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My Cities II

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Hey,so this is my second largest city with a population of 2.3 million people,recently it had a meager re-hall,the largest part of the highway is now under ground with spectacular parks on top,unfortunately this city has become to large for my computer and the game crashes...so I'm very sad that i cant finish it :(

Shenzhen is the home of one of the worlds tallest buildings the Ping An Finance Cent. The busiest transport hub that servises around 800 thousand passengers in located in downtown Shenzhen


Other perspective:


A large city deserves a large city hall,so this was build,also the City Stadium


This is the commercial district located on the main land,not as spectacular as the first but it's ok :)


The black build you see was build along with the face-lift that this city was given


This is the newest part of the city where lot's of new residential buildings are being build and also to be build will be a very large shopping mall


Even in one city the difference between the rich and poor is gigantic



This is the new Shenzhen University and Library building


for the lst picture i give you a bird's eyed view of the city ;)


(i just wanted to add that i don't know much about Shenzhen,so i don't thick this recreation i very accurate)


Recommended Comments

I hope you don't mind some constructive criticism. :)

First off, I'm guessing you're going for an Asian styled/Hong Kong look in your cities. To achieve this, you should first:

* Download the work of the HKABT (Hong Kong/Asia BAT Team) They have a lot of great Asian/HK styled content which will improve your cities. Just search "Bixel" on the STEX. ;)

* Also download song MMP's (Mayor Mode Ploppables) These are ploppable flora that make your cities look a lot better. They are also much more realistic than the ugly Maxis trees. :dead: If you plop these in open spaces between skyscrapers and other ares, it will make your city a lot more realistic. (Check out [url="http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/journals/2209-hong-kong-20/"]Hong Kong 2.0[/url] by TowerDude for an idea of what I'm saying.)

* Add more variety to your skyline. Even though there are several skyscrapers that stand out in your CBD's, there is a lot of repetition in the background. Downloading the content of the HKABT will partially help this, but you must also do a bit of work yourself by destroying some very repetitive buildings. (Repetition is a killer for CJ's, so having none really makes your CJ great!)

* Consider using a "Block Maxis" Mod. Even though you have some custom content, the Maxis content really shows through. If you'd like to try it out, search "Block All Maxis" on the STEX. ;)

* Try a water mod. This will make the water look much more realistic.

(And also, just a tip: the zone in picture six will not grow because it doesn't have road access. ;) )

I hope this helps! Please do not take this the wrong way. I know it's a lot, but I would only take the time to type this if I wanted to see your CJ improve. Best of luck!

~ Charles

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tnx MamaLuigi945, i have to admit that this is not my best work i posted it just because of its size :D
I do have a lot of costume content especially from Bixel i love his work

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I suggest using the extra cheats mod, it allows you to plop any building (RCI, civic, etc.) you want as long its in your plugins folder.

To add on what MamaLuigi945 said, you do not have to take a picture of your entire city. You can just take a picture of a scene of what you think is completed. Most of the top CJers do not complete real cities, just scenes or portions of a city. (Less time on a whole, more time on a scene.)

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yes i have noticed,but I'm not making cities specially for CJ I'm making Cj out of my favorite cities )

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