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  1. Chase Tower

    wow, I'm not sure what to say about this. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, but I'm not so sure with this guy. I followed the link someone posted to the original file, and it is clearly the same building. Even down to the differences from the original building. Honest mistakes are one thing, but to intentionally steals someone's else
  2. Cheapo Tower

    I think we should give people a bit of a break, and maybe be a little more kind. Remember everyone here is doing all this for free, and only because they want to do it. And if you feel you must express your negative opinion of something, you can always do it in a nice way. There is never a need to be mean. That is all that was claimed, and if the lot works, this person delivered exactly what they said.
  3. Cheapo Tower

    If you read this person's description you will see that they are not claiming to have created a new building, or anything super thrilling, what they did was provided a skyscraper that will grow as easy as the taco stand, so that smaller cities can have large buildings. Just so you know the building that downloads is the tall building on the right side of the game screenshot. I downloaded it, and looked at it in lot editor.
  4. Cheapo Tower

    I ACTUALLY DOWNLOADED THIS FILE BEFORE I COMMENTED ON IT...... I think the concept is good, but my fear would be that I would have a city filled with this one building. Again I like the concept, I think it is sound. Keep up the good work. Fulmer
  5. Cheapo Tower

    ok, I'm really tired, it is 4:30am and I'm still at work. I do not work in the Grace building I work at 9 west 57th, which is the solo building, it looks just like this one, but with a big orange 9 in front. i'm soooooo tired.
  6. Cheapo Tower

    Want to hear something strange. The grace building you are showing on the left side of your screen is the building I work in. hum........... Fulmer
  7. Dutch Cathedral Haarlem

    Wow, I think it's great. I can't wait to put it in my city. Fulmer
  8. Vienna Tower

    I have to say I'm always amazed at the level of creativity with buildings like this. I wonder hoe many of you ever been approached by an architecture firm wanting to build your buildings in real life?
  9. Oceanic Tower

    Oh My god.........
  10. Janne Toren

    I'm just about to download this now. I love it, it is really stunning.
  11. moonville with config file

    Well I have been debating whether I wanted to respond to this or not. 1. I didn't know I could edit a posting, I've only done it twice. 2. I was leaving that morning for Montreal, and would not be back until today, so with only 6 hours sleep, and needing to get to the airport to catch my flight, I spent time I didn't have to upload the config file so that if anyone wanted to use these maps they would have the config file. Seriously have any of you heard of manors?
  12. cascade with config bmp

    Version 2


    here is the config.bmp file for both maps I uploaded
  13. moonville with config file

    Version 2


    I'm hoping the config.bmg will upload with IE. Thanks Fulmer
  14. Cascade

    I do use Firefox. I will upload the Conf.bmp when I get a chance using IE. I'm leaving for Montreal early, and won't be back until next week. I will upload it then. Thank you for the info
  15. Moonville

    Thank you all for the great feed back. I really love this site, I have had a lot of fun so far. I haven't started building on this map yet, i wanted to make another one to upload today. thanks again fulmer nbk53rz