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  1. Best City Builder for Linux

    The best technically native one is SimCity 3000, although it's a very old build, and is difficult to get running on a modern system (though I managed to do it about 4 years ago), and difficult to find a legal copy of. Your best bet, though, is just running SimCity 4 in Wine. It works quite well, with only very minor graphical bugs, but other than that, works very well (sometimes better than in Windows). There are some open source ones out there, but they don't even come close to the SimCity games.
  2. Another option that might be worth trying is Wine, or one of its derivatives like Playonmac (port of Playonlinux) or Crossover. Now I don't have a Mac, but I know Wine can run just as well on OS X as it does in Linux, and SC4 works quite well for me in Wine using Linux, so it's worth a shot. Plain old Wine: http://wiki.winehq.org/MacOSX/ Playonmac (port of Playonlinux, which I've never used the mac port, but it's great on Linux): http://www.playonmac.com/en Crossover (probably the easiest to use. Commercial, but free trial available. This is a very nice piece of software, and the profits directly support the Wine project): http://www.codeweavers.com/products/
  3. Discussion about City Tile Size

    Yeah that kinda sucks if they don't change it. In SC4 I always use large tiles, because anything smaller just feels too small. I know the region play will be good to make up for it, but I'd really like to be able to build something bigger than only 2x2, that's pretty tiny...even my mediumish sized city I live in of about 80,000, without going into Google Maps to measure it, I'd guess is about 8x8 km, just a rough estimate, but is around that. That's 64 sq km, which with 2x2 cities you'd need 16 cities just to make up my relatively small city I live in. EDIT: According to Wikipedia, my city is 83.5 sq km, so yeah, that's like 21 tiles...
  4. Unlikely. Knowing EA, I can almost guarantee it will be Origin exclusive :/ It would be nice if it were available on other platforms though, but it doesn't seem likely in my opinion.
  5. Works for me as long as either: 1. All the cities that affect each other are mine, like regions are in SC4, just more connected and complex (a good thing, adds realism); and/or 2. I choose who to work with like friends from real life or Simtropolis, not random people or anything I know EA can be annoying (sometimes real annoying), but they aren't completely stupid, so I'm sure it will work along the lines of that, so I'm not worried about this aspect will play out, it should be alright.
  6. Will Simcity 5 Have UDI

    Yes it was always one of my favorite features of SC4, and I used to always play Streets of SimCity, all the time, as a kid, just to drive around my cities, I would hate to lose that ability. Really hope there's the posibility to drive around, hopefuly in full 3D behind the wheel perspective too. That would be icing on the cake for me
  7. CrossOver and Plug-Ins

    Try using the command switches like -d:software and all those. Here's a list of all of them: http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=3683.20 Since you use the Steam version, I'm pretty sure there's an option inside Steam to set those, in the program's properties. Also, you should be able to run the .exe windows installers with crossover, just choose custom install or whatever, choose the .exe, and make sure you install it to the correct bottle.
  8. Where oh Where Can I Buy SC4 for Mac?

    Assuming you already have the PC version discs handy, try Wine (free, will take a little set up in OSX) or Crossover Games (based on Wine, commercial product but with free trial, easier to use and better integrated with OS X). Since Wine is free and Crossover has a free trial, it's definately worth a shot first. I use Wine to play SC4 on my Linux box, and it works very well most of the time.
  9. Operating Systems Poll

    Arch Linux here
  10. SimCity 4 in Wide Screen Mode

    My monitor is 1280x1024, lame ,I know. Even worse, it's an old Dell CRT I got for free Why would I pay $100+ for a new one when this one works just great? Don't worry, my computer's not as old as the monitor, though if I bought a monitor I would have had less money for new computer parts, so win there
  11. A real odd behaviour

    I don't know, but sometime within the past few weeks my Wine has started crashing SC4 completely randomly every 20-30 minutes, even more annoying...I'm trying to figure out what's wrong, have no clue what it could be though, maybe it's related somehow? What version of Wine do you have? I have 1.2 now. EDIT: Guess you problem is a NAM problem. Wonder what my problem is I'll figure it out eventually.
  12. SimCity on a Netbook?

    I have a laptop (not a netbook) with a Pentium M 1.3 Ghz, 1 GB of RAM, and Intel 855GM graphics. It's like 7 years old It runs SC4 great (in Linux, didn't try it in Windows, probably the same about if you have XP). It's not a netbook, but because of its age, the stats of it are actually very similar to netbooks.
  13. RHW bridges

    Right now only RHW-2 and RHW-4 bridges are supported, although work is being done on other bridges (there's been screenshots, don't want to dig them up. They're somewhere in the RHW Dev thread on SC4D I bet if you're curious).
  14. Show Us Your Interchanges - The Sequel

    I've upgraded one of my interchanges. There was just oo much traffic, so I upgraded the E-W highway to much higher capacity. Old: New:
  15. Show us Your Oddities!

    This is using the connector pieces with RHW 4.0, maybe it's doing what it's supposed to, but it still looks funny