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Felixruhe - Part 2: Random Pictures From Around Town

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"Oh my goodness...Nice interchanges there!"

--- nathanthemayor

Thank you, Over the years my RHW skills have improved ;)

"Has it been released now? Nope. *Five seconds later* And now? Nope. *Ten seconds later* And now? Nope.

Maarten, this is what you do best, every update is a planning showdown; and you even make every interchange different for the sake of originality! As for the new stuff... Simply fantastic!

1. The cosmetic pieces you said.

2. The ERHW-6 pieces.

3. The ERHW-6 to ERHW-2 transition with incorportation/exit (don't know the technical name you NAM Team give to it).

4. Light posts for RHW-6S and Diagonal RHW-6 (?).

5. The RHW-4 to MIS transition piece shown in the 7.14 pic (?)."

--- TekindusT

Thank you for your reply! Now here are your answers:

  • 1 to 3: Correct.
  • 4: The lights are not a new NAM feature, but some ploppable stuff of my own. As for the diagonal RHW-6S, it was already available, but not draggable, nor single-tile.
  • 5: The new RHW-4 to MIS splitters are also correct.

You did miss the RHW-4 to RHW-3 transistion and the RHW-6S C-style Ramps though...

"awesome job! but how come its not the Euro-RHW?"

--- avrelivs

That's because there are no new Euro Textures yet. Since the lane width of the new RHW is 0.5m narrower, the old Euro Textures are not compatible with this version. However, Alex (Tarkus) will also create a new Euro Texture Set for the RHW, and from what I've seen, it looks better than my own set.

"This is an amazing update! Seeing as it's a very German-Dutch inspired CJ, it gives me a lot of influence and the highways are just superb!

I notice RHW-8 Bridges! I've seen them in Blue Lightning's CJ, but seeing them here must mean they're closer to release!"

--- ROFLyoshi

It looks closer to release than I really is. The T21s and the bridge deck textures need some work though...

Great! What mod are you using for the power lines?

--- pigout123

That's my 380kV power line set, which is in fact available on the STEX.

Awesome CJ, also with your draft of traffic signs in Schellingen.

Because I'm a railway fanatic, I am interested in a little draft of how level crossings in Schellingen are looking like. It would be great if you can show it in one of the next episodes of your CJ.

Keep up your great work!

--- Sebbe99

Well, I rarely use level crossings in Schellingen. Since I read an article about railway building, I seldom build level crossings now. I rather use underpasser or overpasses, or no crossing at all...


--- janslaven

"Beautiful Lovely transit, and the farms are great"

--- TowerDude

"WOWWOWOW Genius!"

--- Molooo

"absolutely amazing highways!"

--- x493x

"Great to see you back - and with an excellent update featuring my favorite thing - transportation."

--- Benedict

"Beautiful, Amazing, Perfect!"

--- Andrey km

"@ avrelivs

I would say because Maarten hasn't made the textures for the new pieces yet

@ Maarten.

Once again a stunning update, looking forward to more "

--- Frdm920

"Your road system is nice."

--- ImVhOzzi

"Your transport networks are fantastic!!!"

--- epigone

"whoa! very good freeways!"

--- 111222333444

Thank you all!


In this part, I have not much to tell, but I can show some pictures from around town. And one rule goes: "Show, don't tell." So let the show begin...
















I hope you liked this update!



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Once again, you show us a great update! There are only two things I could complain of:
1) The coastline you show us on the 8.09 pic is, in my opinion, screaming for some seawalls or retaining walls, or rocks or breakwaters... You know what I mean, but maybe it's just me that I can't stand seeing water touching bare terrain...
2) Farms facing the diagonal railroad... I know this is something that cannot be completely solved, but some rural players usually hide this kind of things with Mayor Mode trees or this kind of stuff...

Just a couple suggestions, the rest, perfect as usual!

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Wow another awesome update! (though that's to be expected :P)

I just have to ask two questions though.
1) How'd you get the trees on the SAM streets?
2) That GLR base replacement mod, where can I find it?

I would ask a third but I know not to ask you about the catenaries :P

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I just discovered this CJ today. Very cool stuff! It's all enjoyable to look at, and I especially like the road geek work!

It's also nice to see a CJ with a Dutch flavor. I went to The Netherlands for the first time last December on a business trip, and I really enjoyed it. Your CJ reminds me of when I was there.

Keep up the great work! :thumb:

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I have a few questions, hopefully not to bug you -
Do you use SPAM for your farmlands or anything else?
What terrain mad/plop props are shown in this and your last post?
What kind of retaining walls is accompanied to the rail trench?
Thanks, Guy.

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