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  1. 2013 1st Quarter Posting Awards

    nr 17??????????? by the end of this post...i am n. 16 :P
  2. Pawprint Lake

    CONGRATS!!! always back here around Trixy time...in the almost 10 years that i lurk around on this forum..i never did get a Trixy!! i was once on the short list of : please come back trixy....i came in second..:) any hoo...ill grab my free drink and see you soon!!
  3. Military Briefing #10

    war?? again?? well..Sir Fledder is here too help!!
  4. Fiesta de las Carnitas

    so...do i have a wooden shoe shop in Glenvar? or what? 
  5. Schulmania Year End Awards Ceremony (Part 2)

    where is jacky btw? didn't see my girl in a long time!! 
  6. Schulmania 2010 Year End Awards Ceremony (Part 1)

     wow...i tought i had many many more! lol i gues my lurking years don't count!! :( tough im happy with it!!
  7. Schulminion Monetary Union: Winter 2010 Update

     nice stamps!! all in need now is some cards and friends to post them :)
  8. Trixie Festival 2010!

     sorry 4 the dubbelpost! Merry Xmass schulman and al the other schulmanians!!! and all the best for 2011!! ps...schulman...June has enterd the Miss simptropolis padgent!! would you please be so kind to vote for her!!!?? best wishes!! Ferry
  9. Trixie Festival 2010!

     hmmzzzz mo Wooden-shoe-shop here yet!!! muhahahaha but soon it wil be!!! //insert evil laugh! 
  10. It's a very chocolate Christmas...

     page flip bugg???
  11. Schulmania

    hmmmmm chocolat loch ness llama !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. It's a very chocolate Christmas...

    no cj.......just hunger!!! i want 100 boxes of them all!! 
  13. Killer Bees

    noooooooooooooooooooooo!!! my wooden shoe shop!!!  save it!!! save it!!! it was one of the most profitable!! !! June and April were scheduled there next week for a promotion tour...thank god they are not near!! kill the buggs Schulman!! kill them!! **cries**
  14. Going High Tech

      medicinal doughnuts.................I WANT THEM!!!!    nice update Schulman! you just keep on going :) my trixie vote goes to......you know who...i always vote for you 
  15. The Making of Bayside

     HARAR!! it's talk like a pirate day!1 harar harar! no??? oh! lol  i like it...cant wait fo the next!