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  1. Athens, Greece

    When I render the map, the water level is too high. I end up with lots of tiny islands. What's the problem here?
  2. Galveston

  3. Galveston

    I'm from Houston so I find this mad great!
  4. Asheville

    looks like an MTP lover's dream. Kudos, keder.
  5. Devonian Granite Rock Mod

    well, I used a 512x512 image. I noticed that Ennedie's textures use possibly as big as 2048x2048. So, mathematically, his are 4x better than mine. Next time, I'll try to up the size to reduce repetitiveness. You live and learn.
  6. Devonian Granite Rock Mod



    Straight from the East Canadian Shield, the Devonian Granite Mod will give your mountainsides a pure, elegant look that is particularly fancy near bodies of water. The additional screenshot is from Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia.
  7. Maine | Central Llithustania

    LOVE THESE!!! Those buildings on diagonals and curved roads look fabulous! The bridge, of course, is beautiful. Question. Did you make your own seawalls? I love how the blend with the bridge. Two of the things i don't like about SimCity 4 are the uselessness of diagonal roads and the appearance of terrain on the coast. You overcome these obstacles beautifully!
  8. Seauxla Village | North Coastal State

    You mentioned LBT's dirt in response to packers fan... I was unable to find it. Could you post a link? By the way, this looks beautiful!
  9. PEG MTP God Mode Pine Tree Mod

    it seems to work great for everything except the highest zoom level, all of the trees disappear.
  10. Galveston

  11. Asheville