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(SC4) Novance

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First of all, thank you for all of your valuable reviews!

It has been some time since I posted the first entry. But after that entry, my time spent on SC4 was reduced due to personal reasons, and the second entry is overdue.

Anyway, I will carry on, and creating something I want with SC4.

Ln X

Thanks a lot!

IMHO, those diagonal houses along that FAR-2 are not very satisfying​ ... :] Mattb325 has made some houses that would fit with FAR-2/3 better, but there isn't anyone who had successfully tried to make that possible. And the tilt shift in the first picture is a pure coincidence. :rofl:

(By the way, I still have no idea what a tree controller do in the game...)

In terms of the MHW, I had tried to improve the way I build it in that area, but the terrain and remaining space didn't seem to allow that happen. There's some 'sharp' cliff along the MHW, which is a problem created when I started the area and build that road like that(but without those Wide Radius Curves). Maybe I didn't pave the MHW in the correct place.




Thank you, but I have to say the mountains look like overlapping cones since the map was imported into the game. :golly:


Thanks, the last shot is a mosaic indeed.


Thanks, I just place the town on the flat ground of the basin.


Thank you!


Thanks, and this block maybe one of the best of my work... ;)




Thank you for your stay at this entry. Many of the pictures post in that entry are edited, in order to make the color or contrast of them looks better to me(thus I may have ruined some pictures, lol), and I have tried to use higher resolution when I captured these pictures, which might make them clearer.

Tilt shift is a kind of photography. Since I don't know much of it, google maybe a better solution for you if you want to know more about it. Here I edited the first picture so it might have a similar effect to tilt shift.


Thanks, and I expect to see your new work.


Thank you. To some extent, I use this area as a test of grid breaking.




Thank you for your review! The repetitiveness of the neighbourhood is due to the poor amount of BATs of this kind I have collected, and I will try to avoid that from happening again in the future blocks.


This block is seriously behind the original schedule... :lost:

Here are some pictures of areas completed around these days.

Around the central part of the city, at night.


A mix of hospital, office buildings, residence and shopping mall, located just outside of the central part.


An Imaginary residential area.



Hello, everyone! I'm new to here, so if there's anything wrong, please tell me about that.

This is my first CJ at Simtropolis, and it's about the region I'm currently working on. Not all blocks will be displayed here, since some of them are ill-structured or badly designed. :)

As I come from a non-English speaking country, I may slip now and then in my grammar. Expect some weird expressions...

Any ideas and comments are welcomed(in fact, I need it).

Today I'm going to show you the town Novaland. It is a town surrounded by mountain.

A park in the neighbourhood.


A tiny church in the centre of the town.


A corner of the shopping mall located in the western part of Novaland.


Some neighbourhood shoots, which you may found a little repetitive.




Shown in the bottom right of the following picture is a community college.


And here are a few random shoots around the town.



Finally, it is the overview of the town.

Full Resolution (4149 x 2538)



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