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Something for Everyone

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East Tenne: Something for Everyone

Tellico offers something for just about everyone who visits. Its central lake offers great views and great recreation to nearly all residents in town. Etowah College offers the finest in higher education. Sequoyah Place houses dozens of fine retailers. Need inspiration? How about the stunning Tellico Cathedral? Get back to nature with watersports at the marina or along the seashore. And of course Tellico Farms provides the freshest in Fancy Feasts. So, what are you waiting for? Let's visit!

Let's start at Sequoyah Place. They're having a big sale to celebrate the upcoming Fancy Feast Daze... a weeklong festival of canned meat by-product blisss!


During Fancy Feast Daze, most stores stay open late and take at least 25% off prices. Now, that's a bargain!


Several retailers are having themed specials to go with this event. Amongst the stores cashing in on the hype and increased pedestrian traffic are these Schulminion favorites:





Truly, Sequoyah Place has something for everyone. That's why it is known as the "heart of great shopping."

You might wonder who would be coming into town for Fancy Feast Daze. Well, there's thousands streaming in from Tenne, Wirdleonia and beyond. Governor Cawale sailed in from Gran Maru to be the Grand Marshal of the parade and several drill teams from Glenwood Military Academy and the Air Force Academy marched behind her in their flashy dress uniforms.

Not just thousands of visitors, but also thousands of locals lined the streets for the parade, enjoying the marchers, festive floats and the beads and treats thrown to the crowd by float operators. Let's see some of the Tellicoans who enjoyed this grand spectacle.


No lonely hearts club band for Sgt. Pepper when the parade passes right by his house.


Sirron Kcuhc lives right across the street from Pounce Elementary School. He got a great view of the parade and the kids got free time outside to watch as well. Concessionaires sold Friskies Party Mix and the latest sinfully good carnival snack food - deep fried sardines and tuna. Every kitty's dream!


I. M .Vhozzi has the best of all worlds - a great home across from the Tellico Plaza shopping center and a fabulous view of the parade from his balcony.


D. C. Metro can get a great view from his balcony. Of course, he'll come down to the street where he can catch beads and treats as they are tossed to the crowd.

The parade ends at Tellico Cathedral. This distinctive structure dominates the skyline and is destined to appear on Tellico's coinage, which is currently being designed by mint officials. Here, an all-weekend street festival is in full swing.


The plaza between the cathedral and the baptistery hosts quite a few vendors and street performers. The plaza behind the cathedral does the same, and spills out onto the waterfront. One of the highlights of the day is the paper airplane throwing contest. Inspired by the one in Atkiniros, this one offers a 100 schulmoneta cash prize to the winner. This year, the prize was won by Claude Couch of Tellico.


Claude Couch's airplane sailed out of the campanile and over the octagonal marble baptistery, traveling a record 1,163 tails before landing near the front of Sequoyah Place.

The vast parade has a meandering and circuitous route, nearly circumnavigating the city from its origin at City Hall. If you want to follow this procession, you'd better have your walking shoes on.


City Hall and the nearby Etowah College campus serve as the starting point of the procession, which travels clockwise nearly 360 degrees before ending at the cathedral.


The parade does not pass by this Chicken King, which is just north of the cathedral. That's OK, because plenty of food vendors line the route, offering everything from chicken to burgers to Fancy Feast to catnip tea smoothies.

It should be clear by now that Tellico does indeed have something for everyone.


From seaside...


...to lakeside, and everywhere in between...

Tellico has something for everyone. So, come visit us today!

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I met D.C. Metro at the parade, he'd got a lot of treats from it, and was so friendly that he gave some of it to me
Thank you all for a nice day!

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Great update! I really like what you did with the shoreline vegatation, of course, along with the entire town! Sounds like a good vacation spot too

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Panthersimcity4   Thanks! And I am glad to see you back again, Mayor Panther. I enjoyed that one myself. And I pleased you liked the city as well.


Shingure   I am delighted that you liked this update. Thanks! :D


Tigeria   Thanks! I appreciate that and welcome your ongoing support.


Reikhardt  Thanks. And welcome to Schulmania. Please come back again and explore more of what we have for you here.


Hester   Indeed, Claude is very famous and has put in appearances in many locations. Perhaps you have seen his work?


ImVhOzzi   I am glad you enjoyed the parade. It was a great day and we’re glad you could come. :D


Blakeway   Thanks! I am glad you liked this latest view of Tellico. And I am glad you came back to Schulmania again.


Plane-Crash12000   Thanks! Sure, the buildings are on the LEX at sc4devotion.com. Do a power search for Mickebear and you will find a ton of awesome Mediterranean buildings by him. And I am glad you came back to Schulmania again.


DCMetro34   I am glad you had a good time at the parade. The good news is, there’s an after party. We’ll see more of that in the next update. And of course you are invited!


Maraus   LOL. Guilty as charged! And welcome to Schulmania. Please come back again and explore more of what we have for you here.


CTMandR   Thanks. I tried something a little different with my vegetation and rocks this time. I am glad you liked the outcome.




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Ah, my one-stop shop for ideas on roadless cities.  Though your cities aren't quite roadless anymore...  :P  But that's fine.  Still going for ways of making things less car-heavy.  Future region development depends on it!

You have become the master.  :D


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NOTE: All replies above this are now added to post count totals for rank and awards.



Zelgadis   Thanks! I am glad you enjoyed it. :D

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