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Power to the Masses

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Frdm920: Thanks for commenting and asking, and sorry for haven't answered before... You can get the stadium here [link], the browser doesn't let me to post the exact link, but just explore a little bit and you'll find it. Make sure to check out all this webpage, you'll find interesting stuff!

hermannleicht: ¡Gracias por tu comentario!

Reikhardt: Thanks for commenting!

dghh70: Thanks for your comment! Yeah, the style (and quality) has changed a lot since its beginnings...

Skimbo: Thank you for commenting!

k50dude: Thank you for your comment, my friend! As for the stadium, well I was inspired by the real live Arena Khimki and Lokomotiv Stadium, both in Moscow. They're modern, new and well... I love this BAT I show on the previous update...3.gif

Baliam12: Thank you for commenting! Well, doing a ghetto city isn't much as difficult as making a "nice" city or a "garden city"...

naftixe: Thanks for commenting! I knew about this bridge before downloading it (I've searched for "glenni" many times to download my BATs) and when I made that kind of rail interchange, I thought this was my chance to show the bridge. Glad you liked it!

TheMentalist: Thanks for your comment!

ImVhOzzi: Thank you for commenting, my friend!

escilnavia: Thank you for your comment!

JeeKTan: Thanks for commenting! I make other cities that aren't ghettos that I consider do be "nice", you can see some here [link].

Benedict: Thank you for your comment!

jj88: Thanks for commenting! I saw this effect first applied in Victor Valdes' United Islands of Territories and I thought I should apply it sometime...

DCMetro34: Thank you for commenting!

figgy: Thanks for commenting, glad you liked it!

MCjohnstown: Thank you for your comment and more thanks for having voted me! Seems there's a lot of people who nominated me...!

Alejandro24: ¡Gracias por tu comentario! Pregunta contestada en la sección de comentarios anterior. Question asked on the previous comments section.

heitomat: Thank you for commenting! The Warsaw station BAT has been used before by a variety of users, like you; glad you liked it!



In this CJ, there's always a power plant near, it is like a classic here. I feel confortable showing them and I like how they look. The one we see today, is one of the ones that feed Krasnoslobodsk, there are some more in and around the metropolitan area, but this one is very close to Workers City.


Here's where it all begins. The rusty cranes work non-stop unloading the coal coming from different parts of the nation. If one of this trains couldn't reach its destination, nothing happens, as the power plant has coal reserves that could last up to three days. Of course, that's the "official" version.


Here, this coal is burned and the heat this process gives, heats water that becomes steam. It passes through a turbine and its movement generates the electricity that Krasnoslobodsk citizens enjoy 16 hours a day. The effects of burning the coal can be smelt in the air and felt in the building roofs in a 10-kilometers radius.


Instantly, this high-voltage electricity is delivered to other parts of the metropolitan area, or transformed into medium and low voltage electricity to be used in the surrounding neighbourhoods. This is how Krasnoslobodsk keeps its slow way to the progress.

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[Insert generic comment of awesomeness here]
I'm running out of things to say every update brings new wonders :P

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Sweet entry, but only 16 hours of electricity? What if I want to heat up a midnight snack? 

I should probably ask you, in game, how bad is the pollution?

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That power plant looks an awful lot like the Chernobyl plant. Maybe the people have seen the error of their ways and changed it before it blows up!

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Only 16 hours of electricity per day, that's too bad and indicates energetic crisis, but that's the point (or not?).
Solo 16 horas de electricidad por día, es muy malo e inidica una crisis energetica, pero ese es el punto (o no?).

Por cierto, otro genial post.

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 Tenements and Rust is one of the most successful City Journals here, and all of your updates really prove why you're consistently on top of the best CJ lists - and winning Trixies. You have a wonderful, unique City Journal here and having 56 updates is testament to your hard work and dedication to T&R. 

Keep up the superb work!

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Couldn't agree more with you Thomas, this is definitely one the very best CJs. And I'd love to see a tutorial of how you photo edit to blur the background in the image so well!

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awesome work, i love the power plant pic with the RHW in the background...ive tried to get that blurred effect with ifranview with little success, is that effect only possible with photoshop?

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@Reikhardt, @avrelivs: I have installed both GIMP and a crappy (but efficient) program that came with my scanner, one called ArcSoft Photostudio 2000 (!). I usually work with the Photostudio as in my opinion is more agile for the kind of stuff I do to the pics; but I know how to do the effects with GIMP too. If you want, I can post a tutorial doing this, but there's already one in SC4Devotion that explains the basics, you all can find it here [link].

I'll try to do one specifically for GIMP, as the one I've linked above is for Photoshop. Both programs have more or less the same capabilities and features, but lots of buttons and functions are changed. One thing is for sure, there are a variety of programs to make this effects.

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@ avrelivs. Yes gimp is free. I haven't used it myself but I can tell you it's a lot better than ifranview if you want special effects (personally I just use ifranview for taking pics and cropping them :p)
@ Tek. Whoops forgot to thank you for the link! Cheers for that :)

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 Last week, I spent some time reading all your journal (I read it, not just looked at the pictures) and I just loved it. Congratulations and great work.

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I also used the SOMY coal port with the railways, but where did you get those coal trains? And the powerlines?

Anyway, great post.

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@OrdinarySim: You can get the coal trains (along with some other sidings) here [link], remember to download all the dependancies. And here are the power lines [link].

As for the tutorial some of you asked for, it is almost finished; I've had to hurry up before the exams season...

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