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  1. Wal Mart supercentro Mexico

    looks good, but as the rest: that BOX!
  2. St.Regis

    nice architecture in your city. i gotta say, i love how u used that stream in your city, and i cant forget the waterfall, either. i'd totally love to see more.
  3. Blue Hope - The Interactive City Journal

    superb city. what are u planning on for the future? to add, how do u create those road underpasses, because i really wanna learn how to build those. i would recommend that u use the NAM rural highways mod if u're gonna build a highway away from civilization, but otherwise, well done, man, well done. can't wait to see more.
  4. Julianopolis

    Originally posted by: edmonton_stinks Yeah, how did you get that huge one way avenue? It looks great.Are you still doing Escaliente Coast?quote> Good question, how DID he get a four lane one-way road from? secondly, this is a nice CJ, esp. considering the fact its tropical, and i like tropical cities.
  5. Pearl of the Orient

    man this city is awesome! i wonder what its like for those sims living in it, and i have to say its very colorful.
  6. Anduin Valley Revisited

    Originally posted by: Darmok Dragon Thanks a lot for you sympathy. It was wy wife's son's grandfather, (a bit complicated hey!) a very long illness, and as you said he is no longer suffering now. but always sad for the familly. kb Welcome to Anduin Valley, kb and thanks for the ketchup. Update 3 Commerce, residential and industry You see nomore NJZ! They must all be working at the Denny's by now! The port influence more commerce growth! Take Care Darmok quote> ok... so how do you make this??? where you can add parking yourself... i think its that small rural parking lots... eh, i dont know where: i just know its somewhere in that exchange. oh yeah... nice pics.
  7. Gueys right... does it work for roads??? im a latino but it doesnt mean im mexican... im colombian.
  8. Mr Snoopys New Toll Stations

    Yay!!! New Toll Booths... im gonna put these in, theyre modern... lol, I LOVE THEM!!! theres one for onewayroads... cool. 10/10, Esse.
  9. Marrast RR station 1x6

    Awsome, especially at night, lol....
  10. PEG Stream Kit Deluxe Edition

    I dont know about yall guys buts im giving PEG a 10.... and Two-Thumbs-Up.

    looks way better than than those dumb ass boxes... 10. what else can i say?
  12. WorldCup Stadium

    Yo, pep... i downloaded it but i gots the the brown box. How can i get rid of it ???
  13. XDesign Seagram Building

    Whoa, thats enormus. Dude, its awsome. Awsome, XD.
  14. In game University Replacement

  15. RP Lindt Apartments

    Nice Building, 10/10.