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Welcome to the Republic of Arcacia - a small Coral Sea nation off the East coast of Australia. Home to just under 200,000 people, this bastion of democracy holds human rights in the highest...

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Arcacia prides itself as a world-class tourist destination. We have many attractions catering for single travellers, couples, families and groups alike.


Arcacia's Wonderland in Cape Cooley is the largest amusement park in the Southern Hemisphere.


Also in Cape Cooley, the Entertainment Quater provides fun around the clock.


The Arcacian Space Agency's Yorke Observatory in Middle Range provides a fascinating glimpse of the Universe.


Fancy a seaside getaway? Hastings is popular with families and newlyweds.


The Newhaven Rock Festival attracts fans from all over Arcacia.


Tasman Island is typical of the outlying islands, popular with boat owners.


Ipinimini, Providence is the playground of Arcacia's rich and famous.


Arcacia has many small coastal communities like Jewel Beach, Yorke Bay.


For its size, Arcacia boasts one of the best public transport systems in the world. The publicly owned Arcacian National Railway (ANR) also operates the country's ferry and bus services, providing an integrated national transport grid, making it easy to get everywhere from anywhere.


Within Arcacia's cities, MetroCorp, a publicly owned transport company, operates subway and light rail services, ensuring connectivity within and between cities.

Metro services in the District of Providence:




Metro services in the District of Yorke Bay:




Metro services in the Sistrict of Redding:



Metro services in the District of the Northern Islands:



NorthernIslands.jpg   NorthernIslandsCoA-1.jpg

With only 15,000 residents, the Northern Islands is Arcacia's smalles district. Made up of 3 islands - Dianovia (the capital), Paradise Island and Tasman Island - it remains one of the favourite getaway destinations, linked by ferry to Lytehope in Providence and Hastings, Yorke Bay.


Dianovia - Arcacia's smallest major city is located on a beautiful sheltered cove.


YorkeBay.jpg   YorkeBayCoA-1.jpg

Located in the centre of Arcacia is the pastoral district of Yorke Bay. The city of Yorke, centrally located serves as the hub of agriculture. Yorke Bay has also become synonymous with fun as it provides plenty of opportunities for entertainment. Arcacia's Wonderland is located in Cape Cooley and the bay itself is a playground for many Arcacians and their families. The sheltered waters of York Bay provide ample fishing and safe boating. The Arcacian Space Agency also calls Yorke home.


The City of Yorke.


Redding-1.jpg   ReddingCoA-1.jpg

Arcacia's smallest district by land, largest by population, Redding is home to more than 70,000 people and the hub of Arcacian business. Settled by the French, it still maintains some of it's heritage as French is still spoken in pockets of Redding City as well as widely spoken on Cannes Island and Sapphire Island. It is the main port of entry from Australia and has seen tremendous growth, especially in the past decade.


Panorama of Redding City


Redding by Night.


Providence-1.jpg   ProvidenceCoA-1.jpg

Located in the East is Arcacia's capital city of Providence. Settled by the British to fill the need for an organised city to cope with a growing population, the city was originally known as Port Providence, but dropped "Port" after is was designated the national capital. With a population of just under 25,000 it is Arcacia's third largest city.


Panorama of Providence, showing Capitol Square in the foreground.


Close-up of the City Centre.


Close-up of Capitol Square, showing the Presidential Mansion ("Square House") to the left, The Senate ("Round House") centre and the High Court ("Long House") to the right.


National Overview

Arcacia.jpg   ArcaciaCoA.jpg

The Republic of Arcacia was founded twice. Once by the Brirish and once by the French. The British made landfall in what is now the District of Providence, starting a small colony in what is now the small towns of Founder's Cove and Point New Land. The French settled the Western island of Redding, after exploring the East coast of Australia, then the colony of New South Wales. The British explored quickly and the two nations met in the plains of Yorke and, rather than battle over who was entitled to the claim, a decision was made which sealed Arcacia's fate. The two sides decided to keep the discovery a secret from their governments and use Arcacia as a base for further discoveries.

Over time the population started to grow and it was decided that a city should be founded. Thus, Port Providence was founded by the British, followe a year later by Redding (Île du Rouge) by the French, named for the blancket of red maple leaves that covered the ground in autumn. Yorke followed a year later, serving as the centre of agriculture as it was located amidst some of the most fertile ground in the South Pacific.

In the 200 years since its founding, Arcacia has blossomed as the population grew to almost 200,000 and prides itself as one of the oldest continuing democracies in the world.


Long form name: Republic of Arcacia

Capital: Providence

Largest City: Redding

Offical language: English (some French still spoken in parts of Redding)

Population: 195,000

Political divisions: 4 Districts (Providence, Yorke Bay, Redding, Northern Islands)

National Anthem: "I Vow to Thee, My Country"


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