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Freight Trains

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k50dude: Thank you for your comment, my friend! Goverment? What goverment?

tigeria: Thanks for commenting! I prefer not having many changes here, I want to keep with my CJ...

Reikhard: Thanks for your comment, you're welcome!

the00guvna: Thank you for commenting! They must be desesperate, but where else can they go?

figgy: Thanks for your comment and for your suggestion. The sewage plant is nearing the failure, but the power plant is a coal one and the failure wouldn't have catastrophic effects...

CTMandR: Thanks for your comment, my friend! I didn't made the EL-rail for commuting purposes more than for aesthetic purposes. I said some time ago (don't know if here or in the CJ forum) that, under an European point of view, the EL-rail gives a feeling of being part of a run-down zone, because you can see all the rust and imperfections, and trains are noisy... At least, the places I know where trains or subways run over ground aren't the ritziest ones...

jj88: Thanks for your comment!



Then it comes to be like that the soothing light at the end of a tunnel is just a freight train coming your way... [Metallica - No Leaf Clover]

Blackwater needs its industries to survive, and industries need railroads to take their goods to other factories or to the markets. This is why Blackwater's industrial district has a good amount of railroads laid through it.


Coal can only arrive to the power plant by two means, by sea or by rail. It's usual to see trains stopped just in front of the plant unloading their coal and going back empty.


Blackwater industrial districts are being slowly replaced by residential blocks without cleaning up the entire zone. An small railyard has survived this expansion but it is totally abandoned. People stole the rails a long time ago, and now weeds grow everywhere.


At night, rail terminus are used to keep cars while they're not running. Grafitti painters thank very much this idea, they have plenty of cars to practice with.

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You even found a way of using the ploppable tailings pile! I've been wracking my brains trying to think of a way to do that, thank you!

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 I agree, Reikhardt.

Anyway, great pictures/custom content...

I love this whole city journal, and can't wait to see where you go from here.

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Good! Nice to see a bit of rail :)
Just two questions: what is the thing that extends out onto the river on the first pic at the top?
and where did you get the crane (yellow) for the coal yard?


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Are the ploppable tailings pile the train carriages on the grass?

Very detailed, very industrialist (is that how u spell this?) feel. I like how it all looks. As for the change, i meant in their hearts, but not here in your CJ. You should keep it, it's special. :D

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@jj88: The arm that goes onto the sea is part of SOMY's seaport set, you can find it here: http://members3.jcom.home.ne.jp/somy000/p8.htm. And the yellow crane is part of the same BAT that has the coal, the trains and the whole power plant. You can find it on SimCity Polska, but currently this website is under reconstruction. Anyways, here's the link, you can copy it to use when SimCity Polska is back online: http://www.simcitypolska.pl/download.php?view.391.
@Plane-Crash12000: All this stuff come with the power plant I've told to jj88. Unfortunately, we're going to have to wait...

Personal replies coming with the next update!

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I just don't know how you are able to make your railyards and industrial look so realistic! I always fail at that... I love your pics!

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