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  1. Show us your Rush Hour / Traffic Jams

    It could just be all the traffic parks that you have next to the highways....not the NAM...
  2. Simtropolis Roadgeek Union--Requests

    My Requests: If anyone could make any of the following signs it would be great! "All Turns\U-Turn" "Garden State Parkway" Arrow signs (see below) http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/7/7b/Parkway_Entrance.jpg/200px-Parkway_Entrance.jpg County Road Signs http://www.co.ward.nd.us/hiway/images/Ward%20County%20Sign%20Home.h1.jpg
  3. Show Us Your Suburbs!!

    Above, Estates in New Corringham
  4. Show Us Your Suburbs!!

    Above, Estates in New Corringham Combined with the other post. Please use the edit feature to include more information if no one has posted after you yet.--hym
  5. Suburban Mall

    awesomee! but no jobs =[
  6. You've captured the development-scene very well. If anyone wants to check just how realistic this CJ is, just google map Phoenix, AZ or Dallas, TX...Small skylines surrounded by development that simply just...stops. Great CJ!
  7. Favorite Public Transportation System

    I think NYC gets it simply because they are able to cope with the aforementioned massive population. Also consider that the MTA funnels commuters from Connecticut...7 Million isnt an exaggeration, its probably underestimated for how many people are in New York at one time...Residents, shoppers, commuters and those passing through. Also the MTA and NJ Transit co-operation system is extremely well run and seamless
  8. Favorite Public Transportation System

    YIKES That French System A) too crowded B) Accident\Terror Attack Nightmare
  9. Show us your - Region

    How does one zoom out to that angle?
  10. Toronto VS. New York

    New York far and away, above any city in the world. The thing about New york is that it's not just manhattan island, Northeast Jersey and Southwest Connecticut, also southern NY are all part of the metro-area.
  11. Show us your - Region

    Gridlock- New Haven is awesome! It might be cool to add a sub-metropolis somewhere out in the sprawl as like a second skyline!
  12. Show us your home City's skyline

    <img src=http://www.abodenyc.com/images/New%20York%20City%20Images/New-York-Skyline-Night%20-%20Fixed.jpg> New York\New Jersey Skyline Newark, Jersey City and Hudson County are putting up some pretty impressive financial districts along the Hudson that are starting to make it look like NYC just spills over (which it does, lol)
  13. Nyhaven: Views From Within (AIN)

    I think your transit map is quite interesting...however, i would consider building a "beltway" line, I did it in my city and my Downtown area exploded!
  14. Show us your - Ghettos

    which mod gave you the darker-grey highways?
  15. Borden, 'The Little Island City'

    http://img243.imageshack.us/img243/1663/update193gn9.gif how did you get your roads to look like that (the left only lanes, diagonal divider lines etc