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Intermezzo: The Backstory of Schellingen



Replies will follow next update, I promise!


Today I'm going to tell the backstory of Schellingen. Not only it's about the origin of the country, but also other backgrounds. And that's quite interesting story, so let's get started!

The Origin

Schellingen started just to function as an neighbouring country of Imaginia, my first region. Nothing was really worked out; it only was there, it just existed. Later on, I began to fill in the area nearby the border of Imaginia, but for a while, that's all.

Then I saw at wegenforum.nl a topic with maps of fictional countries. This ecouraged me to draw a map of the whole country of Schellingen. This is my first draft of the map, hand-draw only using pencils and one A4-sheet of paper:


Currently, the map contains more data and some changed road numbers and routes, but the main shape and most notable cities are still recognisable. The latest edition of the map:


Relations with neighbouring countries countries

What you may note, is that there are now three new neighbouring countries: Steinmarken, Burghteland and Nova Hollandia. These countries are not created by me: these are created by other people on a dutch geofiction forum Atlantis (site is in dutch). Here are more people working on fictional countries, and currently there are 13 countries:

  • BRS: Bundesrepublik Schellingen. A medium-sized and quite peaceful country.
  • FS: Fürstentum Steinmarken. A vast country with quite little population
  • HM: Demokratiske Republik Hochmark. A country with lots of islands and cliffs.
  • IM: Republic of Imaginia. A tiny densly-populated city state with a large commercial sector.
  • KBL: Koninkrijk Benjiland (Kingdom of Benjiland). A medium-sized island country.
  • KJE: Koninkrijk Jamara-eilanden (Kingdom of the Jamara Islands). A medium sized island group.
  • LST: Republik Lichtenberg / Repubblica di Laosta. A medium sized island group with lots of islands. Divided in a German and Italian half.
  • RBM: Reĝolando Brilamontio (Kingdom of Brilamontia). A medium sized country in the mountains.
  • RBU: Republiek Burghteland. A large country, with lots of religous communities. Has trouble with its neighbour Nova Hollandia.
  • RFL: Republik Frankenland. A large and thinly populated country.
  • RNH: Republiek Nova Hollandia. A large, atheistic and densly populated country. Has trouble with its neighbour Burghteland.
  • SUS: Respublica Sustulia. A poor country that has declared independence to Brilamontia.
  • TY: Demokratise Republik Tysie. A large island country.

An overview of all countries:


The center island is called Alantidia, the northern landmass is called Borealia. Although it may look peaceful here, some countries have been fighting each other the past centuries. Especially at Alantidia and between Nova Hollandia and Burghteland have been several wars.


One of my specialities is creating signage. And I've created some for Schellingen too.

Basic signage:


  • A: Information
  • B: Direction
  • C: Restriction
  • D: Speed limits
  • E: Warnings
  • F: Priority
  • G: Other signs

Non-freeway directional signage:


Freeway directional signage:

Regular exit:


  • Announcement sign (800m)
  • Detailed exit sign (400m)
  • Detailed exit sign (0m)
  • "Exit"-sign
  • Distance panel

Portal signs (overhead signage)


Other signs:


  • Fork sign (announcement for complex interchanges)
  • Service sign (for destonations that are not important enough for regular signage, but still noteworthy, like railway stations, industrial area/harbour areas, landmarks and tourist attractions)

I hope you enjoyed this intermezzo! Next up is just a regular update of Schellingen-Stadt




Recommended Comments

I [b]love [/b]this update! Incredible hand drawn map, and signage is indeed a speciality of yours! Fantastic! Even the header looks amazing, like something you'd expect to see in a road atlas. Very well done, Maarten!

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I think your next update should be...... a tutorial :P

But seriously, you could probably make a DMV Manual out of that stuff. It looks really professional. Awesome work!

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Amazing! What software did you use to draw the map? It looks awesome, both the manual and computer drawings!

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Wow... The roadsigns look like a mix of French, Dutch, and German Signs. Would you ever consider uploading the basic ones?

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