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Catching up | Llithustania's Update Marathon!

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It's been a long long while since I've made an update here on Simtropolis. It hasn't been for any particular reason though, I've just been overly lazy :P

Soooo, without furtheradoo, let there be an update marathon! There may not always be that many pics in a single update, but I work in quality, not quantity, but I'd think I need more pictures anyway :P

1. Rivera City, Alverona

Welcome to the state of Alverona. Motto: Taking to new heights.


It's an early morning in the Alveronan state capital of Rivera. And just as people drive across the bridge to downtown, the sun rises and the light shimmers on the lake water.


Daylight shines on the city, and the crowded downtown Rivera area is scattered with mid-rise row buildings and towers over-shadowing the rest of the city.


By evening, Rivera's city lights cover the valley and people scatter home.


Somewhere else around Rivera, I can't remember where, but nice isn't it?

2. Lake Nova Strasse, New England


3. Folktown, Alyrian Isle (Formerly independent Ollingdalian Isle, new Litusian State)


Welcome to the former islands of Ollingdale which was renamed to the Alyrian Islands. The state consists of just over 2 million people and after being introduced into the Litusian Union, the state that reigned in chaos and social and political tension has been restored, or is still in the process of restoration. As well as restoration progressing, the state has been kept to driving on the left, leaving it the only state in Llithustania that drives on the opposite side of the road. (Litusians consider the state to be completely driving on the wrong side. Several accidents have occurred since D: )

First, let's all visit Valican Point, where the suburb of Folktown contains a lighthouse on a small peninsula.



There's left over trash around the lighthouse. We're still getting that cleaned... emoticon-0105-wink.gif

And a picture of the lighthouse with a nice sunrise effect!


Thanks for viewing! emoticon-0102-bigsmile.gif

4. Just looking ahead, I had my head in randomness...


5. Maine City, Lluania (Central Llithustania)


Its a long long way to October D:


This is what my frustration updates look like.

6. Litusian History Excerpts:

6a. The Oppressed Nazi-Occupied Llithustania during World War II

The History of Llithustania in no particular order.

The History of the Litusian people is rich, filled with the diversity of culture and civilizations, yet bloodshed has been the biggest part of the country, sacrificing lives for the good of the nation or before the Constitution, for the good of their homelands/Kingdoms. And one of the most tragic events to ever impact the country was a war Litusian's hoped to avoid.

A brief of the start of a Nazi occupied Llithustania


Shortly after the Fall of France in 1940 to Nazi Germany, the Nazi army began pushing through to Llithustania, to insure the security of Western Europe to Germany and prevent Allied forces from liberating France. As Llithustania was a rebellious allied country, at the time, serving to liberate the French, Litusians were trumped by the Germans as communication between France and Llithustania had been cut and the arrival of the Nazis being nothing more than a surprise to the Vijlek in Eastern Llithustania. Air raids took down major areas in the Eastern states which brought the Litusian military to their knees and the inevitable loss fall of Llithustania became reality when Maine surrendered to the Nazis with little forces to defend the Federal capital.

During the late summers of 1940, Llithustania had all but lost vital parts of the country, leaving only the still important Western States to defend against the Nazi military. It was at this point where the Litusians were pushed to the limits and required the help of the United States. The country was in dismay with stunned citizens seeing their own country collapse, nothing to do but to fear the future of the union.


6b. The Crazy Revolutionary 70s

The History of Llithustania in no particular order.

During the 1970s, Llithustania had begun to undertake massive changes, the country developing faster as technology rapidly evolved and Maine itself was taking to the skies and was constructing higher as the metropolitan city of 5 million continued to rapidly rise in population. By 1972, Crovaks began to root for independence once more; following the state's 7 other failed revolutions since the it was constituted into the Litusian Union. It was over 4 years of moderately peaceful protest with several violent riots in between which started in 1972. By 1976, Crovakia launched a civil war, rivaling Litusians for the fight for independence. Revolutionists fought for 2 years, before it died down in another failed attempt for independence.

But for the most people living in Maine during the 70s, one of the most memorable moments in the decade were of a peaceful protest which would unite Crovaks and piss Lluanian state authorities. The protest lasted over 14 days, involving 25 people who slept on the roof and balconies of the Saint Mary' s Cathedral in Fólcontoine City, Maine Metropoltian Province, Lluania . It was only after 3 short days that authorities began to intervene with the protest, and for the 14 days, left this protest the talk of the country and a major headline on LTC and the few other broadcasting stations, radio stations and newspapers around the nation.

The Revolutionary 70s






Translation: "The city of Fólcontoine is situated in the Maine Province, in the state of Lluania. It is a major area in Maine; and back in 1974 when the area was put on spotlight due to protesters parading on the roof of Saint Mary's Cathedral - Church. The protesters have vouched for the Independence of Crovakia.

7. Vakorkjs City, Crovakia


In one of Crovakia's major cities, a grand city Hall; the Vakorkjs City Hall in specific. It stands on a small island like area on the Great Lake Waterway, a large body of water at the heart of the city that a mess of canals meet up in. This is a popular tourist spot and great place to just hang and go boat spotting. Built in 1806, was once used as the state assembly before it was moved to the fast growing Delavia City, it was then at that point utilized as a City Hall. Not far off is the Selacheine Cathedral, famous landmark, and internationally renowned for it. And next to the city Hall, a local Marina.

8. Security Footage from Delavia, Crovakia






What could this Security Footage mean?

9. Rare Earthquake strikes the financial heart of Llithustania; Delavia, Crovakia (Continuation from Security Footage)




A Rare magnitude 7.9 Earthquake hits the capital city of Crovakian state, severely impacting local infrastructure. At the moment, the epicenter of the earthquake has not yet been found, but areas worst affected at the moment are seen to be as the Delavian City Center and the Hamilton Hills. Other cities in the metropolitan area closely follow. The Quake has seemingly been felt throughout the country, from Vitória City here in the state, to as far as the cities bordering the Fresian River. There have been reports of minor damages in surrounding major metropolitan areas, such as Vitória, Vakorkjs and Welshington City. Widespread destruction is evident in Delavia County.


We are now going to our Delavian City Correspondent, who is currently flying above the city.

Han Latein

Thank you June, you are now looking at the current state of the Crovak state capital where buildings shattered and many trapped. The state of ground level activity has been seen as widespread panic leave residents confused and shocked. We are currently over one of the city's well known landmarks which seems to be at a critical state. I've gotten reports from this area that there are at least 59 people inside the Prénoloma Doma, and that sounds from the dome make it seem that the building could collapse at anytime. And this area after I received reports, was also washed down by water from the Bay. It was horrific sight, believe me, you would not want to have been here.


Nathaniel La'Selan | Hello Llithustania, I'm CTNN reporter Nathaniel La'Selan. I'm currently standing on top of the Chamèrleine Hotel, which seems to be currently stable. But buildings around me don't seem to be doing as well.

Jane Vespeign | How did you end up on the roof of the Chamèrleine?

Nathaniel La'Selan | Well I was on following story and stayed here at the Chamèrleine while I was in Delavia. Unfortunately, the quake unexpectedly hit just as I had woken up and found that this would've been an urgent story to b----


Damn, we're just getting an aftershock now and the neighboring Agnes Center is not coping well. As you can see, dust and debris is beginning to fall, and I see someone holding a some white cloth signaling for help...


Caterine Maselet | I see Nathaniel, I'm also currently on a helicopter monitoring the situation, and am also with several other state officials. I can also see from here that other helicopters have been dispatched, one from the Welshington Police Department. Currently you are viewing the Bank of Crovakia which is in turmoil. There are debris heaps inside the building and it seems that there is an extensive amount of damage in the building. Neighboring to the BOC is the Bayhill link offices, which is also in severely damaged. As you can see, the roof has collapsed as well and the building's top floor has been obliterated. I am now getting a few more reports of how many possibly trapped inside the Bayhill Link office, possibly about 650 people.


We also have some amateur footage sent from many in the Delavian Metropolitan area. This one of a collapsed structure on Amenta Street, where many people are attempting to save people from the midst of the rubble.

Jane Vespeign | We are currently trying to gather as much information as possible, please stand by for more information and follow State authority protocols. Authorities have advised for people to evacuate the city if possible and head for a higher ground to avoid tsunami's and floods. We have also now just received the the Federal Government has called for a National State of Emergency.

We will have more Information soon as it's obtained, and we will interview local seismologists and geologists on how it has been possible for an Earthquake to occur in the Delavian area...

Yes. I haven't update in a while, but doesn't mean I didn't already have something prepared :P

Again, Thanks a lot everyone for viewing my City Journal, it's a pleasure to be posting to all of you!

Oh wait, I shouldn't leave out these two other pics... :P


Near Downtown Maine, and yes that's grafitti on the canal walls. Please don't ask how someone would've done that cause obviously people could've jacked a boat in the middle of the night (There are boats a plenty on the River) and have grafittied on the wall. Lol :D


And a Hostage taking situation that happened in Llithustania a while ago. Sadly, there were 4 fatalities.

Oh. wait. This is another Edit, I forgot to add Antarida's Updates :P


The countryside farms outside of La Tréstene in the Kimberly District. Windmills are set here provide power for the majority of towns in the district and also provide electricity for the greater Kimberly City area. Wheat farming in this part of the region is also prominent.


Where is the FCD? Well its in the South-East portion of West Antarida Island. It harbors the capital of the Antarida, Lakehurst...Our first destination.



Yes, North of Antarida's main Island groups is a rather large cluster of over a dozen islands which range in size. Most of these dozen plus islands are inhabited by Litusians, Antaridans and other Veratlantian ethnic groups. These islands present spectacular natural landscapes and awe-inspiring views and in itself, presents mystery, a second Bermuda Triangle in Veratlantia if you will...


Thanks again for viewing :) ( My biggest update EVER. Probably the only update I'll make this BIG) :P

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[u]Nutrition Label[/u]

The contents of this update:[list]
[*]30% Amazing pics
[*]30% Incredible photo-editing
[*]25% Funny captions
[*]14.99% Awesomesauce
[*].1% Cowbell
[*]Jaw dislocation
[*]Brain malfunction
[*]Ingest heaping spoonfuls of Huston's CJ twice daily
5/5 and +1,000 if I could. Absolutely fantastic work! :)

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Oh wow, that's one huge update! O_O Not to mention its overall quality, very nice.

I always thought you made complete regions, guess not. :P

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That is AWESOME!!! You should do a photoshop tutorial... :D Also, where did you get the Greenland style homes in the last picture, as well as your street tree mod?

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This update is the equivalent of an overdose! Pure awesomness...
I stared at the lighthouse update for 10 minutes...
And how did you get those one tile roundabouts??? The entire community waits for them forever (those at the 1974 Maine update)
Man this is a great update, surpasses everything I could have thought that can be achieved.

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