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About this City Journal

This is the story of the city of Whitevale. From the first day it was founded, to the very end.

Entries in this City Journal


Good News?

Hello people!

I have some good news. I found a backup folder of the Whitevale region on an old DVD hiding deep in the darkness of one of my drawers in my room. The only problem is, the folder is outdated about 4 or 5 months... So I would have to rebuild tons of stuff which will take some time. If I ever have the time, I might do it, but I have already started a new region and I am going to stick mostly to that for some time.

Here is a picture of the region in it's current state. It has about 7,000 people which is about a third of the size it was at the time my PC died.



The End

I regret to inform you that this city journal is officially over.

The reason I am ending this CJ is because my computer got infected by a virus and I had to restore it.

I lost all my plugins, my regions, everything! A year of work down the drain. I tried different data recovery programs but none worked. I was only able to recover a few old pictures of Whitevale. The chances of me recovering Whitevale are very slim.

The good news is that I am now thinking of maybe restarting Whitevale but it will be the modern version of it and not a natural growth CJ. Please leave any suggestions of stuff I should download for Whitevale.

RIP - Whitevale

1889 - 1959


Thank you for commenting and suggesting ideas for my highway project!


The votes are in... the highway which was suggested the most was : The RHW-4!

After years of planning and debating, construction of Highway 12 began on June 4th 1955. The highway would take 4 years to complete and would open on January 15th 1959. But you're going to have to wait until the next chapter to see that. The highway stretches for a total of 1056 Kilometers.

The old White River Bridge is soon going to be demolished to make way to a new bridge once the highway is complete.


In this picture, you can see the construction of the overpass linking Main St. to the highway.


You can see here the entire construction site passing Whitevale and the airport.


The highway wasn't the only thing going on in Whitevale. In 1956, traffic was getting so contested on the old 2-lane road so an extra lane was added to North St. making it a 3-lane road. This helped lower congestion by more than 40%.


Also, the recently released NAM update changed the way the diagonal curves looked like. They look much better than the default Maxis ones.


In 1957, two of the oldest building in Whitevale were going to be demolished to make way for a new mid-rise office building.

You'll just have to wait to see that too! 9.gif


This is Whitevale at the end of 1957. The city now has a population of about 18,000 people.


One thing.

I'm sorry to say and I really don't want to offend anyone but I really don't like the new Simtropolis City Journals section. There a some features I like enjoy more than the old version but I prefer the old one better. Some of the problems with the new CJ section are : The side bar on the right side cuts out about 50 pixels from all pictures, I find the City Journals page to be quite disorganized compared to the old version and I really wish the description could be seen on your CJ box. As I said at the beginning, I do not want to offend any Simtropolis members. These are just some of my opinions and I hope some improvements can be made in the future.

Well, that's it for now.

Stay tuned for more about Whitevale!


simfreak1998 : Thank you! I really enjoy photoshoping stuff.

Baliam12 : Thanks! Too bad you couldn't see the best picture :(

DCMetro : Thank you! I usually aim for realism.

It has been quite some time since I made an update. Probably because I spent too much time playing Minecraft and Call of Duty on my new XBOX 360. But I have recently got back into my SC4 routine. So I should be making updates more often now.


As you may have seen, Whitevale has been growing very rapidly. As cities around the world began building highways in and around them in the 1950's to handle increasing traffic. Whitevale's mayor was thinking about constructing his own highway system around the city to decrease congestion in it's poorly designed main roads. He is debating between building a 2-lane highway and a 4-lane highway.

The 2 -lane concept costs a lot less and will take much less time to build, but will not be able to handle a large amount of traffic and would require upgrading at some point . The 4-lane concept is much more expansive, take a lot more time to build and will take up more space but will have a much larger capacity. This is the proposed route for the highway.

So This is where you come in!

Post in the comments what highway I should build and why.

You are free to disagree with the route I chose and tell me what I should change.

Keep in mind that Whitevale has about 11 500 people and is currenlty in the year 1957.

I will then build what the majority has chosen and feature it in my next update.

Let the debates begin!

Now, let's get back to what's happening in whitevale at the moment. In 1954, a new golf course was carved out of the ground just north the city. The course has 9 holes, and also a 9 hole mini-put course.


The addition of the golf course has caused many more tourists to come to Whitevale. which then caused more companies to come to Whitevale. One of those companies was McDonald's. Constructed in 1956 it is Whitevale first fast food restaurant and only the 23rd ever constructed at the time.


A few years after the construction of the McDonald's, many new building were rising in Whitevale's northern area.

People began to call it : The New DownTown. (Notice the texture glitch on the left building.) 


The entire main street was commercializing and city advisors were predicting the Whitevale would be seeing some mid-rise development by the mid 1960's and that the population would nearly double.


Whitevale was turning into an economic and industrial superpower. Hundreds of new high wealth houses were being constructed every year.

Like these fancy new houses near the golf course.


I actually won my first Trixie Tward! : Beebs Hidden Gem Award for this City Journal.

Anyways, that's about it for now.

Don't forget to comment and as always,

Stay tuned for more about Whitevale!




Well, I think the title says it all... So since were so close to Christmas, I thought  would make a Christmas update. This is what happened at Christmas time in 1953... Enjoy!

At the end of November, a huge tree was put up in the Central White Park. Then, every year at 12:00 AM, it is lit up with lights.


Also every year, a parade passed in the streets of Whitevale. Thousands of people buy lights and light up the night sky.


A few weeks later, only 2 days before Christmas as people were scrambling to get last minute difts, a massive snow storm struck Whitevale. It was one of the worst storms in the town's history. It rarely snows a lot in Whitevale so people were in for a surprise.


As the sun set that day and the storm calmed, the snowy ground could be seen. (Photoshop pwnage!!)


On Christmas morning people were happy while opening gifts, meeting with family and enjoying the Christmas spirit!


Now, for this particular update, I would like to know what you guys want for Christmas or what you got if you read this after Christmas. Post in the comments.

On new years, Whitevale always lights up the sky like the FOURTH OF JULY!!!! With lots of fireworks!


And that was my Christmas update. Don't forget to post what you want or what you got.

And remember, Christmas isn't only about gifts! 48.gif

Like Whitevale, my town (Shediac, NB) has been having some very bad weather lately. A huge storm cause lots of damage.

Here's a couple of videos.

The storm

" width="480" height="295" wmode="opaque">

The aftermath



Zulu2065 : I'm glad you liked the video! :)

lesgaz : Thanks. Me too.

Samerton : Thanks!

Reikhardt : Thank you!

Schulmanator : I'm glad you like my work!

Shaggy100 : The region is called Annecy. Just search it on the STEX and it should come up.

nate1245 : It won't be long until you see highways in Whitevale.

Thank you for commenting!

Today I have a very different update for you guys. I recently joined the COFR (Confederacy of Free Regions) and I thought I would talk about it.


The Confederacy of Free Regions (COFR) is an international organisation whose stated aims are facilitating cooperation between its member states or countries.

Check out the COFR website Here : http://cofr.darkbb.com/forum

In order to join the COFR, I had to make up my own country. So this is what I came up with. Iryllia!

As you can see, Iryllia is a pretty small county. Only about 1/4 of the size of Montana. It was founded in 1889 by Tim Plane the 12000th who also founded Whitevale and now has a population of about 730 000 people.


Whitevale is Iryllia's capital. (This CJ only covers the Whitevale and Burton area. Burton has yet to be seen.)


This is Whitevale's flag.


Coat of Arms.


I'm going to upload additional information  on Iryllia on the COFR website when I get the time.

Now back to the story.

Whitevale was turning into very productive city and not to be treated like a little town anymore. New government buildings had to be constructed. So in 1954, a new, modern style hospital was built and the old one was converted into Iryllia's parlement building. Whitevale's tallest tree is located in it's front yard.


This is the new hospital. It has a capacity of about 3,000 patients when the old hospital only had room for about 1,500.


I have plans for more large construction projects such as a highway system running through Iryllia. You will most likely see it at the end of the 1950's.

Well, that's it for now.

Stay tuned for a very special upcoming Christmas update.



Area49 : I already have an airport built but I might build some little grass airstrips around town. But thanks anyway. :)

_marsh_ : Thanks! That cheered me up a bit.

thefunktapus : Well, if it ain't broke, I guess I should fix it then. lol

Retep Molinari : Thanks alot!
supercity124 : Thanks for all those ideas! I already have some big plans for Whitevale so you might see some of yours in future updates.


Thanks for commenting!

Well, it's been a while since I have been around Simtropolis. Too busy playing Minecraft I guess. But I started playing SC4 again and now I have an other update for you! There's also a video at the end.


Ah! The 50's, the era of nice cars, neon lights, and the invention of fast food. But the 1950's didn't start off too well for Whitevale. One reason is because experts have found out that Whitevale's water is filled with harmful chemicals and bacteria. Chemicals such as potassium, nitrogen and ammonium nitrate have been found in the water. The experts believe that most of these chemicals came from fertilizer used in Whitevale's thousands of nearby farms. The consequences of thousands of people drinking this toxic water are hundreds of sick patients and 14 deaths.

After about a year of proposal and deliberation, in the summer of 1950, a new water treatment plant was built just outside Whitevale.


This graph shows water pollution levels decrease over a 2 year period after the treatment plant was completed. (Each frame = 6 months)


Also, a new, much larger hospital was built in Whitevale's downtown replacing it's older, smaller one. It was completed March 29th 1952.

The engineers who designed the building wanted it to have an older style to compliment Whitevale's historic downtown.


The old hospital was demolished and new shops opened on the lot.


A closer picture.


This is a picture of DownTown Whitevale in 1952.


In that same year, a park was built in the very spot that the founder of Whitevale, Tim Plane's house once stood. The lake in the middle represents exactly where Tim's house was built.


Right beside the park, a nice 3 story apartment was built. Special thanks to "spa" for providing the SC4 community with his amazing BATs!


An other park was built on Main Street in an ugly abandoned field near a White River.


In recent years, Whitevale's numerous industrial complexes have grown substantially. This one is located on the north-east side of Whitevale.


This is the industrial complex at the mouth of the Burton River. You can see many new warehouses and factories were built.


We end this update in the year of 1953. This is Whitevale in June of the same year.



Here's the video you've all been waiting for! This video is the first video I made featuring Whitevale. It's just me driving around town.

Here's a link for Youtube : 
%26hl=en%26fs=1%26rel=0%26ap=%2526fmt=18" width="480" height="295" wmode="opaque">


Schulmania : LOL! Thanks!

_marsh_ : Thank you.

simfreak1998 : Thanks!

DCMetro34 : Thanks DC!

tigeria : Thank you very much.

AngelOne : Glad you liked it.

Thank you for commenting!


I used the Halo font :)

We are now in the year 1946 in the Whitevale story and a town hall has been built. The town of Whitevale passed 6,500 people near the end of 1945 and people though the idea of building a town hall was long overdue. The town hall was completed in March, 1946.


John-Paul, Whitevale's new mayor though it was time the town had it's own flag. This was his vision.

The white flower represents that Whitevale is a town built on agriculture and industry, and that it is constantly growing. And the Black pointy thing in the middle represents Whitevale's power and wealth. And the Town of Whitevale sign just means that it's the Town of Whitevale. John-Paul also made up Whitevale's slogan : Ever Forward We Go.


Ever forward we go is exactly how to describe what Whitevale was is the 1940s. between 1945 and 1948, Whitevale's population went up 1300 people. Whitevale's first roundabout was built in this new neighborhood.


A softball field was built in the same neighborhood.


South of town, more houses were built over previous farmland.


An other subdivision was built north-west of town right next to the railroad tracks.


Speaking of railroad tracks, Whitevale's track system was getting overcrowded. To fix that problem, dual tracks were put down. Simple, isn't it?


Now, if we go to the downtown area, you will find that a few changes were made. A new 5 story building was constructed : The Edwards Building. The new structure had little shops on the first floor and offices on the top 4. You will see here exactly how it was constructed.


This is what Down Town Whitevale looked like after the new building was finished.


East of Down Town Whitevale, a new high school was constructed. The old elementary school simply couldn't handle all those kids. The new school could handled about 1200 kids. The school was named : Timothy Plane High School after Tim Plane the 12000th.


At this rate, Whitevale will become a thriving city in no time. This is Whitevale in December of 1949. It's current population is 7,962.


Well, that's it for now.

Please leave any suggestions. Because I feel my CJ is becoming a bit boring. I feel every update is the same as the last. So give me any ideas to make it better. :)

Anyways, Stay tuned for more about Whitevale.



_marsh_ : Thanks for commenting!

m_wilson : Thank you.

Area 49 : lol. Thanks, I put that for my "younger" viewers.

Adrianor : Thats a good idea, but I think I'll keep the current ads for now. You might see some new ones later in the story.

Schulmanator : Thank you.

nate1245 : Thanks!

simfreak1998 : Thank you.

Thank you for sacrificing 10 seconds of your life for commenting on my CJ. :D

I really appreciate the feedback.


As some of you may know, the last chapter in the story was loaded like a cat's litter box that hasn't been cleaned for 3 months of bad news. Terrible thinks were happening in Whitevale. But now, It's time for the good news. The town has been making good progress.

The Burton Peek Coal Mine had been cleaned up and started to be reconstructed. The foundations were being built for the new plant.


The engineers promised the build the new coal mine much safer. The underground coal transport system was being completely redesigned.


Some building were lucky enough to survive the explosion but some others, like the coal cleaning and processing unit weren't so lucky.


A few months after the disaster, enough funds were raised to build a park in memories of the coal mine workers who died in the explosion. The first step in constructing the park was to plug the White River. This gave Sam's Motel more parking room.


A few months later, the nicest park in town was completed.


But the park wasn't your conventional walking park. It had an underground tunnel that passed right under the cemetery. Inside the tunnel was a recreation of a coal mine with a museum in it. The museum had some tools and artifacts from the Burton Coal Mine. Here's a map.


The money leftover from building the park was put into building a monument in memories of Whitevale's former mayor and founder, Tim Plane the 12000th. A new mayor was elected shortly after. Tim's son John-Paul.


John-Paul was really effected by Tim's death, so he transported his old cabin to a lake about 15km away from Whitevale. He then would use it as a cottage.


John-Paul had built a nice little boat house just beside the beautiful lake he named, Lac A Timmy. John-Paul loved to go fishing in the lake. (This was inspired by a Lake I discovered in the woods near my house. I named it : Lac A Timmy. Wich means Timmy's Lake in french.)


One of the downsides of having a cottage in the middle of the woods is that you need a way to get there. So John-Paul carved a 2km path through the trees. It makes a nice little 45 minute walk. One problem John-Paul encountered was a river. So, he built a bridge. duh! He also built a little gazebo where he could take a break.


Now all that remains where Tim's old cabin was is a vacant lot that will soon be built on.


Tim's old garden is now dead and full of old bear poop.


Well, that's it for now.

Stay tuned for more about Whitevale.



BloodySoap : Thanks!

_marsh_ : Thanks marsh!

CTMandR : Thank you!

Reikhardt : Yeah, my sister thinks I'm mean for destroying all those farms. She has no clue what urban development is.

Guibanez : Thanks!

nate1245 : Glad you like my new banner!

Schumanator : Thanks man!

supercity124 : Those are great ideas. You might see some of them in the future updates.

elnote : Thanks.

Thanks you for commenting!

Please leave any suggestions or things I should improve.




This chapter features the worst day in Whitevale's history.

Viewer discretion is advised.





As you can see, a lot as been going on in Whitevale. Here you can see the explosion from a McDonnell Douglas DC-9 coming in to land.


Here you can see the processing plants burning.


Immediately after the explosion, more than 50 firemen responded to the fire. It took the firemen 32 hours to put out the fire.


This is what the Burton Peek Coal Mine looked like after the fire was put out. The fire burnt hundreds of surrounding trees and almost destroyed the entire mine.


Buildings burnt down by the fire.


As for the mayor, he was buried at the local cemetery. His grave is the largest one in the middle. May Tim Plane the 12000th rest in peace.

The town is still looking for a new mayor.


Tim Plane the 12000th

1862 - 1945

You may have noticed that the pictures are now in Black & White. This is just for a change, and I'm trying to make the picturedsfit the time of the city journal.

Well, that's it for now.

Stay tuned for more about whitevale!



Adrianor : Thanks! Yes, Tim is getting old. But You'll have to wait and see what happens.

JGellock : Thanks for an other nice comment!

peachpit580 : Thank you!

Schulmanator : Yes, I'm trying to make it as realistic as I can.

Samerton : Thank you for rating!

Area49 : I'm glad your enjoying my CJ!

BloodySoap : I can't wait either! Yeah, it makes me sad too that ST is slowing down.

SC4fanatic/slayer : Thanks you for rating!

supercity124 : lol. It's funny how people predict what I'm going to do next. I already started building the airport even before you commented. And I would build a seaport but Whitevale is built near a lake and there's no way out. :)

sloid : Thanks!


Thank you for commenting!


Even though the Industrial Revolution started in the late 1800s, Whitevale's industrial demand only began to skyrocket in the recent years. New companies and organizations were being founded in and around Whitevale. In early 1940, A huge coal patch was discovered deep in the Burton Peek Mountain. Many mining companies though they could profit from that coal. At the end of 1940, a coal mine was built right at the base of the mountain. Excavation started shortly after.


The Burton Peek Coal Mine employed more than 1200 workers. The coal was excavated underground and brought to the surface via an underground rail line. It was then processed and shipped to nearby power plants and other companies across North America.



The coal was processed in a nearby coal processing plant seen here.


After the coal was processed, it was transfered to the next building where it was stored and was loaded onto freight trains and transported all across North America.


The coal that wasn't being transported was stocked in a gigantic pile near the mine.


There were some disadvantages to the coal mine though. It was polluting everything around it and so trees began to die and nearby residents complained for difficulty breathing.


Environmentalists were getting concerned about this pollution so they drew a map of where the polluted air was traveling.

The Light represents low to medium level air pollution.

The Dark represents dangerously high pollution levels.


With all the complaints and warnings, the Burton Peek Coal Mine has yet to do anything to lower pollution levels.

With World War II on the rise, An airport was built a few kilometers away from the town at the beginning of 1942. The airport was built for both military and commercial use. It handled about 1500 passengers and hundreds of military aircraft everyday. The Airport was named Timmy P. Doiron Airport.


Tim P. Doiron Airport had 2 gates, a Flying club, an industrial port and military base. You see here all the available gates are filled with 2

McDonnell Douglas DC-6. The Whitevale Flying club uses 5 Cessna 150s. A U.S. Military plane can be seen getting ready to taxi.


Now, if we go back into the ever-growing Town of Whitevale, you will find yet an other farm land being destroyed by housing. This farmer had to move put of town because the town was expanding onto his farm.


Not even a year later, many new houses were built. Many farmers were angry at the town because too many farms were being destroyed.


In the years between 1940 and 1943, 4 two or more story residential buildings were built in Whitevale. Here is the newest one.


The Pascal Residents was the highest wealth residents in Whitevale at the time.


This is a picture of Whitevale in 1943 on a rainy summer day. Whitevale now a population of about 6500 people.


Well that's it for now!

So how do you guys like my new "Replies" Sign?

The Next Chapter in the Whitevale City Journal will be very interesting so don't miss it!

Stay tuned for more about Whitevale!


 JGellock : Wow, thanks! I think that was the best comment I've ever gotten.

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Thank you for your comments,

and feel free to ask any questions!


(Sorry about the stupid name. You'll see. )

Anyways... These past few years, Whitevale's Down Town area has been going through some major upgrades. New buildings were rising constantly and lots of new jobs were being created. In 1935, due to ever increasing traffic, 2 new traffic light sets as well as turning lanes were installed on the 2 busiest streets in Whitevale. (That's where the name came from.)


In 1937, a new post office was built in town. Hundreds of people can be seen celebrating the grand opening.


New buildings continued to rise all the time. These are the 2 newest buildings in Down Town Whitevale.

Left : North Valley Rail Services inc. Right : Marty's Market.


This is a view of Down Town Whitevale at the end of 1937.


As you've seen, Whitevale's downtown has been expanding a lot. But that's just one part of whats been happening in the soon-to-be city.

New residential areas where being built all around Whitevale.


Whitevale was expanding at such a high rate that it was running out of room to grow anymore. But a man named Ugene was kind enough to sell his land to the town for 3000 dollars. He then moved out of town and now owns a new farm.


Development started a few months later. A year after the construction began, a new neighborhood was complete.


Large companies across North America realized that Whitevale would be an ideal spot to build factories and plants because of it's increasing demand for jobs. Many new factories were built in recent years.


On August 19th 1939, Whitevale's 50th anniversary was celebrated with fireworks, music and 2 tons of cake.

(That's where the picture of the firework came from.)


This is a picture of Whitevale in 1939 as it reached a population of more that 5000 people.


Well That's it for now.

Stay tuned for more about whitevale.




Mithockey : Thank you! I dont think i'd wanna live in my city now cause SC4 didn't exist in the 1930s lol.

reaper88 : Thanks!

dave8000000 : Thank you!

nate1245 : Thanks! I will.

Treason04 : Thanks! It usually takes me hours to do only a little part of the city lol.

Thomaskrule : Thanks!

supercity124 : Thanks alot for the ideas! You might see some of that stuff in future updates. :)

Area49 : Well, I guess I was too lazy to think of a different name. But no these are 2 completely different cities.

_marsh_ : It's growing very fast indeed. :)

nate124 : The new update is happening right now. Sorry for the long wait.


 Thanks you guys for your comments!
Hi people! I am terribly sorry for the long delay in updates this summer. The reason I haven"t been around is because my computer crashed and I never really took the time to fix my computer. But now i'm back!

Today, I have a very large update to make up for the lost time. Enjoy!


The year is 1931. The town of Whitevale was doing very well. Growing extremely fast as usual. So fast in-fact, that commercial demand was higher than ever and new shops were being built in the downtown area. In 1931, 4 new buildings were added in Down Town Whitevale. 


In the spring months of 1932, a new subdivision was being developed southwest of town. New houses were being built on what used to be Keneth's old cow pasture. Keneth now lives about 5 kilometers outside of Whitevale. (See Chapter 2 for more about Keneth)


A few months later, a bran new subdivision was completed and residents were ready to move in.


Southeast of Whitevale, on the shore of Burton Lake. A new industrial complex was built to handle all the goods being imported and exported from Whitevale. The complex was built towards the end of 1932.


Here is a picture of a train heading west out of Whitevale.


North of the town, agriculture development was at an all time high. Here is a animated picture displaying the growth of farms from 1930 to 1936 around Whitevale. (This is my first ever animated GIF image. (It ain't the prettiest but it works.)


In the fall of 1935, disaster strikes in the farm land! A man named Rob was working around his horse farm when suddenly, his horses broke out of the barn and ran into the streets. Rob's friends came to help shortly after and managed to collect all the horses. Now Rob has installed better locks on the barn doors.


Tim Plane, the mayor of whitevale was looking to get out of the city life once and a while. So he built a cottage just on the south shore of the Silver Lake about 10 kilometers from Whitevale. 


Tim likes to take his hand made boat and paddle away to the nearby Heart Island he name himself because it is shaped like a heart.


A nice little canal was built at this cow farm to supply water from a nearby lake. (I used the new PEG SPIC canals.)



Now, the moment you've all been waiting for. Behold the Region View of Whitevale!


New updates will be coming shortly. Exept if my computer dies again.

I now have 6 entries wich means you can now rate my CJ.

Well, that's it for now! Stay tuned for more about Whitevale.




thepokemaniac : Thanks! This CJ is inspired from the small towns where I live to.

DCMetro34 : Thank you!

Jamonbread : LOL, I hate getting stuck behind slow traffic.

CTMandR : Thanks! Yes it is. :D

supercity124 : Thank you! You just gave me a few ideas! :)

Thank you for commenting!


Whitevale has been growing very fast for the last few years. It is growing so fast, that the nearby farmland has been destroyed to make room for residential zoning. The southwest part of town would be a perfect spot to build more residential houses. But, Keneth's old potato field was right in the way. But that was no problem for the mighty town of Whitevale. Destruction soon began.


A few months later, a bran spankin' new suburban area was built with still lots of room to expand.


In 1926, an other residential area was built just outside of Whitevale. You can clearly see that some pesky teenagers vandalized the tree.


Also that same year, a fish market was built wich attracted hundreds of people everyday.


In 1927, a nice big flat land was discovered about 10 miles west of Whitevale. With the town expanding at such a high rate and farms being destroyed for residential zoning, farmers needed more land to farm outside of Whitevale.


This is that same land 4 years later in 1931.


A new coal power plant was build in 1929 to supply power to the region.


This is Whitevale in 1931. If you look at the older updates, you can clearly see just how much Whitevale has grown.


This is a nice night shot of Whitevale while it's quiet residents sleep.


You may have noticed that most of the pictures are in widescreen format. This is because I hooked up my 22" TV to my computer. So now you will be able to see more of Whitevale! :) You may have also noticed that I've changed my CJ logo.

1 more update till you can rate my CJ! :D

Well, that's it for now!

Stay tuned for more about Whitevale!



Gazimu : Thanks!

Eldaldo : No, those are made by spa. Just search for "spa" in the STEX.

_marsh_ : Thanks!

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supercity125 : You'll just have to wait to find out. :)

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Mars250 : Thanks, but it's not too quiet when you have to volume full blast! :O

spursrule14 : Nah, there's no competition. Your CJ is just as good as mine. :)

cacks : Thanks!

Thank you for your comments!


This is what Whitevale looked like in 1816. It has changed quite a bit since.


It is 1918, a saw mill was constructed near Whitevale. This is a picture before they started cutting down trees.

The saw mill created many jobs for the people living in Whitevale. I used the rail FARR puzzle pieces for the first time in my life as you can see on the left of the picture. It was a moment I shall never forget.


Anyways, this is what the forest looks like a year after the saw mill was built. Please do not get mad at me if you hate deforestation.


Now let's go back to Whitevale. In 1919, The town was planning to build a new residential area in the southwest part of town. The only problem was that Keneth's pasture was in the way. So the town gave him 12 000$ to relocate. Keneth later built himself an other pasture.


Construction began as soon as Keneth moved. Keneth Street had just been completed. The street was named it after Keneth.



This is Keneth Street 3 years later in 1921. A few houses were built as well as a drive-in. The 1920 version of District 9 can be seen playing.


This is a night shot of the drive-in. District 9 is still playing.


In 1924, the old General Store was demolished to make way for new shops.


A different angle of Down Town Whitevale.


A few more shops were constructed around the Down Town area.


This is Whitevale in 1925.



And now, the moment you've all been waiting for!

The new Sim City 4 video!!

This video was filmed in my other region. (Echo Valley)

Click here to visit my Echo Valley CJhttp://www.simtropolis.com/cityjournals/?p=toc&id=1412


Well, that's it for now!

Stay tuned for more about Whitevale!




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Thanks you for your comments!


It is 1909, Tim Plane has build the first little shop in Whitevale. The shop is called the Whitevale General Store. A few houses were built shortly after.


2 years later, a water tower was built in Whitevale. More shops and houses have also been built in the recent years.


In 1913, New pavement road were built to replace the bumpy old dirt roads.


That same year, rail road tracks were laid down in Whitevale to transport goods to other towns and cities.


An other bridge was built over the river heading south.


Whitevale continued to grow rapidly after the rail road was put down. The town was beginning to take shape as more building were being built.


This is Down Town Whitevale in 1914.


As the years moved on, Tim built himself a bran new house in the town. People are seen celebrating outside.


This is Whitevale in 1916. The town has grown a lot since it's foundation in 1889.


Well, that's it for today! 

Stay tuned for more about Whitevale.

A new SimCity4 video will be featured on my next update and sould be on Youtube shortly.



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Thank you guys for all the comments! I really appreciate the feedback!

Now, to the update!


It is now 1899, 10 years after Tim Plane the 12000th has settled in Whitevale. 2 more people have built their homes in Whitevale. They enjoy living in Whitevale very much.


A few years later, in 1901, a man called Keneth came to Whitevale to build a pasture for his cows. Tim and his friends all helped to clear a path to the area where he wanted his pasture.


When Keneth finished building his farm, he built a house near the White River. And beside his house was his potato field.


A close up view of Keneth's cows.


Keneth and Tim both wanted to build a huge pasture where they could put their horses. This is their finished project.


Keneth and Tim's horses run freely in their big new pasture.ch6u.jpg

In 1903, Tim built a dirt road from north to south of Whitevale to accommodate with the increasing demand fro agriculture. He named the road, Route 777.


The new road made it easier for Tim to travel trough the village. It also made it easier for farmers to transport their good around town.


With the new road built, farmer started building their farms on it.


It wasn't long before Whitevale started looking like a real town.


With the increasing traffic on Route 777, Tim built the White River Bridge all by himself. The road led to towns all across the region.


This is a aerial picture of Whitevale in 1906.


Well, that's it for now! Do you guys think all these black & White pictures are getting annoying?

The pictures in this update were edited using the new Photoshop CS5.

Stay tuned for more about Whitevale!



It is 1889 and Mr. Tim Plane the 12000th has settled apon land he thought would be perfect to build a village.  Tim Plane was a very talented carpenter and could build pretty much everything. When he arrived from way across the region, he quickly began cutting down trees for wood to build a lodge that he would live in. He brought with him a few of his workers to help do the project.


Many hardworking days later, Tim and his workers finally finished the lodge. He moved in and started thinking of what he would do next.


Tim later grew a potato field near his house for food. He also had his own rifle so he could hunt animals who pass by.


Sometimes, Tim gets lucky and spots moose and deer running through his yard. Its then when Tim gets his rifle out and shoots a few deer to get some very good meat.


Tim also discovered a lake not far from his house where he could fish and just relax by the water. He called this lake, White Lake. Tim later built a bridge that goes over the White River. Here is a picture of Tim with his workers when they finished the bridge.


A few meters up the river, Tim once again built himself something special. He built a water mill where he could generate enough energy to play SimCity4 on his custom built 1889 special edition super quad-core computer.


Tim really enjoyed living in his little village. He later called his village, Whitevale! This is an overview of Whitevale.


This is just the beginning of the story but there's many more to come!

Stay tuned for many more about Whitevale!


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