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Tutorial 1 | River Scene MMPs




Mystic_Destiny, Hellken, Schulmanator, Ggamgus, Kruness, TekindusT, ThomasSimpson, 111222333444, Boisemetro.


Hellken, The bridge is from a BATer called Glenni, and its in a prop pack that he's released from a long while ago. Its on the STEX or LEX, or both! Being that I can put MMPs on it is cause the lot is only a 1x1 and that the prop bridge hangs out of the lot so you can add stuff on it :P


Hey everyone! Yes, I felt like making a tutorial for anyone who wants to try out MMP scenes, but may not no exactly how. So this step by step tutorial consisting of 30 pictures should be able to get you well over to doing some highly detailed scenes such as this River Scene, and hopefully, help you make other scenes with the same level of detail! :)

To do this, you'll need the following content, so you can try it out. These are a great selection of MMPs made by some really awesome BATers. The following is listed below:

VIP MMP European Signage (Optional)

VIP Rural Pack MMPs

VIP Girafe's Confiers


VIP Girafe's Norwegian Maples


VIP Girafe's Cattails


VIP Girafe's Bushes



Gray Rocks

RFR Plopwater pack 1

Murimk MMP Rocks - Pack 1 V1.0 (Optional)

Glenni's Eyecandy bridge set 1

RRP Pasture Flora ChrisAdamas3997


HBS Tropical Flora Pack (Mayor Mode)

This is generally all you need for this tutorial. But for more MMPs, check out Marsh's extensive list of MMPs, which touches on all kinds of Mayor Mode Ploppables.

What your aiming to do is something similar to this:


Now let's get started...


Step 1: Now not to state the obvious, but let's start by picking out an empty block, preferably a medium sized block.


Step 2: Begin with selecting one of the RFR Water ploppables and carefully laying it out in the form of a typical river.


Step 3: Your river should turn out as something like this, or close. This will obviously be your river, which is central to your river scene.


Step 4: Now that you have a beautifully set out river, close in on a section of the river and raise the terrain on the right side slightly higher, but not too high as to make it noticable. Raise the land on the right side and insure that it's subtle and untracable to the eye.


Step 5: Once you've completed STEP 4, you can refill the areas of the river affected by heightening the land with the same water ploppable by RFR.



Step 6: Now add Glenni's metal suspension bridge on the site you of terrain that was heightened in the previous STEPS. Heightening the terrain will allow you to build the bridge higher above the plopped water rather than merging with the water and cause a texture glitch.


Step 7: Ignore the fact that the highlighted item is the bike, that'll be added later. Instead, select the small pebble-like Rock'n'Stones that you see in this image and spread them on the edges/boundary of the river like so.


Step 8: By completing STEP 7, the result you should get should be something like this. Ugly huh? Well not to worry, cause we aren't done yet!


Step 9: Now with the highlighted Gray Rock from the Rock'n'Stones pack, use it and spread it around the same areas in which you plopped the small stone pebble rocks. They'll be an addition to make the edges of the river look more realistic to rivers you see in real-life, depending on what you're expecting. It also help to cover up the the base terrain on the area and fill empty space and better defining the river's edge.


Step 10: By adding the gray rocks, you should come up with something like this...Still ugly you say? Well...your right. So let's keep going!


Step 11: There are another set of gray rock that you can use. Use the rock ploppable highlighted in this image, to fill in more of the gaps you can see, preferably over exposed terrain to add more variety to the rocks on the river's edge. Also place them on the center part of the river to create the illusion of a small waterfall/current flowing.


Step 12: Starting to look more interesting right? And when I mean interesting, I mean interesting - good! Right?...Right? Oh well, let's move on.


Step 13: Now that we've got rocks covered, let's add some flora! The Cattails made by the VIP Team would be a perfect plant to add first. Use the Cattails, seasonal since we're making a more fall/autumn styled river scene and place them alongside the rocks, whether it's a little bit on the outside, or on and alongside the river and rocks. GO NUTS!

(You won't see the Cattails in the following images cause it seems like I mixed the order of the images. They will be in the end images so don't worry, add the cattails first and refer to the top completed image to see how you can place them)


Step 14: Now that you've place your cattails (I forgot to add them at this point, but you should've placed them unlike me :P ) We can add some more flora, larger trees in particular. More specifically, select the Seasonal Norway Maples by the Girafe and place them around the river scene.


Step 15: The result should be something like this. Now it's starting to pick up!


Step 16: Next, use another of Girafe's Conifer Trees and place them alongside the maples to cover some of the exposed terrain and add variety to the flora around the river.


Step 17: After STEP 16, it should look similar to this. Now it's really looking more natural and realistic! If you're image looks similar, good, it's time for you to add the road! Be careful not to demolish anything you've added this far. If it does affect any MMP around it, just replace them.


Step 18: Now search for the green rye grass included in the RRP Pasture flora pack and spread it around the river alongside the maples and conifers. This will just fill in exposed terrain and give it a more 3D feel, rather than looking plain and flat.


Step 19: It should now look something a little like this. A lot less plain and empty than before. That's a good sign.


Step 20: Like in STEP 18, instead you'll use the Green Grass ploppable and just place it with the green grass to diversify the look and eliminate the empty feel of the clearer spaces.


Step 21: Now this time, search for the HBS Gray Sand! You can place this alongside the rocks on the river, alongside the road (continuing from the suspension bridge) and anywhere along the clear grass pastures and trees to create the illusion of empty patches of dirt and stone.


Step 22: Look what we have here! This is really looking beautiful eh? I'm betting yours isn't so different, so if you made it this far, keep on going!

Now we can get to the nitty gritty details in the image...


Step 23: Start by adding and old broken rowboats alongside the river. You can place it just about anywhere. Preferably, you should add it on the edges of the river though, rather than in the middle.


Step 23: Now look for the signposts and add them on the edge of the road to make the picture a little more alive.


Step 24: Now look for the Kayaks by the VIP Team and place them on the river. They can also be place anywhere on the river. If you want them on land, be my guest! :P


Step 25: Now adding cars are really more of an optional thing, but if you want, add them just about anywhere on land. You can create a scene of a picnic or Kayakers about to get onto the river. Add them at a place where there's a clear amount of grass pasture, so it makes sense that they're there.


And there you have it! A finished River scene. Now if you'd like, add some photoshopping to make it a little more compelling!


CONGRATULATIONS! You've just completed a Natural river scene! Now that you've completed it, you can try making more fascinatning scenes and blending other variaties of MMPs to create your own original river scene or another type of scene of your choice, like the one below!

DOMINICA ~ Javais River


ALVERONA ~ Illusit River



Comment and Rate and +1 if this tutorial was helpful to you, and if you'd like, post the results of your work here!




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omg thank you! it looks really awesome and now i want to put something like that in my CJ :D

but can you also make something tropical? :S

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Congratulations on your Trixie, and thanks for this tutorial - it is presented in a very professional manner - easy to follow, complete, and with brilliant images. The picture of the bridge over the Illusit is spectacular.


Just realized this is from last year - doh!

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Great Tutorial Kyle! Extremely helpful! :D


Thanks Will :)



thank you for sharing your ideas.it seems a complete tutorial.well done


Thanks a lot!



Absolutely stunning! Thanks you for answering my question too. :)


Thanks, and no problem!



Great work on this and a helpful tutorial. :D

Thanks! :)



omg thank you! it looks really awesome and now i want to put something like that in my CJ :D

but can you also make something tropical? :S


Sure, I'll try making a tropical MMPs tutorial as well, but I'll probably present it on my "Republic of Gurivia" City Journal ;) Keep an eye out for it!



Congratulations on your Trixie, and thanks for this tutorial - it is presented in a very professional manner - easy to follow, complete, and with brilliant images. The picture of the bridge over the Illusit is spectacular.


Just realized this is from last year - doh!


Thanks! And yeah, this is a long overdue tutorial, I was supposed to publish it last October, but I kept messing it up :P



Nicely done, excellent tutorial.


Thanks Dirktator :D



Much better than my tutorial, lol. Great work! Your mastery of the art of MMPs is stunning.


Haha thanks, I can only say that my tutorial is only just as good as yours :D



Holy balls that last pic is good





Really impressive. Well done and nice tutorial. Very helpfull.


Thanks, glad you found it helpful :)



Thanks for the tutorial.  I am new to the MMPs and just have one question - Does traffic actually use MMPs or is it just for show?


No, thank you for reading it over! And regarding MMPs, they're nothing more than decorative addons to your city to make it look more interesting. They're aren't used by sims or traffic in any case. But nonetheless, MMPs are still great to use, especially if your writing a CJ :D

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