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About this City Journal

The Capital City Region of the Bundesrepublik Schellingen, a metropolis on the river Schelling

Entries in this City Journal



"Just fantastic! Picture 10.6 really shows that the grid is truly dead. "

-- riiga

Be prepared for more grid-breaking. The next update shows that the grid is not only dead, but it has been burried too!

"That must have taken forever to do. It was well worth the effort, great job!"

-- NMUSpidey

Actually, it didn't take that much time. A few hours maybe, but I've spent longer time on a single city. But still, you've got to remember all the FAR patterns ;)

"Awesome Mandel. Loving that picture of the town square with all the people it looks so vibrant and full of life."

-- 89James89

The town square is the key feature of this town. That's where I started development. I like how it turned out and with the people on the square, it does look like something is going on there. So, full of life indeed ;)

"Its... Back?! 10.6 is superb. I can't believe you've actually managed to break the grid there. Its not even just about diagonals anymore, you've made the roads look like they will go in any direction."

-- ROFLyoshi

"Wow, I absolutely adore the first picture. That town square is fantastic. I'm also a huge fan of your farmland. The whole city just feels so...real. The lack of a grid really helps sell the idea that this is an old rural town. Really nice job!"

-- mb1.0.2

Then my mission was successful: making a convincing old town by breaking the grid. I actually started with a few roads on the edge of the tile and decided to converge them to this town. Therefore it looks like roads go everywhere from this town. I like the spider-web pattern it created ;)

"Pic 10.6 = Death to Rectangles"


-- Hellken

I'm so awesome, even a non-SC4 player is clapping for me :D

"Killin' the Grid!! This is FAR better than I could ever do!"

-- TekindusT

Grids? Where we go, we don't need grids...

"Specamazatastic return entry, GREAT work! "

-- ggamgus

Specamazatastic? Is that even a real word? :P

"You could say that town is really

( •_•)

( •_•)>⌐■-■



-- Mama Luigi


"Great return update, the FAR and the town look great"

-- Samerton


-- Titanicbuff

"All those gridless roads, its very impressive! I'm glad you're back doing Schellingen Stadt "

-- mystic_destiny

"Schellingen-Stadt is back !

Awesome update, I really like the last picture"

-- katherman111

"Your road layout is unique. I'll keep a watch on you for now.

Great update!!"

-- Luiz P. Romanini

"How could someone on the NAM team not use curvy and diagonal roads? Very nice city, and nice road layout "

-- Alex_1210

"Good to see that Schellingen-Stadt is back!"

-- simonvangenderen

"Wow an update, and a great one at that! Nice work!"

-- Haljackey

"Great update! Good use of FAR. "

-- RepublicMaster

"Very Great Old Town!"

-- Hazani Pratama

"Fantastic work. Great imagination and realization."

-- MilitantRadical

Thank you all for your kind replies ;)


Today we're going to take a look at two small rural towns, Horneby and Marienkirchen. Located 3 km away from each other, they fit in the same city tile. But most notable is: both towns don't conform to the grid. How? Well, let's find out!

We first start with Horneby:


It's a small town like you know from everywhere. Low density buildings, one shop, a church and hey, a roundabout. Not that much eh? But look at the layout: almost all roads are diagonal, with a lot of smooth curves in place! And the best part is: it's all dragable!

As we zoom out, more and more grid-less things start to appear...



Here we have our main rural highway, the Bundesstrasse 17. It's classified as a "Schnellstasse", allowing maximum speeds of 110 km/h and having no at-grade intersections.


Both Horneby and Marienkirchen have a parclo interchange with the B17. I just love to build parclos!



Now on to Marienkirchen. It's slightly bigger than Horneby, but again, we see a broken grid here too!


And to conclude, we get an overview pic of Marienkirchen, showing it in all it's gridlessness...


See you next time!





Well, it has been one and a half years since I last updated this CJ. During that time I've redeveloped parts of Imaginia, but lately, I've returned to Schellingen-Stadt again. I'm finishing up the region and so far, I've only got 3 tiles to go (whohoo!). Since I have a lot of material ready, I think it's time for some updates again.

Today we are taking a look of one of the surrounding towns, Amelunxen. It's one of the larger rural towns around Schellingen-Stadt and it's one of the older towns in the region. Founded by the Nagaskians, this city has a long history before the Prussian colonisation in the 17th century. Nonetheless, this town does show some clear traces of colonisation, especially the town's church building. Unlike most of Schellingen Republic (which is mainly Lutherian protestant), this region of Schellingen is quite catholic.

We start at the town square. Amelunxen is known for its agricultural market place and it's old town buildings. It's the tourist of the region and the town can be described as picturesque...


As move from the town square, we see a lot of the old town buildings next to the narrow streets...


But the town has grown. Around the old town center you see new housing, grown in between the old town roads (note the grid-breaking angles!)




Zooming out, you see that this town resembles no grid. You also get a nice overview of the small size of this town. Surrounded by farmlands...



East of Amelunxen, we have the Amelunxerwald Nature Preservatory. There's not much development here and just a few roads. People like to wander in this dense forest on the various walking trails set out in the woods...


And in the middle of the woods, far away of any interference of signals from mobile phones and such, we have the Amelunxen Space Observatory, watching the skies to record the wonders of the universe.


Well, that's it for today. I hope you enjoyed this update ;)





"I absolutely love your city here! Another great update! It feels quite British, is that what you were going for? Then again, I might just be watching too much Top Gear. lol"

--- citiesxlfan42

Actually, I wasn't going for a British region specifically, more a German region, with a mix of other European styles.

This picture will say everything what I'm thinking about this post:

"This is awesome, I have too many questions about this:

Where did you get the blocks?

How did you the roundabout of 3 lanes?

What slope mode are you using?"

--- Alejandro24

1. The low-wealth blocks are from SFBT. They can be found on the LEX. The Medium Wealth blocks are Delecto's Pearl Sunshile Apartment Complexes

2. That's a roundabout filler lot from Psander5. The middle lane is only eyecandy

3. I use a modified version of BRF's Tunnel and Slope mod. I changed the values a bit to make it a bit more forgiving...

"What a return! And with all the attention, you're number one on Ben's Top ten this week - congratulations!"

--- Benedict

Thank you, I'm honoured! :blush:

"hey. beautiful city. just one question. where can i find the tall building on the left in picture 9.18, and the large building in the top middle in pictures 9.20? very nice city. oh and where can i find the pool in picture 9.21"

--- mustangflyer

Here are the links:

1. http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/files/file/17942-ndex-its-201-bishopsgate-broadgate-tower/

2. http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/files/file/25934-its-2011-1000-lakeside/

3. http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/files/file/14522-public-pools-pack/

And to everyone else: thank you for your comments! ;)

Anyway, New Year's day is coming, and therefore I have the following picture for you






"Once again, you show us a great update! There are only two things I could complain of:

1) The coastline you show us on the 8.09 pic is, in my opinion, screaming for some seawalls or retaining walls, or rocks or breakwaters... You know what I mean, but maybe it's just me that I can't stand seeing water touching bare terrain...

2) Farms facing the diagonal railroad... I know this is something that cannot be completely solved, but some rural players usually hide this kind of things with Mayor Mode trees or this kind of stuff...

Just a couple suggestions, the rest, perfect as usual!"

--- TekindusT

1) Well, there are some cities where this is the case and I would be lieing if I would say that making seawalls is easy for me. Most of the time, I'm a bit too lazy doing that...

2) That's a bit of a downside of SimCity being grid-based, but I've learned to live with it. I usually put some trees there, but I think I forgot to do this this time.

Anyways, thank you for you comment!

"Wow another awesome update! (though that's to be expected )

I just have to ask two questions though.

1) How'd you get the trees on the SAM streets?

2) That GLR base replacement mod, where can I find it?

I would ask a third but I know not to ask you about the catenaries"

--- Frdm920

1) That's the Street Side Mod for the SAM I found on the LEX.

2) Someone on SC4D linked the mod, which was on some Japanese site...

"I have a few questions, hopefully not to bug you -

Do you use SPAM for your farmlands or anything else?

What terrain mad/plop props are shown in this and your last post?

What kind of retaining walls is accompanied to the rail trench?

Thanks, Guy."

--- grstudios

I do not use the SPAM. I do use a terrain mod, namely CPT's Italia Terrain Mod. The retain walls are from Jeronij in a package I found on the LEX.

"Amazing Scenery! The last picture is my favorite."

--- 10000000000000

"Another Fantastic Update. I always like your transitions from one type of development to the another."

--- EyeofMobius

"Nice to see you back - I love the rail running through the towns. Very realistic."

--- Benedict

"whoa......... LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

--- 124Blackhawk

"I just discovered this CJ today. Very cool stuff! It's all enjoyable to look at, and I especially like the road geek work!

It's also nice to see a CJ with a Dutch flavor. I went to The Netherlands for the first time last December on a business trip, and I really enjoyed it. Your CJ reminds me of when I was there.

Keep up the great work!"

--- spiffus

"@spiffus: So did I, nice job, does look very dutch doesn't it."

--- escilnavia

Thank you all! (Oh, and it's actually not dutch styled. Skyscrapers and hills don't fit in a dutch landscape 2.gif )


After a few months of abscence (mainly due to the work on the Euro RHW Texture Replacement Mod), Schellingen-Stadt is back. This time, we take a visit in another suburb, Rianstedt. Rianstedt was the last tiles I've finished of the central city in the Region. And since it's my first update in months, why not take a visit here? So let's get started.

We start on the freeway A12, which goes trough a rural landscape here. It may look a bit wide, but this freeway leads to larger cities further away, like Boll and Bammsmuenster.


Just an overpass over the A12. This road connects Moelendorf with Arminheim.


Moelendorf is just a little, boring village somewhere around Schellingen. But hey, it's still a place to live...



Arminheim is not much different...


The B14 is the old road to Boll and Bammsmuenster and it got replaced by the A12. Nowadays the road has a more local function, but still it remains a main route in the region...


Wandering around on the farmlands...



Here the B14 enters the agglomeration of Schellingen-Stadt, at Rianstedt to be exact...


The city has some characteristic appartment blocks spread throughout this part of the city (it was a pain to plop them, because they kept on abandoning...):






But this suburb has also a dirty side; some industry...



The A12 goes right in between the two city suburbs Am Schelling and Rianstedt.


To conclude, some random pics from the suburbs...







And a bonus image: the region view as it is today:






"Oh my goodness...Nice interchanges there!"

--- nathanthemayor

Thank you, Over the years my RHW skills have improved ;)

"Has it been released now? Nope. *Five seconds later* And now? Nope. *Ten seconds later* And now? Nope.

Maarten, this is what you do best, every update is a planning showdown; and you even make every interchange different for the sake of originality! As for the new stuff... Simply fantastic!

1. The cosmetic pieces you said.

2. The ERHW-6 pieces.

3. The ERHW-6 to ERHW-2 transition with incorportation/exit (don't know the technical name you NAM Team give to it).

4. Light posts for RHW-6S and Diagonal RHW-6 (?).

5. The RHW-4 to MIS transition piece shown in the 7.14 pic (?)."

--- TekindusT

Thank you for your reply! Now here are your answers:

  • 1 to 3: Correct.
  • 4: The lights are not a new NAM feature, but some ploppable stuff of my own. As for the diagonal RHW-6S, it was already available, but not draggable, nor single-tile.
  • 5: The new RHW-4 to MIS splitters are also correct.

You did miss the RHW-4 to RHW-3 transistion and the RHW-6S C-style Ramps though...

"awesome job! but how come its not the Euro-RHW?"

--- avrelivs

That's because there are no new Euro Textures yet. Since the lane width of the new RHW is 0.5m narrower, the old Euro Textures are not compatible with this version. However, Alex (Tarkus) will also create a new Euro Texture Set for the RHW, and from what I've seen, it looks better than my own set.

"This is an amazing update! Seeing as it's a very German-Dutch inspired CJ, it gives me a lot of influence and the highways are just superb!

I notice RHW-8 Bridges! I've seen them in Blue Lightning's CJ, but seeing them here must mean they're closer to release!"

--- ROFLyoshi

It looks closer to release than I really is. The T21s and the bridge deck textures need some work though...

Great! What mod are you using for the power lines?

--- pigout123

That's my 380kV power line set, which is in fact available on the STEX.

Awesome CJ, also with your draft of traffic signs in Schellingen.

Because I'm a railway fanatic, I am interested in a little draft of how level crossings in Schellingen are looking like. It would be great if you can show it in one of the next episodes of your CJ.

Keep up your great work!

--- Sebbe99

Well, I rarely use level crossings in Schellingen. Since I read an article about railway building, I seldom build level crossings now. I rather use underpasser or overpasses, or no crossing at all...


--- janslaven

"Beautiful Lovely transit, and the farms are great"

--- TowerDude

"WOWWOWOW Genius!"

--- Molooo

"absolutely amazing highways!"

--- x493x

"Great to see you back - and with an excellent update featuring my favorite thing - transportation."

--- Benedict

"Beautiful, Amazing, Perfect!"

--- Andrey km

"@ avrelivs

I would say because Maarten hasn't made the textures for the new pieces yet

@ Maarten.

Once again a stunning update, looking forward to more "

--- Frdm920

"Your road system is nice."

--- ImVhOzzi

"Your transport networks are fantastic!!!"

--- epigone

"whoa! very good freeways!"

--- 111222333444

Thank you all!


In this part, I have not much to tell, but I can show some pictures from around town. And one rule goes: "Show, don't tell." So let the show begin...
















I hope you liked this update!





"Hi Maarten. This is actually quite nice to look at. Beautiful colors and an obviously well-planned layout. Keep up the great work. As a side note, I'd love to see more of your rail work as the images you've shown here are worth stopping and looking at."

--- JGellock

Well, the next few updates will show more of my railway engineering...

"Great update once again, Maarten. I see a lot of interesting stuff here: the variety of crops, the use of wide-angle curves, a lot of FARR pieces.. and incredible new textures that I hope to use myself one day.. And I must say: That sunken stretch of road on pic. 6.08 is wonderful! Great work!"

--- heitomat

With a few hole diggers, retain walls and overpasses, you'll get the job done ;)

"Hmmmm, you've used at least two new RHW pieces in the last picture.

This update is the best in this CJ (so far? ), the great use of RHW and other road network puzzle pieces and a good attention to detail are one of the things that makes this update so good.

It also makes me even more excited about the road barriers you have got in the making.

I'm just corious about which road texture you are using...

EDIT: It's the RHW textures I'm corious about."

--- ImVhOzzi

Those are the new "V5-Spec" RHW textures, the standard livery of the new RHW version.

"Those are very lovely towns. And the picture quality is superb!"

--- panthersimcity4

Thank you!

"i love to see this. makes me want to jump in car and take a ride

the electric poles running through the country is very realistic."

--- hijodecordoba

Indeed, these power lines add a nice detail to these rural scenes.

"Very nice pics!"

--- Andrey km

Thank you!

"When making FAR curves with the RHW, I usually think "if only there were RHW-6C and RHW-6S FAR curves...". And they are finally here!! One more hurray for you, NAM Team guys (and you've earned a dozen lately).

As for the update itself, I'm not a huge fan of rural stuff and I never play rural, but this is why I like very much to see how people use the rural stuff like you've done in this update. The only think I haven't liked is the State Fair lot; tinking of rodeos in the middle of that landscape you show us today has shocked me..."

--- TekindusT

The rodeo is bad advertising :P The rest of the lot is OK to me. One tip of mine: never underestimate the value of some Maxis buidlings.

"Yay, 2+1 roads!

Tested in Ireland for, like, half a kilometer before the idea was scrapped here.

Sigh - they look so good.

As for the puzzle piece guessing game, because I don't have a clue I guess five!"

--- figgy

I also like the RHW-3 very much, although they are quite rare here in the Netherlands

"Everything is just wonderful. I like the powerlines and your nighttime street lighting photoshop job.

Only thing is I am not so sure banana plantations exist in Germany. That is the one problem with the rural stuff-its too fantasy and the various sets of farms have crops that you just wouldn't see grown everywhere."

--- hamsterTK

But this isn't Germany! This is the Bondsrepublic of Schellingen, a fictional country 8)


Well, it took longer than expected, due to my work for the NAM Team, but I finally managed to get another update ready. Due to the sheer load of pictures, this update will split in two, where the second will follow soon. Here's part 1:


This special is all about the freeways around Felixruhe, one of the eastern suburbs of Schellingen-Stadt. The suburb has three freeways running through and around it: the A4/A14 (the number changes at a freeway interchange), the A10 (Autobahnring Schellingen) and the A112. Most of the pictures are speaking for themselves.

So let's start with the A14. Here it enters Felixruhe. In the direction of Schellingen-Mitte, the freeway ends and goes on as the B14.


Exit 86. Although the A14 is short, it has a high exit number. This is because the exit numbering of the A4 continues here. At the Felixruher Kreuz (we'll see that interchange later this update), the A4 bends of to the A10 and continues on it's own at the other side of the city ring near Wahrmund.



We now move on to the A10, the Autobahnring Schellingen. This freeway loops around the city and one lap is about 35 km long. Here's one tight exit at this freeway.


We are now approaching the Felixruher Kreuz:


A close-up:


And here the interchange. For us roadgeeks: This is a clover-windmill interchange.



The A4 continues to the East here, in direction of the city of Compagniestaete in the neighbouring country Nova Hollandia.


Back to the A10 again...


... on to the Franzoeser Kreuz ...


... which is a cloverleaf interchange.


A close up from where the freeway A112 ends and continues as the B12.


An exit at the B12.


We are re-entering the city again, this time through the modern city district of Franzoesquartier.





And to conclude this update: a teaser pic of the next update:


A final question: there are five new RHW features shown in this update, of which the new cosmetic pieces are one feature. Can you guess the other four?





For the first time we leave the central city and we visit one of the surrounding rural communities of Schellingen. This time it's Altenzahl. It's a small town located about four kilometers north of Schellingen-Stadt. The town surrounded by vast farmlands and though it's small, it still has it's own railway station. So let's take a visit!





As you can see, it's a small and compact village, with its own local church, shops and primary school. But this town also offers a rural market fair and a holiday hotel. So you don't have to be completely bored here.

Now we leave the town and check out the rural surroundings. A few pictures say more than thousands of words...





And now some pictures of my usual road-geek stuff:


The B107 is a three-lane rural highway (not to be confused with freeway). The first few kilometers it runs parrallel to the freeway A7, but about 1.5 km north of Altenzahl it crosses the river Schelling to the east bank, while the A7 remains on the west bank. The speed limit on these 2+1 highways is 110 km/h (or just below 70 mph). For the record: the general urban speed limit is 50 km/h (30 mph), the general rural speed limit is 90 km/h (55 mph) and the freeway speed limit varies from locally 90 km/h (90 mph) to unlimited (with an advised speed of 130 km/h (80 mph); above that speed limit you're partially/not ensured, so it's risky to drive fast).



You may think when looking at the next pictures: "Why the hell would you need a six-lane freeway in a rural area?" The answer is that you should look at the bigger picture. The A7 is a inter-city freeway and the next city is about 20 km away; the next really large city, Barte, is about 100km away in the neighbouring country. Also don't forget this is just outside of Schellingen-Stadt (population: 1.5 million).





And to conclude this update: a night shot!


Now here's a little challenge for you: how many new RHW puzzle pieces have I used in the last update?

Next up is Felixruhe. See you next time!




Replies will follow next update, I promise!


Today I'm going to tell the backstory of Schellingen. Not only it's about the origin of the country, but also other backgrounds. And that's quite interesting story, so let's get started!

The Origin

Schellingen started just to function as an neighbouring country of Imaginia, my first region. Nothing was really worked out; it only was there, it just existed. Later on, I began to fill in the area nearby the border of Imaginia, but for a while, that's all.

Then I saw at wegenforum.nl a topic with maps of fictional countries. This ecouraged me to draw a map of the whole country of Schellingen. This is my first draft of the map, hand-draw only using pencils and one A4-sheet of paper:


Currently, the map contains more data and some changed road numbers and routes, but the main shape and most notable cities are still recognisable. The latest edition of the map:


Relations with neighbouring countries countries

What you may note, is that there are now three new neighbouring countries: Steinmarken, Burghteland and Nova Hollandia. These countries are not created by me: these are created by other people on a dutch geofiction forum Atlantis (site is in dutch). Here are more people working on fictional countries, and currently there are 13 countries:

  • BRS: Bundesrepublik Schellingen. A medium-sized and quite peaceful country.
  • FS: Fürstentum Steinmarken. A vast country with quite little population
  • HM: Demokratiske Republik Hochmark. A country with lots of islands and cliffs.
  • IM: Republic of Imaginia. A tiny densly-populated city state with a large commercial sector.
  • KBL: Koninkrijk Benjiland (Kingdom of Benjiland). A medium-sized island country.
  • KJE: Koninkrijk Jamara-eilanden (Kingdom of the Jamara Islands). A medium sized island group.
  • LST: Republik Lichtenberg / Repubblica di Laosta. A medium sized island group with lots of islands. Divided in a German and Italian half.
  • RBM: Reĝolando Brilamontio (Kingdom of Brilamontia). A medium sized country in the mountains.
  • RBU: Republiek Burghteland. A large country, with lots of religous communities. Has trouble with its neighbour Nova Hollandia.
  • RFL: Republik Frankenland. A large and thinly populated country.
  • RNH: Republiek Nova Hollandia. A large, atheistic and densly populated country. Has trouble with its neighbour Burghteland.
  • SUS: Respublica Sustulia. A poor country that has declared independence to Brilamontia.
  • TY: Demokratise Republik Tysie. A large island country.

An overview of all countries:


The center island is called Alantidia, the northern landmass is called Borealia. Although it may look peaceful here, some countries have been fighting each other the past centuries. Especially at Alantidia and between Nova Hollandia and Burghteland have been several wars.


One of my specialities is creating signage. And I've created some for Schellingen too.

Basic signage:


  • A: Information
  • B: Direction
  • C: Restriction
  • D: Speed limits
  • E: Warnings
  • F: Priority
  • G: Other signs

Non-freeway directional signage:


Freeway directional signage:

Regular exit:


  • Announcement sign (800m)
  • Detailed exit sign (400m)
  • Detailed exit sign (0m)
  • "Exit"-sign
  • Distance panel

Portal signs (overhead signage)


Other signs:


  • Fork sign (announcement for complex interchanges)
  • Service sign (for destonations that are not important enough for regular signage, but still noteworthy, like railway stations, industrial area/harbour areas, landmarks and tourist attractions)

I hope you enjoyed this intermezzo! Next up is just a regular update of Schellingen-Stadt





TekindusT: I already answered your comment in the comments ;)

Adrianor: The problem is that they keep pop up, especially when you have a large city. The trick is to make it unnoticable.

Frdm920: Yeah, I'm not an airport expert, as you've noticed...

heitomat: Ah, those are the new RHWv5 textures for the RHW v4.2 (alpha version). The reason why I use these textures instead of the euro textures is that the lane width is reduced by 0.5/1m and therefore the texture set doesn't line up with the pathing. I'm still waiting for the Euro Textures for the RHW v4.2. Alex (Tarkus) is working on that, but as you may know, he's on 'sabbatical'.

EyeofMobius: Those roundabout fillers are from psander5. You can find them on the STEX.

Jchan_777: That would be a very, very large mosaic...

road2stamfordbridge: Not all addons can be found on the STEX. Some are downloaded from the LEX and some things are private and unreleased stuff (see Introduction & Disclaimer entry).

ImVhOzzi, Benedict, nathanthemayor, x493x, oscar96, usfighter15, Mikeaut1, tonyr: Thank you for your comments!


Martensburg is another suburb from Schellingen-Stadt. It's located at the North-East from the central city. The city has one railway station, two freeway exits, one freeway x freeway interchange and a TV-tower. So let's start with the railway, where I start building this suburb from:


The railway cuts through the whole city. It's one of the railways leading out of Schellingen. The railway line leads to Cisna and to Noorland (in the neighbouring country Nova Hollandia, more about that subject in the next update).


Just like in other city districts of Schellingen-Stadt, this city has some main avenue. Here's one of them, the Martensburgerallee (B15), heading towards the East to Cisna.


This roundabout, the Buerghtlanderplatz, is one of the main intersections of Martensburg. The Sankt Davidallee ends here on the Martensburgerallee.


Here we have the Sankt Davidallee, heading to the North. It leads through some of Martensburg's suburbs.


And there's the TV-tower I talked about earlier, the Schellinger Fernsehturm!


Beside these things, Martensburg is not really that special, you might want to say it's dull. Nevertheless, I took some effort to make some random shots, just to give you a impression of the suburb:




What's more interesting, is the freeway surrounding the city: the Autobahnring Schellingen (A10). We start from the south, as we head to exit 4. This exit connects the A10 with the Martensburgerallee (B15). The A10 also borders the city on this side; on the other side you see agricultural areas. Also note the FARHW! These puzzle pieces are completed just a few days ago by Shadow Assasin and they are ready for testing by the NAM Team members and associates. So far they work wonderfull :]


To the east, the B15 changes profile from 2x2 lanes to a 2+1 lane highway with grade-seperated intersections.


Heading to the north, we encounter a freeway x freeway interchange: Dreieck Martensburg (numbered as interchange 3). Here the A10 bends towards the west, while the A9, coming from the north, ends here (and it continues at the South-East of the A10 freeway ring). The result is a particullary nice looking directional-T interchange.



Further north, the A9 switches from 2x3 lanes to 2x2 lanes, heading towards rural envoirments (notice the lane drop). Now you see some streetslights next to the freeway, but the freeway lighting stops about 500 meters further north. After that, only freeway exits have streetlights.


Back on the A10, we have exit 2. The St. Davidallee crosses the A10 here.


Heading towards the West, the A10 goes to Rothfurth. Here it will cross the major freeway A7. We come back to that in a later update.


And to conclude this update: a picture of our next update's subject:


Yes, we are leaving the city for a while and we go rural! But I might plan an intermezzo-update to give you some extra background stories about Schellingen (and Imaginia too). So stay tuned!





Adrianor: Yes, when you use them right, Maxis building actually can look good. It's not the tools that makes the art, it's the artist ^_^

TekindusT: Ah, those pesky Coit Towers! :evil:

Reikhardt: Thank you!

Frdm920: Link is fixed now. Glad you liked the previous update.

ImVhOzzi: Thank you!

heitomat: Thanks to the USL, the streets are looking great at night! ;)

I'd like to announce that this CJ is now featured in SC4Devotion's Of Special Interest This Month!


That means a month of extra updates and content! so stay tuned!


Welcome to Schwanau. This city is a large suburb of Schellingen-Stadt. However, Schwanau is a seperate municipality and so does have it's own local authorities. The city likes to promote itself by it's green character: "Parkstadt Schwanau" or "The Park City".

Schwanau also hosts a medium sized airport for international flight traffic. The airport is surrounded by a area of modern medrise office blocks. This looks like a good place to start:


As you see, it's a large W2W office district (thanks to ill_tonsko, who created this wonderfull modern W2W office set!). What's very noticeable is the grid-layout. This does make some sense, since it's a modern office district and the street layout is chosen to be optimal as possible.

So let's take a look at the airport terminal. All aboard!




As you can see, the airport has four runways. Runway 18L and 36R are for take-off only, runway 18R and 36L are for landing only. You also see a part of the Ring Schellingen (A10), a freeway-ring around Schellingen:


There's also a large parking lot near the airport. A DIY store nearby is very thankfull for all the abundant parking space  :D


The Rianerallee (B14) crosses the runways. For safety a tunnel has been constucted underneath the runways:


At the other side of the tunnel, there is a grade-seperated connection with the A10. To the north it goes to the next suburb, Rianstedt:



Now here's a question for you: after which two SimTropolis AND SC4Devotion members is Rianstedt named after?

Another picture of the A10. Here you see the freeway going in-between the suburbs Rianstedt (left) and Schwanau (right). The type of freeway lighting is quite uncommon in Schellingen. In fact, this is actually an experimental setup using white LED-lights (instead of low-pressure sodium fluorescent tubes). So far, it's quite successfull.


Next up is a freeway interchange, the Schwanauer Kreuz, where the A10 (left to right) crosses the A12 (top), which loses its freeway status after this interchange and goes further East as the B12 (bottom) (yes, we look at this interchange from the East). This interchange can be classified as a cloverturbine (add with my own classification Type 1, which means that there's only one turbine ramp. Other types are 2cis, 2trans and 3)



We move on to Rianstedt and have a look around there:




We also take a little peek at the south side of the city:


Here we have the railway station of Schwanau. There are shuttle buses that are riding from the station to the airport and vice versa. There is a tram line planned to this station to replace the shuttle buses, but so far it's not realised yet.


Schwanau is constructed at the shores of the river Schelling. One of the city districts is therefore called "Am Schelling"  ;)


And now I'll show you why this city promotes itself as the Park City. A few pictures say more than thousands of words.







Now there are three bridges that connect Schwanau to Schellingen-Mitte, of which I'll show you two:



On the East side of the river starts Schellingen-Mitte, and here we conclude our mega-update:




(and yes, Bernhard, that's a at-grade railcrossing there in the last picture. I just had not much room there for an underpass. But it's one of the very, very few at-grade railway crossings in Schellingen-Stadt)

Join me next time as we take a visit in Martensburg!





Frdm920: Out of words, eh? That's only good news, right? ;)

suomi2005: Thank you, those trees are indeed a nice detail.

TekindusT: I'm glad you've learned something from me ;)

Adrianor: Thank you!

ImVhOzzi: I'll keep you impressed with the next update!

Reikhardt: Thank you

nathanthemayor: Well, it's not that huge. Imaginia is bigger :D

First I would like to announce some bad news: two cities of mine, Schellingen-Mitte and Rothfurt, are suffering from the Prop Pox (random blocks of permanently disappeared props). Although I found a method to reduce and mask the effect, you may still see some Poxed city blocks. I tried my best to hide the Prop Pox in this update, so if you seeing disappeared props, please don't blame me for that.


Welcome to the final part of our tour through Schellingen-Mitte. We'll start near the Central Railway Station, just were we left at the previous update. We go to the Bahnhofquartier (Station Quarters), a high-rise ressidential city district inbetween the central railway and the freeway A7:





Now we going to the other side of the freeway A7 and we're taking another look at Weichen:



Quite near Weichen we've an industrial area: Bewerbegebiet Allemand:



Now we go down the Felixrüherallee (B14) to the east of the city, the city quarter of Norddubber, but first we pass this freeway interchange:


Here we arrive at Norddubber:




On the other side of the river we've the city district of Süd-Dubber, but you see that this district can use some gentrification...


South of Süd-Dubber we have the freeway A112, which is a small stretch of freeway of the B12. South of this freeway the area is still under development:



A little bonus picture: this is a close-up from the statues in the Friedenpark near the Bundesquartier:


And to conclude this update, here's a teaser picture of what's coming up next update:






ImVhOzzi and Frdm920: Thanks for your kind replies!


Welcome to part 2 of our trip through Schellingen-Mitte. Today we are going to visit the industrial district of Schellingen (so we can see the "ugly" side of the city) and a I'll show a bit of the CBD and some ressidential areas.


We start at where we left from the last part. We follow the Französallee through the industrial area (Bewerbegebiet) Mannzig. It's one of the largest industrial area in the city.


The industrial area contains the city waste management. Especially near the Mannzigerallee there are a lot of waste management buildings. This waste management center manages all the waste in the region. Also notice the radio tower from the local radio station in the picture below.


Here is one of the main intersections of the industrial areas. Here two main avenues, the Fransösallee (B12) and the Mannzigerallee (B19), cross each other. You see that the tramline goes underneath the Fransösallee. This intersection handles large traffic volumes, especially freight traffic. Also, this picture is in the SC4Devotion Picture Competition HoF!


Here we see the Mannzigerallee underpass under the freight rail line. You can see the freight station is at the left.

Now we're going to leave the industrial area and go to the northern side of the river.


Here we have a look at one of the newer high-rise ressidential districts of Schellingen, Nordüfer. It's quite close to the CBD of the city. In the center of the picture you see the Schwanauerallee (B14). Also not the quite large quantity of small parks here.


Here we have the main railway river crossing. The main railway line as well as the tram line bridges the river Dubber. Due to the dense development some roads need to cross these railways, so some underpasses are build here.


Another ressidential city district, Weichen. You see there are large parks developed here. Schellingen is a lot greener than the cities I created in Imaginia. It's clearly visible when you compare my latest update of Imaginia with this one.


And to conclude this update, a nice night shot of the CBD and the Central Station. Fun fact: I used Amsterdam Central Station for three of my best cities: Konrad, Guilliano and also here in Schellingen.

Join me next time for the final part of our tour through Schellingen-Mitte. After that I'll take you to Schwanau.





Today we're going to visit Schellingen-Mitte, the central city of the region. Before we go there, let's have a look at the region again to see where it's located.


OK, let's zoom in to Schellingen-Mitte, especially in to the Altstadt (the old city district)...


Here we see the old city center (the current CBD is at the other side of the river). Here in the center of the picture we see the cathedral of Schellingen: the St. Stefankirche. It's one of the main tourist attractions of Schellingen. But let's not forget the rest of the Altstadt. The beautiful architecture and the good atmosphere attracts tourist from all around the country and beyond. So let's take a tram tour through the Altstadt!


Yes, the Altstadt is quite large. You also immediately notice the grid layout of this old city district, which is quite unusual for its time. The avenue at the bottom of the picture, the Fransösallee (B12), is one of the main roads in Schellingen. To the West (right in this picture), it goes to the "Zentralautobahn" A7, Bewerbegebiet Mannzig (an industrial area, which I'll show you in the next update), Schwanau Airport and the A12 to Bammsmunster. Let's continue our tram tour...


We arrive at the train station near the Altstadt. I hear you ask: "what are all those modern buildings (including the station) doing right next to the old city center?" That's a quite interesting story. In the year 1913, there was a large fire in Schellingen. The eastern part of the Altstadt couldn't be saved and has completely burned to the ground. The western part of the Altstadt and the Bundesquartier was almost completely separated from the eastern part by the; only the railway station connected the two. Unfortunately that building caught fire too, so the whole fire fighting crew focused to stop the fire at the station building to prevent that the western half of the Altstadt would burn down too. They succeeded to do that and the western Altstadt and the Bundesquartier were saved.

In the following years a new city district was build up and some old buildings in the western half were demolished (due to the severely bad conditions of the buildings). Nowadays the area has completely revived. We take a tram and we stop at the next stop to exit the tram and take a walk to the Friedenpark, a large park located in the governmental complex called the Bundesquartier.



That arch is impressive, isn't it? That's the Friedenbogen. It's a gift from the neighbouring country Steinmarken for the good relations between the two countries. In the background you see around the large square the ministries of Finances, Economy, Healthcare & Well-Being and Social business. Let's continue our tour through the Bundesquartier.


Here we have the ministries of Transport, Science & Education & Culture, Inland business, Foreign business and the Parlement building (the large building in the back).


Here we have the ministries of Agriculture & Food quality, Defense, Justice, General Business, Envoirment, Trade and Utilities (note: the last ministry takes care of electricity, water and other resources).

Now we take a taxi and we head to the location of the next update, but before I end this part of the tour, I'll show you two more pictures...


Here is the Zentralautobahn A7, the widest Autobahn in Schellingen. It has a 4x3 lanes setup, where the center lanes are for express traffic only. At the right end you see where we came from, and at the left we see the location of the next update. Stay tuned!

Oh, and by the way, I said I would show two more pictures? Well, here's the final one: a slightly outdated mega mosaic of the city:


See you next time when we continue our tour through Schellingen-Mitte!





Welcome to the marvelous city of Schellingen, capital of the Bundesrepublik Schellingen! This quite large city has over a million inhabitants and hosts the government of the country, which is located in the Bundesquartier. We'll talk about that subject later this tour. Before we begin our tour through the region, let's have a look at the region. (click for full resolution, goes for all pictures in this CJ, since their resolution is too large according to site rules)


As you can see, the city is widely spread across the map. The city is at its widest 12 kilometers across and has a medium sized airport, a decent rail and tram network and a large city ring freeway. But you can also see that it's a lot of work in progress.

Another thing I would like to note is the route numbering system. You can see that the freeways have a A# number (where "A" stands for "Autobahn") and the main routes that don't have a freeway status have a B# number (where "B" stands for "Bundesstraße"). There are also C# routes (the international "Continental" route system) and L# routes ("Landstraße"-routes), but the last category is often not signaged, and purely administrative. The route numbers themselves also follow a certain logic. Odd routes are going North-South, even routes are going East-West. City rings often end with 0. The first digit of the number is linked to the region where the route is in. There are nine regions in Schellingen.

Also, the route numbering is an integrated system, meaning that one number can be assigned to one route, no matter if it is a freeway or not. So when the A14 ends, it continues as the B14. The only oddity you might spot is the A112. This is because it's only a short stretch of freeway and there's already a A12. To prevent the route got ridiculously high route numbers, the route got it's own number.

Here is a map of the whole country: CLICK HERE! (3750 x 5078px, 2 MB)

Before I start with my entries of this CJ I'd like to note that my previous entries of my CJ/MD Imaginia took a long time to complete and they were usually huge. In the future, I'll try to make smaller, more frequent updates.


Some content I use is not available anywhere. It's mostly testing stuff, experimental stuff or things I didn't complete yet. Don't ask me when these things will be released, since I don't know either. Here's a list of content I use that's not available anywhere (yet):

  • NAM Version 30 (Testing Version) RELEASED!
  • RHW Version 4.2 (Testing Version) RELEASED!
  • NWM Version 2.0 (Testing Version) RELEASED!
  • NAM Re-Texture Mod - Euro Version (Developer Version)
  • RHW Ploppable Median Lights (Developer Version) RELEASED!
  • USL Mod - LRM Version 4.0 (Developer Version) RELEASED!
  • Imaginian Signage Set + Traffic Control Signs (Developer Version)
  • GLR Catenaries Addon Mod (Developer Version)




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