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  1. Uskopoit in Flames!

    awee i miss the riots. I haven't seen one for years.. probably my draconian police force policies keeping things in line. Great Update!
  2. Jojje's BATs of awesomeness!

    Very nice
  3. VDK Trains Inc.

    That's insane, Thankyou!
  4. Aeonprojects' Projects!

    Just an update, remodelled the roof and side trusses (probably doesn't look too different). There has been some progress in regards to glass, however this is not final. I've started on modelling the back of the building, so this is just a little taste
  5. Aeonprojects' Projects!

    @Roger Yes I was. I'm currently still working on the modelling of the back. Trying to get the depth right for the different sections. As you can see in the image below the back of the building has some interesting depth. Additionally the support trusses on the side of the building are going to need to change as well as they don't appear detached from the building as they are in the picture above. I think I can get them to better reflect real life..
  6. A Rubbish Solution (part 1)

    really beautiful, good job. Cute town as well ^_^
  7. Aeonprojects' Projects!

    @Wei Yes haha, definitely adding roof junk sooner or later, going to try replicate the original building roof junk. @Thanks Reddon. Ill pm you. @ Roger, Yep have already started the modelling of the back. However I'm not too sure what to do with the small attached low rise offices, whether to incorporate them or not. If I do incorporate them, it will be staying true to the original design however due to the extension of the offices ill have to make a plaza and fill it with things, which I'm not too confident with at all.... @Twrecks, I think soo too, ill definitely play around with this, and see also what advice reddon has. btw thankyou, I started about a month ago with this building on gmax, stuffed it and begun making it on 3dsmax last week. All I can say is youtube + omnibus are great resources.
  8. Aeonprojects' Projects!

    Hey Just uploading a few shots in game. I think the glass is probably way too dark. I changed the ground map, so hopefully its better. With the back ^^ above I need to add some more modelling to make it similar to the real life building. Ill try and aim for the colour of the water, for the glass. Im also getting a white line on the metal for the trusses, so im thinking thats a lod issue.
  9. Aeonprojects' Projects!

    Thanks Guys! @T Wrecks, I will definitely add some more photos then at camera zooms and probably an in game pic. I did try using a different pic for the ground map, but it made the glass look very jagged, Ill have to experiment around with a few different things to find the right mix, and no clouds
  10. KINAY's Drawing Table

    Hey Great effort thus far! I would recommend creating the windows and door out of 3D objects, in my opinion it looks better. I followed Jasoncw's tutorial on reflective windows and incorporated aspects of reddonquixotes Q1 method. Here are the links, very helpful. If you play around with it you can get it to suit your own style of building. Adjusting colour etc.
  11. Aeonprojects' Projects!

    Hey Everyone, I'm new to BATing. I've been playing the game since it was first released and have remained a silent member downloading lots ever since. I have always wanted to make my own lots and tried to when I was much younger. Now that I'm 21 and more computer savy/mature I thought id give it another go. I played around with gmax but was having issues with gmax not rendering objects under 20cm in size, so Ive been playing around with 3DS max 2014 instead and thought Id give my first building a go. The following is not a final copy, its not nearly finished yet as I need to work on the roof junk + texturing, I need to add some modelling to the back of the building to make it true to the real life building, finally I need to explore nightlighting. Additionally I would appreciate it if you guys could provide me with some constructive criticism. So that I can improve the quality of this building. If there is anything that doesn't look right lemme know. Im unsure about the ground texture im using for the reflections as well so any advice on that would be nice. The building is Brookfield Place, Perth Australia Currently Occupied by BHP Billiton. 234 metres tall.
  12. BAT4Max v.5

    I have exported before but seldom having an issue where BAT4MAX won't allow to export. I follow the steps 1-3 but when trying to select my target model it won't allow and just makes a noise. *Never mind, I fixed it.
  13. Novaland, A Town Surrounded by Mountain

    Great Work, Very jealous of your suburbs! Wish mine were so leafy green :D