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  1. Chapter 3

    The Story of Englewood Chapter 3 On the night of April 4th 1784, the plan to construct a lighthouse in Englewood was approved. Due to the large number of shipwrecks in the foggy Chester Bay, a lighthouse was considered necessary in order to prevent any future wrecks. Other important meetings were happening around the same time as well about the future of Englewood and the English colony of Aurylia. Meetings about the flag, anthem and other patriotic things were being discussed. On May the 11th 1787, construction of the Pierres Noirs (Black Rocks) lighthouse was complete. This is a photo of the Enlgewood region in 1787. As you can see, agriculture was a very large part of the workforce. That's all for today, stay tuned for more!
  2. Chapter 2

    The Story of Englewood Chapter 2 1793, Englewood is now an incorporated town. In just 10 years, it's population grew from about 150 to about 1,000. In the center of Main Street, we see the Englewood catholic church which was built in 1788 and still remained the tallest building in town until the early 1800s. Around it we find small shops, markets, housing and more. The town hall is located at the north end of Main St. looking over the entire town. It was built in 1786 and was designed by an Joseph Wallingburn, an English architect. In April of 1794, there was an important meeting on the proposal to construct a lighthouse at the westernmost tip of Englewood. Due to often foggy weather, ships can sometimes have trouble navigating the water around Englewood. A plan to construct a road from Englewwod to Rockport was also proposed that same year. Rockport was was a town a of about 1500 people, 170km south east from Englewood. People gotta eat right? Farming was a big part of the economy in the late 1700s as it employed a large part of the population. We can see in this image, farmers herding cattle. (Excuse the coffee stain, after the images of Englewood were found, little precaution was taken in order to preserve them.) A typical Englewood country farm house. That's all for now, we currently stand in the year 1785 in the story. Stay tuned for more! Thank you for viewing!
  3. Chapter 1

    The Story of Englewood Chapter 1 Today is a very special day for the modern Aurylian people. Deep inside an underground safe within the National Museum of Aurylian History in the capital city of Portsmouth, lies some very interesting documents. Unknown by the CIA, for hundreds of years, the Aurylian government has been aware that alien life exists. Proof? High resolution satellite images of the foundation of Englewood in 1787 have been kept away from the public since their discovery in 1801. Hundreds of images and documents written in plain English of the founding people, working, constructing, unknowingly living their lives while being spied upon by... something. The history of Aurylia is very clear thanks to a downed alien space craft inside Aurylian territory carrying these printed documents. (Apparently they had not discovered digital storage yet.) On this day, those images will be shared with the world... While the story those images will tell, will be narrated from the first to the last. Now without further adieu, let's get started. We start in 1779, the English have recently lost the 13 colonies. Desperate to regain it's strength, the English look for new grounds to colonize. We see here the Shelby (top) and the Hazel (bottom) sailing in the ocean heading east. So why are these images all old-looking you ask? Especially if taken by an advanced alien satellite? Well stick a piece of paper in a wooden box and leave it there for 250 years and there's you answer! hehe Anyways. They stumble upon a very appealing chunk of land in the middle of the Atlantic. The crews of both ships dock on the beach and begin exploring the land. Both crews did not stay long, only a few weeks as winter was approaching. They return to the motherland to spread the news and wouldn't return until 1781, 2 years later. Upon hearing the news, the ruler of England approves the plan to colonize the land... That land was voted to be called Aurylia! England created a plan to continue to explore Aurylia and incorporate more cities wherever may be suitable. It was decided that the first Aurylian establishment be called Englewood. That's where the name was born. After arriving to Englewood, Aurylia for the second time, construction immediately began. Small shacks were built to house families and workers. A port was needed in order to import more supplies as the population of Englewood grew. More families were constantly being shipped in. People wanting to start new lives, people who were rebellious to the American colonies. Population doubled from about 150 settlers to about 300 in 1 year. Workers hustled day and night to finish the port before winter struck in 1783. Sadly, many died in the process due to work injuries. That's all for today! But the story continues! Stay tuned for more shortly! Thanks for viewing!
  4. Downtown Rockport

    Hi, in this entry, we will go over the beautiful, historic CBD of Rockport. The CBD as well as the entire region of Rockport was heavily inspired by medium sized maritime cities such as Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Very dense, old buildings, narrow roads, lots of W2W buildings and very few parking spots. A few overviews of the downtown core The Burton Bridge, the northernmost bridge was constructed in 1898 and served as the only way to cross the South Rocky River other than by boat until 1986. The newer and far larger Coverdale Bridge was constructed in 1985 and opened that following year. It is also the beginning of the H-30 highway, passing near the downtown core, into the city of Burton and heading east. The Rockport City Hall was constructed in 1852 and still serves as the city hall today! Another key landmark of Rockport is the Richmond Stadium, home of the Rockport Lumberjacks, an Aurylian - Country Rockport is located in - hockey team. The stadium can fit 10,000 people. The Oswell Park can be seen as well as the main rail terminal in Rockport. Stratford Street, the street going horizontally, as well as Casey and Piers Street, the two going vertically is part of the infamous Uptown District as the locals call it. It is dotted with clubs, bars restaurants, and small shops. It's a popular spot for the younger crowd who are looking for a good time. A bit north on Casey St. you will find many small and medium sized businesses inside very old buildings. The main Rockport Library on the right and the old Post Office on the right. Both were constructed in 1867. The Rockport Convention Centre. Built in 2003, hosted hundreds of events since. Government buildings. Small shops in the Updown District. The Aurylian Dominion Bank, the dark blue building is the tallest in Rockport at 30 stories tall. Well, that's all I got for now! Thanks for viewing and let me know what you think! Stay tuned for more!
  5. Welcome to Rockport

    Hello all and welcome to my new city journal! In this CJ I will be showcasing the City of Rockport and it's surrounding towns, as well as all their attractions, landmarks, point of interests and more! This particular entry will focus on the very basic information on Rockport. Many more entries will follow showing in detail different parts of the region. So let's get started! The City of Rockport Logo Coat of Arms Region Satellite View Rockport is situated on a small peninsula along the South Rocky River. The northern part of the city also runs along the North Rocky River. Both Rivers dump into the Rocky bay. Many smaller communities and towns can be found along the bay such as Averdeen, a town of about 3500 people, and the village of Merlot. The Metro Rockport Region currently has a population of 301 842. Here are videos showcasing the highways around the region : That is all for this introductory entry. More updates will come out in the following weeks so stay tuned!
  6. Spartanburgh: The Revival

    Nice! Reminds me of Halifax N.S.
  7. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Hi people! A while back, someone commented on one of my SC4 UDI videos and he/she said that I should download a mod that makes automata NOT disappear. I looked all over ST and SC4D and I can't find such a mod. Could anyone tell me if there is such a mod and where I can download it. Thanks, Plane...
  8. City Not Growing

    @A Nonny Moose : Thanks for the help, I understand a bit more what I've been doing wrong. But just to let you know, I'm not aiming at building a huge metropolis with hundreds and hundreds of tall skyscrapers filling the landscape. I'm aiming to build a very realistic medium sized city. The downtown where you see all the skyscrapers is complete and I had no problem with that, It's just the outer parts of the city that aren't going as well. I checked my education and it is well over 140 in the middle age area, but my younger sims could go up a bit.
  9. City Not Growing

    Hello people! I have an issue with SC4. Well, I started a new region and a new first city, I plan everything out and eventually start building it. The city starts out just fine, I'm getting rich $$$ residential and commercial buildings, My city is growing extremely fast and with no problems. But after my city reaches about 50,000 people, everything goes down hill. My city stops growing as fast, I only get poor $ residential and commercial, and high abandonment and unemployment rates. It's very odd because the city only has about 65,000 people but I have about 100,000 jobs and 10,000 industrial in that city so there are plenty of jobs. I also have tons of parks int that city, my health and education are excellent, I have great police and fire coverage and my demand is very high. But fore some reason, when I zone residential, it takes forever for any houses to develop, and they always end up poor. Even when I have $$$ commercial right next to the houses. I also have the CAM to help with commute and traffic. I have loads of bus stops and train stations as well. So I can't see why my city stops growing like that when conditions are perfect. Anyways, I would very much appreciate some help and tips to make my city start growing like grass after a week of rain and 10 pounds of fertilizer dropped on it... Here's a picture of m region for those photo-ish people... You can see that my goal is to build my city as realistic as possible so don't be shy to give me a few tips on that too.
  10. Good News?

    Hello people! I have some good news. I found a backup folder of the Whitevale region on an old DVD hiding deep in the darkness of one of my drawers in my room. The only problem is, the folder is outdated about 4 or 5 months... So I would have to rebuild tons of stuff which will take some time. If I ever have the time, I might do it, but I have already started a new region and I am going to stick mostly to that for some time. Here is a picture of the region in it's current state. It has about 7,000 people which is about a third of the size it was at the time my PC died.
  11. Chemeketa: 52nd Avenue NE Widening Project, Phase 1

    I can't believe my eyes!! Can't wait for the NWM-6 thing with the median!!
  12. SCAG Boeing 777 Lot Pack

    I've been waiting for 777s for years and here they are! I hope to see some A330s and A340 soon!
  13. 500,000 And Counting

    Looking great! It's nice to see some CXL CJs in here instead of all SC4.
  14. 1 Year Anniversary

    This is great! I saw it at SC4D earlier. It shows how much you have developed your building styles and photoshopping skills. Let's hope for 2 years!!
  15. Update 27 | Random Pics, and Tierre.

    Nice pictures! My favorite is the first one.