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Hi, today I have nothing but a teaser, since Im still zoning according to the plan I told you guys on the last update. Now, I know... a few day passed, but instead I tried something new... I tried to fill some gaps... see if anyon can recognize how I did it... =p


Vlasky: Well yes, it is.. but its worth it since the outcome is really good.. thank you for your comment... please come again!

TekindusT: Well thank you! There is a closeup for you today too

mystic_destiny: It is time consuming, but again, what game isnt? thenk you... I really like what I did so far, I mean, its hard for me to be satisfied with my own work, so it really helps..

Aaron Graham: Hey budddy! Thank you for your comment! :thumb: you know, buildings from you are always welcome!! so feel free to create anything that would fit in here hahaha!!

raynev1: Hey! thank you... I really appreciate it...



Hmmm... I see some buildings in there... Hmmm... See you on the next update guys!!


Alright guys... long time no see...

Well, to be honest, I had some time this last month to play simcity, it wasnt much, but I took advantage of those little moments I had. I know, its been too long, and its ok for you guys to think this was done, but Im here to prove you wrong.

I remember on the last update's comments, people were eager to see development, and I remember I did post some testing.

So before I give you the pics (10+) I will tell you the things I had to do in order to show you what I currently have.

Even before so, I want to tell you guys, that Im not gonna do a reply section yet, cause I think I did a little one last update, and to be honest, Im considering this as a new start (development wise). Im still working on the street layout, still working on every detail to get as much as i can.

So, now that we have that out of the way, there are a couple things you should know:

1) Every building in here was zoned, I dont like plopping, except for buildings that really are iconic (landmarks) or buildings that need to be somewhere and I cant make them grow. If thats not the case, I like growing things because...

2) I spent a lot of time seeing google earth, google maps, and every possible map to make sure that I zone everything according to the real manhattan. To be honest, this is the reason why it took so long, cause I made sure to zone according to the real city. Of course, I did download a variety of buildings to make sure I had the things I needed to grow, and to make sure zoning that way would make sense. So everything you see is basically the real Manhattan. There are some buildings that grew in the right place, but are not exactly the same as real life, of course that is, because of simcity 4 limitations, and because there arent enought models in the stex

3) I gotta thank a million this person... AARON GRAHAM! without you, this wouldnt be possible... variations, models... everything is on you buddy!

4) There are gonna be some blanks in the pics. Those spaces are reserved for buildings, schools, police stations, etc.. basically anything that needs to be plopped so its being reserved for when I get to it... probably not in the next update, but the following to that.

Now, without any further... I give you the pics, and I really hope you enjoy... it would crazy to see LOTS OF PEOPLE for this update, since as I said before, I consider it special...

West side overview...


Notice, some buildings are gonna change.. since this pic was taken 2 days ago...

Closeup on the area...


Now, notice on this pic and the one above... central park is empty... to be honest, I really prefer to see some development, and then work on the park... plus, the west side wasnt suppose to develop, but I guess is good to see some development in here too...

This is how it looks now... some rezoning... west side... 75th...


As you can see... low rises, more like w2w homes... just like the real one... NEXT!!

Overview on the east side development... notice the blank spots are reserved... and there is a block I have to de-zone to make room for a school... sorry for that guys...


Now, as you can see.. there are some streets... that is because... Im testing LOOKS VS ONE WAY FUNCTIONALITY... streets give me that look full of trees between buildings... so I guess Im gonna keep it up with streets... of course NAM is running on EXTRA SUPER HIGH.. so streets can handle traffic really well... its a shame there arent one way streets... that would be so cool... or make one way roads have a street texture... anyways.. moving on...

A comparison between the 2 sides... you can clearly see the difference between east an west side... just like in real life.. the east is more developed in terms of height... sorry Im missing the central park buildings on the west... Im working step by step...

5th Avenue's buildings... these grew just fantastic... they resemble the real 5th avenue really really good... really proud of how those buildings popped up..


Now, Im gonna leave you with some closeups... of 3rd... 2nd... just a mix... enjoy...






Well... thats it for today... I really hope you enjoy... IM REALLY SORRY FOR DILAPIDATION... there isnt enough people... diserability on those buildings was low... so they kinda took off... but those are landmarks.. so they had to be plopped... I guess I will plop them again once I have enough people to support them...

Anyways... thank you guys for stopping by... hope you enjoy the update...

LOVING NEW YORK!! how about you people???


Alright... so, Im sorry for not being able to post... Ive been very bussy with 2 things...

1) Im struggling with my university over some subjects, that for some reason are not showing up, and you know, I need to show up since I need my diploma by October, since I will be taking my Gmat exam on October. I need my diploma and Gmat score so that I can send the apps for my masters degree... I will be doing my degree on Corporate Finances... I dont know if any of you cared to know... hahaha but I wanted to share that... so yeah, not an engineer, not an architect... Im a CPA, an looking forward to start my finances masters...

2) HOLY COW, for some reason I havent had any spare time to play... but then came the weekend and I found some...

So replies...

Ace: yeah, the map is getting better and better... I like how the angled roads are coming along.. well I hope you can comment on this update to see what you think

ggamgus: develpment test... you know... hopefully some feedback from you will do the trick...

Vlasky: I did reply your message, but still, hopefully you can make your own journal and you know, share and learn from one another, right?

Necropolis: well... Im doing a recreation so the plazas wont work, I have to build it from scratch, an the plazas and parks you mentioned wont do the work, so you are gonna have to wait for that, but I appreciate your concerns about the city =)

Elavery: The angles are always gonna be something difficult to achieve in the game, its gonna be hard, but hopefully things will turn out ok... as I think I mentioned on the last post... anyways... Im glad you are a regular in here...

Aaron Graham: you mentioned me in your thread... and you came by... wow... such a pleasure to have you... your buildings are not popping yet, because right now Im in the process of choosing rowhouses and stuff, BUT, some of the co-op buildings you created are being used right now, and they are a must, maybe you will recognize some from the pics...

ANYWAYS!!! the whole purpose of thie update is for you to check the kind of buildings Im gonna be using in general for places like brooklyn in general... west side of manhattan.. harlem... rowhomes in general... the village... and some co-ops buildings that always pop up at some of those neighborhoods...

Ok, so here we have an inersection, we have a bank at the corner, and some rowhomes...


Then in here, I have a hospital, some of you might recognize it, just checkin to see how all the colors and buildings mix up...


And finally, the same picture as the first one, but on the other side, so you can actually see the trees and the backyards of the rowhomes. Now, what most people dont realize is that this rowhomes in real life are full of this backyards, West Side Manhattan's rowhomes have these... so I wanted to make sure that I would show you this, and prove you guys that Im going 100% on details


Now, remember, this was just a test development, it was not built on the region. I always like to test whats gonna grow on my cities before I actually play them, its good to know, because everythin you see was zoned, there is nothing plopped, and yes, it took me some time, but I know how to zone right now in order to get results I want..

As a bonus, I have a region pic... CHECK BROOKLYN... some roads, and I built the inner industrial canal... ready to see some industrial development... Also, check MANHATTAN... see the angled roads? Canal Street?


As of now, Im reaaaaaally in love with my NYC... how about you guys??

PS. If you know of any rowhomes, please link it in the comments.. as I would like to test them, also, if you see something off... please comment and tell me if I should not use it, or use it on some areas, or whatever you think or know.. PLEASE!!!



Hey guys...!!

I'm sorry for taking this long, but as you all know, working on simcity is not that easy when you try to get it as close as possible to real life...

So, first things first.. REPLIES!!

ggamgus: Hey, thank you for stopping by... hmmm I know.. I know, but you know, but sometimes I get stuck, and working on different areas sometimes reveals a crazy way to solve what I was stucked with... but yeah... I worked on Manhattan purely this time, and I got some incredibly HORRIBLE DIFFCULT I HATED IT SO BAD part... hope to see you around... keep coming!!

Forthwall: To be honest, yes... I dont know how much time it will take me to get there, but yes... this CJ is aimed to last long, and to cover as much as possible, and remember, this is Izidor44's map, so it covers a lot... so why should I not show a lot, right?? thank you for coming visit... hope to see you again...

nate1245: HEY! glad you liked it, here is something for you, hope you like it!

Necropolis: Hi, glad you made it to the last update... I got names already, and are based on general areas. I know what you mean, sometimes it takes more than a tile for the same area, but I try to use general area names so people can identify it easier (same applies for me lol)

So.. Now, a little teaser I prepared for you guys... it's not much, but it's a little update on lower Manhattan.. I need to know if that looks real enough for you... working with the angles has been a pain in the back :ohyes:



Some progress on Lower Manhattan.. and alphabet city... enjoy, and please comment and rate...

Im not loving NYC currently because of angles... lol... do you?? :rofl:



Hey guys! Some replies =)

Towerdude: Thank you! Well... I guess he didnt like what he saw...

k50: Yes... the different looks... such an amazing CJ.. well, I wish this comes out as good as that one, it would be something really nice. Broadway! yes... Im not done yet, I left Broadway for the last, I wanted to get the grid done first =)

Forthwall: Thank you! I appreciate you stopping by..

mystic_destiny: Thank you! Luck is always welcome!

elavery: YES IT IS! but hey... Its there.. so I have to do it... plus, since lucky7 did it, we all use the same technique... !! Glad he tought us that.. althoug I use a different technique for angles... may be a tutorial sometime later...

ggamgus: Well thank you for that... I hope I am... most important... I hope I have the patience for this... but yeah... I've been working this last 2 days... Not so much since time is very limited... but all I could...

SO NOW! I have a little update on the transportation map... just to show you my little progress... angle roads take a lot of time because of measures... =(


Some roads in Queens... and I began Brooklyn! I hope you enjoy the teaser...!!

PS> I will have to lay some roads in order to start to actually play the game... do you remember in the first entry FUNCTIONALITY?? well we need some roads and stuff for that...

OH! and before I forget... I got another little teaser I managed to work last night... Its not a big deal... but I got some of the subway laid down... I still need to plop the stations though...

As I said... not a big deal... but I guess its worth to take a look!!

This one is from central park...


And this one is from the 14thST to the empire state area...


Since I built as far as the 14th ST, I got the subway laid up to that part... I will be working on both streets and subway sometime during this weekend if I have some time =)

Hope you enjoy this VERY LITTLE update/teaser?

See ya on the next update!

I <3 NYC! do you?




My name is Criss... Ive been a member of simtropolis since 2006 I believe... not importante right now...

Since I got the game... back in 2004... there has been always a challenge for me, which it was (and still is) to recreate a real life city. Now the problem with that as we all know is the lack of bats, mods, game limitations... etc... but even though we have that, there were some people who challenged those limitations and created the most wonderful recreations... and they have been an inspiration to me throughout the years..

To name some examples...

Paris by E.J.C... which I cant find anymore...

San Francisco... by mexicanboy... back in 2005!!

the different looks of NYC... by one of my greatest inspirations... lucky7... wow... you should all check that one out...

and so on...

Now, I have been playing this region for about 1 month...

It takes a lot of time to get streets right... and at the same time obtain functionality out of it... this CJ is not about looks only, but to make it function like the real NYC.. .so mass transit... WILL BE ESSENTIAL..

I dont have too many pics yet... but since I made you read all of this long post.. I'll give you something so that you dont hate me... =)

But first... lets get technical:

1) Map: Izidor44... I edited the config so I could fit the post office

2) Streets: placed as accurate as possible

Wish: to inspire people to create something different... and to start something different... to be honest... I havent seen a real life rec for a long time now... I like the current cjs... but I dont know.. .maybe by this I will inspire some more recreations... oh, and also, maybe with this, I will help people create their own version of NYC.. .after all.. Im open to questions.. .and if necessary, I will make a tutorial of things you want to know... =)




Region view...




Please comment and rate...

Our Journal begins here... =)


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