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  1. Leroy Merlin

  2. SC4 Tools: New Toys..

    Thanks for the workaround And many thanks for the great program.
  3. SC4 Tools: New Toys..

    I wouldn't complain if i could change this folder, believe me Here a screenshot where you can see i cant get out of "my documents" if i try to change the folder (here called in german "eigene Dateien") and no i havent tweaked anything at common dialogs, they work fine everywhere else
  4. SC4 Tools: New Toys..

    The possibilty to change the "Download" folder of the DIC to a place outside of "my documents" would be very appreciated.
  5. NDEX ITS Albert Bridge House Manchester

    Great as always! Thank you for your exzellent Bats
  6. St. Mark's Church