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About this City Journal

The Federated States of Llithustania and its Dependencies, Republic of the Antaridan Isle and The Eastern Territorial American States. Three countries linked by history, culture & colonization. Welcome to the Three Nations.

Entries in this City Journal



Eerily vacant street, trashed streets, ominous help signs in Litusian;

What could possibly go wrong? Oh wait, it already has...

Wait for the next installment of this Special 3N Zombie Apocalypse Edition.

(Hopefully when exams aren't to much in the way XD)




Mystic_Destiny, Hellken, Schulmanator, Ggamgus, Kruness, TekindusT, ThomasSimpson, 111222333444, Boisemetro.


Hellken, The bridge is from a BATer called Glenni, and its in a prop pack that he's released from a long while ago. Its on the STEX or LEX, or both! Being that I can put MMPs on it is cause the lot is only a 1x1 and that the prop bridge hangs out of the lot so you can add stuff on it :P


Hey everyone! Yes, I felt like making a tutorial for anyone who wants to try out MMP scenes, but may not no exactly how. So this step by step tutorial consisting of 30 pictures should be able to get you well over to doing some highly detailed scenes such as this River Scene, and hopefully, help you make other scenes with the same level of detail! :)

To do this, you'll need the following content, so you can try it out. These are a great selection of MMPs made by some really awesome BATers. The following is listed below:

VIP MMP European Signage (Optional)

VIP Rural Pack MMPs

VIP Girafe's Confiers


VIP Girafe's Norwegian Maples


VIP Girafe's Cattails


VIP Girafe's Bushes



Gray Rocks

RFR Plopwater pack 1

Murimk MMP Rocks - Pack 1 V1.0 (Optional)

Glenni's Eyecandy bridge set 1

RRP Pasture Flora ChrisAdamas3997


HBS Tropical Flora Pack (Mayor Mode)

This is generally all you need for this tutorial. But for more MMPs, check out Marsh's extensive list of MMPs, which touches on all kinds of Mayor Mode Ploppables.

What your aiming to do is something similar to this:


Now let's get started...


Step 1: Now not to state the obvious, but let's start by picking out an empty block, preferably a medium sized block.


Step 2: Begin with selecting one of the RFR Water ploppables and carefully laying it out in the form of a typical river.


Step 3: Your river should turn out as something like this, or close. This will obviously be your river, which is central to your river scene.


Step 4: Now that you have a beautifully set out river, close in on a section of the river and raise the terrain on the right side slightly higher, but not too high as to make it noticable. Raise the land on the right side and insure that it's subtle and untracable to the eye.


Step 5: Once you've completed STEP 4, you can refill the areas of the river affected by heightening the land with the same water ploppable by RFR.



Step 6: Now add Glenni's metal suspension bridge on the site you of terrain that was heightened in the previous STEPS. Heightening the terrain will allow you to build the bridge higher above the plopped water rather than merging with the water and cause a texture glitch.


Step 7: Ignore the fact that the highlighted item is the bike, that'll be added later. Instead, select the small pebble-like Rock'n'Stones that you see in this image and spread them on the edges/boundary of the river like so.


Step 8: By completing STEP 7, the result you should get should be something like this. Ugly huh? Well not to worry, cause we aren't done yet!


Step 9: Now with the highlighted Gray Rock from the Rock'n'Stones pack, use it and spread it around the same areas in which you plopped the small stone pebble rocks. They'll be an addition to make the edges of the river look more realistic to rivers you see in real-life, depending on what you're expecting. It also help to cover up the the base terrain on the area and fill empty space and better defining the river's edge.


Step 10: By adding the gray rocks, you should come up with something like this...Still ugly you say? Well...your right. So let's keep going!


Step 11: There are another set of gray rock that you can use. Use the rock ploppable highlighted in this image, to fill in more of the gaps you can see, preferably over exposed terrain to add more variety to the rocks on the river's edge. Also place them on the center part of the river to create the illusion of a small waterfall/current flowing.


Step 12: Starting to look more interesting right? And when I mean interesting, I mean interesting - good! Right?...Right? Oh well, let's move on.


Step 13: Now that we've got rocks covered, let's add some flora! The Cattails made by the VIP Team would be a perfect plant to add first. Use the Cattails, seasonal since we're making a more fall/autumn styled river scene and place them alongside the rocks, whether it's a little bit on the outside, or on and alongside the river and rocks. GO NUTS!

(You won't see the Cattails in the following images cause it seems like I mixed the order of the images. They will be in the end images so don't worry, add the cattails first and refer to the top completed image to see how you can place them)


Step 14: Now that you've place your cattails (I forgot to add them at this point, but you should've placed them unlike me :P ) We can add some more flora, larger trees in particular. More specifically, select the Seasonal Norway Maples by the Girafe and place them around the river scene.


Step 15: The result should be something like this. Now it's starting to pick up!


Step 16: Next, use another of Girafe's Conifer Trees and place them alongside the maples to cover some of the exposed terrain and add variety to the flora around the river.


Step 17: After STEP 16, it should look similar to this. Now it's really looking more natural and realistic! If you're image looks similar, good, it's time for you to add the road! Be careful not to demolish anything you've added this far. If it does affect any MMP around it, just replace them.


Step 18: Now search for the green rye grass included in the RRP Pasture flora pack and spread it around the river alongside the maples and conifers. This will just fill in exposed terrain and give it a more 3D feel, rather than looking plain and flat.


Step 19: It should now look something a little like this. A lot less plain and empty than before. That's a good sign.


Step 20: Like in STEP 18, instead you'll use the Green Grass ploppable and just place it with the green grass to diversify the look and eliminate the empty feel of the clearer spaces.


Step 21: Now this time, search for the HBS Gray Sand! You can place this alongside the rocks on the river, alongside the road (continuing from the suspension bridge) and anywhere along the clear grass pastures and trees to create the illusion of empty patches of dirt and stone.


Step 22: Look what we have here! This is really looking beautiful eh? I'm betting yours isn't so different, so if you made it this far, keep on going!

Now we can get to the nitty gritty details in the image...


Step 23: Start by adding and old broken rowboats alongside the river. You can place it just about anywhere. Preferably, you should add it on the edges of the river though, rather than in the middle.


Step 23: Now look for the signposts and add them on the edge of the road to make the picture a little more alive.


Step 24: Now look for the Kayaks by the VIP Team and place them on the river. They can also be place anywhere on the river. If you want them on land, be my guest! :P


Step 25: Now adding cars are really more of an optional thing, but if you want, add them just about anywhere on land. You can create a scene of a picnic or Kayakers about to get onto the river. Add them at a place where there's a clear amount of grass pasture, so it makes sense that they're there.


And there you have it! A finished River scene. Now if you'd like, add some photoshopping to make it a little more compelling!


CONGRATULATIONS! You've just completed a Natural river scene! Now that you've completed it, you can try making more fascinatning scenes and blending other variaties of MMPs to create your own original river scene or another type of scene of your choice, like the one below!

DOMINICA ~ Javais River


ALVERONA ~ Illusit River



Comment and Rate and +1 if this tutorial was helpful to you, and if you'd like, post the results of your work here!




Jâvais River | Dóminica



mystic_destiny - Thanks! I hope this CJ continues for years to come too


ThomasSimpson - Thanks a lot!

Benedict - Thanks, the font I've used happens to be "Sketch Block". Oh and using the my

element symbol is really great! Thanks for making it, it works great for avatars


Schulmanator - Thanks for those really kind words


and for the cupcake!

Evillions - Thanks, I really do hope you get back around to building cities again!

ggamgus - Thanks so much!



Welcome to the Jâvais River. The Jâvais River (Jah-vai) runs through the Northern regions of Llithustania, particularly

thorugh North Toltaria, New England then crossing Dóminica and out into the Western state of Bauitelle.

The river presents scenic views as it runs through one of the most beautiful and most untouched of areas in the

country. We're in Dóminica today, not only because we've never visited the state, but as it is the most

environmentally friendly state in the country and has only a rather small population, around only 900,000;

most of who are centered in the major city of Sevaio v'uur Préte and Ausilica.

The rest of the state is majorly rural, and dominated by dairy farming zones as well as national parks.

Now it's time we let some pictures do the talking...





--Jâvais River, DO, Llithustania--











ALL OF YOUR USERNAMES TO THANK YOU ALL! (Unfortunately, I have exams and am

doing some intense revision and finishing projects before my exams in 3 weeks! D: )


:party: :ducky: :ducky: :ducky: :party:




Saturday September 29, 2012.

And the beginning of the Eastern Territorial American States Journal.



Teaser - Litusians claimed America too!


Welcome to Eastern Territorial America. A country which was founded upon Litusian Colonization and brought

by competition for land in the Americas. The country comprises of 11 states, and here in this teaser of an update,

We begin our trip to the southernmost state of Normande. We're in Normande to visit the small town of Athens,

a farming town which sits by a river and a bed of wheat.


Location of Athens in Normande.











In Mid 1941, after France was officially under Nazi Occupation, the Litusian Union shortly fell after to the Nazi's.

The fate of the Federal Capital of the country, Maine, had fallen to Nazi-Germany and citizens feared the worst for what was

in store for the nation's future. Problems had arisen, as well as fighting Litusian resistance, working to drive Nazi's out of the country.

The only states in Llithustania that were not officially taken over were Bauitelle, Crovakia and New England.

But before the control of Maine was obtained by Nazi-Germany, the country suffered severe bombardments in its Eastern states.

With Germany fearing Americans would liberate France via Litusian Coasts and prevent support from Llithustania, the Nazi's

devised a plan to take over Llithustania and potential coastal landing zones.

With this plan, operation Bjornstaadt, the second given name for the state of Biscay, was launched. The Eastern states were

devastated by various air-raids over major capitals and cities. In Halvado, Biscay (now also Bjornstaadt), the city when invaded by Nazi forces, were completely out-numbered and were forced to retreat from the city as the situation continued to deteriorate.


Before Halvado was bombarded, ground forces made there way to the capital of the state after plowing through Mevrco. Litusians were met with brutal force and found that they were heavily outnumebered by Nazi's. Though many still fought to keep Germans from advancing into Halvado and being able to raid the Federal Capital.


Germans continued to advance through the countrysides of Biscay, defeating many of the Litusians and forcing them to retreat further back. More land was turned to Germany.


Once they came in contact with Halvado, air-raids were sent out to destroy as much of the city as possible and eliminate strategical points in the city, paralyzing or destroying Litusian Military forces that were out to defend the city. Casulties were heavy, both civilian and military affected.


No area in the city was spared. It was just walk a way to capture the Federal Capital and effectively paralyze the Union.

Watch out for the next update.


...I got this idea of creating a World War II update from watching several documentaries and thought of what Llithustania would've been like in World War II if it really existed...






It's been a long long while since I've made an update here on Simtropolis. It hasn't been for any particular reason though, I've just been overly lazy :P

Soooo, without furtheradoo, let there be an update marathon! There may not always be that many pics in a single update, but I work in quality, not quantity, but I'd think I need more pictures anyway :P

1. Rivera City, Alverona

Welcome to the state of Alverona. Motto: Taking to new heights.


It's an early morning in the Alveronan state capital of Rivera. And just as people drive across the bridge to downtown, the sun rises and the light shimmers on the lake water.


Daylight shines on the city, and the crowded downtown Rivera area is scattered with mid-rise row buildings and towers over-shadowing the rest of the city.


By evening, Rivera's city lights cover the valley and people scatter home.


Somewhere else around Rivera, I can't remember where, but nice isn't it?

2. Lake Nova Strasse, New England


3. Folktown, Alyrian Isle (Formerly independent Ollingdalian Isle, new Litusian State)


Welcome to the former islands of Ollingdale which was renamed to the Alyrian Islands. The state consists of just over 2 million people and after being introduced into the Litusian Union, the state that reigned in chaos and social and political tension has been restored, or is still in the process of restoration. As well as restoration progressing, the state has been kept to driving on the left, leaving it the only state in Llithustania that drives on the opposite side of the road. (Litusians consider the state to be completely driving on the wrong side. Several accidents have occurred since D: )

First, let's all visit Valican Point, where the suburb of Folktown contains a lighthouse on a small peninsula.



There's left over trash around the lighthouse. We're still getting that cleaned... emoticon-0105-wink.gif

And a picture of the lighthouse with a nice sunrise effect!


Thanks for viewing! emoticon-0102-bigsmile.gif

4. Just looking ahead, I had my head in randomness...


5. Maine City, Lluania (Central Llithustania)


Its a long long way to October D:


This is what my frustration updates look like.

6. Litusian History Excerpts:

6a. The Oppressed Nazi-Occupied Llithustania during World War II

The History of Llithustania in no particular order.

The History of the Litusian people is rich, filled with the diversity of culture and civilizations, yet bloodshed has been the biggest part of the country, sacrificing lives for the good of the nation or before the Constitution, for the good of their homelands/Kingdoms. And one of the most tragic events to ever impact the country was a war Litusian's hoped to avoid.

A brief of the start of a Nazi occupied Llithustania


Shortly after the Fall of France in 1940 to Nazi Germany, the Nazi army began pushing through to Llithustania, to insure the security of Western Europe to Germany and prevent Allied forces from liberating France. As Llithustania was a rebellious allied country, at the time, serving to liberate the French, Litusians were trumped by the Germans as communication between France and Llithustania had been cut and the arrival of the Nazis being nothing more than a surprise to the Vijlek in Eastern Llithustania. Air raids took down major areas in the Eastern states which brought the Litusian military to their knees and the inevitable loss fall of Llithustania became reality when Maine surrendered to the Nazis with little forces to defend the Federal capital.

During the late summers of 1940, Llithustania had all but lost vital parts of the country, leaving only the still important Western States to defend against the Nazi military. It was at this point where the Litusians were pushed to the limits and required the help of the United States. The country was in dismay with stunned citizens seeing their own country collapse, nothing to do but to fear the future of the union.


6b. The Crazy Revolutionary 70s

The History of Llithustania in no particular order.

During the 1970s, Llithustania had begun to undertake massive changes, the country developing faster as technology rapidly evolved and Maine itself was taking to the skies and was constructing higher as the metropolitan city of 5 million continued to rapidly rise in population. By 1972, Crovaks began to root for independence once more; following the state's 7 other failed revolutions since the it was constituted into the Litusian Union. It was over 4 years of moderately peaceful protest with several violent riots in between which started in 1972. By 1976, Crovakia launched a civil war, rivaling Litusians for the fight for independence. Revolutionists fought for 2 years, before it died down in another failed attempt for independence.

But for the most people living in Maine during the 70s, one of the most memorable moments in the decade were of a peaceful protest which would unite Crovaks and piss Lluanian state authorities. The protest lasted over 14 days, involving 25 people who slept on the roof and balconies of the Saint Mary' s Cathedral in Fólcontoine City, Maine Metropoltian Province, Lluania . It was only after 3 short days that authorities began to intervene with the protest, and for the 14 days, left this protest the talk of the country and a major headline on LTC and the few other broadcasting stations, radio stations and newspapers around the nation.

The Revolutionary 70s






Translation: "The city of Fólcontoine is situated in the Maine Province, in the state of Lluania. It is a major area in Maine; and back in 1974 when the area was put on spotlight due to protesters parading on the roof of Saint Mary's Cathedral - Church. The protesters have vouched for the Independence of Crovakia.

7. Vakorkjs City, Crovakia


In one of Crovakia's major cities, a grand city Hall; the Vakorkjs City Hall in specific. It stands on a small island like area on the Great Lake Waterway, a large body of water at the heart of the city that a mess of canals meet up in. This is a popular tourist spot and great place to just hang and go boat spotting. Built in 1806, was once used as the state assembly before it was moved to the fast growing Delavia City, it was then at that point utilized as a City Hall. Not far off is the Selacheine Cathedral, famous landmark, and internationally renowned for it. And next to the city Hall, a local Marina.

8. Security Footage from Delavia, Crovakia






What could this Security Footage mean?

9. Rare Earthquake strikes the financial heart of Llithustania; Delavia, Crovakia (Continuation from Security Footage)




A Rare magnitude 7.9 Earthquake hits the capital city of Crovakian state, severely impacting local infrastructure. At the moment, the epicenter of the earthquake has not yet been found, but areas worst affected at the moment are seen to be as the Delavian City Center and the Hamilton Hills. Other cities in the metropolitan area closely follow. The Quake has seemingly been felt throughout the country, from Vitória City here in the state, to as far as the cities bordering the Fresian River. There have been reports of minor damages in surrounding major metropolitan areas, such as Vitória, Vakorkjs and Welshington City. Widespread destruction is evident in Delavia County.


We are now going to our Delavian City Correspondent, who is currently flying above the city.

Han Latein

Thank you June, you are now looking at the current state of the Crovak state capital where buildings shattered and many trapped. The state of ground level activity has been seen as widespread panic leave residents confused and shocked. We are currently over one of the city's well known landmarks which seems to be at a critical state. I've gotten reports from this area that there are at least 59 people inside the Prénoloma Doma, and that sounds from the dome make it seem that the building could collapse at anytime. And this area after I received reports, was also washed down by water from the Bay. It was horrific sight, believe me, you would not want to have been here.


Nathaniel La'Selan | Hello Llithustania, I'm CTNN reporter Nathaniel La'Selan. I'm currently standing on top of the Chamèrleine Hotel, which seems to be currently stable. But buildings around me don't seem to be doing as well.

Jane Vespeign | How did you end up on the roof of the Chamèrleine?

Nathaniel La'Selan | Well I was on following story and stayed here at the Chamèrleine while I was in Delavia. Unfortunately, the quake unexpectedly hit just as I had woken up and found that this would've been an urgent story to b----


Damn, we're just getting an aftershock now and the neighboring Agnes Center is not coping well. As you can see, dust and debris is beginning to fall, and I see someone holding a some white cloth signaling for help...


Caterine Maselet | I see Nathaniel, I'm also currently on a helicopter monitoring the situation, and am also with several other state officials. I can also see from here that other helicopters have been dispatched, one from the Welshington Police Department. Currently you are viewing the Bank of Crovakia which is in turmoil. There are debris heaps inside the building and it seems that there is an extensive amount of damage in the building. Neighboring to the BOC is the Bayhill link offices, which is also in severely damaged. As you can see, the roof has collapsed as well and the building's top floor has been obliterated. I am now getting a few more reports of how many possibly trapped inside the Bayhill Link office, possibly about 650 people.


We also have some amateur footage sent from many in the Delavian Metropolitan area. This one of a collapsed structure on Amenta Street, where many people are attempting to save people from the midst of the rubble.

Jane Vespeign | We are currently trying to gather as much information as possible, please stand by for more information and follow State authority protocols. Authorities have advised for people to evacuate the city if possible and head for a higher ground to avoid tsunami's and floods. We have also now just received the the Federal Government has called for a National State of Emergency.

We will have more Information soon as it's obtained, and we will interview local seismologists and geologists on how it has been possible for an Earthquake to occur in the Delavian area...

Yes. I haven't update in a while, but doesn't mean I didn't already have something prepared :P

Again, Thanks a lot everyone for viewing my City Journal, it's a pleasure to be posting to all of you!

Oh wait, I shouldn't leave out these two other pics... :P


Near Downtown Maine, and yes that's grafitti on the canal walls. Please don't ask how someone would've done that cause obviously people could've jacked a boat in the middle of the night (There are boats a plenty on the River) and have grafittied on the wall. Lol :D


And a Hostage taking situation that happened in Llithustania a while ago. Sadly, there were 4 fatalities.

Oh. wait. This is another Edit, I forgot to add Antarida's Updates :P


The countryside farms outside of La Tréstene in the Kimberly District. Windmills are set here provide power for the majority of towns in the district and also provide electricity for the greater Kimberly City area. Wheat farming in this part of the region is also prominent.


Where is the FCD? Well its in the South-East portion of West Antarida Island. It harbors the capital of the Antarida, Lakehurst...Our first destination.



Yes, North of Antarida's main Island groups is a rather large cluster of over a dozen islands which range in size. Most of these dozen plus islands are inhabited by Litusians, Antaridans and other Veratlantian ethnic groups. These islands present spectacular natural landscapes and awe-inspiring views and in itself, presents mystery, a second Bermuda Triangle in Veratlantia if you will...


Thanks again for viewing :) ( My biggest update EVER. Probably the only update I'll make this BIG) :P



Kakado_to_save - I haven't finished the area yet :P Thanks though!

Fox - Thank you very much

Emperordaniel - Haha, Thanks a lot :P

Spursrule14 - Thanks a lot

Schulmanator - Thanks! :D

Escilnavia - Thanks!


What happens to a drowsy Truck driver...


Thanks for viewing!



111222333444, Emperordaniel, 9988, Leszczyk, Skyscraper241, 10000000000000, Schulmanator, Efkin, SC4PC, Simbourgeois, Cjwillis96, 7891122562059523.


Benedict - :ohyes:

ThomasSimpson - Yes, I'm going to sign up again and get back into participating in AIN :D

Muxcomee - Please refer to my response at my other Update in Gurivia :P


The residence of Bjornstaadt's governor of state, arrives on the front door of his manor with his family. This beautiful Chateau dozens of miles away from the state capital of Halvado, is a state government owned property, handed down to each new or old governor. Sitting aside a river in privately owned land, it's remote location restricts the acccess to this property to only the government officials and no one else beyond that.

The Mountierre Chateau:


Thanks for viewing! :D


Happy NEW YEAR! A bit late though :P

But anyways, When Llithustania turned to January 1, 2012, The entire country, state to state, city to city, and even the smallest towns most people hadn't heard of like Deauxpax.

And like anyone, everyone wanted to kick off 2012 with a bang!


Thanks for viewing, and a happy "late" New years to you all! :P

(Ps. Should've done this update a while ago, but I've ran through some troubles logging on to Simtropolis and getting to CJ pages cause of overloaded servers and constant error messages... :P)



NMUSpidey, Emperordaniel, Yoshiisland, Vortext, Johan_91, Bipin, CJWillis, TekindusT, Wraner, testuser1234, Skyscraper241, Gugu3, Oilen, Wswbalvis, Spursrule14, Zulu2065, Thank you all and Merry Christmas!

Bastet69008 - That's just some ploppable concrete used as a road from a MMP floral prop pack that I forgot the name of. Its somewhere on the STEX :P

Alex_Bervoets - It's a great BAT, and it's wonderful to have such a magnificent BAT in my City Journal! :D

It's that time of year again...

And often, when your in the southern regions of Llithustania,

You don't find as many Christmas lights as you do in the North.

But as well as that, you'll always find people singing carols, walking from

apartment to apartment and holding city festivals.

It's a bit quiet here in Vitória (A city situated in the South Crovak state or what is also

the West Iberian Border, a city and a significant amount of land which has been in dispute

as to which state owns the land and the major city of over 1.4 million people.) with

few people on the streets. But since this isn't downtown, its something to expect when everybody

does their last minute gift-shopping far off near the more commercially dominant body

of the entire city.







Emperordaniel ~ Thanks a lot!

Sucram17 ~ Thanks! And What Daniel said before, upload to a image hosting site like majhost or photobucket :)

JGellock ~ Thanks!!

Escilnavia ~ Thank you very much!

Cjwillis96 ~ Thank you!!

Spursrule14 ~ Really? Thank you, your too kind :blush:

Simbouregeois ~ Thank you!! :)


"Bienvensien means Welcome in Litusian" Welcome to Llithustania again, and another Welcome to you for being in the Northern regions of Mevrco. In this update, I present to you one of the state's older main routes which lead into the state capital that is hidden in the valley's beyond south (Rivera, the capital will be the next update...). Scenic and still a very popular route and tourist zone, I hope that you think so too.



Just up the mountain is an old building, a church which was part of Halhnfhar which is not far east of the church. It's also one of the areas which bring in tourists and bring Mevrco some dough.


And the....uhh...Secret Services of Llithustania...What could they be doing here?

Thanks for viewing :ducky:


Deauxpax Village | Mevrco


Schulmanator - !!! Danger !!! *Thanks for commenting :)*

TekindusT - Thanks so much!!

Emperordaniel - RUN!! D:

Skyscraper241 - Thanks!! And I actually used photoshop :P I've never used Paint.net before...:P

Escilnavia - Thanks for commenting!!

Evillions - Thanks so much!!

Spursrule14 - Thanks a lot!!

happyholidaysbannerdxmvrco.pngIt's time everyone got festive! Bievensien! Welcome!

We're here in the more or less marvelous town of Deauxpax in Mevrco. A small town in the middle of a state with so little people. Its sitting almost in the middle of nowhere yet still manages to operate with it's significant amount of people in the community.


Yes, there's a family gathering and someone fainted beside a car. I'm not sure why, especially the fact that it's 9 degrees outside... People still manage to find their way around this merry town and have fun in the cold weather and even bike around and picnic beside the lake.

Thanks for viewing and Happy Holidays to all! :santa:

And Watch out for my next update!





Thanks everyone for commenting! --sorry, haven't gotten time to reply again, in a rush :P --


A relatively interesting update which takes flooding to a whole new level of detail. Where the water rushes and gushes into the city and where hapless vehicles are tossed and shoved by a wall of water. This never happened, I just thought it would be a nice and interesting story just as the zombie apocalypse was; but I hope you enjoy it anyway!


Just another normal morning in the capital with not man cars prowling around the city. Here at the Congress of Antarida (Antarida is a dependency of Llithustania) where it's just as it usually is, experiencing the same routines almost everyday.


The country's also largest mall which is a bacon bringer and attracts those on holiday from neighboring countries and Llithustania. People are falling into the mall just as it was the day before and before then.

Of course, a few hours on, by midday the clouds began piling in; blanketing the city in white and grey.


Then the sky above grew darker and darker, with an almost pitch dark clouds enveloping the city. And it began to rain. But of course, the news informed that the country was going to experience some extremely wild weather... infact a Hurricane.

By then, people started searching for higher ground and if they decided to stay put in the city, they'd find the highest buildings and take in supplies. Groceries were jammed with panicking customers, and all raided the shelves, salvaging whatever they could get they're hands on.

Some time passed, and the rain got heavier and heavier. Until lashing winds and torrential rain...


A large wave crashed into the low beach coast and demolished trees and filled in the streets of Lakehurst, drowning vulnerable civilians and taking down poles, signage and low floor buildings.


The coast was devastated by water and it kept coming and coming, flooding the city and leaving no accessible routes.


The Mall which was inconveniently sitting near the beach was surrounded by sea water within minutes. The cars parked along the mall were shoved away and windows began to break under pressure letting tonnes of sea into the complex. People began running for their lives, raising to the highest point of the building.


The city was cut off from electricity and was nothing but a dark gleam with water pouring in. The Congress Hall was also within minutes surrounded by water and left people stranded inside the building with no where to go.

Everybody waited out the storm, and after it all ended, perilously waited for a rescue.

Thanks for viewing!! :ducky:


Dunvista Valley | Alverona


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Anthony - Welcome back to RMR FM, you're with the Morning Crew radio hosts, Anthony -

Milinda - - And Milinda, yes, it's a very chilly 46 degrees in Rivera, 9:23 am and here in a toasty warm ski resort west of the city, things just couldn't get better right?

Anthony - Probably, I didn't actually have a great morning, I mean it just snowed last night, had to plow my driveway, then my car slid in some black ice and I almost crashed into a power pole! But it couldn't be any worse than my next door neighbor's, it was too bad that he didn't have a fence at the back, cause his car slid into the lake last night. Couldn't stop laughing this morning...

Milinda - Well yeah, by the looks of it, winter's come early! OMG I think I left the toaster on.

Anthony - Then good for you!

Milinda - Seriously?

Anthony - Yeah why not... Lots of people have had some rough mornings, look here's one; from Jerry Casco in Sorin. Apparently on his way to work he slid on some black ice as well; he crashed into a transformer. Now there's a black out in a quarter of the Sorin suburban area. Haha.

Milinda - Why would he message that on public radio? Everyone's gonna be all on him.

Anthony - I dunno, but that's hysterical...haha.

Milinda - Uhuh...well looks like Alverona's been hit by this wintery blast by a bit of a suprise...

Anthony - A bit?-

Milinda - Yeah, a bit. If you've got a story this morning about something that's gone wrong cause of the storm, let us know. Now for and hour of some of the biggest international hits and some music making national charts.

Anthony - We'll be back in an hour, this is RMR FM on 87.8, Rivera, Alverona.


That was litusian radio in Alverona. Stupidly Weird. :D



Wrong Turn | SD Antarida


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Hey, Welcome to Antarida, an offshore dependency located in the Veratlantic Archipelago. And here in Antarida, we've come to a town with the stupidest name, they've had to shorten it to Lavuirposta or.... "Wrong Turn" in English :P . Infact the real and long form of towns name is Devilliahbeureennonienceaubandeamericeanecomanauntuqueienehevastienvuurderuisnulavuirpostafirdedufienceoisantuk. But then again, sometimes I think that there's not enough towns with stupid names :P And what the entire thing means? It's all in Litusian, and you won't need to know what story it tells...


Unfortunately, this is actually Wrong Turn in 1967, and it's current population then was around 504 people. It was mostly farm, and tree covered hills and served as an American base outpost, with the main base being North-bound from the town's current position.


This town was then settled in but was originally Barracks, offices and service stations.


It grew steadily, and had developed small local shops. It became a more or less busy township, with many people running the town to a prosperous future.


It was surrounded in acres of farmland, stretching across the Eastern Ridge Valley of East Antarida Island.


Beautiful, quiet, quaint, pristine, serene and peaceful.

Thanks for viewing and farewell from Devilliahbeureennonienceaubandeamericeanecomanauntuqueienehevastienvuurderuisnulavuirpostafirdedufienceoisantuk!



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An outbreak of a horrible disease reeks havoc in a Eastern Europe and crosses to infect the rest of the world. It arrives in Llithustania when French refugees cross the border illegally and infect those they encounter. It escalates and those who fall victim to the disease die then are resurrected as Zombies (The Walking Dead series). As seen, the only survivor is on the horse, riding around Maine, with zombies chasing him down. Currently on an old Checkpoint. Possibly a new CJ. What happens next?

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+ The MMP stuff I used are here:

TS Power Poles MMP


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TS Power Poles MMP

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Welcome to the City of Vakorkjs City in the state of Crovakia, Vakorkjs is the nation's the 4th largest city, located in the 2nd largest state. We're here today for the final torch relay building up to New Chandler. It is a very short distance to run, but it's a beautiful trip and will be of an entertaining route. With thousands piling into see, no matter where, people have come to see Llithustania's finest foot racer running the final torch relay before New Chandler.


The Vakorkjian leg begins in the city's most iconic canal zone, the beautiful Nordicad Lento Gardens Canal. He begins to run here in the less focused part of the city.


Were about 10 miles into the route, and here, Lyon Rustaphe begins to cross the bridge across the Vakorkjian Canal. Thousands cheer him on while he progress across the bridge.


Lyon makes a turn into Colleisia Avenue Northbound, and there are several blockades ahead being passed by the athlete, and more cheer him on as he continues to run with the simlympic torch.


The cleared road for the runner continues to lead on pacing his way around downtown Vakorkjs, he begins to turn onto Midway Boulevard, entering into a portion of the city financial district. Here, the flags of Llithustania and New Chandler are visible as those show support for the Simlympics in New Chandler and the Litusian Simlympic Teams.


He enters the sprawling financial district's end, and more supporters flag are seen flying on the buildings proudly and illuminated on towers.


A few meters later, he enters the historic district of Vakorkjs, No crowds are allowed here, leaving the road clear. He paces as he reaches Monumental Square.


Here we are at beautiful monumental square, in the older districts of Vakorkjs, Lyon now makes a turn to Ferdinand Forests road, leading up to the end. another 6 miles to run to the city hall, and the torch relay of Vakorkjs will end.


As he runs, you see the surrounding flora in the gorgeous forest road. The road is a little messy, but he gets through anyway with ease.


The leg ends as he approaches the end of the route, Here at the site of the Vakorkjs City hall. Thousands of people are gathering here to come and congratulate Lyon on a great run around the city, representing Llithustania. Next up is all the way at New Chandler City where the Simlympic games will be held.

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Here we are, yet another update but its the first time we actually venture to the state of Mevrco :P Here we are at a reservation park where a beautiful river and hotel lay smothered on the grassy terrain.


We're here in the fabulous Antipolo County's Victoria Hotel, a five star hotel renowned for its desirable views, the river and its Marvelous rooms! Not to mention its excellent parking :P (yeah right)


Not so far away is the town of Apollo, but this rest stop is a bit down South of the actual Apollo township. Its so popular that it never runs out of customers and tourists. Unfortunately, parking isn't exactly on the books of perfection in Llithustania, so feel free to park anywhere...


The entire complex is a beautiful setting of trees in the state of fall, the smooth sandy beaches of brown grains, a sturdy wooden bridge,


The river is a very popular spot for fishing and is popular amongst the tourists and passing people on the stop. Camping sites, a timber cafe and parking, its literally perfect!


It's evening at the Victoria and the river is silent, some cars are on the move and more people on the way. It's gonna be an all nighter for the staff.


Tip to all of you: When you do decide to come here to a remote area of Mevrco, make sure your car hasn't got any issues and fill your gas tank cause there is no gas stations for miles anywhere...Or you'll end up being stuck on the highway at 7 in the morning.

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(almost 1 year of Llithustania on Simtropolis - October 15 2010)


Hello to all of you! Today Central Llithustania is preparing for a very auspicious holiday that happens every year! The State holiday for Central Llithustania, and it's coming very close which is on Saturday to Sunday. This very momentous festival is a literally a massive party which includes music, local foods, cultural performances and the list goes on... This even brings in International attention from France, Spain and parts of the UK and Portugal. CL state is preparing, see how it looks like right now...



Unfortunately for the people of Maine, They've lost the Simlympics City hosting position, but luckily enough, the City can still celebrate it's glorious state holiday which will brighten the days of many people! Here they've prepared the stadium for the festival events...plus decorated the building to give a more fruitful ambiance to the Millions who will celebrate the weekend!


More buildings have been decorated with the state colors and flags, making the beautiful buildings even better! Downtown has undergone a few interesting additions.


Meanwhile, in Southern Central Llithustania, Lake Irolaen is also undergoing some additions to the city's image, giving it signs, banners and state flags. People here a very patriotic, towards their state and nation!


By Thursday morning, the Capital is transformed, and the city continues to change itself, making the air more festive and ready for the Weekend celebration!

Thanks for viewing!


Aura City | Alverona

Aura City | Alverona

Outside of Aura is a military base, holding a Memorial Service during Llithustania's Federal Independence Day, Held during the Early summer morning, and is truly an event of awe and somberness, a day to remember past grievances and also a day to remember the day Llithustania gained it's sovereignty from the French.


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