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  1. Recycling help

    Just wait. Sims needs some time to notice that Recycling station has been build.
  2. SimCity Update: Straight Answers from Lucy It feels like a slap in the fans' faces from EAxis...
  3. SimCity: Gameplay

    SimCity Societies' files already have *.sc5 extension.
  4. "Offline patch"? If game mechanics allow to play without active sewers why don't add "Offline mode" NOW?!
  5. New Screenshots

    Look at the Moon! It is far too big (like in The Sims 3)! It is going to hit the SimEarth!
  6. SimCity: Gameplay

    Roadless city? It seems that you have to draw road before placing building or zone or anything else.
  7. "No overpasses without hills" + "No Terraforming" = "No multi-level transport network on flat (read: most) maps"
  8. SimCity: Regions

    SimCity2013's biggest possible region: * Maximum tiles in region: 16 * One and only available tile size: 2048m x 2048m * Maximum area: 16*2^2 = 64 sq. km.
  9. Discussion about City Tile Size

    @TommyWebster: Max 16 tiles per region, it's 16*2^2= 64 sq. km total. My smallest SC4 Region is bigger than that!
  10. Discussion about City Tile Size

    Super-Ultra-Minecraft-Big Tiles aren't needed in SC4's region model, where tiles are next to each other. If city is X km wide just divide it over [X*(1 or 2 or 4)]^2 tiles. However SC2013's tiles are separated by 1-6 km wide grassy dead space. THAT is the problem.
  11. SimCity: Gameplay

    HUGE traffic jams on 4-6 lane roads inside City Town Village with ~300 Sims. Niiice...
  12. Discussion about City Tile Size

    I don't believe that cities will expand horizontally. I think "bigger" means "bigger vertically" = higher population density.
  13. So we have have little computing power deficit? Let's look deeper into that. Do SimCity's Sims need hundreds of voices? Thousands of skins? Individually determined age/sex/career/mood/personality/etc? Furthermore do they really need to be individual agents rather than just few numbers in building/city/traffic simulator stats? Another not-so-needed power-consumer: SimCity’s Physics. It would be REALLY nice to see flowing water. Or how slopes affects vehicles' velocity and acceleration. But... do we need to simulate piece-by-piece how tornado tears down building (when meteors do not create any form of impact crater...)? These are little things, that we won't even notice. But they unnoticed drains large amounts of computing power and drastically reduces scale of simulation. (I apologize for my bad English. Please report me my mistakes