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It's up to Tom to find his way in this Region which he was mysteriously dropped into.

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Region View


General Replies: But of course! How could I forget the region view? Thanks for the support everyone!

_marsh_: Indeed! I can't quite remember the name, but yes, I saw some photos of mountain-top runways, and I thought they looked very cool

TekindusT: I think I'll stick to more rural/natural concepts in this region, and leave the cityscapes and urban development to my other CJ, however, i'm open to new ideas here as well! All images are linked to their larger sizes, so feel free to click on them!


As promised, here's a region view! You'll notice how downright puny it is. There are three photos; First one is just a plain old region view, second one is with names that correspond to the updates, and the third is the path that Tom took on his adventures.




I'll be taking any requests now, and I think i'll be showing a couple more railroad viaduct shots, see how good I get with those. Until next time!


One-way Ticket


Hot Chocolate: Thanks for commenting! You could try using GIMP, it’s very much like Photoshop.

Tigeria: Thanks for commenting! Indeed, personally, I could never survive such a winter.

TekindusT: Thanks for commenting! Glad you like the railroads, there is certainly more of that to come! Also, I think its interesting viewing snow-like photos when the weather outside is much different.

Detective Stan: Thanks for commenting!

R0ger: Thanks for commenting! The street layout is classic of my CJ, so glad you like it!

ImVhOzzi: Thanks for commenting!

Jamonbread: Thanks for commenting! Indeed, SimCity falls a bit short with snow, so I had to supplement it myself in order to achieve something that looked actually snowy.

Area49: Thanks for commenting! Good suggestion too!

K50dude: Thanks for commenting!

Zulu2065: Thanks for commenting! You’ll see how he gets home momentarily, too!

Schulmanator: Thanks for dropping by!

Baliam12: Thanks for stopping by!

_marsh_: Thanks for commenting! Haha, well, you can always do the sandstorm effect.


After some deliberation, the townsfolk were nice enough to give Tom enough money for a one-way plane ticket to anywhere on North America- provided he do enough errands and chores for the town in return. Soon enough, Tom found enough money and somehow got onto another train headed south.


The train wound its way through forests, descending from the mountain top towards a valley. As the train got the valley, it had to cross a large river.


The Bridge was quite nice, and Tom recognized that the style was popular with French Viaducts.


As the train crossed the bridge, it headed back up, towards a plateau. Soon, the train made a stop at a small airport, ‘Halifax Regional Airport’. Inside, Tom found a direct commuter flight to his home city, and booked the next flight.

In a few hours, Tom was headed out to a small one-prop driven plane.


Once everyone was boarded, the plane headed to the end of the runway…


And, as it was given the all-clear, the plane took off


The runway was amazing! It sloped down and was extremely short. Planes taking off would sometimes dip below the mountaintops before resurfacing, which would always scare Air Traffic Control. Tom’s plane was soon up in the air, and Tom was heading away from all his adventures in Halifax County.

However, Tom was headed to his home, Tehachapi.


Thank you everyone who has read, enjoyed, and commented on this CJ! I feel that it has been the more successful of the two I have, and i'm terribly sad to see it end. However, I have exhausted the small Halifax County, and must move on to bigger things. So once again, thanks everyone, and I hope you all thoroughly enjoyed reading about the adventures of Tom! Don't worry, i'll be starting my new CJ very soon.

At this point, I'll take any requests for me to make any sort of thing in Halifax County, as it is now my 'rural experiemental' region. Anything from a lone well-taken photo for a background to a larger tutorial, or some sort of banner for you guys. If you ask, i'll try my best to complete. So, there will still be updates, but the main storyline of the CJ has officially ended.

I look forward to seeing you all in my new CJ!


Rock Springs snowstorm



TowerDude: Thanks for commenting!


Maraus: Thanks!


TekindusT: Haha, splendid Idea, I’ll have some green to contrast your grey.


HotChocolate: Thanks for commenting! By the way, Hot Cocoa is great, wakes me up in the morning


Samerton: Thanks for commenting!


JGellock: Wonderful! I’m a very big rail fan myself, so playing around with rails in SimCity is among my favorite things to do.


K50dude: I’ll try to make a wallpaper outta it, might become mine as well!


DCMetro34: Thanks for commenting!


Canadiansim: Thanks for commenting! The STR is an add-on to the NAM, and it can be found on the STEX or LEX.


ImVhOzzi: Thanks for commenting! I have, however Civil Engineering and Urban Planning are tops for me.


Zulu2065: Thanks for commenting!


Simcitymasterman: The BrookStone Region is sort of stuck in limbo, as far as I’m concerned. It was a small region to begin with, and it seems its maxed out its growth. So for the time being, I will not be showcasing any more of The BrookStone Region, as there is simply nothing else I can show about it. However, I am working on a brand-new region, which is much, much larger, so once I introduce that it will take over as my main CJ. Hopefully you will like the new one!




For this update, I’m going to experiment a little with snow (In the middle of August? How could you!) Since Tom has climbed to the top of a mountain, I felt it fitting to add a snow-capped town, and to try and use a little photoshopping skill. Unfortunately, I don’t think the snow came out great.


Tom dozed off in the train, and was harshly awoken by the train sounding that it had come to a stop. Tom glanced out the window, and was completely shocked.




Everything was snow-covered! There seemed to be a small snowstorm too.




The train stopped at the only station for the town, Tom walked out and saw the name “Rock Springs Station”, indicating that this was Rock Springs. It didn’t seem like the place had much going for it.




Rock Springs is a coal mine town, where about 95% of the population work at the local coal mine. Over time, and with no economical way to get rid of it, Coal tailings piled up, leaving the town with an unsightly pile of coal that turned all the surrounding snow black




The mining operation was immediately adjacent to the tailings pile, and had a few surrounding businesses. Much of the coal was shipped out by train, or used to power the town. Tom was getting cold, as snow was something unexpected for him, he started going towards a less industrial part of the town in hopes of finding a place to stay.




Tom passed by main street, there were hardly any shops, and a small church. Soon though, a local asked if Tom needed some help, and offered up a place to stay, which Tom gladly accepted.




The local explained that there was in fact a nearby airport, which could take Tom home. The airport was dead south of Rock Springs. Tom was ecstatic! He could finally make his way home, if he could find the money…


That’s all for this update! If you have any suggestions on how Tom could get an airline ticket home…do say!


Snow-tipped Mountains



ilikehotdogsalot: Thanks for commenting! Hope you check back later!


Aidcity4: Thanks for voting!


TowerDude: Haha, natural for the wealthy. Thanks for voting!


TekindusT: Thanks! Also, thanks for voting!


Schulmanator: Thanks for voting! Your right, both of those would make for a splendid addition


Samerton: Thanks! Also, thanks for voting!


88fordwayne: Thanks for voting! Seems like I’ve been using those farms well


sepen20: Haha, looks like I may have chosen a name that’s a little too common. Thanks for voting! He probably won’t get his car back, but theres always hope. Also, I never really thought of why Tom would’nt just go ask for the nearest airport or a bus ticket home, I suppose though if an explaination is needed that Halifax county is so small they don’t produce maps appropriate for tourists, and they all rely on their own knowledge of the area.


K50dude: Thanks for voting! I like the idea of a civic center too.


JGellock: Thanks! I wonder why Single-Track isn’t as popular, it seems so common in real life. As far as the lot goes, that’s part of a personal set I have for showing more American trains on sidings, and I’m afraid I don’t intend to release it, although with bothering I might.


In Other News: The residents of the town have decided on building a large public park! If there is any money left over, a small library might be built, or the local schools book selection expanded. The park will open as soon as the grass grows enough!




Tom decided that since he had little or no money, he might as well keep riding the train and hope that good will come out of it. Tom hopped on, took a seat, and waited to watch the scenery. Soon, the train started moving, and started ascending a hill, which gradually turned into a mountain.




Ascending the hill meant the train had to progress slowly, and take a lot of wide U-turns.




Many of the trees were brightly colored and looked very beautiful, and Tom saw a small radio antenna.




There were many small bridges and creeks too, and Tom noticed that the broad-leafed trees started to disappear




As the train came out of a small tunnel, Tom could see the peak, presumably where the train was headed.




On the peak was snow! Maybe there was a high-altitude town where Tom could see his way home…or maybe ask someone. Tom sat back for the long ride up the mountain.



That’s all for this update folks! Rather short, yes, however I am still progressing on my new CJ, getting the details filled in. Lets hope I can find time for another update soon!


Stuck up North



GeniusXL: Thanks for stopping by! Thanks for mentioning that, I probably took some bad quality photos when I was in level 6 zoom, and hopefully you’ll see a difference in the following update


Aidcity4: The first one, Wye Station by Ill Tonkso can be found Here.  The second one, SMP Small Dutch Train Station by thequiltedllama, can be found Here.


TekindusT: Thank you! And I thought I was just adding ‘variety’ in, hopefully updates continue to be as good!


K50dude: Thank you as well! Haha, those tracks caught my eye as well when I was taking the photos

Samerton: Thanks! Hopefully I can make my new CJ even better. It'll come out soon!




As the train kept going, the farms started to fade away to trees, and eventually pine trees. Tom almost fell asleep on the train, even though it was the middle of the day.




The region got more mountainous, and Tom could see that the train was traveling into a valley that was becoming narrower the farther it went




Tom thought how great the scenery was, even though he had been through many of these areas already. Tom also grew increasingly concerned over how far the train was going, and how he was going to get back to his car.




Soon though, farms starting appearing, it seemed as if the train was nearing civilization!




Many farms had their own windmills.




As the train kept going, more and more signs of civilization appeared, such as houses, bus stops, and even paved roads. A small patch of industry stuck out, it was in a bit of an awkward position.




Soon, the train was slowing down, much to Tom’s delight, it was pulling up to a station.




It was a small, rather nice Station. Tom stepped out and saw that out front read “Salome Central Station”. Apparently this town was called Salome. Tom started walking around some of the shops, hoping he could find someone to talk to or some sort of way back.




Off to the side there looked like a couple of trains that were about to head in the opposite direction. Unfortunately, they were freight trains. Finally, Tom managed to find a general store, and strike up a conversation with the clerk.


“Excuse me, I just got off a train here, and I was wondering how often trains pass through this town?” Tom asked.


“Well, about every week or so. However, they do stay for overnight.” The clerk responded “Say, whats your name?” he continued


“Oh! Tom, and you?”




“Nice to meet you Fred, say, is there a place I can stay for tonight?” Tom asked again


“Of course! Down the road a ways there’s a bed & breakfast, or you might want to try one of the farms. The farmers around here are awfully nice.” Fred said.


“Great, thank you! Also, I’d like this bottle of water…” At that point, Tom realized he had lost his wallet…possibly while running to catch a train. Fortunately, the clerk was understanding, and Tom walked away with a drink of water, feeling much better.




On his way out, Tom say that the city council had posted something on the wall of the general store…




This is where you can vote!


The ‘City’ of Salome has been wanting to attract wealthier residents, but it seems that any attempts up to this point have been unsuccessful. The building of a small clinic and schoolhouse has not helped significantly, and the volunteer fire brigade also does not seem to allure wealthier residents. So far, it seems that parks have done the most to attract them, yet there still is not a large wealthy population. Therefore, the city is proposing to improve the space outlined above. The choices are as follows:


A)    Create a large public park. Certainly this will attract high-wealth residents!


B)    Build a small police station on a corner. Wealthy residents like to feel safe


C)    Create commercial space only accessible by pedestrians. By attracting high-wealth businesses, certainly wealthy residents will follow


D)    Build a public library to compliment the small school across town.


Tom walked down to where the clerk had told him, and soon came across the bed & breakfast.




Tom stepped in, but remembered that he had lost his wallet, so he would have to choose a distinctly less comfortable place to sleep. He headed towards some farms he saw on the way up.



(Uh-oh, I spy renegade zones, they need to be developed, pronto!)

Eventually, Tom was able to find a nice spot to sleep, in the spare room of a barn of a corn field. As the sun set, Tom debated what he should do next…


It appears as if Tom has lost his wallet and is very far north…should he return to the train station and keep riding the train north the next day? Try and work for money to return south? Or should Tom try and catch a freight train going south? Or hitchhike?


That’s all for this update! See you all next time!


Coastline Express

I hope I haven't been forgotten! Hahaha


Ny24: Thanks for voting!


Paulobergonci: Thanks for voting! Glad you like my PEG-esque river


Texan: Thanks for voting!


Schulmanator: Haha, of course, life jackets come with the Kayak, theres even a kitty-sized jacket


Sepen20: Haha, so the decision becomes…Education or Health? I guess it’s hard to educate unhealthy citizens. Also, thanks for voting!


K50dude: Thanks for voting! That’s also a fantastic idea that I might just…if I could take it for a little while…


Retep Molinari: Thanks for voting! Schools change everything, man!


Newyorkcityrocks92: Thanks for voting!


Ibanoris: Thanks for voting!


TekindusT: Haha, I took up the NWM as soon as it came out! No delay there. Also, thanks! I believe the 5th pic is what I spent the most time on. Thanks for voting too!


_marsh_: Haha, a little work-around to the orthogonal roads. Also, thanks for voting! Looks like a lot of people support good education


Samerton: Good news, your lucky day has come!


In Other News: Isabel has decided that at K-12 school would best help out the community, and so, construction has begun on that very recently. Also, Tom decided to park his old car in a lot, and take a train northward. He intends to come back sometime for the car


Also, terribly sorry for no update in an awfully long time. However, I am working on a new region! Hopefully I can make my first post on that by the end of August. Anyway, hope you all like this update!




Tom looked through, and found that of the few hotels in Isabel, he could afford none of them! Thinking fast, Tom walked across the street to the train station, hoping that he could find a decently cheap place to stay in the next town.




The sun set quickly, and soon, Tom had got a $10 ticket to the next city north, a city named Coast, which, incidentally has a complete lack of coastline.




Tom had to hop off at the first stop in Coast. He caught a bus which had ‘Downtown’ on the front, and rode along till he saw bigger buildings. Unfortunately, it was close to midnight, so Tom couldn’t see anything in the distance.




Soon, the bus pulled up to Main st. and “The S” Hotel, which, as soon as Tom stepped inside, realized it would break his bank before he checked into his room. Tom jumped on another bus, and was off.




Soon, Tom came upon another hotel, the more modest ‘Modest’ Hotel. Tom rented a room, had a cereal bar, and took a long, restful sleep.




As Tom woke up, he looked outside, where the sun had come up! Tom took another look at his ticket and realized that it wasn’t supposed to “expire” for another day, so, why not take the train farther north? Fortunately, there was a nearby train station.




Tom got on the next train, and took a look out the window as the city of Coast went by him.




Coast was probably best-known for its freight yard and surrounding industrial district, which handles what few goods move through HalifaxCounty. Coast was certainly grittier than any other city in the County.




Tom passed by another train station farther north, but decided to keep going.




Soon, the homes gave way to farms, and there didn’t seem to be a train station in sight.




The farms continued, and Tom began to think how he would get back to his car…


That’s all for this time! The update isn't that good, I think. I've spent a lot of time on my new region i'm working on, and, I'll even give a couple teasers!


The Region is based in a Southern-California area, but only loosely, since I have buildings from around the US.


Unfortunately, I didn't want to reveal too much! so this is a stripped down image. Hopefully I can start up the new CJ soon!




k50dude: Haha, that is true, although maybe some leather for shoes. Anyway, thanks for voting!


TekindusT: Thanks! I half-think there should be more of a lake above the dam. Thanks for voting, too!


Daan300: Thanks for commenting & Voting! I think Tom will be pleasantly surprised when he tops the hill…


Jockyjack7: Thanks for voting!


Newyorkcityrocks92: Thanks for commenting and voting!


Schulmanator: I know, Tom might as well be going around in circles! Thanks for voting, too!


_marsh_: Haha, I think the reason why you haven’t commented in a while is because I haven’t posted in a while, so, no worries! Thanks for voting!


In Other News: An overwhelming majority have decided that Tom should take the hike, rooting him on!




As Tom ascended the hill, it got a little wider, and then split into two paths…probably for cars. Which was a good sign for Tom! Maybe he could find another truck, since his last one didn’t exactly do what it was supposed to




Eventually, the road smoothed out (if you can call it a road) and it was easier for Tom to walk on, although occasionally a pebble would pierce his shoes. Tom thought about how lame his shoes were.




After a while, Tom reached the apex of the mountain, where the road ended. There was a small log cabin, a small lake, and some houses. Tom decided that the log cabin looked least-abandoned, and decided to knock on the door.




When he knocked, a middle-aged man wearing a suit greeted him, which was a bit odd for Tom.

“Hi! My names Tedd, owner of this here shop! How can I help you?” Tedd said

“Hi, well, you see, I need to get down the mountain again, but not the side I came from…the other one, on the other side of the lake.” Tom replied

“Hm, sounds like you have a conundrum, my friend. Tell you what, I got a kayak right around the back. That lake over there leads to a river, which goes to town.”

“well…isn’t there a road?” Tom asked


“So, only the river, how did you guys get up here?”

“we drove around the mountain, takes a few days.” Tedd said

“Then…why not, I’ll take the kayak”

“great! Lets get you ready”


Soon enough, Tom was riding across the lake in a kayak, pretty well strapped down. He’ll need to be strapped in




Because just as Tom was getting comfortable, the falls out of the lake appeared in front of him! Looks like it’ll be a rough ride down. Tom took the plunge, got wet, almost capsized, and then around the corner he could see into the valley!




The entire valley floor was populated with farms, and around to the right there was a small town, which the river was headed right towards. Tom kept going along with the river, and passed even more farms.




One even had an old-time windmill!




Soon, Tom drifted into town, and had no use for his kayak anymore. He got out, ditched the Kayak, and walked towards the edge of town.




He walked past a group of people jumping around and making ‘whoosh’ noises at each other…probably LARPing, and proceeded across the street to the general store, where he had seen a truck. Apparently, the truck had a ‘For Sale’ sign on it. So Tom went in to ask




The general store and the stores around it were really run-down, but, Tom needed a ride. He went in, and greeted the old man behind the register. Turns out the truck was his, and he had just got a new one, so he was selling the old. Since Tom was a little strapped for cash, the cashier and him began to haggle over the price, which I won’t elaborate on, because there was a lot of “Well I won’t buy it unless its this much!” and “well I won’t sell it unless its this much!”. In the end though, Tom got his truck, and the cashier got his money.




Tom had a choice. He could either go North, or West. He asked around, and found out there was actually a larger city to the West, so he started driving that way. He passed even more farms along the way. These ones seemed new, since the trees that were supposed to surround them were still small




Soon enough, Tom was in the next city, and the road he was taking followed a small river…




…Which led to a lake,




With a rather nice beach! Tom debated going there for a bit, but decided against it, as the sun was getting lower along the horizon. Tom took the road that led up to the town




The area Tom drove into didn’t seem like a good one, and Tom proceeded cautiously




Even the partially sentient hovering camera didn’t stay too long, and had to take a blurry picture.




Everywhere there was trash too, along with all sorts of graffiti, Tom was thankful there wasn’t anything on fire or anyone standing nearby stop lights.




After a little harrowing drive, Tom reached a better part of town, and saw signs that said “IsabelTown Hall”. He started driving in that direction, and when he got there, parked his car and walked in.



(The town hall can be seen in the upper center of the above photo)


Thankfully, inside there was a wall of stuff about the city, including a map, major attractions, and places to eat and sleep. Tom looked up at the wall, debating what he should do next. While he was debating, he overheard a couple of workers talking about an upcoming proposition about the city…


This is where you can vote!


Isabel is a city that has been notoriously plagued for its bad districts, chronic fires, and repeated riots. The city is divided by railroad tracks into two halves: the ritzy side, and the industrial side. Now, City officials want to change that, but only have limited funds. They can do only one of the following:


A)    Construct a clinic on the industrial side for better public healthcare

B)    Build a police station to keep those rioters quiet

C)    Demolish all industry that is not up to ‘green’ pollution standards

D)    Create an all-in-one K-12 school for the other side.


As well, Tom needs to know


A)    Should Tom spend the night?

B)    The sun is setting, should Tom keep driving North?



Sorry this update came so late! I was virtually inundated with things to do, however, I worked enough on Halifax county to sustain another update, or so. Hope you all enjoy this!


Tom In Motion



crazysimfreak: Thanks for your comment!


TekindusT: Thanks for voting! I’m glad theres been a shocking turn in the story, I guess I really needed a business to support the town.


K50dude: Thanks for commenting! Also, thanks for voting, Frank’s a pretty cool cat


Daan300: Thanks for commenting!


Schulmanator: Thanks for voting! I bet with all the oil around renting a maserati is pretty common, as well as hillside drag races




Allright everyone, this update will be short, partly because Tom is traveling pretty far, and partly because I have so much going on in real life, that SimCity playing has just about stopped. Hope you like the next 10 photos!



So, Tom decided to stay the night at Frank’s house. He figured, tomorrow he could rent a car, provided his bank account wasn’t drained. Frank showed Tom to an elegant guest bedroom, complete with basic cable TV! Tom had dinner with Frank and his family, watched a little TV (for the first time in a while!) and had a restful sleep




The next morning, Tom woke up, had a hearty breakfast, bid goodbye to Frank, and started looking around for a place that rented, or sold, used cars. However, the more Tom looked, the fewer cars he saw.




Eventually, Tom gave up and went to a convenience store. The only thing for him to do now was proceed on foot. And that’s just what Tom did.




Soon, Tom had walked out of town, and was in a forested area, with nothing but the stream that he had been following for a while. Soon, however,





Tom came upon a dam! It seemed it was producing electricity too, and looked recently built. Tom stopped by a nearby shop to buy some water, and asked the clerk about it. The clerk told him that it was built just a year ago, and that the lake on both sides of the dam is a popular swimming spot for the locals. Tom got his water and continued going.




Tom also passed by another lake. Here, it seemed that water was drained into a central tower, the river probably continued under ground.




Soon, Tom was upon some farms. They were very nice, nestled into a valley that the road overlooked.




The farms continued, and as Tom descended, there were more populous.




Soon, Tom realized this was Fremont! He had trekked all this way to make a big circle! Tom was back at square two…literally. Tom visited another store, and asked if there was any other route out of Fremont, besides the ones he had taken. A local explained to him that there was a dirt path across the river, which was a pretty intense hike. Tom decided to try it out.




Tom crossed the river, and arrived on the other side. There were a few houses and one shop. Tom walked up the road a bit, and saw the dirt path.




The path was awfully steep, and Tom didn’t exactly have the right shoes. However, this was the only other way to go, who knows, it might lead to a big city.


This is where you can vote!


The proposition is rather simple, should Tom hike the path?


Once again, pardon me for the short and rather dull update. Next one will be better! Have a good rest of the week everyone! expect an update around 7 days from now, until next time!




scott1964: Thanks for voting! Hope you stick around!


Pipelad: Thanks for voting! Though…is the stop abandoned? Only time will tell!


K50dude: Haha! Very dark tunnel, I’m thinking about having Tom return there in the future. Thanks for voting too! That water should be delicious


TekindusT: Thanks for voting! I’m thinking about incorporating more farms into my rural areas


1999mnfr: Thanks for voting! Hope you stick around!


Schulmanator: Thanks for voting! I really like the scenery too


Mars250: Thanks for voting! You know, valleys are great, they have water, which is always great!


WiltonWarrior5: Thanks for voting! We’ll see if the bus stop is still active


Wakkaolaf53: Thanks! Also, thanks for voting!


In Other News: Tom has decided to get a drink, and wait at the bus stop. Lets see if there’s actually a bus that passes by.




So, Tom decided he would wait at the bus stop. He went up to the pond and took a drink. The water was extremely fresh, and while Tom was up there, he looked into the valley. It seems like there was smoke coming up from at least one spot. Tom went back to the bus stop and sat down at the lone bench. It was a tad dusty.




Tom waited all day and all night. Nothing. Tom continued to wait, and, surprisingly, at 9 the next morning (wait, how could Tom tell the time), a bus came! It was pretty small, but nonetheless, it was a bus! Tom stepped on, and realized he didn’t have any money! He bargained with the bus driver a bit, and eventually he agreed to let Tom on.




The bus started moving, and Tom looked around. There was only one other person on the bus, so Tom went up to them.


“Hi, my name is Tom” Tom said

“How do ya do? I’m Frank” Frank greeted Tom


“I’m good, uh, do you know where this bus goes?”


“Oh yes! This bus goes to Enderby” Frank exclaimed




“Enderby?” Tom asked


“Yeah, the farthest town in HalifaxCounty!” Frank said


“Oh, I see!”


“Say, might you need a tour? I have some extra time, and I can show you around. You also look a little touristy.”


“Well…sure, why not!” Tom said


“Allright, don’t worry, the tour won’t take long, it’s a pretty small town. Only about a thousand residents.”




The bus went into the valley, and soon, we were passing by some houses of Enderby.


“Our stop is soon” Frank said




Frank and Tom got off near the church, and Frank started leading Tom around. Enderby was a very small town, with only a few stores to show for.




Frank led Tom down and across the rope-bridge. “This used to be the only creek crossing in Enderby” Frank said.


“Say, why were you at that bus stop anyway? Hardly anyone is ever there.” Frank asked


“Oh, well, my truck ran out of gas a few miles up the road, so I cam down to get some more.” Tom replied


“Is that so? Well, let me show you gas station.”




The gas station was rather small, and Tom told Frank he could always get gas later. He continued to show Tom around.




Frank showed me where some of the residents lived, and then said “You see, Enderby wouldn’t be here without these hills. They hold the entire economy!” Frank said. He then pointed up to the hills surrounding the town, which was nestled in a valley.




Oil pumps! Frank kept pointing to different ones, and everywhere there were pumps!




Frank pointed to some, and then showed Tom…




There was even a large holding tank! It must have a whole lot of oil in it.


“Hold on, how do you know about these? I mean, are you a tourist as well? Do you live here?” Tom asked


“Why, I’m the mayor! I had missed my stop earlier, so that’s why I was on the bus!” Frank said.


“But, don’t you have a car?” Tom asked again


“Nope, its such a small town, I don’t think I need one. Of course, I have a bike!” Frank replied.


Frank proceeded to offer to go to his house with Tom, which Tom gladly accepted.




Frank’s house was among the nicer in the town, and after a nice cup of tea, Frank showed Tom what’s been up with Enderby.




Frank showed Tom that Kandex Oil has operations going in a nearby Valley




And that Kandex has helped bring in some other industries.




Frank also showed Tom that Kandex wanted to explore another hill for oil. Frank thought he’d put it up to vote with the city before he allows the company


This is where you can vote!


Kandex wants to explore an area for potential Oil drilling, so, should the area be explored?


When all was done, Frank offered Tom to stay the night at his house, and Tom had to think about that a bit


This is also where you can vote!


Should Tom stay the night? Should Tom get some gas and go back to his truck? Should Tom get a new truck? Should he just keep walking? Or maybe Tom can explore without a vehicle. Its kinda an open-ended question!


That’s all for this week! Check back again for the next update! Hope you all liked it! Also, for some, Kandex Oil might ring a bell, haha.




c-doodlez-man: Thanks for voting! Hope you follow this journal!


K50dude: ohh, actually, I downloaded a pretty small region, I’m just trying to make it seem real big! Hahaha, thanks for voting too, Its always great to hear what people have to say! And, secretly I don’t like making decisions


TekindusT: Thanks for voting! I tried to make Lowell a very “Ritzy vacation” kind of town, I think its pretty nice too


Innovations: Thanks for voting! Also, hope this continues to be a good ‘variety’!


Mars250: Thanks for voting! And, neither Tom nor I know!


Wakkaolaf53: Thanks for voting! Also, maybe it is a very special truck, haha


I_am_an_alien: Thanks for voting! Indeed, very interesting…veddy interesting…


Schulmanator: Heard about that, I think its been a long while since that rockslide happened too. Hope they get it cleared soon! Great pic too!




So, Tom turned back. He figured that taking that dirt route he saw earlier may be helpful, since Tom needed to go East, and so did the road.




Tom drove back the way he came, and soon passed Lowell again.




Soon enough, he was on the dirt road, which his truck handled surprisingly well. Tom saw the giant pile of sticks again, but as he got closer, he realized that it was no pile of rubble!




It was in fact a tunnel! Tom parked his truck and ventured a peak inside. It was pitch black. He took one step inside, and was immediately surrounded by the darkness. He even tried looking around, but could see nothing. Tom ventured a little further, and soon, the exit was a mere speck of light, and Tom could not tell what was what, or even which way was up. So, he went back out of the tunnel into the sunlight and started driving up the path.




Maybe some other day, Tom thought. The path got progressively steeper, and Tom kept having to drive the truck a little harder on each hill.




Eventually, broad-leafed trees which indicated it was fall soon didn’t grow, and all that was left was bushes and pine trees. Tom kept driving up the mountain, he could tell it was getting colder.




Soon, all that was left was bushes, and there was a thin sheet of snow on the ground! Tom continued, and the terrain didn’t go any farther up, he was driving along a snowy ridge.




Soon, the road starting going down the other side of the ridge, and the snow went away and bushes and pine trees started to appear again. Tom took a look at his tank, and it was hovering around E.




As Tom descended a hill and started driving along a creek, odd noises started from his engine. Coupled with the fact he was running low on gas, Tom tried to use the engine less and less. However, when he got down the steep hill, the engine sputtered, and finally started smoking.




So, with nothing else to do, Tom started to walk.




He followed the path, which followed the creek, and kept descending down the hill.




Soon, he came upon a ford, which was rather inconvenient since Tom was walking. No matter, he just took off his shoes and walked across. The ford seemed to be in good condition.




Tom passed two stone culverts, and came upon an intersection.


This is where you can vote!


Tom has come across an intersection, where, on one had the road continues to follow the creek, down into what looks like a valley. Tom doesn’t really know what’s in the valley, because its too far and there’s a cliff in the way. On the other hand,




A bus stop. It looks like its in good order, and not abandoned…but then again its in the middle of nowhere. Tom looked farther up the stream, and noticed that…



(Bad transition, blegh)


There’s a natural spring just a few hundred feet away. Maybe Tom can get some water and rest there.


There’s three choices:


A)    Keep following the path into the valley

B)     Wait at the bus stop, maybe get something to drink from the natural spring

C)    Take a rest at the natural spring, spend the night.



That’s all for today! Hope you all have a good week! Until next time!



DCMetro34: Thanks! I’m still trying to get better with my photos


K50Dude: Yes indeed most my files are back! Except my mom recent update was sketchy, so sorry you couldn’t see it. Unfortunately, I do not know where the flower farms came from, but, please check out SC4 Devotion under the farm section, they should be there. Thanks for voting too!


_marsh_: Haha, also, thanks for…abstaining? Or, being undecided! Also, good idea to have Tom sleep in his truck! Maybe just on the back


jimbojet123: Thanks for voting!


TekindusT: Hey, thanks! Glad to be back. Also, thanks for voting!


Jeorigazio: Thanks for your comment! There’s a lot of curved roads where that came from, haha


iGod: Thanks for voting! Also, I really like natural CJ’s too, they really show how far custom content has come. Although, I’m always trying to improve my nature shots


wakkaolaf53: Thanks for voting!


Schulmanator: Thanks! Hahaha, they all grew by themselves, guess SC4 likes flowers a lot!


Jamonbread: No problem! Thanks for voting! I agree, dirty industry is very…ehh, I wouldn’t think it would fit in


I_am_an_alien: Thanks! Maybe I should add more farms, I think they’re getting quite a bit of attention. Also, thanks for voting!


TomMCityfan2: Thanks for voting! Hahaha, how do you think the lady speaks odd?


In Other News: Fremont has voted to develop the valley with varied farms! Which 6 votes for, 2 votes against, and 1 abstaining, the proposal has passed surprisingly well! It is only a matter of time now when new farms want to move in.




So Tom stayed the night, forked over $30 and got a room that was…reasonable. It was actually about the size of his own closet. No matter, it held a bed and Tom slept well.




Tom woke up in the morning and took advantage of the free breakfast. He had about 10 pancakes, or, 15. Afterwards, Tom bid the owner of the B&B goodbye, and was on his way again! Soon, Tom noticed that he was out of gas, and then realized again he never checked how much gas there was when he bought it! Curses, so Tom pulled into a small parking lot.




It was very conveniently placed. Tom pulled in, started pumping gas, and went in to buy a chocolate bar. There wasn’t much conversation, as the cashier was half-asleep at his job. Soon, Tom was back on the road, and driving North. Tom drove, and drove, and drove




There were a couple creeks, and they looked very appealing to Tom, who hadn’t taken a shower for a couple days. However, Tom kept driving.




There was also a dirt road that Tom passed. He slowed his car to take a look at what was farther up




It wasn’t much, at least, not much interesting. There was a pile of wood, or something like that, and then the road took a turn and Tom couldn’t see around the turn. The road headed East, but Tom decided it was better to stay on the paved roads. After half a day of driving, Tom came upon another farm.




Which just so happened to be a flower farm. Tom kept driving, and soon




He passed some houses, civilization at last! Tom slowed down, and saw a sign that read “Welcome to Lowell, Population: 800” Very small town, so Tom went to the town center. He was hungry, looking for lunch.




However, the town center was very ritzy! All over the place were high-end shops and 5-star restaurants. Of course, nothing Tom could buy, it was all far too expensive! Tom stepped in one of the stores and pretended to look around, and then went to ask the clerk about the town.

“Excuse me, but I noticed that this place is very high-end, even though it is just a small town, how come that is?” Tom asked

“Oh yes! You see, this town was made because wealthy people from all over the US started making their summer homes here, due to the ‘great outdoors’ and the great fishing. Soon, a whole rich neighborhood sprouted up!” the clerk replied



“Wow, very interesting! Are all these houses summer homes?”

“Oh, most of them are, however, some retirees live here year-round. We have on and off-seasons.” The clerk said



“Ok, cool. Is there any cheap place I can get food?” Tom said. Now that he knew about the town and how he probably wouldn’t be able to afford to stay the night, he wanted out.

“Well…theres a sit-in restaurant, but no fast-food places as far as I know. Might I interest you in some clothing?”

“Um, no thanks, I have to meet…my parents very soon, however, thank you for your time!” Tom said, he started stepping back.

“No problem! Be sure to see our sales!” The clerk replied. And with that, Tom was out the door.

So, no fast food, looks like Tom will have to keep driving. And he did just that. Tom started driving once again




And driving…and driving…Until late afternoon,




When Tom came across a rockslide. There was some massive boulders that came down, and apparently there was a crew hurrying to get it out of the way too. It looked like it would take months to get all the rocks out of the way though, so Tom pulled off the road and started to think, what could he do?


This is where you can vote! Tom needs to know where to go, and there are a few possibilities


A)    Take that dirt road seen earlier. It heads East, maybe it will lead Tom somewhere

B)    Head back and look for another route. This could make Tom backtrack for a few days, since he’s been following the river and hasn’t seen any other roads.

C)    Tom’s truck is pretty sturdy, if old. Tom should try driving up the hill and around the rockslide!



_marsh_: Thanks for voting! I like taking chances too

k50dude: Thanks for voting!

TekindusT: Thanks for voting! I'm glad the story caught your eye, and I hope these coastal shots live up to expectation!

i_am_an_alien: Thanks for voting! Gee, lotta people like the coast

Mars250: Thanks for voting!

Jamonbread: Thank you! took me a while to get all the farms. I honestly do not know exactly how I got the FAR road tiles to not have pavement, but you could try checking off a box when installing NAM, it will probably be there.

stoney525: Thanks for voting!

simcitymasterman: Haha, I don't think Tom is in Britain, or even the east coast, judging from the terrain and trees. However, thanks for voting!

TomMCityfan2: Well, thank you for voting! I would have to say north!

DarthViper3k: Yeah, seems like the area where Tom is at needs to be cleared up, though, I don't even know where he is. Thanks for voting though! and a very good reason to go north!

wakkaolaf53: Pardon me for such a long time with no update, but, thank you for voting!

In Other News, Tom is going North!


To those of you who still remember my CJ, I’m back! After about a month of wrestling and haggling for new parts and getting help from numerous people, I’ve got my computer back and recovered most of my files! And now my computer is bigger and better than before, so I’ll be able to quickly produce updates, hurrah! I would also like to thank all of you viewers and followers for understanding my situation, and waiting patiently. Anyway, enough with the rambling, I present the newest Halifax CJ update!



So, Tom decided to go north, and started driving…




and driving…




and driving…




Soon, he came upon a small stop, a simple Gas station and general store. Tom stopped at the gas station to fill up




As tom was filling up, the Gas station clerk came out to meet him


“How ya doin’?” the clerk said

“Pretty well, and you? Are you the owner?” replied Tom

“Yep! My names Ben, and I been runnin’ this place for about 50 years now” Ben exclaimed

“Wow! Long time, say, which way to the East Coast?” Tom wanted to know, just incase he was going the wrong way

“Your on the right track, keep goin’ north and eventually you’ll find a route east.” Ben said

“Great! Thanks! Say, who lives here?”

“here? Oh, I’say, 20 odd people, including myself, we call this little town Marchant, not much happens here, lot of travelers though.” Ben was looking around, half-inspecting his gas stop.

“Hm, well, I guess I’m just another traveler.”

“Yeah, but not the usual, whats up with the suit and tie but the old beat up truck?” Ben inquired.

“Long story, anyway, I best be on my way, nice talking with you ben!” Tom said

“you too, stranger!”

and with that, Tom was filled up and on his way.




A little farther up the road, Tom crossed a bridge named “J.K.MemorialBridge”, and chuckled a bit at the name. Farther down, Tom reached another fork in the road.




However, one side was under construction, and apparently closed, so Tom kept going north




and soon, Tom was upon another town, with a small sign that said “Welcome to Fremont” There were flower fields everywhere.




Tom drove into the town center, and noticed a very large Best Western. He parked at a local convenience store.




Tom stepped inside, and brought a candy bar up to the clerk.


“How are you doing today, sir?” the clerk said

“Fine, and you?” Tom replied

“Very good, that’ll be a buck thirty”

Tom handed the clerk a buck fifty

“Say, what’ with all these flower fields in this town?” Tom asked

“Oh, they’re our main attraction, tourists come here to pick their own flowers all summer, and that’s why Best Western moved in.” the clerk replied

“Oh, that explains a lot! But, is there any other place to stay?” Tom said, it was getting late, and Tom was a bit tired from all the driving.

“Well, theres a small run-down bed and breakfast, or you could bunk at one of the farms up the side street, they don’t grow flowers, and sometimes you can sleep in the barn for free.”

“I’m gonna look like a vagabond”

“But it’s free! The town actually said they might want to encourage more non-flower farms, but the climate here is best for flowers.” The clerk replied

“I never knew flowers had ideal growing conditions” Tom noted

“You’ll be surprised”

“well, thanks for the info! I might be seeing you around”

“You too!” Replied the clerk.


This is where you can Vote!

The City of Fremont is debating opening up more land to farming, and encouraging staple crops, such as wheat and corn.




Some say that encouraging varied farming will help if there were ever a “economic flower disaster” and will also help Fremont be more self-sufficient. Others say that the land should be put to other use, or be left alone, they say Fremont already has enough farms. Therefore, there are three options:


A)    Allow new farms to be built. This will help diversify Fremont!

B)    Allow all industry to build on the land. Fremont could use a better economic base

C)    Don’t build on the land, Fremont is doing just fine.


And Tom was off, he took a gravel side street, and soon came upon a corn field. He knocked on the door of the house, and an old lady answered.




“Yes?” the old lady said

“Yes, I was wondering about if you have a barn?” Tom asked

“Gee, you just missed it! We had a barn here just a week ago, and recently tore it down.” The old lady looked surprised

“Oh, man! Well, that was all, thanks for your time!” Tom said

“Thank you for dropping by!” The old lady didn’t bother to ask why Tom needed a barn.


Tom left again, headed farther north, to the bed and breakfast. Soon, he came upon it, it was a small one-story house situated next to the local church. Tom stepped inside, and was greeted heartily by a middle-aged woman holding a couple biscuits.




“Can I help you?” the lady said

“Yes, I was wondering how much it would be to stay the night?” Tom asked

“Well, we offer a room for about $30 a night, complete with free breakfast and tea!” the lady replied


Tom stopped to think about it. Should Tom keep driving north into the night, or should Tom spend the night? He was feeling tired, but didn’t know if he should spend money to spend the night at a place.


That’s all for this update! Look for another one very soon! Or, at least until enough people vote, haha. Once again, glad to be back everyone! Hope you like the new post!



lordmungus: Thanks! It'll be a couple more updates for the Region Veiw, i'm still adding trees and such

K50dude: Thank you! I didn't know there were people so excited for my new CJ! Also, thanks for the vote, I had that same thing in mind

Schulmanator: Thank You! At this point I don't know about seeing the cities grow, but I'm sure I can wiggle it in as I follow Tom around.

Oktoberfest: Thanks for commenting! Hope you stick around!

TomMsimcityfan2: Indeed it is my second CJ! Hope you like it!

We join are intrepid Explorer as he attempts to find a means of transportation, in his quick plan to get back home


“Right…So I’m in Halifax? And where exactly would Halifax be?” Tom said

“Gee, you really are touristy, Halifax is a County in Montana!” replied the man.

Montana?! Are you kidding me? I live in New Jersey!”

“Well, you chose a good place to take a vacation then, my good man!”

“I…ok, I lost my car, do you think you know where I could get one?” Tom said, he didn’t exactly feel like telling the man that he just appeared in Halifax.

“Of course! Theres a great dealership down the road, and if your short on money, go down to the local Diner, theres always a guy willing to make a deal there.”

“Allright, thank you sir!” Tom said

“You’re welcome…but how can you lose your car?” replied the man.

“Um…long story! Goodbye kind man!” And with that, Tom set off down the street.




It was a short walk, probably two blocks (Although ‘blocks’ aren’t exactly the most accurate form of measurement when a street block is the size of a farm) Before Tom arrived at the car dealer. “Cyan Car Dealers” said a large sign on the front. Tom walked into the office and met up with an associate.




“Why, howdy there, looking for a car?” the associate said welcomingly.

“Yes…what’s the cheapest car you have?” Tom replied.

“Well, theres our Ford EconoCar, it runs about $5000, standard model. Say, are you from around here? I don’t think I’ve seen you before.” The associate said.

“I’m not exactly from around here, you see I lost my car, and $5000? I can’t…I can’t possibly do that, do you really have anything cheaper?” Tom was at a loss, he may need to find a car from someone at the Diner.

“Nope, sorry sir, but that’s our cheapest, it’s even used.”

“Well, thanks anyway, and have a nice day!”

“You too! Good luck, maybe you’ll find your car again!” the associate said goodbye.


Tom won’t be ‘finding his car’ anytime soon, so he continued walking, and started walking into the more industrial part of town.




He passed by what he presumed was the major power plant of the area, and the sky was turning slightly brown.





Soon though, Tom reached the Diner, and stepped inside. The Diner was pretty well lit, and he stepped up to the counter, right next to an old man with a long beard, Indiana Jones style hat, and a satchel.

The waitress came up to Tom and asked him what he would like, and Tom replied with

“Just a Coke, thanks”

The old man turned towards Tom, and squinted his eyes.

“Your not from around…are you?” The Old man was very suspicious.

“Uh…yes, I...I got lost” Tom replied

“Why! You’re lost? Why didn’t you say so! Do you need anything?” In an instant, the old mans eyes lit up, and he got very exicted.

“Yeah…I mean, I sort of, lost my car.”

“No worry! My name’s Andy” Andy said.

“Great, my names Tom”

“Look, I got an old beat-up pickup I’ve been meaning to get rid of, what do you say? Would you like it?” Andy was very excited now.

“Sure! How much?” Tom replied, he was very surprised at his luck.

“Well, I’ll tell you what, it still works, so I’ll take $600 for it! We don’t get very many wanderers in this town, its always nice to meet one!” Andy said.

“Great! But…I don’t exactly have $600, I only have $500.” Tom was worried he might not be able to get a car.

“Is that so? I’ll tell you what, if you can deliver this letter to a friend of mine, I’ll take your $500!” Andy replied.

“That’s great! Thank you!” Tom got his Coke to-go and started off. The Address on the letter read

‘26 State St.
’, and halfway across town Tom forgot to ask where that was.

After a while of asking around, Tom finally arrived.




It was a small corn field, and when Tom knocked on the door to the house nearby, a voice from inside yelled out

“What is it?! I’m busy with Project Runway!”

“Um, yes, I have a letter from Andy” Tom said.

“Andy? Great! Lets see!”

A man opened the door, he seemed to be in his 20’s, and very well dressed…in pink.

“Great! Did Andy send you?”

“Indeed he did! Say, are you the farmer for this field?” Tom asked.

“Yes I am! I know, I don’t look like one, because , someday, I want to become a designer!” The man said.

“That’s…great to know! But listen, I gotta run, the day is wearing on and I need to get back to Andy.” Tom said, looking around.

“Oh, of course! Here, take this to Andy, its for the letter.”

“Have a good day!”

“You too!”

And with that, Tom returned to the Diner.


“Here, I delivered the letter, and this man told me to give you this.” Tom handed a piece of paper to Andy.

“Great! Lets head back to my house!” Andy said.

It took a good half-hour of walking, until Tom arrived and Andy’s house, behind him.




Andy’s house was…Run-down, to say the least. It was nestled on the bank of a small stream, and was a 1-story log cabin. On the front lawn (or what there was of one) there were quite a few trucks, one of which Andy stepped up to.


“Well, here she is, a beauty, huh?” Andy said.

“Yes…sure” Tom replied

“You can take her for a test run, just to see if everything is running smoothly.”

And so Tom did, just around the block. Everything seemed to be in order, even though the truck occaisionally sputtered, and the stick shift wasn’t in the best shape. So Tom handed over $500 in cash, a pain for him, since he was going to deposit this in a bank when he got transported to Halifax. Andy handed over the keys, they both bid goodbye, and Tom was off!


“By the way, which way to New Jersey?” Tom said, out his truck

“I think you head…through the town…that Should be the way” Andy pointed down the road





Soon enough though, Tom came upon a fork in the road, to the north, there was…




the coastline, which the road seemed to follow, and to the West there was…




Just a lone road, and lots of pine trees. Tom didn’t know which way to take, so he pulled over and thought about it long and hard.


This is where you can Vote!

Tom seems to be lost. Maybe he should’nt have listened to Andy. Oh well! Where should Tom go? North, or West? Also, any suggestions on what Tom should do?



Also, pardon me for the lack of photos, I think I’ll have to make it up with extra photos in the next update! Have a good week everyone! Also, pardon me, as I'm still feeling out how this CJ will play out through multiple updates, at this point it can be imagined that i'm sort of stumbling along, and so the sort of oddly put-together update. If you guys have any suggestions for this CJ, that would be great! Also, I think future updates will be much more composed, compared to this one.



Welcome! Feel free to jump right into the story!


Tom woke up by the side of the road with a slight headache, and slowly looked around…




‘Odd’ Tom thought. ‘Wasn’t I just…in my house a second ago?’ Tom got up and took another look around. The only thing he could think of doing was walking, so he started walking.


Tom walked and walked, and passed by a stream




He was nearing some farms, but first, a quick drink. ‘Why are there farms? I hardly go out of the city’ Tom thought to himself. ‘Well…I suppose I should find out where I am’. Tom walked up to a small house, it looked like it had someone in it.




He knocked. There was indeed someone inside.

“Hello?” a voice from inside.

“Yes, I’m a little curious as to where I am” Tom replied

The door opened and a middle-aged man appeared

“Why, you’re in Stockton! Are you some sort of tourist?” The man said.

“I…suppose you could call me a tourist, yes. Where is Stockton?” Tom asked.




“In Halifax, of course!”


Please note that this, like the BrookStone Region, which incorporate voting. However, the voting will be on many different levels, from Tom's personal descisions to County proposals. As always, comments and criticism is welcome, as I want to make this the best CJ around!

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