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Fly With Me

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Comment Replies to updates 56 and 57

Huston: Thanks for your comment! Fortunately, SimCityPolska seems to be at full throttle now, and some of their most popular BATs are online again! Here's [link] your power plant!

Frdm920: Thank you for your [generic comment of awesomeness]! 2.gif

k50dude: Thank you for commenting, my friend! You know, only the poor get the blackouts... As for the pollution, there's none, as this one is the first all-plopped city I show on this CJ...

Skimbo: Thanks for your (short but nice) comment!

wallacet: Thank you for commenting! Don't worry this one is just a coal power plant!

Alejandro24: ¡Gracias por tu comentario! Era con esa intención...

ImVhOzzi: Thanks for your comment, my friend!

Thomaskrules: Thank you for commenting! 56 updates, more or less one per week! Hope your Cattala gets 56 or more updates!

Reikhardt: Thanks for your comment! I see you've liked the tutorial...

avrelivs: Thank you for commenting, hope you've found the tutorial useful!

the00guvna: Thanks for your comment!

jj88: Thank you for your comment! I have plenty of pics like the one you say; but I don't want to show them in the same update...

ladybug2: Well, welcome to this CJ and thank you for commenting! Hope to see you around again!

MCjohnstown: Thanks for commenting! 15/10? I wish I had this marks at the college!

Benedict: Thank you for your comment! Your today's update has been top notch too...

kench: Thank you for commenting!

OrdinarySim: Thanks for commenting, I answered your question on the comments section.

heitomat: Thank you for your comment! Hope to see some bluring in Victoria on your coming updates!


Seems the tutorial was a little bit affected by what I call the "Schulmania Syndrome"; when Schulmania is updated, the CJ section goes crazy and stops showing some newly updated CJs, and this T&R was affected for a couple of days. You can check the GIMP photoedition tutorial just by clicking on "Previous" if you haven't...


Now the exam season is coming, I won't be able to update for a couple of weeks, so I thought I should bring something a little bit special.

I love building airports for my cities, and I thought I should make one for Krasnoslobodsk. It was quite a challenge, because it should be different to what I'm used to do. Lately, I had been building some fancy (or wannabe fancy) airports, with RHWs here and there, and more or less varied terminal designs. But Krasnoslobodsk's had to be the opposite: boxy, grey, ugly... Here's the result. No tenements today.












Krasnoslobodsk International Airport (KNB), formerly called Yuri Andropov International Airport, was a magnificient facility when the first flight landed on the runway, in 1957,  it was the proud of Krasnoslobodsk and the gate to the city. Since then, only a few upgrades have been made in the terminal building, and the only the basic upkeep is made for safety reasons. Its 1992-meter asphalt runway doesn't allow the landing of the largest aircrafts, but there's no need for larger aircrafts here.

Only a handful of national and regional airlines operate here: Aeroflot, Aerosvit, Armavia, Dniproavia, Easyjet and Transaero; with daily flights to Moscow and Kiev. Three cargo flights are operated weekly by UPS, DHL and TNT.

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Recommended Comments

The 'Schulmanator' effect is browser-dependent, as Firefox, for example, seems to be unaffected. I'm no airport geek, but I love the mood your mosaic sets. Good luck with the exams. 

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I hate the Schulmanator Syndrome!  I also hate how I can't build an airport like that...

Although one thing to nag at... bottom right corner, those farms are too close to the runway, IMHO. Besides that, it's flawless without a doubt. Great work

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Ha ha! The Schulmantor effect has twice shafted my CJ and I use Firefox too! To echo Benedict, I'm no aviation fan but yo have made a great looking airport, a great mosaic and as usual GIMPing like a good 'un!

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Very nice airport!
Couple of comments though (sorry realism/airport geek)
1) 32 m is a satisfactory clearance between the runway and the farms. Many airports would have more however in case of skidding off the runway etc also a fence would be a good idea.
2) Those vechile boundry markings between the ATR gates are a tad confusing/unecessary
3) Easy Jet doesn't fly to Russia :p

However it's a very nice airport, your photo editing certainly helps set the mood!

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Great airport, and as many others have already said: Great effects as well (as usual)! I particularly like how you've integrated the pedestrian bridge end piece in your terminal. That's a really nice detail!

Good luck with your exams!  

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great looking concourse. I hope to see the full airport soon :D I bet that farm produces weird smelling products. Hahaha just kidding.

I havent had time for my cj as well. It's been stuck at the last entry.

All the best with your exams anyway :D

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Awesome mosaic - full of atmosphere with the fog :D
I agree though there needs to be a clear boundary between the airport and the farms - they don't necessarily need to be further away, just putting a fence between them and airport would look better and more interesting I think.

Looking forward as always to the next update! :)

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@Frdm920 and @jj88: There's a fence enclosing the whole airport, if you look with attention through the rain you'll see it. It can be better distinguished the part besides the truck. An airport without a fence?

As usual, more personal replies will come with the next update!

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I think this is the first airport I've seen in this CJ - and what an airport! Lovely mosaic and great fotoshopping...

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I love the airport! It's nice and something different here in T&R.
¡Me encanta el aeropuerto! Es genial y es diferente a lo que se ve aquí en T&R.

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@OrdinarySim: Actually, it's rain; you can easily photoedit it with this tutorial made by ilikehotdogsalot: http://www.simtropolis.com/cityjournals/?p=view&id=1408&page=9. Furthermore, you can add some wind effects.

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First of all, say that I'm also from Barcelona, and that it's nice to know that there's someone playing SimCity 4 so nearby :D Even though I'm a begginer :P
Secondly, say that sadly it's very difficult to find Spanish people with such a great level of English, nearly no one knows how to say Hello correctly :( So congratulations for that ;)
And last but not least, I'm a big fan of ghetto cities, I try to make them similar to yours even that isn't so for the moment :P Maybe I'll start a CJ someday about Ghetto cities, but I prefer to look at the few positive points of ghetto cities, it's difficult to explain, because a ghetto city has nearly nothing positive in real life, but I think they sometimes even have "charm". Congratulations for this amazing CJ and keep up the good work!

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very nice airport! i like the idea of the pedestrian walkway!

P.S. where can i get the airline billboards? i cant seem to find them on the stex...

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