to get rid of the emperor, and revive the Roman Republic. The greatest revolution in roman history was beginning...


The rebels occupied all major squares in Optimia. Fortunately, everyday life of other citizens don't changed greatly.

They were only bothered by omnipresent screaming rebels, what were marching through the streets. Over 200.000 rebels,

just in Optimia.


The riots continued, and first fires caused by rebels appeared.


The roman soldiers who were currently in the city immediately attacked the rebels. But, they were extemely outnumbered,

and most of the soldiers joined the rebels. Rest of them either escaped or died.


But, the greatest threat was only coming. The rebels reached the arena, and freed all gladiators and slaves who worked there.

Over two hundred of gladiators, and thousands of swords and shields. As before more than 350 years, with hundreds of rebels they started their

march out of the city, to prepare for further situations and for future...


Fortunately, most of riots stopped, and rest of rebels ceased to burn buildings and kill people. There was starting another nice

day in Optimia. Rebel leader Septimus Flavius was now consul of the Optimia. Consul of the Republic of Optimia. Riots still

continued in another cities, but in the eastern areas they were stopped by roman legions. This time, the gladiators with hundreds

of rebels, and many of other rebels and villagers joining them every day, started their long march to the west, to bring revolution to other parts of the empire, and truly estabilish new republic in the whole empire...


Beginning of part II

The 9988 presents...


Second Chapter: The New Worlds

(305 - 400 A.D)

Ecce Mundi sunt magnifica exspectas.

Special thanks to:

Psycholu - For his ancient roman buildings and temples what made this possible.

Schulmanator - For most comments on this CJ.

Ionioion - For his brilliant medieval sailing ships.


Area: 12.960.000 square kilometers

Land use:

Natural land: 58%

Permanent crops: 38%

Civic areas: 4%

Population: 173.000.000 inhabitants

Urban population: 9.8 %

Life expectancy:

Males: 64 years

Females:69 years

Ethnic groups:

Romans: 58%

Arabians: 21%


Africans: 6%




Christianity: 79%

Iupiterian cults: 4%

Animism: 3%

Atheism: 10%

Other: 4%


Latin(official): 83%

Arabic: 15%

Other: 2%

Capital: The Rome(1.360.000 inhabitants)

Other large cities: Optimia(1.293.000 inhabitants), Alexandria(863.000 inhabitants)

Chief of state: Emperor Primus

GDP(per inhabitant): 28.000 $ (890 sestercii)

GDP sectors:

Agriculture: 75%

Industry: 18%

Services: 7%

Unemployment rate:3%

Population below poverty line: 29%

Number of soldiers: 9.600.000 in 960 legions

Number of possible soldiers: 14.420.000

Number of men available for military services: 46.000.000


But, few days after leaving the Isla Palma, huge hurricane struck this area. Hundreds of ships were in danger.

The wind, massive waves, and omnipresent fear was great threat to the journey. The storm was terrible.


Many ships sunk that week, many men died that week, but journey to the new world, fortunately, continued

without fatal problems. And ships sailed further, further, and further...


Set Sail!

Year 305. Antonius Flavius Caesar died peacefully...


He was truly one of the greatest men in the roman history. He truly changed the history,

and will be memored for ages. He was buried just near his magnificent statue, on the Mount Optimia.


But, his death didn't change everyday life in the Roman Empire. His heir Primus Augustus was just

noble and wise man, who will lead The Roman Empire to its Golden age...

This time, hundreds of ships in the Atlantica City harbor were preparing for the greatest quest

in the roman history. The Quest to the new world. Led by the Primus Caesar, one nice day, the

ships started their sail to the wild, faraway west.


After few weeks later, the polaris star finally disappeared, star signs were truly another, climate

begun to be much more warm. The romans were now much more south than expected Terran Rim. And it was

finally proven - world is probably round. And, they reached first land after many weeks.

It was small island, with many species of unknown palms, plants and animals. It was named Isla Palma.

It was land unknown to roman explorers, but they found there also settlement.

Roman settlement. But, according to the letters found there, all of its inhabitants returned back to

the Atlantis. Or they died in the deadly sea storm.




And, after short presence there, they finally set sail, and started the journey to the New World...



The Imperial Market

Year 300. Very exceptional date for whole Empire.


The Imperial market, as said before, was very exceptional festival. But nobody expected this amount of visitors.

More than 350.000 citizens, about one third of whole population of Optimia was present there at one moment.

One of the main centers of market was located just near the Optimian university, on the Quintus Scipio's square.


Men and women from whole empire traded there tons of very rare goods. Together visited market more than one million



Another part of market can be seen there, just near Trajan's colonade.


Most of Optimia's squares were crowded by market stalls and citizens, Athena's square make no exception.


Finally, there can be seen greater overview on the one of the parts of the market.



The rock city

Let's look on one of the greatest natural wonders in the whole Roman Empire. The rock city. It is located

approximately 280 kilometers to the north from Optimia, and it is very popular among inhabitants of whole empire,

being one of the largest rock cities in the world. It is known for huge hoodoos, beautiful rocks and rock

formations, and fascinating, rare flora.


The path leads us through canyon to the large forest located in the center of the rock city, what is located

further to the north.


The river there is not so big, but it is the same river what is flowing near the Optimia, and is about one

hundred times larger. The forest is most dense there, and in the other parts of the rock city are beginnine massive

fields of eroded, mostly sandstone, rocks.


Forest finally ends and first groups of sandstone rocks can be seen.


Just near the forest is also located very famous rock formation, called rock slug. It is one of the three arches

located in the park.


Finally, in the further north area of the park the vegetation is becoming more scattered among the rock formations, and

typical semi-desert areas are there. There also rock fields gradually end, replaced by typical anatolian vegetation and

land. The rock city is undoubtely one of the most impressive things what you can find near The Optimia Magna.



Year 293.


The floods were enormous. Optimia was not really affected, and another cities too. But in Alexandria... World known great

lighthouse was enormously damaged. Water was 30 feet higher than in the normal conditions. Fortunately, it was not destroyed,

and ships can sail to Alexandria without some special problems.


The temples and gardens further to the Alexandria inlands were not unaffected. Huge floods hit them too. Thousands of old or young

inhabitants of Alexandria drowned in their own homes. Something really terrible...


Terra palmis was this time very near the Hurricane, but floods there were only mild, and nobody was harmed, But still, water

surface was more than 3 feet higher than in the normal conditions. Buildings were not damaged, but one small wooden boat crashed,

and small ships were able to sail through streets close to the ocean.


Also, the small desert settlement grown. Grown to the large city. With hundreds of inhabitants, it had now minor marked, temples, and many

other things. It was now called Desneum.


Fortunately, Desneum was founded in the large desert oasis, with many palms and medium lake, what made it independand from

another water sources much more difficult to get. City was now very influential, and second largest in the whole Terra Palmis,

where the Atlantica city had about 80.000 inhabitants.


And in the Grand Atlantica city, very important discovery was made. It was not new land, or new invention. The small library of the city

was the place, where was hidden thing, what will change Roman empire once and for all...


It was map. There was Europe and Africa, known continents. Terra Palmis was there too. It was clear. it was really Atlantis. But only

tiny part of it remained untouched. Only tiny part survived. But there were also two surprising continents on the west. Large as Africa,

two lands known to the past inhabitants of Atlantis. Two huge landmasses to conquer for the honor of Rome. The Quest to unknown lands

may start everytime, bu they were unknown, and far, far away...


But the quest will not start soon. Technologies and empire must advance, and this journey is now unthinkable, but after years... Who knows?...


Mission to China


Year 289. Romans are now sending diplomatic mission to China.


The diplomats came from imperial academy of diplomats, located in the canal city and surrounded by beautiful parks.It is new building, built in year 281.


In year 290, diplomats protected by a couple of soldiers leaved Persia. For safety reasons, they passed through massive mountains. Through massive forests, what are home to hundreds of herds of wild animals.


After days of march, they reached small temple located on the huge mountains. Monks there were friendly, and they stayed there for a couple of days. Temple was surrounded by huge boulders.


Finally, they came to the Chinese capital, without name. It changed. It was now full of flower gardens and parks. They have been unnoticed by inhabitants, as something normal.


Chinese palaces burned in enormous fire, caused by romans when they left China...


... but they were rebuilded. Maybe smaller than before, but more beautiful, even with hundreds of acres of beautiful gardens.


And they find something very surprising. The wise man from the small chinese village - was now a chinese emperor. Emperor with fair hand, someone who was not despotic, like many emperors before. Romans now didn't have a reason to attack China. The peace between rome and China will last many years...


Greetings, noble man. Before many years, very similar men came to our village. But after that, they started a big war, outside of China. Many villagers went there, and don't returned.


Sorry emperor, but war without dead men don't exist. We only wanted to rescue you from the despotic emperor.


I remember... I know that our army was very near persia, and it was dangerous for you. After Wu came much more despotic emperor, the Tai'cu IV. He was much worse. He was sentencing people to death, when they looked at him. But this war could be finished without so many dead men on the both sides.


But, how did you become emperor? Before 15 years you was only village chief.


Yes, yes. Old emperor was killed in a civil revolt. And luckily, I was there. And they simply chosed me, I don't know why, but they named me emperor. They probably knew that I will be not like the others. But after times, I think that I am not really a wise man. Why do you came there?


Sorry for this war. Nobody wanted this. We want peace. Peace that will last for centuries.


If you want, you now have peace for ever. But who knows, what will happen when I will die. The emperor who will come after me can be despotic, and any treaty will be nothing for him. But when I will live, any chinese will not be hostile against you. Goodbye noble man, and may you will return safely.


Thank you, emperor. We will go. Goodbye, maybe for ever.

And the roman diplomats leaved the city, and China. The Romans were now safe, and the China and Rome had finally good relations with each other. And Rome will not meet China soon again...


Year 288. And Persia is in danger.


Orathvon, now Persian capital was enormously upgraded. New palaces, new buildings... It was now three times larger.

orathvon.pngAlso, as mentioned before, large wall site has been build recently there too, surrounded by huge boulders.

orathvon2.pngBut Chinese army was close. And one nice day, they finally came there and besieged the city.


Also, huge chinese camp(or fort) was built near the city.


Persians had very good defence. They shot thousands of arrows, they had also roman cannons. But Chinese were strong too. And, two weeks after besieging, was huge fire started in the central part of Orathvon.


And because Persians were not ready for attack, they had very small food stocks. The Chinese army was strong, and the walls were damaged on several places. But finally, roman army came, and they made traps in the nearby canyon. When the enemies will come, they will be crushed by huge boulders.


At first, roman army attacked on the Chinese camp, and burned it. More than 10.000 chinese soldiers died.

romanscamp.pngAfter that, they escaped to the canyon. And chinese army chased them. Another small army attacked then enemy from the backwards. Chinese army was now stuck in canyon. And romans defeated them there, using massive boulders, and thousands of cannonballs and spears.

massacrem.pngThis battle was very important for whole empire. Chinese forces escaped back to China, and empire was rescued. And finally, a peace came. Peace, what will last for many years...


Year 286.


Romans were now protected by Persian army. But stop for a while with a story advancing, and take a small tour through roman empire...

The Rome is a capital of whole empire, with more than one million inhabitants. It is becoming less and less important, because Optimia will be soon larger city. The main square with part of forum is on the picture.

romea.pngThe Alexandria is a well known third largest city of the empire, with massive lighthouse and largest port in the whole empire.

alexandria.pngCapital of Terra Palmis province, the Atlantica city is a incredibly modern city, with beautiful huge buildings made from very hard stone.

atlanticacity.pngAnd finally, on the northest part of empire, the Ireland province is home to huge barbarian comunity, living still in traditional villages, straight near ancient stone walls and foundations.

britain.pngSo back to Optimia. Recently, huge new luxury parks have been built near university. Parks are full of flowers from exotic destinations and statues, made by famous artists. The new parks have now crushing popularity among students and whole Optimia too.


Also, a small plantation of rare flowers, and also small butterfly farm has been built there. More than 40 species of flowers grow there, and they are shipped to the whole empire. Beautiful topiaries grown there, in shape of elephants and another exotic animals.


In the parks also are magnificent and beautiful statues, created by greatest sculptors of the university.


And finally, the grand overwiew of the parks.



The Clash of Cultures part I


Year 283. Any diplomatic negotiations with China were unsuccesfull and great war is beginning.


And it started. Massive roman armies crushed small chinese patrols near Persia and continued to the east. Through deserts of Persia, jungles of India. After weeks of march, they finally reached mountain valley near first chinese villages. Entrance to the China. The huge Chinese army was very near...


Chinese army was massive too.

Even larger than the whole roman army. Chinese governors were now generals, and imperial chinese general became new emperor. The old emperor caught flu in Optimia and died. Army was without cannons, and it was not really organized as well, but every soldier was trained and equipped by advanced weaponry. Every soldier from whole chinese army...


...counting 600.000 soldiers


Roman army finally reached chinese army, and chinese army finally reached roman army. They were now ready to attack...


The Chinese army started to march. Roman army too. Both armies were very close, when general Primus fired his hand cannon the first time, and started the attack. The fight beginned.


And the cannon was fired the first time. But it was broken, and cannon ball hit the first line of roman soldiers.


The war continued and continued, and nobody was still winning.


In the next part of battle, chinese army was close to victory, because they destroyed many of roman cannons. Casualties were enormous on the both sides.


Finally, the chinese soldiers pushed roman army back to the west. Romans were defeated, but china had massive losses too. From 470.000 roman soldiers deployed died 115.000 of them, and 180.000 soldiers were wounded.From 620.000 chinese soldiers deployed died 190.000, and only 14.000 was wounded, because when wounded they often lit all their gunpowder and exploded in the middle of a couple of soldiers, and killed them.This battle was largest battle ever in the whole history of roman empire. And romans were now ready for revenge...




Rebuild of Forum

Year 281. Chinese guards were following romans to the Persia. They now know, where is Roman Empire, and their emperor...
The Old Forum in Optimia was now very old, built in year 212, in much older architectonical style. Statues, buildings, and walls were damaged by storms, wind, and eroded by rain too. Golden roads were damaged by people what wanted to be rich and scratched it out.
And, with help of more than 40.000.000 sestercii (
$), construction of new forum started. First, they completely demolished central part of forum, with many towers, and built there grand park site.
forum1ba.pngBut there were much more changes. Forum was almost completely rebuilded, and it was now more than two times larger than before. Many of gold covered roads were replaced by precious marble, and also huge new senate building was built there.
forum3a.pngAnd the new precious forum was now located under the peak of Mt.Optimia.
forum2k.pngThis time, about 20 miles away from Optimia was grouping massive roman army. More than 150.000 men in 12 legions were only part of whole roman attack force. Together it had more than 450.000 soldiers. 450.000 soldiers what will attack soon China. China was not as Germania. It was very advanced civilization, they had gunpowder based weapons, and maybe more soldiers than Romans. 150.000 soldiers were now on the flat plains near Optimia, near some river.army1.png
And the army was much larger...
army2.pngAnd In year 282, massive roman army leaved the Persia, and started it´s march to the empire of the East...


Far East II


Year 276. And romans marched and marched...


After four weeks, they finally find signs of advanced civilization. Paved roads, surrounded by strange flora and small settlements.


And finally, they found a city. Magnificent city, maybe larger than Alexandria. It was center of advanced civilization in the east. Chinese capital without name.

towniea.pngEventually they came to much larger part of city, densely inhabited, with buildings much larger, maybe larger as these in Optimia. Roads were brick, not stone. The city was starting to be much more luxurious, huge mansions surrounded by lakes, and the Emperor´s palace was close.



And they finally entered area of palace of Emperor Wu. Magnificent golden roofs, palace was much larger than Forum in Optimia.


And there they met Emperor Wu himself. In the luxurioust chamber in palace, surrounded by emperor´s palace guard. Primus and 300 military officers entered palace.


romanface.pngGreetings Emperor Wu of China. I am Primus, general of Roman empire, located on the very west, further than Persia.

eperorface.pngYou lie. Nothing exist on the west. Only mountains as high as sky, and behind them is Earth Gorge. If one falls there, he will fall for eternity.

romanface.pngWe thinked same thing, but we are there. Do you been near the rim?

eperorface.pngWhy? I am Emperor, I know everything!

romanface.pngNo! Only One God knows everything!

eperorface.pngOne god don´t exist. There are myriades of gods, gods of plains, gods of rocks, gods of palaces, and my personal god too.

romanface.pngI can show you, that our empire exist. Terran rim don´t exist. Earth is sphere-shaped.

eperorface.pngNo! I will be there. And I know that you are demons what want to kill me! Guards, catch and kill them!

romanface.pngFight, soldiers! Open doors, reinforcements will come! And you, emperor, you will be now our prisoner. Your nation don´t deserve to be ruled by despotic dictator!

eperorface.pngNo! Help, Help! I made a mistake, sorry, help!

romanface.pngMistakes like that can´t be easily forgiven. Take him! We must free this country! And maybe conquer it for the glory of empire! It will be ruled by emperor with fair and strong hand, Antonius the Great!

After that, romans started a fire in palace, and leaved the city with emperor Wu. They were returning back to the roman empire. with tons of silk and vases, and one prisoner too ...


Far East


Year 275. Great mission to the east is starting.


Fire was enormous. But romans were now trying to get further than India. Two legions and thousands of explorers started their voyage to the Far East. Thousands of soldiers leaved Optimia in january 275. They crossed Persia in july and India in december. They marched every day, through storms, woods, grasslands and mountains...


After months, they reached massive mountains. They crossed them, but hundreds of them died. Finally, they entered a huge valley with a river and big trees.

riveru.pngBut it was not as good that it seemed. They found huge canyon. It was very long, but fortunately there was small bridge built by some culture. They crossed it without problems. It was built recently. They were close to the culture, where the merchants were from.

brydge.pngAnd in april 276, they finally found distant culture, where was spoken in strange languages, and where people looked different. They found small village, but they don´t understand nothing from the language of natives. They also wrote in strange alphabet, with hundreds of strange letters.

villageg.pngBut native people were very friendly, and they showed way to bigger settlements. And after some weeks, they finally found a city of the distant culture. Architecture was very strange, and everything was build from wood, no stone, no brick.

cityfq.pngCity was not big, but beautiful. Temples to unknown entities were built just near deep gorges.

city2q.pngAnd they found there also three roman men. They went with explorers, to find more and more silk, but they stayed in city because they were simply amazed by this eastern culture. They were able to speak latin, so, first contact with distant culture started.


Who are you, white man?


I am Primus. Primus from Roman empire.


And we are from Guan´xi. We heard about rome. From these white men, what came with us from Persia.


They are roman. Me too. We are coming in peace. We want to know, where is your capital.


It is far, far away. You must go to the east, about five months. You will come to our kingdom. It is impressive, golden roofs, majestatic palaces. There lives emperor Wu.


Thank you, man. We will march now! Goodbye.

And roman explorers leaved the town, and went further to the east...


The New Acropolis

Year 275. Roman explorers found something interesting in the east.
The Optimia was living another, pleasant day, sun was shining on the Acropolis, but there was something wrong. Majestatic statue of Scipio was standing above the city, columns and gold-covered roads were more shiny than anytime before.
And there was really something wrong. Huge storm, maybe minor hurricane was heading straight to Optimia. People were hidden in their safe homes. But lighting don´t hit them. It the acropolis.
tonewentry.pngThe constructions of buildings were wooden, and wood was dried, because of long lasting hot weather. It burns after less than hour. Fire brigades were hopeless, because they were this time at plebeian district. Acropolis was destroyed.
12723902.pngBut it was not very bad. Acropolis was very old, and it would be rebuilded instead. Thousands of builders started to work, and the final Acropolis was impressive. Huge temple was built there, and Scipio´s statue was rebuilt too. Acropolis was more impressive than anytime before.
97339538.pngAnd the Scipio´s statue was looking down on the city again...
So, after many weeks, I can finally present... The map of Optimia! Although photoshopped too :-D


Year 272


And this time was starting the massive colonisation of Terra Palmis. Hundreds of ships with thousands of sailors, men and women, and also the children, were heading to the Terra Palmis, to colonise it. The sea was peaceful, and without and big storms, but still with some good wind.

shippa1.pngTerra Palmis was very near. But on Terra Palmis the settlers found something impressive. The new district of Atlantica city, strangely located more than 15 miles to the west. Was it another city, or not? Romans colonised and repaired it. This city was brick paved, instead of sandsone, so it was supposed that it was really another city, maybe built in another time period.

atlantica1.pngRomans started to build new, big harbor there, for all these ships what sailed where, But it was full after one week. So Romans built many and many harbors through whole Atlantica land shore. Terra Palmis was prospering and thriving province, with more than 90.000 inhabitants.

atlantica2.pngAfter some time, the forests on the north of city were replaced by farm fields very fast, because Terra Palmis was shown very fertile. Many square kilometers of forest were replaced by wheat and corn fields, and some exotic fruit fields too.



Also, many exotic fruits with strange shape and color started to be used in the richest patrician feasts as most expensive food there.


The small, not important camp in deserts eventually grew to a thriving desert village. Walls were rebuilt, and a road was built there too. It was now called Campus Palmis.



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