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Here Comes The Sun!

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East Tenne: Here Comes the Sun!

Up until now, just about every town in Tenne has been along or very near the coast or a major river. That is, until Sunbright. This interior town is not near a river or the sea. Rather, it is at a crossroads along the Tenne-Wirdleonia border. Here, a north-south road from the Tenne River crosses into Wirdleonia on its path south to Schulmanukau. And, an east-west road passes through, connecting the town to the Tenne coast and on into Schulmanidad and points east. Where these paths intersect is where Sunbright glows... errr, sits.

The town got its unusual name from the town's founder, Morgan Petros, whose wanderings were inspired by his commanding officer, Sgt. Spoon. Sergeant Spoon had commissioned him to stay on patrol for many hours. Spoon had told him he could rest "some other sunny day." This phrase rang in his mind as he reached the dusty crossroads, planning to build a checkpoint for military patrols. Sure enough, he would make this his stopping point, so it must be that fabled "sunny day."

Morgan Petros brought along a phalanx of consultants from the City Planning Office. The plans drawn up by fabled city planner Billy Joe "Fredrick" Olmstead call for the crossroads to be turned into a central town green surrounded by civic and commercial buildings in the Southern Style, which first rose to prominence at Hestorbia. The town would radiate from this point and include a sizeable church. The Southern Style pink stone structure will be named for the town's patron saint, St. Sylvester Puddytat. Other features include a Bureau of Feline Affairs office, municipal administration buildings, a military command post for the southern Tenne sector, and ample commerce for the traveler.


On the north side of town, St. Sylvester Puddytat serves the faithful and provides a free shelter for tweety birds. Oddly enough, no tweety birds have taken St. Sylvester Puddytat up on the shelter as of yet.


The congregation of Rev. Moore has tried to reach out to the tweety bird community before, but it has not always gone well...


The Bureau of Feline Affairs has opened an impressive regional office on the northwest corner of the crossroads, now turned into a grassy oval and named Sunbright Common. The BFA building has its own adjacent plaza for town gatherings and general laying about in the sun.


The BFA office and plaza occupy the northwestern perimeter of the town common. Later, wanna go lay out on the plaza and snooze?


On the northeastern corner of the town common, the green façade of The Radiance is a distinctive feature. What's The Radiance? It's the official name of the Sunbright Town Hall. How clever.


On the east side of the common, where the most traffic comes from (the road leads all the way across Tenne, into Atkinos District and links up with roads heading out to all points east), sit three hotels. Facing the green (left) is the Sunbright Stay-A-Lot Hotel. The larger Deer Lodge (center) sits in between the Stay-A-Lot and the smaller Rugby Pitch Inn (right). The competitive market makes for great deals for travelers.


Behind the hotels sits the turreted military command post for this sector. On the corner is The Solar Building, a retail-office complex serving Sunbright residents and visitors alike. The Solar houses a satellite campus of East Tenne University (which is based in Knoxvegas), Chicken King's Institute for Poultry Studies, offices for local banks as well as ground level shops.


Speaking of Chicken King, there's one right in the heart of town. It's right next to the popular law offices of Tac O'Bell, Mc Donald and Sanders. Their motto: "Our legal advice is great here and to go."


Anchoring the north side of the common is The Radiance and its companion, the pink stone façade of C&C (Cats & Claws) Bank. It is here that the new Sunbright coins will be issued when released. FYI, they are produced at the Tellico Mint.


Brightly painted homes help give Sunbright a sunny disposition.


The sprawling ranch of Jacobo Carnicero is impressive. He raises horses, cattle, trixie llamas and makes enough money to have gold schulmonetas embedded in the soles of his shoes.


There's substantial commerce in this bustling crossroads town. One of the more popular attractions is the Game Market, where freshly caught game is sold to happy kitty customers.


Across the street from a cluster of hotels is the corner occupied by the rose colored façade of Citizens Center, which houses classes for students of all grades and a full service clinic.


Princess Ava was at the clinic just a short time ago. She got some prescription cat food and is recuperating at Casa Adela right next to the church.


Ava was not feeling well after attending a potluck dinner at the Church of St. Morris the Tabby. I think she had too much Fancy Feast 'n cheese casserole.


She'll be up all night... but she learned a valuable lesson: if you eat too much Fancy Feast your tummy will be upset.


Of course, everyone else is wondering how it could be possible to have too much Fancy Feast!


They'll be up all night pondering that one!


We close this update with a twilight concert, The Caterwaul, at the Bureau of Feline Affairs courtyard. Cats do their best singing at night. Perhaps you have caught a melodious strain from one some fine evening?




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Great looking city, I just got done searching CSC, I love how you incorporated them in here. About your feline affairs minister, well, he looks hungry  

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This city is very pleasing! I really am interested in the city theme, If i'm right your aiming for a Mexican/Spanish town??!!
Great city, Great C.j.!

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Wow that city is pretty goddamn impressive, our travel agents here are besiegede by requests of people who wanna go on vacation there =D

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 i like it!...i'm glad my vote was a right one!

maybe i should send June and April over for a nice loooooong stay at the Rugby  Pitch Inn!! 


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Thanks, voters. Your votes have been counted and Sunbright is the runaway winner…  and the following have registered to vote:



The Duke   Thanks. I am glad you liked this town. It has been a while since I made one like it.


K50dude   Thanks. I had fun making the town and the update as well and I am pleased you enjoyed it as well. And, welcome to Schulmania! Please come back again soon.


Huston   You are correct. In Schulmania, this style first gained prominence in Hestorbia and has been seen occasionally, though only in Wirdleonia up to this point. I am glad you liked this update. And, welcome to Schulmania. We would love to have you come again!


ImVhOzzi   Thanks! I am glad you enjoyed the show… and the update. :D


Zombiehunter   Thanks! It may prove to be a vacation destination in the years to come.


Fledder200   Hmmm… no telling what mischief that they would get into if they were to hang around the Rugby Pitch Inn… Retailers, BEWARE!

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Leech10   Colorful indeed. And more goodies will be coming… and a new town with a similar style is in the works.



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NOTE: All replies above this are now added to post count totals for rank and awards.


9988   It’s the Catedral de Zacetecas. And I like it too. : )



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