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Halifax County

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One-way Ticket

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Hot Chocolate: Thanks for commenting! You could try using GIMP, it’s very much like Photoshop.

Tigeria: Thanks for commenting! Indeed, personally, I could never survive such a winter.

TekindusT: Thanks for commenting! Glad you like the railroads, there is certainly more of that to come! Also, I think its interesting viewing snow-like photos when the weather outside is much different.

Detective Stan: Thanks for commenting!

R0ger: Thanks for commenting! The street layout is classic of my CJ, so glad you like it!

ImVhOzzi: Thanks for commenting!

Jamonbread: Thanks for commenting! Indeed, SimCity falls a bit short with snow, so I had to supplement it myself in order to achieve something that looked actually snowy.

Area49: Thanks for commenting! Good suggestion too!

K50dude: Thanks for commenting!

Zulu2065: Thanks for commenting! You’ll see how he gets home momentarily, too!

Schulmanator: Thanks for dropping by!

Baliam12: Thanks for stopping by!

_marsh_: Thanks for commenting! Haha, well, you can always do the sandstorm effect.


After some deliberation, the townsfolk were nice enough to give Tom enough money for a one-way plane ticket to anywhere on North America- provided he do enough errands and chores for the town in return. Soon enough, Tom found enough money and somehow got onto another train headed south.


The train wound its way through forests, descending from the mountain top towards a valley. As the train got the valley, it had to cross a large river.


The Bridge was quite nice, and Tom recognized that the style was popular with French Viaducts.


As the train crossed the bridge, it headed back up, towards a plateau. Soon, the train made a stop at a small airport, ‘Halifax Regional Airport’. Inside, Tom found a direct commuter flight to his home city, and booked the next flight.

In a few hours, Tom was headed out to a small one-prop driven plane.


Once everyone was boarded, the plane headed to the end of the runway…


And, as it was given the all-clear, the plane took off


The runway was amazing! It sloped down and was extremely short. Planes taking off would sometimes dip below the mountaintops before resurfacing, which would always scare Air Traffic Control. Tom’s plane was soon up in the air, and Tom was heading away from all his adventures in Halifax County.

However, Tom was headed to his home, Tehachapi.


Thank you everyone who has read, enjoyed, and commented on this CJ! I feel that it has been the more successful of the two I have, and i'm terribly sad to see it end. However, I have exhausted the small Halifax County, and must move on to bigger things. So once again, thanks everyone, and I hope you all thoroughly enjoyed reading about the adventures of Tom! Don't worry, i'll be starting my new CJ very soon.

At this point, I'll take any requests for me to make any sort of thing in Halifax County, as it is now my 'rural experiemental' region. Anything from a lone well-taken photo for a background to a larger tutorial, or some sort of banner for you guys. If you ask, i'll try my best to complete. So, there will still be updates, but the main storyline of the CJ has officially ended.

I look forward to seeing you all in my new CJ!

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Its all over?  Oh well. Great last update! Did you get the sloped airstrip idea from that airport in the alps or the one in Tibet?
 They are both very interesting. Great journal while it lasted and hopefully we will see more soon!


P.S. This picture expresses my feelings for the journals end.

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It's (always) sad to hear that a CJ is coming to an end, specially when it is a great one like yours. I just can't wait to see your new region and new CJ. Will it be rural styled or you'll be experimenting with some other concepts?

And I agree with hotChocolate and the others, I'd like very much to see a region-wide shot...

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Great railway system in Halifax County! It really is a shame to see such a great CJ end! I, too request the region view to show us how far Tom had trekked! This CJ is definately ending on a high!

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I would also love to see a region view. This was a fantastic marvelous adventure! So please show us that last thing it would be great. :)

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I am sad to see this one end but I feel certain you will be back with something as awesome, or, perhaps, even awesomer before long. Thanks for the great work :D

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