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  1. Missile Range

    That specific prop is already on the lot. I'm saying that a custom lot with that prop won't launch but the original Maxis lot does.
  2. Missile Range

    What specifically causes the missile to launch? It doesn't seem to launch on a custom lot, even with the prop on the lot.
  3. I had textured something in Gmax, and it shows correctly in the viewport, but in the Grenderer, it shows too bright. I've never had this problem before, where's the settings for the GRenderer?
  4. I had recently modded several civic/utility buildings to have jobs in them (with the "Demand Created" property). I noticed with several of them, even the Maxis buildings it shows 0 jobs in the Medium Wealth category. An example for this is "Jobs: 40/40/20" in Demand Created, but it shows "40/0/20" in the game (with ExtraCheats.dll) with using the query tool while holding Ctrl/Alt/Shift. What causes this glitch?
  5. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    I'm looking for the Allianz Arena by Ks_JPN (The download link doesn't seem to work), David Luart buildings, the Singer Building and the Mitawa Building (on a Japanese website).
  6. TRP: Flags of the World - Oceania

    What about a flag of Tokelau?
  7. Is it possible...

    I know how to change properties in multiple exemplars, but I'm wondering how to add or paste properties in multiple exemplar files. I looked at the threads, I couldn't find anything on how to add or paste properties in multiple exemplars - I use Reader 0.93, not 1.4.
  8. In Reader, is it possible to paste a property, like "Worth" for example to more than one exemplar/building file simultaneously?
  9. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Can anyone show me where to find the Singer Building (I asked about it earlier), as well as the Guangzhou Twin Tower (Oldest version from DmScopio)?
  10. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    What happened to the Singer Building from NYC? It was temporarily on STEX last year, but I can't find it anywhere on any website.
  11. Help with PIM-X

    I was trying to edit the "Item Description Key" property in a file I modded myself. (I also have, and I'm aware of LEProp and Reader). It won't show the Building exemplar when I right click on the Lot file.
  12. Upon loading PIM-X, it doesn't seem to work properly. Under "Descriptors", the file I'm trying to mod only loads up the "Lot" exemplar, not the "Building" exemplar. I've checked Reader, both exemplars are in the same file. Also, under Descriptors, on the bottom-left corner where the Model is, it shows no Model and "Unknown Resource Key". I've posted (Under a different name) on the PIM-X Support Thread, but there was no response back.
  13. Is there a way to change the street sidewalks that show up in medium/high density zones to the ones with the low density zones? (The green grass & sidewalk textures that show up when you zone low-density)
  14. I know you can't modify the 16 ferry terminal limit, but can you modify the capacity for the terminals? (like more than 1000~3000 per terminal) Or is that hardcoded?
  15. What about making bus stops on a transit-enabled NWM network tile that functions like the correct NWM network?