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  1. Patmos

  2. Weekly Challenge #15 - Cities: Skylines

    My 1st city!!! Be gentle.... Homeland it is!
  3. (Kalh douleia file , teleia.) Good job mate....keep it up....Can't wait for the next update and consider moving to the other side of Korinthiakos ....go to my beloved city of Aigio.......
  4. Athena

    Thank you all for your kind words....If you have any requests ask , and i will try to do my best....
  5. Athena

    I would love to get an ingame picture.Im trying to do so with regioncensus but the region is too large to do so.Any other ideas appart from the traditional "print screen" "paste"???
  6. Athena



    This is my 2nd upload ever.It's a 14x13 accurate to scale map of Athena. Took me ages to make it but i think that it's worth the effort! Hope you enjoy it ;p Plz rate and comment..... Special thanks to drunkapple...He tought me everything on map making....
  7. Into the SimCity games since 1989......

  8. Patmos



    Hi dudes. This is my 1st upload ever.It's the Greek island of Patmos.A 3x4 map. It's my 1st project ever.... Hope you enjoy it....Please rate and feedback in order to improve myself! Cheers to my mentor for this....(You know who you are)....
  9. Agia Triada, Greece.

    Perfect man , well done!
  10. Sim City (SPACE exploration maybe?)

    Well , thats exactly what i mean. Each city region should affect it's neighboor city , directly and in a much more eefective way than they do till now.For example if you have extremely high pollution levels a part of it should be "transfered" to the neighbor cities obliging you to see the problem as a whole , not localy. I really insist on this building points system.That way we will be able to see many many diferent city layouts , some effective and some may not so much , making your city more "personal" than ever and urging you to develop the best way you possibly can... Extremely great idea of seeing all you cities by scrolling once! They could adopt "Supreme Commander's" way of zoomming in and out of huge areas but actually work on your region...Perfect idea!
  11. I'll take you a little earlier than that....Im 32-33....i played my 1st simcity game back in 1989 in an Amstrad6128.I was 11.THAT WAS IT.....i stuck... I have played all simcity games that came out since.Even some simcity-like games.SC4 is the only one to keep me interested till nowdays. I take a break sometimes and get back to the old original 1st simcity game in order to get that feeling i had when i first connected those white lines with some square like boxes and realised that i just created...life...Nothing compares to that 1st feeling of something completely radical.... Thanks to this site my interest for simcity games is still hitting red...I just LOVE THIS GAME.
  12. Sim City (SPACE exploration maybe?)

    Lol! Hehehehehe.... no worries i entertained it! Well , i might not be able to explain my idea right because my English isn't very good. I think that you misunderstood my idea. I have played Cities XL too and didn't like it at all.It is a much more different game than SC4.In my idea , (off course everything will be free off-charge)i am thinking more like a mixture of SC4-Spore thing.You will have to improve ALL your regions to the max(which will be the main focus of the game like SC4)in order to obtain the ability and interact with other players out of your planet and aquire their knowledge,their custom made buildings(homes-power plants etc)and vehicles(the Spore way). We could even establish a building-points-system.We will have a certain number of building points that can be used to build your own buildings.So you will have to decide what kind of building you wanna build.High capacity , high-low energy-water consuption its all up to you to distribute your building points and build the home-plant-commercial-community building you like.By improving your city-region , you will be getting more building points , giving you the ability to create new buildings with better capacity-energy consumption ratio , growing your cities even more etc.... We could even give a certain amount of different kinds of resources to each planet making it even more interesting and demanding for the player to make the best out of his building points and create the best consumption-capacity ratio buildings he can. That is my main idea and i just wanted to share it with you guys.The possibilities are endless.What do you think?
  13. This idea came to me years ago and i want to share it with you guys now and get some feedback. What about a new game , were players will have to colonize not regions , but planets.....consisted of certain regions(depended by the size of the planet).It could offer both an on-line and off-line experience. For the offline users it could be a new and much more sophisticated City building game.The player gets a planet and starts building its regions pretty much like in SC4 but with all the new features we crave for all these years. The next step could really be the Online mode.... Here , players are part of a solar system(or even a galaxy...).Each player has its' own unique planet in the galaxy.From the time you enter the online game , an abandoned-uninhabited planet , becomes habited and you get to build it the way you prefer.Warning , if you leave it unused for a certain period of time or quit , it will get uninhabited again...(a severe global natural disaster could be the reason for that!). To keep you interested in developing your cities(planet)the best way you can we could establish a reward system for players.Many ideas have come to me about this reward system. For example , players that have developed their cities pretty much , could be given the opportunity to "travel" outside their planet , and meet other players.(I forgot to mention that player buildings can be standard , or custom made-with building points i will explain later.)So those players that can travel , can see new buildings created by other players , and even exchange them with some plans of theirs'.....Same thing can be done with transportation.Custom made vehicles can be made(under some standard rules though for everybody according to the type of transportation they refer to). I know that it looks very similar to Spore , but in fact it isn't.The goal will be to develop your cities/Planet the best way you can , in order to gain new challenges like the one i described above , or even get the opportunity to inhabit a new planet. That is a fraction of my idea for a new SimCity-like game.I will return shortly with some more of my ideas for this. Please post any of yours too here!!!I really get excited when i even think about such a game that could combine simcity with space exploration. Food for thought------->Planet Resources...(!)
  14. Urban Subway Stations

    You rule man!!!