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New Chandler III

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The 'C' Line

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I got 22 comments! 15 of which also read the directions and voted! The voting resulted in a staggering 9 votes for the park, 3 for the tower, and 2 for the medical center. Some of you voted twice, so I took the first one Wink In short: A new park is being made in East La Brea!

This entry also has voting. It's my biggest yet (17 pictures!) so I hope you enjoy it and VOTE!


Julien: Thanks for the comment and for voting, I don't know of any kind of rain mod, I made it on GIMP.
Thomas: Thanks for the comment and for voting!
Sky Guy: Thanks for the comment and for voting!
Forsma: Thanks for voting!
Peter: Thanks for the comment and for voting, I like interacting with my audience myself Wink


simsamerica: Thanks for the comment. I am trying to make the Miracle Mile a lot of ritzy hotels and apartments and malls. Kind of like Las Vegas Boulevard.


Mayorm: Thanks for the comment. I think there will be plenty of chips and salsa Wink


sepen20 (first): Thanks for the comment and for voting. I couldn't think of another choice for hospital. I am taking your vote on CSGf because you double voted Mad
Mithrik (first): Thanks for the comment and for voting, yes, it's back! I like the rain effects much better now as well, but I am still playing with the settings a bit.
Mithrik (second): huh?
sepen20 (second): huh?
TekindusT: Thanks for the comment and for voting, my friend! There isn't much environmental concern in New Chandler... There isn't supposed to be, anyway Razz
sepen20 (third): so you triple posted too? You should be punished! Twisted Evil
TowerDude: Thanks for the comment and for voting!
Adrianor: Thanks for the comment and for voting, I am glad you like my parks!
Daan300: Thanks for the comment and for voting!


skimberdu: Thanks for the compliment. Props to me! Razz
wwetom1: Thanks for the comment and for voting!
antershire: Thanks for the comment and for voting. I try to give my journal that special tropical vibe. I will admit, it's kind of tough when you live on the 46TH parrell! Razz


greckman: If you call me baketay again... wait, you got it right! ;D Thanks for the comment and for voting, I am glad you liked my parks.
sepen77: Thanks for the comment and for voting. It's okay, just don't do it again Wink I'll take the vote here!
canyonjumper: Thanks for the comment and for voting, I am glad you liked it!


We are taking a ride through Roseburgh and Winchester. The C line continues much farther than this, however, I haven't built the rest of it yet RazzThis is where we are going today.

Transcendenta Airport stations must be walked to from terminals A, D, E, and F. Underground tunnels connect it to terminals B and C.

Just outside of the airport is McClean Circle. This area is obviously under construction Wink The F line leaves the C line here. We are staying on the C line though.

La Brea Avenue. This is the same road that extends down to Parque De La Brea, more than a large city tile away Smile You may have seen the X line there, it goes here as well. The C line is below the X line at this station.

Graham Road station is by the old courthouse.

Melissa Banks Plaza. Melissa Banks was the first female supreme court judge in the New Chandler government.

Pelham Avenue is by the Roseburgh Convention Center, where the ISC session was held. A proposed line would be built under this station if it will ever be built.

On the other side of the Western River is Winchester. The first station is Embarcadero Avenue. Embarcadero Avenue was made handicap-accessible in 1989.

An indoor picture of the station

Winchester Justice Center (another undeveloped area around it). Like the other stations in and around Downtown Winchester, it is not handicap accessible. Thats a voting topic today, so keep riding!

North Downtown Winchester is another older station in a newer neighborhood.

North New Chandler University and South Downtown Winchester share the oldest station in Winchester. This one is crumbling every day it rains, and the tracks are a dust storm. It really needs to be bypassed sooner than later.

Winchester Financial District and the Winchester Garden Arena are served by this station. It's another old station. The gardens in front of the station is NOT the Winchester Garden, by the way. (a new skyscraper is planned to be built there though!)

Out of downtown now, and into Durham Circle. This station is newer than the others and does have an elevator serving the platform.

To end todays journey is Andersen/Ashton/Winchester Gateway station. Located in a corner where these three cities meet, it is very quaint and old. It also doesn't have an elevator serving any of the four tracks. Oh dear.

That ends the ride today. You obviously saw some pretty old stations that need a replacement. So, THIS IS WHERE YOU SHOULD VOTE! It would be very expensive to replace the five stations (Gateway, Financial, NNCU, NDW, WJC) that need replacements, however, many need it. Join the senate session and make a vote!

Option 1 - Replace Gateway. It is the most important and most traveled on the line, it should certainly be changed!
Option 2 - Replace the other four. They serve the city center, for goodness sakes, the ought to have elevators!
Option 3 - Replace all five. The whole line needs to be sophisticated, duh!
Option 4 - Don't replace any. It's a tough economy, we don't need to go on a spending spree just yet!

Here are the plans for the new Gateway station!

Here are the plans for the other stations!

So, please vote, comment, rate (on ST), and stay tuned! Next time, we are probably going to go further down the C line. Until then, see ya!

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Recommended Comments

Oh, competition Nice to see someone elles who makes a CJ entry following a rapid transit line.

I vote for option 3, Public transport is very important and should be as attractive as possible.
Due a rennovation of antique looking stations in their original style with all the new necessary equitment can be very attractive as well, they do not have to be replaced by completely new stations.

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I love this kind of updates, like the one Skimbo made, and I think that this has been your best update so far! Although I can guess what real cities do this pics come from, I have to say that the pics have added a great character to this entry... You've shown a nice variety of stations, and I appreciate this kind of details.

Oh, I almost forget... I vote for option 3!

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Yes, yes. yes! I love it! These types of updates are rare, but are some of the best in my opinion. Great work, very unique system.

Also, I vote for option 3. 


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Great update! I really like your choice of stations. I'll vote 2. Can't spend too much money in a tough economy!

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My my, sure is DC loving this ;) It's transit after all lol

I see that on ST it's between Option 2 and 3. But on CSGdesign, it's option 1 and on AIN it's the 3rd... That will end in a close voting ;)

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Hey k50dude,

Nice work.

Where did you get these:

1. The Graham Road Station (elevated rail station)

2. The glass thing that is going over the avenue in the top left-hand corner under "Embarcadero Avenue"

3. The "Winchester Justice Center"

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