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  1. Thanks Magneto I may just leave it alone rather than make it any more difficult
  2. If anyone could answer I would greatly appreciate it. Id like to increase the size of a custom downloaded map that is only 3.5 by 3.5 large city tiles in size but Im unsure whether it will render correctly. Maybe this is something the teraformer or mapper would be good for? Ive searched around the site but could dig anything up on this topic. Thank you in advance for any advice!
  3. Andreica || Update 6 || Aura Again

    Wonderful! I agree on not making this a Metro area, I can see it growing up into a small coastal "village" with a touristy kinda feel. I like the practical use of the land inside the interchange with the water tower.
  4. Redwood Island: A city of red trees and red bricks

    Well you sure know how to get me hooked!! I will be checking for updates everytime I log in for this CJ.
  5. Andreica || Update 6 || Aura Again

    Amazing and insperational Everything looks so seamless and tied together Congrats on a job well done, hope your putting more together to share!!!
  6. My SC4 CJ Scrapbook | Important update and news!

    Beautiful job, everything thing just looks so great together and so neatly assembled Would love to see this tile filled in some more
  7. 1880 Census – Epilogue

    Incredible work!! I love the animation pictures, very unique.
  8. Brook Haven District

    Amazing work!! The pics are good but the neighborhood stories and descriptions with them make the whole presentation enjoyable. Would like to see a couple pics zoomed out a little myself though. Great CJ here and I look forward to watching your region grow!
  9. Northern Hope - The Suburban Dream

    So jealous that you make it all look so easy!! Amazing work love your attention to every last detail. One of those players whos download file I'd like to "copy and paste" and i sure would like to be able to play with citys like yours
  10. Franklin Notch

    Wow rewright you have been busy with the updates, time goes by so quickly. The area is coming together very nicely and growth is occuring so effortlessly! Franklin Notch is moving right along very strongly keep it up!
  11. Franklin Notch

    I got called back to work recently so this time I missed a few updates. The shot of downtown has got to be my favorite so far, it looks just like the downtown of a few cities close to me. So dang realistic, are you sure these are screen shots . Your region is growing so efficient and smoothly, it all looks so incredible. If you do put some kind of footpath between those softball feilds Id like to see it if you could please? Keep up the superb work, I'll keep coming back!!!!!!!
  12. River Valley Project - RVP

    The level of detail and realism in your CJ never ever ceases to amaze me!! I got you on top of my list and use this CJ as inspiration. Keep it up norby
  13. Deerfoot Trail

    Awesome update, the split highway is an interesting idea and it looks great. I hope they can figure something out to help eleviate congestion for commuters sake at least. Hope to see more of Red River soon!
  14. Stone Creek

    Another nice update with a cool mosaic, I love the trip across the water in that one. I like your commercial areas too they look nice. Suburb look is workin pretty good and the coastline looks awesome as well, keep up the amazing work.
  15. New Gelderland

    No problem on that link I know I would have a hard time telling someone where I got something as well. Cool update with the power plant looks so incredibly real. Victoria seems to be coming along nicely. Untill next time happy building.