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Antipolo & Apollo | Mevrco



Thank you so much everyone for commenting! It all means a lot!


Here we are, yet another update but its the first time we actually venture to the state of Mevrco :P Here we are at a reservation park where a beautiful river and hotel lay smothered on the grassy terrain.


We're here in the fabulous Antipolo County's Victoria Hotel, a five star hotel renowned for its desirable views, the river and its Marvelous rooms! Not to mention its excellent parking :P (yeah right)


Not so far away is the town of Apollo, but this rest stop is a bit down South of the actual Apollo township. Its so popular that it never runs out of customers and tourists. Unfortunately, parking isn't exactly on the books of perfection in Llithustania, so feel free to park anywhere...


The entire complex is a beautiful setting of trees in the state of fall, the smooth sandy beaches of brown grains, a sturdy wooden bridge,


The river is a very popular spot for fishing and is popular amongst the tourists and passing people on the stop. Camping sites, a timber cafe and parking, its literally perfect!


It's evening at the Victoria and the river is silent, some cars are on the move and more people on the way. It's gonna be an all nighter for the staff.


Tip to all of you: When you do decide to come here to a remote area of Mevrco, make sure your car hasn't got any issues and fill your gas tank cause there is no gas stations for miles anywhere...Or you'll end up being stuck on the highway at 7 in the morning.

Thanks so much for viewing

(almost 1 year of Llithustania on Simtropolis - October 15 2010)


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There is absolutely no way anyone can criticize this update. I'm rating 5/5, commenting on how awesome this is, +1'ing this update... any other way to make this awesome?

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Holy cow, thats incredible! Your landscaping abilities are incredible! Where did you get those cars and power poles, and how did you get them like that? :)Tutorial time! ;) 6/5

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[b]Escilnavia[/b] - Awesome, Thanks :)

[b]Ee99[/b] - Thanks :P

[b]TekindusT[/b] - Thanks a lot! :)

[b]Schulmanator[/b] - Thanks so much! :)

[b]Emperordaniel[/b] - Thanks very much :P

[b]Skimbo[/b] - Thanks!!

[b]Wraner[/b] - Thanks a lot!

[b]Evillions[/b] - Lol, got the idea from reading another CJ :P, Thanks BTW!

[b]PontiacFierro84[/b] - They're Mayor Mode Ploppables, so they can be placed nearly anywhere!

[b]Amthaak[/b] - Thanks!!

[b]Citiesxlfan42[/b] Thanks and here's a quick tutorial :) Although Pretty simple really, all I did was take the MMPs and plop them on the areas I wanted them on, placing some cars in a symmetrical pattern, and simply adding the poles in the middle of them. Then added some trees to create a more natural feel :)

+ The MMP stuff I used are here:
[url="http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2344"]TS Power Poles MMP[/url]
[url="http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/files/file/26808-vip-carpackmmp/"]VIP Car MMPs[/url]

[b]_marsh_[/b] - Thanks so much!! And yes they're MMPs, they're found here on the LEX:
[url="http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2344"]TS Power Poles MMP[/url]

[b]Andresta[/b] - Thanks!!

[b]111222333444[/b] - Lol, Thanks

[b]Megabuilder6[/b] - Thanks, and really, lol :P

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I really like the randomly parked cars - gives it a very real quality.

Edit: a lot of others like this update, too, which is why you're number one on Ben's Top Ten this week!

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Great job! Quick question though....where did you find all those neat landscaping plugins. I can never seem to find some of these. I love the water birds. :)

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