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  1. RHW4 Toll Booth

    Great work ;) I definitely can use this!
  2. The Büdchen

    Really nice work, i'm sure it will look great in town centre :)
  3. 4 Euro Cities

    Nice map, looks really interesting ;) I'll try it out.
  4. Great work. I really love them :)
  5. ALDI Market

    Version 1


    This is my first BAT released. It is a typical ALDI market which can be found in many german cities, so the BAT should fit into every european city. The BAT comes with a CS$ 4x4 growable and a 4x4 ploppable version. Dependencies: There should be no unusual dependencies, but probably BSC Textures Vol 1. If there are any problems let me know. I hope you enjoy it